15 Best Study Apps for College

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Finally! You’re out of high school. Now what?

College sure seems very intimidating. There are entrance exams to take and results to wait for. A lot of scholarships to apply to and board and lodging to attend to. Taking this next step to your future will make it (no, not break it). There’s only so much that can break your future. But so long as you’re doing everything you can to achieve your goals then you’re good.

So this is where you are already sure that you’re taking the step into college. You spend your days trying to plan out your college life. Then spend late nights on your computer looking for the best places to hangout. These are your attempts at trying to be sure to not dread college as much as you already fear the unknown. But there is no knowing.

Only when you take the first step out of your comfort zones and decide that there will be no turning back can you be sure. Worry not because there will always be a helping hand available for you. Especially in college, when you’re far from home, alone, and in the middle of a breakdown. Sometimes, the helping hand is in the form of an app.

So here are the 15 best study apps that will help you get in and go through college:


  1. Scholly

Scholly study app for college
Photo by Scholly on Google Play

Price: Free Trial/$2.99 per month

College is expensive. But there are a lot of scholarships out there available for you. The challenge is to be able to find them. Here is where the Scholly app can help you.

Scholly has three platforms: Search, Editor, and Math. Scholly Search helps high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and international students to find the best scholarship for them. Scholly Editor helps in improving any type of write-ups. Scholly Math helps in, well, Math problems.

Let’s focus on Scholly Search. Founder and CEO Christopher Gray realized the gap in the availability of scholarships and the demand for them. While millions of students exert efforts to make ends meet in college, there is more than $100 million worth of unclaimed scholarships yearly.

The scholarship search process is tedious. Scholly app can help you cut time spent on looking for a scholarship. You can now dedicate this time in writing your scholarship application letters and essays.

Signing up for Scholly is free. The app will require you to provide information like your highest educational attainment, GPA, and the universities you are currently enrolled in or want to study at. You can edit these parameters anytime.

Get the Scholly App for iOS and Android now and get those scholarships!


  1. CampusBooks

Campus Books study app for college
Photo by CampusBooks.com on Google Play

Price: Free

So you’ve got into a university and gained a scholarship. Now you need books. Like college dues itself, textbooks are expensive too. Sometimes, you won’t be able to find copies even with their high price. CampusBooks can help you in looking for the best textbook deals near you.

This app is a search engine that covers all kinds of textbooks and reading materials. You can search for that brand new Chemistry book or that already annotated Shakespeare textbook. The app will help you find the best deals. It will also help you weigh the pros and cons. Choosing whether to buy or rent new or used textbooks is easier.

This app is GPS integrated. It uses your location to help you find the best deals without you having to travel far. CampusBooks not only helps students who need cheap textbooks but also those who want to sell theirs. The app will help you have the best deal and the highest possible price when selling.

CampusBooks is available for iOS and Android.


  1. SQA My Study Plan

SQA My Study Plan study app for college
Photo by Scottish Qualifications Authority on Google Play

Price: Free

And you’re in college. You need to study for all the exams, recitations, and quizzes on top of doing projects and assignments. Studying can sometimes get overwhelming. Which is why making a study plan is very important. The SQA My Study Plan app is a very helpful app to keep you on top of your study load.

SQA or Scotland Qualification Authority is the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland. They have developed an application to help students in their studying. But remember that this does not mean that it is 101% guaranteed that your GPA will automatically hit the 4.0 mark from 1.0. It is still up to you to follow your study plan.

The SQA My Study Plan app will do the planning for you. You just need to key in the important details like dates of deadlines, quizzes, and exams. Is that World Literature paper more important than the Calculus quiz on Wednesday? Indicate each item’s importance to tell the app which you should study and do first. Don’t worry, you can still customize the study plans anytime.

This study app will also help you track your study progress. You will also receive notifications and reminders to study on the times and dates that you are supposed to. Share your study plan with classmates (or your significant other) so that you all can have a smoother time in scheduling group works. You can print your study plan if having to look at your phone all the time tempts you away from studying.

Take that first step to getting your study habits together by downloading the SQA My Study Plan app on Google Play or the App Store.


  1. Todoist

Todoist study app for college
Photo by Doist on Google Play

Price: Free/$3-$5 per month

What good is a study plan if you can’t stick to it because of things you need to do outside studying? Todoist can help you get your schedule (and life) together. This app can help you study by arranging your day-to-day schedule for you.

