10 Best Math Apps You Need To Solve Your Math Problems

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Some people are naturally good at solving math problems while the rest of us need some help. If you’re having trouble with math, then the good news is you can easily download a math app. Whether it’s an algebra calculator or a word problem solver, there’s something out there that can surely help you. 


10 Best Math App Downloads

Check out these math calculator apps that can assist you with all kinds of math problems:


1. Buzzmath

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Middle school students already have it rough because of growth spurts and peer pressure. So, let’s help them out a little more by getting their math grades in check using Buzzmath. 

If you’re unfamiliar, Buzzmath is a great math app for middle school kids. The app brings your middle schooler into another world called “Mathlantis” that’s not faring all that well. However, hope is not lost because you can help the inventor, Alfred, solve the city’s problems. How? By solving math problems, of course! Through the app, your child will travel across time to talk to historic figures and mathematicians. These meetings will help them on their math journey and, consequently, restore Mathlantis to its former glory. 

Buzzmath is great because it introduces a narrative and helps your child invest themselves in math and Mathlantis. In short, it gamifies studying middle school math. Pretty soon, your child will know how to solve common core state standard problems and get their grades up! Although, there is a catch because this math app isn’t free. It costs $20 monthly, $40 quarterly, or $60 yearly. However, it’s a price worth paying if you want your child to interactively and effectively learn math.

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2. CK12

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If you’re looking for some math help, then CK12 is a great math app for you. Sure, it may not be a math problem solver like other apps, but it can turn you into one. That’s because CK12 helps you learn math online through multiple formats depending on what kind of learner you are. 

For example, CK12 provides video lectures as well as articles and texts for visual learners. They also provide practical examples and situations to apply your math skills through various multimedia content. On the other hand, you can also review what you’ve learned through their conveniently organized flash cards.

You can learn and improve on Algebra through their BrainGenie section or gain more advanced skills through the FlexMath section. There’s a truckload of content for every kind of student — whether you’re good at math or not.

Moreover, CK12 offers free lessons on other STEM subjects, not just math. You can knock multiple subjects out of the park with just this one app. Above all, it’s a free app available on Android and iOS. If you’re not on mobile, you can also check out their web app or their Windows apps.

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3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy
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Are you looking for a math app that can help you with every type of math? After all, going through high school means you have to learn everything from basic algebra to advanced calculus. With this math app, you can knock all of those subjects out of the park in one go. 

Introducing Khan Academy, a traditional (but still very useful) math app that can help you learn math. We wouldn’t be surprised if it turned you into a calculus whiz or a trigonometry genius. That’s because Khan Academy provides everything you need to learn math. It has more than 10,000 videos with over 40,000 questions to help you solve multiple math problems.

Moreover, you can retake any lesson or quiz as many times as you want until you get it right. Math majors should also benefit from this math app if they want to refresh their brains before a big exam. If you want to track your progress, you can do that as well with Khan Academy’s in-app dashboard.

Lastly, the best part about Khan Academy is that it’s completely free to use. Hence, you can download it as a math app to use now and keep it forever. You can check it out on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or even on your browser.

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4. Mathpapa

MathPapa math app
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We get it, algebra is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t have to be your biggest headache. That’s because there is a math app out there that can help you master algebra once and for all. This math app is none other than Mathpapa, your portable algebra solver and equation calculator.

With Mathpapa, you can solve any algebra equation you key into the app. It can even serve as an inverse function calculator if the equation calls for it. However, solving algebra equations isn’t the only thing mathpapa is good at. That’s because Mathpapa knows it’s important to help students understand how to get to the answer more than just answering. Hence, Mathpapa also gives a detailed explanation of how to solve every equation you throw at it. That way, you can strengthen your understanding of algebra and, eventually, master it completely. 

Moreover, Mathpapa also provides practice exercises for students who want to practice solving equations themselves. After all, the app will be no good to students on exam day. That’s why it also puts learning for yourself front and center. It won’t hurt to check it out for yourself on iOS and Android because it’s also free.

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5. Mathway

Mathway math app
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If you need to solve math problems in a pinch, then Mathway is the ultimate way. That’s because Mathway is a math app that can solve almost any kind of math problem you present it with.

Do you have a complex algebraic equation that keeps racking your brain for the solution? Turn to Mathway! How about a difficult trigonometry puzzle that grinds your brain to the point of exhaustion? Turn to Mathway! It can solve the most complex equations in very little time. Moreover, Mathway also has an organized glossary to help you understand specific math topics. Lastly, its user interface is more than intuitive enough to aid less tech-savvy users.

