10 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases in 2022

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Spigen Rugged Armor Case

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Unov Galaxy S9 Clear Case

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Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case

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Are you still happy with your Samsung Galaxy S9? If yes, there is no surprise to that. It is a reliable gadget even if it has aged already and you have cared for it well. Because the device is still useful to you, you might want to ramp up its protection or give it a trendy look through the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 cases. If that is exactly why you are reading this, stick with us.


Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

Here, we’re showcasing 10 cases that are durable, stylish, and loved by Galaxy S9 fans. Below is a quick list of our top picks, including ones from the new and best phone case brands. Click on each entry or scroll down to find out what’s great about them.

1. Spigen Rugged Armor Case 6. Speck Presidio Samsung Galaxy S9 Case
2. Unov Galaxy S9 Clear Case 7. Dexnor Samsung Galaxy S9 Case
3. Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case 8. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case
4. Lanheim Galaxy S9 Waterproof Case 9. i-Blason Cosmo Series Case
5. OtterBox Defender Series Case 10. KIOMY Galaxy S9 Crystal Clear Case


Leading our roundup of best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases is this accessory from Spigen. Despite being rugged, this case does hinder wireless charging and feel bulky. And to achieve that, the material type is not compromised. Spigen’s Rugged Armor case adopts carbon fiber, effectively shielding your Galaxy S9 from bumps and scratches. It also integrates raised edges to protect your gadget’s delicate camera and screen.

Style-wise, the accessory can meet most fashion tastes, thanks to its matte black appearance. It would not ruin your look, be it casual or formal. But if you want your Galaxy S9 to be a bold fashion statement, you might be better off with other styles featured in this list.


One of the best-selling points of the Galaxy S9, when it launched back in 2018, was its purple hue. So, we know you might prefer Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that let that color shine through.

If that is the case, consider this budget-friendly clear TPU case by Unov. The accessory is not transparent all over, but it has embossed designs. Those details make your Samsung Galaxy S9’s hue a good backdrop. For example, it becomes like a nighttime sky over the peaceful mountains as pictured above. Plus, the designs are fade- and scratch-resistant. There are more variations, so click on the product image above to see them all.

The only downside to Samsung Galaxy S9 cases like this is the possible yellowing of the transparent parts over time. Nonetheless, replacement is easy due to the price.


Imagine feeling genuine leather on your favorite smartphone. You get that premium experience and more with the Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

This case is in nubuck, which is suede-like. So, expect it to be soft to the touch and age well. Plus, the case is not only stylish; it is functional. Doubling as a wallet, it can keep cash and multiple cards. Moreover, it functions as a kickstand in horizontal orientation.

Needless to say, Samsung Galaxy S9 cases like this will match your business look. Just prepare to spend an amount that is higher than what you will be shelling out for the other releases here.


Made for outdoor adventures – that’s what Lanheim’s Samsung Galaxy S9 case is. The accessory features IP68 protection and a front cover.

With the case’s water-resistance rating, your gadget remains safe when submerged 6.6ft in water for up to an hour. Thus, you do not have to worry if you have to swim or get soaked in the rain with your Samsung Galaxy S9 still with you. The case’s screen guard that snaps onto the see-through back piece, meanwhile, keeps your gadget safe from dust, shock, and abrasion all around. Moreover, it does not block your phone’s wireless charging and fingerprint-reading capabilities.

As for the drawback, you compromise style if this is your choice. Nonetheless, it is a reliable case for adventure lovers looking for waterproof phone cases.


Next on our list is an Amazon Choice product made by Otterbox — the Defender Series Case. It is easy to see why it is a good pick over other Samsung Galaxy S9 cases. It has two-tone borders that frame the Galaxy S9’s curved screen nicely and accurate cutouts that do not let dust in easily. The case is also dual-layer for extra protection against any damage. What’s more, you can attach a holster to it, so it would not fall off together with your phone when you are on the go.

The only thing that may make you decide not to get this is if you dislike the available hue. That said, the case is good in terms of style and quality.


Do not let the minimalist look of this case make you think it is ordinary. This product from Speck Presidio is one of the popular Samsung Galaxy S9 cases because of its durability.