You can input a task that randomly comes to mind during any time of the day through the Quick Add button. Include deadlines and even build habits with the “recurring” feature that reminds you to do a certain task every time you need to do it like when you also need to check other study apps.

Get the Todoist app for Android and iOS.


  1. iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

iStudiez Pro study app for college
Photo by iStudiez Team on Google Play

Price: Free/$2.99 per month

There’s a study plan app, there’s a to-do list app, but it’s also important to know and track your grades. The iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner can help you in listing down your everyday schedule. Input your class schedule, the quizzes, recitations, and deadlines into this study app.

This app also enables you to track your GPA by helping you keep tabs on the scores and grades that you received for each schoolwork you have done and logged. You can also take note of all of your professors’ information to avoid panicking during the deadline and you realize that you don’t have your professor’s work email.

The iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner can also be used and connected to other calendar/planning apps. You can also share your schedule with your classmates, friends, and family members.

The iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner is available for download on iOS and Android.


  1. Forest

Forest study app for college
Photo by Seekrtech on Google Play

Price: Free/$1.99

How many times have you fallen victim to the belief that you can resist using your phone during study time? One minute you’re just checking a notification about a group project and five hours later, you’re already on YouTube watching kittens fall over staircases. Forest can help you prevent falling into this trap again.

This is a good study app that blocks you from using certain applications on your phone. Or if you want, and need, Forest can block you from using your phone at all. Forest is a timer and app-blocker to help you stay focused. You won’t be able to use your phone within the set period.

If you complete the period without checking your phone, a tree will be planted on your forest in the app. But if you fail to stay focused on studying and disable the app, the tree will die. The longer the period you set, the bigger your tree and forest will grow.

For every ten trees that you plant in your Forest app, one real tree will be planted in real life through trees.org. So you’re not only helping yourself save your GPA but also helping the environment survive until after you graduate from college.

To help you stay focused on studying, download the Forest app for iOS and Android.


  1. CamScanner

CamScanner study app for college
Photo by INTSIG Information Co.,Ltd on Google Play

Price: Free/99¢-$4.99

Sometimes you will need to turn physical copies of documents to have soft copies of them. Use the CamScanner app to turn your mobile device into a portable scanner. Simply take a photo of the document and adjust it to match your needs. You can save the documents as .txt or PDF files. Import photos from your phone/gallery to make .txt or PDF files our of them.

The CamScanner is a good study app to help you keep soft copies of your textbooks and notes and keep them in one place like Google Drive. In case you lose your physical copies of your documents, you won’t have to worry about retrieving them. You also won’t worry about not having backup copies of the textbooks and notes that you are planning to sell.

To download, click here for iOS and here for Android.


  1. Simplemind

SimpleMind study app for college
Photo by ModelMaker Tools on Google Play

Price: Free/$6.99 lifetime usage

There are just so many thoughts and ideas that you can have at a given moment. But you can’t put all of them down on paper. Mind mapping can help you study effectively to have a better flow of ideas. The Simplemind app will create the best mind maps for you in no time!

You can easily choose a layout on this study app. Adjust text boxes by drag and drop, add a topic, and easily edit texts too. You can add images and icons to remember your topics and ideas easily. Sharing your mindmaps to your classmates through this app is easy too.

Download the Simplemind app for iOS and Android now because there are just so many topics and concepts to cover for your entire stay at college.


  1. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha study app for college
Photo by Wolfram Group on Google Play

Price: Free trial/$2.99 per month

Remember the gist of the helping hands available to you in college? It’s not a bad thing to get help if your science and math classes are giving you headaches more than they should. The WolframAlpha study app will help you understand concepts that you can’t seem to grasp in a single 3-hour lecture session.

This app can help you in analyzing scientific and mathematics data. You can input your raw data into the app and it will do the job for you. There are hundreds of available data from the app for download. The WolframAlpha will work closely with you just like how a personal tutor will.

Get the app now for iOS and Android.


  1. Quizlet

Quizlet study app for college
Photo by Quizlet Inc. on Google Play

Price: Free/$15 per year

After you’ve made your notes and studied for the exams, it’s already time to test if you have retained all the information. The Leitner system is one study way to use. This system is using flashcards for studying and switching their order so that the concepts that you already master are put at the back part of the flashcards. The concepts that you still need to master are on the first part so that you will be able to see them repeatedly. Study through the Leitner System and study using flashcards through the Quizlet app.

