What’s The Purpose Of Apple Stickers In The IPhone Box?

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When you open a new iPhone box, you will find a plethora of goodies nestled inside – the sleek device itself, a charging cable, a power adapter, and perhaps even a pair of EarPods. However, among these offerings, there is one item that might seem out of place: a small sheet of Apple stickers. You may wonder, what is the purpose of these stickers and why are they included in the iPhone box?

These Apple stickers have become a hallmark of Apple products, a unique addition that sets their packaging apart. However, their purpose extends beyond mere decorative flair. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind the inclusion of Apple stickers in the iPhone packaging, shedding light on their significance and potential uses. So, let’s peel back the layers and uncover the story behind those small, adhesive tokens of Apple’s brand identity.

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Why are Apple Stickers Included in the iPhone Box?

When you unbox a brand new iPhone, you’ll notice that along with the device itself and the necessary accessories, there is one additional item that often catches your attention – Apple stickers. These small, colorful stickers have become a trademark inclusion with every iPhone purchase. But have you ever wondered why Apple includes these stickers in the iPhone box?

The main purpose of including Apple stickers in the iPhone box is to promote brand recognition and create a sense of ownership. These stickers allow users to customize their devices and proudly display the Apple logo, showcasing their loyalty to the brand. By offering these stickers, Apple turns its customers into walking advertisements, as they can stick them on various surfaces, such as laptops, notebooks, or even their cars.

Furthermore, Apple stickers serve as a way of fostering a sense of community among the iPhone users. When individuals spot the Apple logo on someone’s device or belongings, it creates an instant connection and a shared understanding of being part of the Apple ecosystem. These stickers symbolize the exclusivity and popularity that comes with owning an iPhone.

Aside from promotion and community-building, Apple stickers also tap into the human desire for personalization and creativity. Users can choose to stick these decals to their liking, thereby giving their devices a distinct and personalized touch. It’s a way for iPhone owners to express their individuality and make their devices stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, including Apple stickers in the iPhone box aligns with Apple’s overall marketing strategy, which emphasizes attention to detail and providing the best user experience. By including these small accessories, Apple showcases its dedication to delivering a complete package to its customers. It’s a subtle yet significant gesture that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

What Can You Do with Apple Stickers?

Apple is known for its meticulous attention to detail, and including Apple stickers in the iPhone box is no exception. While they may seem like a small and insignificant addition, these stickers offer a variety of creative possibilities for users. So, what can you do with those iconic Apple stickers? Let’s explore some fun and creative ideas.

1. Show your Apple love: One of the most common uses for Apple stickers is to proudly display your affinity for the brand. You can stick them on your laptop, notebook, water bottle, or any other surface that you want to personalize with a touch of Apple’s sleek design.

2. Customize your accessories: Do you have a plain phone case or laptop cover? Add some flair by sticking an Apple sticker on it. It instantly adds a stylish touch and showcases your preference for Apple products.

3. Gift embellishments: If you’re giving someone an Apple product as a gift, you can add an Apple sticker to the packaging to make it extra special. It adds a personalized touch and shows that you’ve chosen a premium product.

4. Decorate your workspace: Spruce up your desk or workspace by placing Apple stickers on your computer monitor, desk organizer, or even your coffee mug. It adds a subtle touch of style and reminds you of the technology you love.

5. Creative art projects: Get your creative juices flowing and use these stickers as part of an art project. You can create collages, artwork, or even use them in a scrapbook to add a unique touch to your creations.

6. Share with friends: If you have extra Apple stickers, share them with friends or family who are also Apple enthusiasts. It can be a fun way to bond over your shared love for the brand.

7. Stick them on accessories: Think beyond the traditional uses and stick Apple stickers on your headphones, charger, or even your car’s dashboard. It adds a subtle touch of style and identifies your gadgets as Apple products.

8. Sell or trade: Some Apple enthusiasts collect stickers or are willing to pay for rare or vintage ones. If you’re not interested in using the stickers yourself, you can consider selling or trading them to fellow enthusiasts.

Overall, Apple stickers may seem like a small inclusion, but they offer a range of creative possibilities. Whether you want to personalize your accessories, showcase your love for the brand, or use them in art projects, these stickers provide a fun and versatile way to engage with Apple’s iconic design.

The Marketing Strategy Behind Apple Stickers

Apple is known for its innovative and meticulously designed products. From iPhones to MacBooks, every Apple product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. So, what’s the purpose of those small Apple stickers that come in the iPhone box? Is it just a simple bonus or is there a deeper marketing strategy behind it?

Apple’s inclusion of stickers in their packaging is actually a brilliant marketing move. By including these stickers, Apple is able to tap into the innate human desire for self-expression and personalization. The stickers allow iPhone users to showcase their love for the brand and create a sense of belonging to the Apple community.

One of the key aspects of Apple’s marketing strategy is the cultivation of a strong brand identity and loyalty. The inclusion of Apple stickers is a prime example of this. When users see the Apple logo and stickers, it reinforces their connection with the brand and creates a subtle form of advertising.