Incorporating Impactium, an in-house rubber-like material that is good against shock, the Speck Presidio Samsung Galaxy S9 Case withstands 10ft drops. The same material is used for the case’s raised camera and screen edges. Also, it does not add bulk to your gadget.


Tired of ring stands or flimsy kickstand cases? If yes, consider this Samsung Galaxy S9 case from Dexnor.

This option stands out from many other Samsung Galaxy S9 cases due to the integrated kickstand. The stand is designed to slide out from the middle of the case. When it does, it bends to form a V-shape that extends to the bottom of the case. Thus, your smartphone can be used for movie watching in a vertical orientation instead of only horizontal. The built-in stand is also more stable than ring and clip types because it is not too thin.

Apart from that, the case excels in protection. With the product, you get a screen protector. The said front piece resists scratches and does not become grimy.

Perhaps the only minor drawback to two-piece Samsung Galaxy S9 cases like this is that you have to exert extra effort during removal. You need strong fingers to push the case’s back down starting from the bottom right corner. Nonetheless, your gadget will get 360-degree protection, and that is without compromising its wireless charging feature.


Great for when you are on the go, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case easily attaches to its belt holster. It stays in place even when you are jogging and biking and can survive a 4ft fall. Also, it would not slip from your hands because of the raised grip points.

What makes this accessory tough, then? The answers are the combined TPU and PC layers, and the screen protector inclusion. The durability of the said parts also makes the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases to get right now.

Design-wise, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case bears the typical aesthetic rugged cases have. Thankfully, there are more hue options for this one compared to others.


If you want to make a fashion statement, go for glamorous Samsung Galaxy S9 cases like this Cosmo Series Case from i-Blason. The said accessory has glitters all over its back in one of the fan-favorite hues of the Samsung Galaxy S9 — purple.

Additionally, the case protects the front and back of your smartphone, thanks to its screen guard, TPU bumpers, and tough PC backplate. No matter which side or edge your Samsung Galaxy S9 falls on, the gadget will not get seriously damaged with the i-Blason case on. What’s more, you do not have to take the case off when powering up your gadget wirelessly.


For some smartphone users, less is more. If you are one of them, you might like the KIOMY Galaxy S9 Crystal Clear Case.

Completely transparent, this simple case showcases the full beauty of the Galaxy S9. Plus, it is an Amazon Choice case due to the protection and flexibility it gives. To elaborate, the accessory shields the delicate corners of your gadget through its shock-resistant bumpers. Moreover, it is easy to pull off from your phone due to the PU material used.

Again, the only issue with clear Samsung Galaxy S9 cases is the possible discoloration of the plastic in the long run. Nevertheless, that issue is minor if you frequently change cases anyway.


Choosing Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

We are done sharing our top 10 picks, but we know you might need a hand in picking the best of the best. So, how do you know which Samsung Galaxy S9 cases are worth keeping on top of your buying list?

1. Decide between form and function

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S9 cases, it is normal not to get the best of all worlds at times. Some accessories tout form over function or the other way around. So, your decision will often boil down to your most important need. If you frequently drop your gadget, then go for the rugged cases. If you are a frequent case changer, fashionable Samsung Galaxy S9 cases are more worth it. Choose those with the features you need more, so you would not regret your purchase in the long run.


2. Consider the way you power up your Galaxy S9

Although many Samsung Galaxy S9 cases are easy to detach from the gadget, it is better to pick one that does not hinder wireless charging. That way, you can avoid making the extra effort just to take off the case and put it back on every time you power up your smartphone.


3. Get Samsung Galaxy S9 cases with durability ratings

Whether it is a water- or drop-resistance rating, it is better if your smartphone case has it. That is your additional assurance that your accessory can last long. IP68 water-resistant cases are the best choice for when you are bringing your smartphone on outdoor adventures, while those that meet military drop resistance standards do their job well as rugged cases.


Protect and Jazz Up Your Galaxy S9 With the Best Case

Your Samsung Galaxy S9 might be old, but it does not mean it is no longer worth protecting or jazzing up. Any smartphone can look new or trendy with the help of the best cases for protection and style. So, get yourself one from our list today!