17 Best Reddit Apps for Android and iOS (2022)

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Reddit prides itself as the “front page of the internet.” The website is a treasure trove for many interesting topics circulating around the web. Moreover, it’s the best place to find forums and online discussions about absolutely anything. What makes it so appealing is its holistic nature; it’s timely, interactive, personalized, horrifying at times, absorbing, and really good. There’s no telling what topics you can find on Reddit due to the absence of an editor to secure the gateways of what topics anyone can share. However, getting the best Reddit app would help you narrow down your topics, aka subreddit.

By the end of this article, we hope to have helped you navigate your topics in the Reddit world. So, read through our recommendation of the best Reddit apps to download in 2022.


17 Best Reddit Apps to Try in 2022

1. BaconReader (Best Reddit App for Android and iOS) 10. Now for Reddit
2. Relay for Reddit (Best Reddit App for Android) 11. Sync for Reddit
3. Apollo for Reddit (Best Reddit App for iOS) 12. Redditoria
4. Boost for Reddit 13. RedReader
5. Joey for Reddit 14. Viewdeo Free
6. Slide for Reddit 15. Comet for Reddit
7. Narwhal for Reddit 16. RIF
8. Readder for Reddit 17. Infinity for Reddit
9. Beam for Reddit


1. BaconReader (Best Reddit App for Android and iOS)

BaconReader App for iOS
Photo by OneLouder on Apple App Store

Price: Free/$1.99

BaconReader tops the apps for anyone to surf the Reddit world. It’s the app that comes close to the web version of the platform. Its features include down-vote or up-vote a topic, view karma, and send/view messages among others. More recently, BaconReader developers have added a light and dark theme feature for easy reading convenience. But what makes it stand out is the ability to switch to a subreddit view for a more tailored and narrowed choice of topics that you like.

The free version is a decent one but can be annoying if we factor in the tons of ads that pop up every now and then. Hence, the developers offer a pro version for $1.99.

Download BaconReader for Android

Download BaconReader for iOS


2. Relay for Reddit (Best Reddit App for Android)

Price: Free/$3.99

Reddit users are always on the hunt for the best Reddit app alternative for their devices. Reddit user sree7492 is supported by many other Reddit users in suggesting Relay is one of the best Reddit app alternatives to try.

The app has a pretty decent and simple user interface. Viewing topics would come as easy as viewing tweets on the Twitter app. One swipe to the left and you’ll get a band of options per topic shared (e.g. vote up or vote down, share, and comment). That is not to say Relay has limited customization. The app offers the ability to change layouts as a user sees fit for their liking. And given its good reputation among Android users, many iOS users can’t help but question when they are getting an iOS version of the app.

Download Relay for Android


3. Apollo for Reddit (Best Reddit App for iOS)

Apollo for iOS
Photo by Christian Selig on Apple App Store

Price: Free/$4.99

While Relay is a top-notch choice for many Android users on Reddit, iOS users have their own choice. Many users have commended Apollo for ease of use. They even say the app is far better than the official Reddit app. The app is jam-packed with features including being able to choose a theme, change icons, and remove the ads on the app. Despite the new features added on the more recent app update, the app continues to perform smoothly and easily.

Download Apollo for iOS


4. Boost for Reddit

Reddit Alternative App: Boost
Photo by Rubén Mayayo on Google Play Store

Price: $2.00 – $10.00 per item

Boost for Reddit is another decent alternative for the platform’s official app. It combines functionality with design. It has the basics you need when using Reddit like voting a topic up or down, commenting on a shared topic, sharing the topic, and many more. Users can change the look of the interface by choosing a theme from the thousands of color options in its library and customize the app’s browsing interface by subreddit.

The recent updates to the app include support for uploads with multiple images, Reddit polls made visible on a post, and many others. What’s more, the app has a home screen widget so you never get to miss out on the latest on Reddit.

Download Boost for Android


5. Joey for Reddit

Reddit Alternative App: Joey for Reddit
Photo by CodesForLiving from Google Play Store

Price: Free/$19.99

There are a couple of common denominators these Reddit app alternatives have: vote a topic down or up, comment, and share. But with Joey for Reddit, you can track comments and get notifications whenever they are sent.  On top of this, the app allows you to download videos from the app and hide posts that you have already read or interacted with. Users of the app say the price to get rid of the ads in the app is pricey, but Joey for Reddit remains to be one of the best Reddit apps there is for Android.

Moreover, the app is highly customizable which others seem to lag behind. As is with other apps, there is a learning curve in using Joey for Reddit, but once you get the hang of it, who knows what gems you might find?