Mathway is free for Android and iOS users. However, if you want to get more out of the service, you should certainly check out its subscription service. That’s because Mathway offers more in-depth functionality with a paid subscription. For example, it shows you the step-by-step process to arrive at a math problem’s solution. It’ll undoubtedly help math students more when they can examine the steps taken for each problem.

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6. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver
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Are you looking for a math app that can solve all your math problems? Then look no further than the Microsoft Math Solver. Of course, from its brand alone, you should trust that Microsoft put quite a bit of thought into the app. The app proves you right, too, because the AI can easily solve various math problems.

With Microsoft Math Solver, you can simply key in the equation with its calculator to solve the problem. On the other hand, you can also snap a picture or write it by hand if you prefer. Regardless, Microsoft Math Solver will intelligently decipher what you give it and provide the solution. It’s pretty accurate, too, showing you the answers to the most difficult math problems. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Math Solver also provides its users with explanations on how it arrived at the solution. Hence, students can study the answers and the step-by-step process given to enhance their math skills. Moreover, the graphs and video lessons of this math app also provide great supplements to your student’s schooling. Check it out on both Android and iOS.

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7. My Script Calculator

MyScript Calculator
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Some people prefer analog over digital solutions to handle their problems. With My Script Calculator, you get that sense of the analog without giving up the benefits of digital solutions. That’s because My Script Calculator is a math app that allows you to hand-write math problems to find their solutions.

This math app then converts your handwriting to a digital equation and then solves the problem for you. Moreover, it has very intuitive handwriting support, allowing users to just scratch out the mistakes they’ve made while writing. 

My Script Calculator skips all of the complications of using a digital calculator to write math equations. That’s its main selling point, but it doesn’t end there. It also provides great support for multiple mathematical operations such as logarithms, constants, and trigonometry.

It can handle up to high school-level math problems (and sometimes, even college-level ones). However, if you’re in high-level education, you might want to try your luck elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s $2.99 on both iOS and Android. 

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8. Photomath

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Handwriting an algebraic equation onto a math app isn’t always easy. That’s because using your fingers to write on your phone isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Moreover, you can have lots of errors when you use your fingers to write the equation. Not everyone has a stylus to use, either.

That’s why Photomath is a great substitute (or an even better alternative) to a handwriting math app. This is because Photomath only requires a photo of a math equation or problem to provide a solution. It does this through the app’s intelligent AI and uses AR technology to read and decipher photos. Hence, you can use it even while you’re still in class discussing lessons with your teachers.

Furthermore, Photomath also provides students with step-by-step explanations for how it solved each problem. It’s a great companion math app to help you learn and study everything math. Photomath also supports a variety of math content such as algebraic expressions, linear/quadratic/absolute equations and inequations, and more. It can even solve trigonometric equations and calculus problems, so it’ll certainly help even with high school math. Check it out on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. 

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9. Prodigy Game

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People can easily associate learning math with going through hell — and that’s only somewhat exaggerated. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Thanks to Prodigy Game, students from Grade 1 to 8 can learn math through a thrilling RPG game. Through this math app, students can engage in battles against different characters and win by answering math questions. 

Even teachers can benefit from this math app because they can personalize the in-game questions. Teachers can intentionally target the questions based on what they’ve been learning in class, providing more engaging homework for kids. This is how Prodigy aligns itself with school curriculums. Furthermore, Prodigy also offers math problems from almost every type of math topic. 

Lastly, if you want to track a student’s math progress, the math app also includes real-time reports. Teachers can also assess a student’s weak points and strengths through the app, allowing them to focus on key areas. It’s not only an app for students but also a great app for teachers and parents.

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10. Wolfram Alpha

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Wolfram Alpha acts a bit like a search engine, but don’t mistake it for one. It’s more of a math app reference tool that helps students understand different topics based on the questions they ask. Students can key in math-related questions or anything related to numbers, and the math app can calculate and compute accordingly. The app can solve almost anything from different major math subjects, so it’s very versatile.

Moreover, the app also provides a wide variety of reference results, from graphic representations, formulas, and text explanations. You can find everything you need to understand a specific topic through the app, which makes it a great supplement.

Moreover, it also covers more complex math-related topics like number theory, chemistry, and even physics. Lastly, it also gives courses on different math topics like discrete math, linear algebra, etc. You can check it out for free on iOS and Android.

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Finding a good math app isn’t very difficult if you know where to look. Some of these math apps may do the same thing, but they do it in different ways. For example, some apps only solve the problem for you, while many others provide detailed explanations on how to arrive at the solution. Others may only serve as good reference tools, while still others act more as a teacher. However, if you want to enhance your math knowledge, it’s best to use more than one to help you learn.