7 Best iPad Air 4 Cases You Should Get Right Now

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INFILAND iPad Air 4 Case

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ESR Slim Smart Case

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Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case

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Mobile devices are handled with care as if those are the most fragile things people have in their possession. There is no surprise to that because more smartphones and tablet PCs, including Apple products, are integrating glass or glass-like plastic housings. While the materials take the design a notch higher, you can’t excuse their fragility. Take for example the iPad Air 4, which is made of glass and metal like that of its bigger counterpart, the iPad Pro. Because of the build, you would not be careless enough to leave the gadget bare or not armed with one of the best iPad Air cases.

iPad Air 4 cases in the market are durable and versatile
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Best iPad Air 4 Cases

If you are looking for iPad Air 4 cases to level up your device’s style and protection, this guide is perfect for you. Let’s now zero in on the best options, shall we?

Best Choice: INFILAND iPad Air 4 Case Rugged Case: OtterBox Defender Series Case
Best Value: ESR Slim Smart Case Leather Case: Fintie Case for iPad
Premium Pick: Logitech Keyboard Case Minimalist Case: KenKe iPad Air 4 Case
Thin Folio: ZtotopCase Slim Folio


For its price tag, this INFILAND iPad Air 4 case offers what your iPad needs in terms of protection.

The material used to produce it is synthetic leather that makes the case perfect for absorbing shock from bumps and falls. The case’s PU leather exterior and soft TPU frame, meanwhile, come together to shield the device from unwanted scratches and fingerprints.

Style-wise, the case comes in various colors to give your iPad Air 4 the look that will suit you as its owner. Also, its overall design takes into consideration protecting the rear camera. There is a raised cutout framing the camera and slots for the charger, microphone, and headphone jack.

Additionally, the case comes with a holder that can charge the Apple Pencil when docked.


Want more of the best iPad Air cases out there? Here is another case you might want to consider, the ESR Slim Smart Case.

The product is an iPad Air 4 case that is worth buying because of its design. It resembles a folio, having a front flap that is convertible into a trifold kickstand. The magnets on the flap enable auto-sleep or wake modes, which prevent the device’s lock button from wearing out.

Furthermore, the case uses composite materials that protect the iPad from getting scratches when bumped or dropped. It also comes in different colors.


The Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case is our premium pick because of its value and added features that complement the iPad Air 4 well.

The case itself has a built-in keyboard, giving you a laptop-typing experience not possible before on an iPad. The case’s keyboard features backlit keys with adjustable brightness. It also integrates a high-precision trackpad for easy screen navigation. That is notable considering the iPad Air 4 has the capabilities of a real laptop thanks to the A14 Bionic chip under its hood. That also means typing notes or writing your paper on the go has become easy.

The Logitech Folio Touch iPad Keyboard Case gets even more versatile due to its dock for storing the Apple Pencil and easy-to-tuck kickstand for better viewing.

As regards durability, it is a certified military-grade passer for drop protection.


The ZtotopCase Slim Folio is a decent iPad Air 4 case that is not bulky. Its slim size complements the said iPad model’s portability.

What makes up the case are a PU leather exterior and a nonslip interior. Both layers protect from bumps, falls, and scratches. The design also considers your Apple Pencil because there is a leather clasp to hold the accessory in place when not in use.

The ZtotopCase Slim Folio case integrates features that make watching media convenient, too. That is why it is one of the best iPad Air cases. Its front flap and back cover can serve as two different stands that keep the iPad stable on any surface. There is also an adjustable and rotatable hinge that gives you more viewing freedom in landscape and portrait modes.

OtterBox is a mobile device accessory brand known to produce products that are sturdy and worth the money. And it does not only make cases for smartphones, it also releases iPad Air 4 cases that can compete equally with any brand out there. A perfect example is its Defender Series.

OtterBox’s Defender Series case for iPad Air is designed to be rugged, ensuring it delivers the best defense from scratches, bumps, and falls. The case seamlessly integrates two protective layers: a soft inner shell and a rugged exterior. Furthermore, it comes with dock covers that prevent dust from accumulating inside the device’s ports.


We can’t deny that leather cases are sturdy, sleek, clean- and professional-looking, and long-lasting. That is the reason why leather cases are preferred by many mobile device owners. And Fintie, like OtterBox, knows that. It has been producing leather mobile device cases with the said qualities.

The Fintie iPad Air case is one of the brand’s best products for accessorizing Apple devices. The case’s premium synthetic leather exterior and soft microfiber interior come together to fit your iPad snuggly and are durable at the same time. Apart from those, there is a built-in magnetic strip on the front flap for waking up the device or putting it to sleep. And to wrap this feature up, the case has pockets to hold your documents, cards, and IDs and a dock for your Apple Pencil.


Completing our list of the best iPad Air cases is this minimalistic product from KenKe. Like some of the cases featured already, it is a premium and decent choice if you do not fancy a loud design and a bulky size. The case showcases a neat panel-like design on its exterior and comes in muted and light colors.

The case might look simple but that does not mean it is not versatile. It has an Apple Pencil holder and a front flap that doubles as a trifold kickstand. There is also a built-in magnetic tab that triggers auto-wake or sleep modes for your iPad.


Which iPad Air 4 Cases Should You Buy?

When choosing the best iPad Air 4 case for you, there are a lot of things to consider. And on top of those is for what purpose you are using your device. For example, if you are a student or businessman who utilizes your sleek iPad Air 4 for studies or work, it would be wise to pick a case with a keyboard that makes notetaking easy or one made of leather to match the formal look. On the other hand, if you typically bring the gadget during trips or outdoors, you can always go for the rugged iPad Air 4 cases for full device protection.

In general, the best iPad Air cases would be those that combine exceptional functionality and design. That quality is achieved by mobile accessory makers by adding nontraditional features and offering a wide range of color, texture, and pattern options, as you can see from the featured products in this guide.

We hope this article made it easy for you to purchase the best iPad Air cases. Bookmark this page now and let us know what you think!