Are DragonBox Math Apps Great for Kids? (Review)

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Mathematics is not an easy subject, and so is teaching it. With the way the education system today is accelerating, parents, teachers, and children are trying to adapt to the system and make use of technology to easily deal with it. With DragonBox, learning algebra and math can now be more enjoyable for kids. It provides a unique way on how students will learn.

In this article, we will discuss what DragonBox is, its different apps with their amazing features, and some of its competitors.


What Is DragonBox?

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DragonBox is a multi-platform and award-winning game studio that aims to let children explore and learn the basics of algebra in a fun, enjoyable way. It offers math apps that are divided into four different ages. Also, some chapters are divided into different levels that the users have to go through to move to the next chapter. Directions are given to each level, and the players can get to have one, two, or three stars depending on the way he solves the problem.

Getting one or two stars means that the player got the answer using a lot of steps. Having three stars means that there are only a few steps used. This amazing educational app provides an innovative way of solving algebraic equations.

In addition to this, DragonBox offers few other apps that teach geometry and other mathematical skills. It provides cute graphics that catch kids’ attention and makes learning mathematics exciting to them. Also, it keeps the learners hooked on solving different problems without realizing that they are learning.


DragonBox Math Apps

DragonBox Algebra 5+

Algebra 5+
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It is the head start for users who want to learn mathematics and algebra. With this app, kids as young as five years old can start learning basic algebraic concepts. It will help them easily understand the basic processes that are involved in solving linear equations. What makes the learning in this app special is that the users won’t realize that they are learning. This is because the app provides an intuitive, engaging, and fun way of learning algebra in its way. They can get to learn the basics and the concepts of algebra by navigating every game’s chapters and finishing each level. Additionally, the game itself serves as an encouragement for the user to experiment and discover something more.

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10 Progressive Chapters

The app features ten chapters of different levels. As kids progress with every chapter, the lessons get to be more complex. Moreover, as they learn the mechanics of the game, they also get to learn the concepts of solving algebraic equations along the way. They will encounter the “X” of the algebra, and then find out later how they are going to isolate it. Operations needed (which they will learn) for them to be able to isolate “X.” With that, they can easily find out how to know the unknown by figuring out the ever-popular “X.”



The app provides puzzle games that are needed to be unlocked. Unlocking can be somewhat engaging as three stars are needed to unlock a puzzle to be able to move on to the next puzzle. In the puzzle, there is a dragon box that the kids need to isolate. With that, they need to combine some cards until they can isolate the dragon box and place it on one of the two sides of the play space where the puzzle is.


Different Algebraic Concepts

With this app, kids will learn different algebraic concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, they will be familiar with the fundamental algebraic elements. These include the equal sign, negative numbers, fractions, parenthesis, zero, and many others.


Printable Resources

Some lessons can be printed so that the kids can also practice what they have learned on paper. That way, kids will be familiar with using paper and pencil in solving mathematical problems. They will not be confused when they see the problems in papers as they are used to solving them in the app.


DragonBox Algebra 12+

Algebra 12+
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Building on the teachings of its predecessor, the DragonBox Algebra 5+, this app helps to make learning the concepts of algebra a fun and easy way. Also, it takes the learners to the next level as it provides more advanced topics in mathematics and algebra. This is because it delves deeper into advanced algebraic concepts. With this app, kids will gain confidence aside from getting better grades in mathematics and algebra.

This app provides a learning environment wherein discovering and experimentation can be an advantage and won’t do them any harm. Also, the kids will get to realize that they are progressing. This is shown with the growth of the dragon for every chapter. As an interactive and efficient way to learn algebra, the app also makes kids enjoy and appreciate algebra. In this app, the kids will then learn the most important concept of algebra, which is keeping the equations equal.

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20 Progressive Chapters

The app features 20 chapters with 20 levels for each chapter. Each level for each chapter should be completed to be able to move to the next chapter. The kids can practice what they have learned through the practice mode. The kids can solve the equation by keeping the dragon in the box isolated. When they solve the equation, the dragon will then eat all the objects, which will then make him grow. The kids can also see the solution after finishing the level.


More Advanced Algebraic Concepts

DragonBox Algebra 12+ focuses on more advanced algebraic concepts. These include Addition of Fractions with Common Denominators, Collection of Like Terms, Factorization, Parentheses, Positive and Negative signs, and Substitution.


Different Player Profiles

The app allows its users to create their profiles using the provided avatar. This profile can help the kids to keep on playing the games as they are inspired and having so much fun.


Learning Resources

The app provides different learning resources that the kids can use. The resources include the guides to the rules of algebra with some illustrations. Also, there is the home school manual containing tips for parents on how to use the app. Moreover, some worksheets can be printed. These worksheets will let the kids be familiar with the paper-pencil setup.