This study app will let you make your flashcards or let you download existing flashcards from their database. There are games within the app that you can use to have a better study experience. Functions like Learn, Write, and Match will help you retain the information that you have reviewed.

Download the Quizlet app for iOS and Android now.


  1. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere study app for college
Photo by Nuance Communications, Inc on Google Play

Price: Free/$14.99 per month

There are times when your thoughts and ideas will suddenly come to you and you happen to not have a pen and paper at hand. Maybe it’s during a run around the academic oval, a drive to the nearest fast-food chain, or late night when you’re in bed and badly wanting to sleep. A solution to not lose your ideas during these times is to dictate them into your phone.

Dragon Anywhere is a speech-to-text study app. It lets you continuously dictate into the app without word limitations. The app has a Train Words feature so it will not get confused the next time you say phosphoglyceride. You can edit the documents easily and share them too.

Get this app on iOS and Android and never dread about losing your ideas again.


  1. Grammarly

Grammarly study app for college
Photo by Grammarly, Inc. on Google Play

Price: Free/$11.66 in-app purchases

Good writing is one of the most important skills that you will need to learn in college. Not only will you need this skill during scholarship applications but also throughout your stay in college for reports, papers, and exams. An idea presented in writing through bad grammar is an idea wasted. Use Grammarly to help you with your writing needs.

Grammarly is a grammar and plagiarism checker application. Always remember that plagiarism is punishable by law. You wouldn’t want to put your degree at stake for forgetting about citing a journal, would you? Grammarly will help you check your word usage, sentence construction, and paragraph lengths. This study app will also grade your writing.

Grammarly is available on Windows and Mac and as an MS Office plugin.

You can also download the Grammarly keyboard available for iOS and Android.


  1. Citation Maker

Sleepytime study app for college
Photo by Morning Rain on Google Play

Price: Free

Again, plagiarism is punishable by law. You can get expelled for plagiarism. But you may find it much harder to create a bibliography in the middle of a hectic college schedule. The Citation Maker app can be the solution to your bibliography needs.

This study app will only require you to input the information needed. Included are the author’s name, date published, page number, chapter, book name, journal name, date retrieved, etc. The Citation Maker app will create an in-text citation for you too! But don’t forget to brush up on your MLA and APA citation styles every once in a while too.

Create that bibliography in minutes using the citation maker app for Android.


  1. Sleepytime

Citation Maker study app for college
Photo by Grayt Apps on Google Play

Price: Free

Skipping sleep is more normal in college than you would have ever imagined. That does not mean that you should be skipping sleep. Our brains can only retain and understand information if we are well-rested. There’s no point in covering all 99 points of your exams in two nights if you can’t even stay up during the exam itself. But of course, the college schedule can be tough. So Sleepytime is an app that can help you calculate sleep.

Sleepytime is not an alarm app although it can add a waking time to your existing alarm apps. This app will help you calculate the best times to wake up. You can input the current time if you’re to go to sleep now. Or you can ask the app when the best time to sleep if you want, for example, to wake up at 6 AM the next day.

Get this sleep clock calculator for iOS and Android now!


  1. Alarmy

Alarmy study app for college
Photo by Alarm Clock Alarmy on Google Play

Price: Free/$1.99 in-app purchases

Sleeping is important to recharge your brain but waking up on time for that exam that you have studied for is important too! If you’re a heavy sleeper who refuses to wake up no matter how many alarms you set at night then the Alarmy App is the best app for you.

The app lets you set a time and a loud ringtone to come with it. Of course, that’s not enough to wake up heavy sleepers and exhausted college students. So Alarmy also lets you choose a method to turn off the alarms you’ve set. You may choose from taking a picture, shaking, or solving a math problem.

Choose the take a picture feature and set your bathroom’s photo so you would need to get up and go straight to the shower in the morning. Set the shake feature so that you would need to physically move in the morning through shaking your phone up to 500 times. Or you can also choose to solve a math problem. It’s simple but it’s not so easy to answer 78 x 3 when your brain is half-asleep.

Never get late anymore and download the Alarmy app now on iOS and Android.