Moreover, Apple stickers serve as a free and effective promotional tool. Users can stick the logo on their laptops, water bottles, phone cases, or any other visible surface. As they move through their daily lives, they become walking billboards for the Apple brand, inadvertently sparking conversations and generating interest among others.

Apple understands the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the potential of their loyal customers to become brand ambassadors. By providing stickers in the iPhone box, Apple encourages users to proudly display their affiliation with the brand, potentially attracting more customers through social proof.

Another aspect of Apple’s marketing strategy is their focus on creating an emotional connection with their customers. The inclusion of Apple stickers adds a touch of delight and surprise to the unboxing experience. It creates a moment of joy and allows customers to feel a sense of ownership and pride in their new iPhone.

Furthermore, the Apple stickers are also a reflection of the company’s commitment to design and aesthetics. They embody the same attention to detail and elegance that Apple products are known for. Even though they may seem like a small addition to the package, they contribute to the overall premium feel and enhance the customer’s perception of the brand.

The Impact of Apple Stickers on Brand Loyalty

Apple stickers are not just simple promotional items included in the iPhone box; they have a significant impact on brand loyalty. These small, iconic stickers are highly coveted by Apple enthusiasts and have become a symbol of being part of the Apple community.

One of the key factors that contribute to brand loyalty is the emotional connection that consumers have with a brand. Apple stickers serve as a reminder of the unique and premium experience that Apple products offer. By including these stickers in the iPhone box, Apple creates an emotional bond with its customers, making them feel like they are part of a special club.

Moreover, Apple stickers act as a word-of-mouth marketing tool. When users apply these stickers to their laptops, notebooks, or any other visible surface, they become walking advertisements for Apple. This generates conversations and curiosity among others who spot the stickers, potentially leading to new customers and increased brand awareness.

The exclusivity of Apple stickers also plays a role in building brand loyalty. Apple includes these stickers only in their products, not selling them separately. This exclusivity makes users feel special and appreciated for choosing an Apple device. It creates a sense of pride in owning an Apple product and further solidifies their loyalty to the brand.

Furthermore, Apple stickers encourage user-generated content. Many users take pride in creatively displaying their Apple stickers and share them on social media platforms. This user-generated content acts as a form of free marketing for Apple, as it amplifies the reach and influence of the Apple brand.

Another aspect to consider is the collectability factor of Apple stickers. Some Apple enthusiasts enjoy collecting these stickers as a hobby or a way to show their loyalty to the brand. This adds another layer of engagement and attachment to the Apple ecosystem, further reinforcing brand loyalty.


The Apple stickers included in the iPhone box may seem like a simple and insignificant accessory, but they serve a greater purpose than just being decorative items. These stickers symbolize Apple’s commitment to design, innovation, and brand loyalty. They give users the opportunity to showcase their affiliation with the Apple ecosystem and become brand ambassadors.

While the stickers do not have any practical functionality, they contribute to the overall user experience and create a sense of belonging to the Apple community. Whether you choose to display them on your laptop, desk, or any other surface, they spark conversations and connections with fellow Apple enthusiasts.

Apple understands the importance of fostering customer loyalty, and these stickers are a small yet effective way to strengthen that bond. So, the next time you unbox your new iPhone and find those stickers, remember that they are more than just pieces of paper – they are symbols of a community united by a love for Apple products.


1. Why does the iPhone come with Apple stickers in the box?

The inclusion of Apple stickers in the iPhone box serves a couple of purposes. Firstly, it is a way for Apple to promote and reinforce brand loyalty. By providing stickers with the Apple logo, users can express their affiliation with the brand and showcase it on various surfaces like laptops, notebooks, or even car windows. Additionally, these stickers can serve as a form of free advertising for Apple, as users who display them in public can spark curiosity and conversations about the brand.

2. Are the Apple stickers just for decoration or do they have any other functionality?

While the primary purpose of the Apple stickers is decorative, they can also serve some practical functions. For example, many users choose to stick these stickers on their laptop or tablet covers to easily distinguish their devices in a crowded workspace. Additionally, some creative individuals use them as decals on their phone cases or other personal items to add a touch of personalization.

3. Can I use the Apple stickers on any surface?

The Apple stickers are designed to be versatile and adhere well to most surfaces. However, it’s important to note that they may not stick as effectively on certain materials. It’s always recommended to clean the surface before applying the sticker to ensure better adhesion. Avoid sticking them on sensitive surfaces or those that may be difficult to remove, as the adhesive may leave residue behind.

4. Can I request additional Apple stickers from Apple?

Unfortunately, Apple does not offer an official way to request additional stickers. However, some users have reported success in obtaining more stickers by reaching out to Apple support or visiting an Apple retail store. It’s worth a try if you’re interested in obtaining more of these iconic stickers.

5. Can I sell or trade my Apple stickers?

Technically, there are no restrictions on selling or trading Apple stickers. However, it’s worth noting that the value of these stickers is primarily sentimental, as they are freely included with the purchase of an Apple device. While some collectors or enthusiasts may be interested in acquiring them, the market for Apple stickers is limited. It’s always best to explore other avenues for selling or trading items of higher value.