Space for Creativity and Experimentation

The kids will see icons and Dragonbox as they first play the game. The icons represent the numbers, while the dragon box represents the unknown variable or the “X.” However, as time goes by and the kids progress into chapters, these icons and DragonBoxes will be replaced by letters and numbers. They will then be familiar with the settings of solving algebraic equations. The app encourages creativity and experimentation, so the learning process of understanding the concepts will always be fun. Moreover, the kids will have fun as the learning is natural and not so much effort.


Outstanding Graphics

As the games are presented in a playful, hand-drawn, and colorful orientation, the kids find the games fun and challenging. They tend to pay too much attention as they are mesmerized by how the graphics stand out.


DragonBox Numbers

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This math learning app will help kids, ages four to eight, to understand what numbers are, how they work, and what they can do with these numbers. It provides a great introduction for kids to the world of math. There are several games and activities that the kids can easily learn. Moreover, these games will make the kids pay attention and be educated at the same time. With that, there is no need for memorization, as the kids will gradually learn from the games and activities at their own pace.

In addition to this, the kids can experiment with the numbers and set up their ways of playing for them to have so much fun. With that, they will find that numbers are fun to encounter and will start loving them. DragonBox Numbers provide a deeper understanding of numbers, which is a foundation for learning higher mathematics.

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The Nooms

In this app, you will meet the “Nooms.” These are lovable little creatures that are more appealing to see compared to numbers. This is because these Nooms represent a number, and each has a different size, color, and personality. As the kids complete a puzzle, they get to have some understanding of the numbers. Also, they get to compare numbers based on the Nooms. As the kids control the Nooms, they are practicing addition and subtraction. They can feed the Nooms to make them bigger or swipe across them to cut them into smaller pieces.



This is the main section of the app wherein kids meet the Nooms that they can manipulate. They can feed the Nooms with the other Nooms, and with that, they practice addition. Swiping across the Nooms to cut them into smaller pieces to make the Nooms that they need makes them practice subtraction. Also, the puzzle section makes the kids have an idea of how they can combine numbers. As kids progress, the game becomes harder. The kids will see a visual outline of a number which will then become less visible. They need to form the correct number and then drag and drop it into their proper places. Kids will also encounter shapes and patterns that can create geometric drawings. However, several Nooms are needed to make these drawings.



This is the section where you need to create Nooms of a certain number to reach a goal. There, you will see a vertical number line and the goal number that you need to reach. The goal can be presented as a face of a Noom or a Numeral. Kids can combine the number of characters until they create a ladder to reach the goal. They can have their ways of combining the numbers to build what they want.



In this section, the screen is moving on its own. However, the kids need to slide their fingers to make a jump and collect stars and coins. The height of the jump corresponds to a number. With that, if the kid presses a smaller number and the stars or coins are a little higher, they can’t collect them. So, they need to press a larger number to be able to collect them.



This is an open-ended section. Here, kids can compare numbers and enjoy dealing with their cute number characters.


DragonBox Big Numbers

Big Numbers
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This app will help your kids learn big numbers, long addition, and long subtraction. It provides an effective and fun way of getting into the “real world” of math. Moreover, the kids will get to learn about transactions and have a better understanding of mathematics. As they continue with the gameplay, they will be motivated to learn more.

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Learning With the Apples

In the game, you will see an apple tree. You will get to practice addition as you keep picking the apples. Picking and picking the apples will slowly add complexity to the process. There, the kid will start counting his harvest until the number of apples harvested grows. With that, they will start adding and subtracting big numbers with a combination of regrouping.


Learning About Transactions

As the kids keep on harvesting his goods, they will eventually learn to trade them. Also, they will learn how and when to buy new trees or any resources for their production to increase. There are a lot of activities to be done, and eventually, they will understand the importance of having goals.


The Resources

In this gameplay, the kids can play and explore. Also, they can collect resources and trade or exchange them for other resources. Moreover, they can get to build houses for the Nooms. They learn addition, subtraction, and regrouping while they are doing these activities. Collecting and trading resources will help them unlock new areas.


Living Like a Noom

With all the resources that the kids get, they will be able to decorate the Nooms’ home in their style, as if they are the Nooms. This activity will put the kids in charge of building a wonderful home for the Nooms.


DragonBox Elements

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In this educational problem-solving game, the kids will use geometry to build different plain shapes. They will use these shapes to free the creatures in the game and fight the dragon Osgard. The kids will learn how to draw different shapes and know their differences. Also, they will learn the basics of Euclid’s geometry and solve different geometric puzzles in a memorable and fun way. And then again, they will not notice that they are learning.

In addition to this, the app offers an option for multiple languages. Also, multiple players can play it. It can also be played without an internet connection. However, parental discretion is advised because the kids will encounter scary monsters and see cartoon violence.

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Properties of Shapes

As the game requires the players to draw different shapes to free the soldiers. The soldiers are trapped in shapes. With that, they will learn the different shapes and their properties. Since they are given instructions and theories, being able to understand all of them will help the players to easily free the soldiers.


Building Your Army

There’s a need for you to build an army to easily defeat Osgard, the dragon. However, for you to build your army, complete the proof. This is because the hidden shapes in your army will appear if you are done with the geometric proofs.


DragonBox Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess

Magnus' Chess Kingdom
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This groundbreaking game is a fun way for kids five years and older to learn chess. Moreover, it will help to unleash the potential of kids in playing chess. As DragonBox collaborates with the World Champion Magnus Carlsen along with his team of chess experts, this can be a great place to learn chess. Besides, it is a world-class chess learning app. In this game app, kids will be able to learn the rules and strategies in chess. Moreover, kids will get to improve their concentration, logical thinking, and social interaction.

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Solving Chess Situations

Each chess piece will be introduced to kids in six different worlds. Kids will also get to meet the cartoon version of Magnus Carlsen and a mysterious Prince. They will need to solve different situations with more and more pieces, and gradually applying more and more chess rules.


Guided Mode

This can be activated for this can be of great help for young players. This is because when this is activated, there will be guide arrows that will show the main path of the games so the kids won’t be confused.


Light Storyline

Within the game, the player explores the kingdom as the king piece. With him are a set of chess pieces, and he needs to solve puzzles along the way.



The Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess has multiple worlds or themes to make it more fun. Players will need to collect coins, crowns, cards, and other treasures. Also, in the game, they need to rescue trapped chess pieces. These pieces will then join the team and can be used in battle. Upon collecting the pieces, the players can navigate the levels using the other pieces. From there, they can learn new strategies and apply the rules that they learned.


What Makes DragonBox Math Apps Unique

DragonBox Math Apps teach solving algebra in a different and better way. Every app has a story, and the characters in each app are fun to see. Moreover, the techniques used in every app are motivational. These give kids a better understanding of the why and how of mathematics. Also, the kids won’t realize that they are studying since there are no quizzes in the app. There are just games and activities that kids enjoy.

In addition to this, DragonBox apps offer a unique experience to a learner in every app. It provides an amazing learning experience, which gives the idea to kids that “Math is Fun.”


Pros and Cons of Using DragonBox Math Apps


  • Intuitive design
  • Progressive learning curve
  • Cumulative learning
  • Automatic saving of progress
  • Protected parent area
  • No third-party advertisements
  • Multilingual
  • Little need for parent supervision
  • Ability to save multiple profiles
  • No in-app purchases


  • Little to no instructions
  • Can’t turn off or adjust the background music
  • Limited to just four players
  • Lacks hints and practice opportunities
  • No audio response


DragonBox Competitors

Quick Math

This is an addictive and challenging math quiz game to keep your arithmetic skills sharp and build math confidence. This is because it tests your math skills by making you do faster math calculations. You have to solve mathematical problems while on a time limit. Also, you can perform mixed operations and practice your pre-algebra skills. Moreover, it tracks your progress.

In addition to this, this math games app uses handwriting recognition technology. With that, you can write your answer on the screen by tracking the number. Also, you can practice writing numbers.

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Monster Math


This is a fun, educational math learning app for kids. With this app, kids can practice mental computations. Moreover, it provides a wonderful math-filled adventure with a friendly character Max, who teaches basic arithmetic and who wants to save his friend, Dextra. You will do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while you are exploring new worlds. This app will surely keep kids alert and have some fun.

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Khan Academy Kids


With this learning app, kids will not only learn math but also reading, writing, problem-solving, literacy, and language. They will surely enjoy this app as there are animal characters that will guide and encourage them to think and learn. Also, there are some collectibles that the kids will have while they are learning.

In addition to this, this learning app focuses on the kids for them to master different skills. The activities encourage kids to be creative and build social-emotional skills.

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Have Fun With DragonBox Math Apps

There are a lot of educational learning apps available today. They offer a wide range of amazing features that the kids will surely love. However, DragonBox Maths Apps are different from these learning apps. This is because every app makes math an enjoyable and fun subject to learn. Moreover, the games and activities on each app are engaging that kids don’t even notice that they are learning. The creatures are interesting, and kids will surely love them. The way that kids manipulate these characters makes learning math exciting to them.