Download Joey for Android


6. Slide for Reddit

Best Reddit App for iOS: Slide for Reddit
Photo by Carlos Crane on Apple App Store

Price: Free/$4.99

Slide is a feature-packed Reddit alternative app with a simple user interface. With the broad array of features, Slide makes it easy for absolutely anyone to use the app and read topics on Reddit. The usual factors that make a Reddit app alternative appealing are present in Slide. However, we like how Slide supports offline viewing when you sync your subreddits ahead of going to a place where there is no internet.

On top of being customizable to suit anyone’s style, Slide comes in free and pro versions with the latter offering added value that you won’t get on the free version. Of course, the pro version gets rid of the annoying full-screen ads.

Download Slide for Android

Download Slide for iOS


7. Narwhal for Reddit

 Narwhal app for iOS
Photo by Rick Harrison on Apple App Store

Price: Free/$3.99

Narwhal is a free Reddit client for iOS, dubbed as a gesture-based application. Gesture-based apps are known for the way the user interface is usually navigated. Basically, anything you do on this app is just swiping and tapping. It is not a secret to any Reddit user that before Apollo, Narwhal is the best Reddit app for many users using an iOS device. And until now, it continues to be one of the decent Reddit alternative apps.

What we like about this app is how it displays information on the screen without necessarily making the user experience limiting. While in-app purchases would unlock many added features, the basics of which this app was made are all for free.

Download Narwhal for iOS


8. Readder for Reddit

Readder: browse topic on the internet
Photo by Nutmeg Studios LLC from Apple App Store

Price: Free/$2.99

Readder is another decent Reddit app for iOS. While it does most of the other Reddit features found in the apps we already listed above, it has another feature that makes it notable. This app has a two-column view that seems to arrange the stream of topics in a clean and readable style. If you want a change in terms of display, you can switch the timeline-like stream display to the two-column view. We also like how readability is not compromised in this app by switching the theme from light to dark mode and vice versa.

This app is also a feature-packed app. Some features include support for multiple account logins, support for Chromecast, reader mode for full-screen reading, and manage custom subreddits among others.

Download Readder for iOS


9. Beam for Reddit

iOS Application: Beam
Photo by Awkward from Apple App Store

Price: Free

Many iOS users who are in Reddit turn to Beam as their go-t0 Reddit app with its more refined and integrated design. Beam makes browsing content on Reddit easier in terms of user interface and readability. A recent app update has integrated the use of the low-light display for reading efficiency. However, it’s the added security feature in using Beam that draws our attention to this app. It allows you to secure your app from prying eyes like what vault apps would do. And the only way to gain access is by swiping your biometrics — a pretty cool feature, especially if the topics you follow are things that you’d rather keep under the rag.

Download Beam for iOS


10. Now for Reddit

Now app for Android
Photo by Phyora from Google Play Store

Price: Free/$3.99

Here’s another good Reddit alternative app for Android users. If you are looking for a Reddit app that makes browsing easy and integrates functionality with an easy user interface, the Now for Reddit is the best app for you. It checks the boxes we are looking for in the best Reddit apps including vote, comment, save, hide, and share Reddit content. Did we mention the ease at which you’d be able to watch trending videos on Reddit TV in this app?

Overall, it’s the simplicity of the user interface which makes this app work. There are not many complications and static elements to cause the app to crash.

Download Now for Android


11. Sync for Reddit

Sync app to browse topics on the internet
Photo by Red Apps LTD from Google Play Store

Price: Free/$4.99

Sync is another decent alternative for the official Reddit. It allows users to customize the user interface to their liking without sacrificing functionality and space. Users share the same experience with image, video, and selftext previews when using the Sync for Reddit app. It’s feature-packed and gesture-based, so users never get to miss out on anything at one glance. More recently, the app adapted to changing times and included support for AMOLED displays and night themes.

Sync also comes in a pro version which ultimately removes the ads and offers more features.

Download Sync for Android


12. Redditoria

Browse topics on the internet using Redditoria
Photo by KirkBushman from Google Play Store

Price: Free

Redditoria offers a different Reddit user experience by having a magazine-like user interface. That gives this third-party Reddit app its good and elegant finish, which many users find attractive to the eyes. The app remains to be in “work-in-progress” status per the developers, but you may already download it for trial. Redditoria features include easy access to subreddits, upvoting or downvoting topics, commenting, sharing, and so on. The app is one of the gesture-based apps we have listed in this article so navigating is easy as one, two, three.

Download Redditoria for Android


13. RedReader

Browse what's trending on the internet using RedReader
Photo by QuantumBadger from Google Play Store

Price: Free

Among the best Reddit app options we have listed so far, RedReader is certified ad-free because of its open-source nature. It is also gesture-based, so it’s not complicated to use for browsing what’s trending on the Reddit universe and the internet as a whole. Of all things, it’s the app’s user interface and view that make this app appealing. Other than that, the app resembles much of the other Reddit app alternatives we have listed so far. It’s a decent alternative as well especially if you are looking for an app that puts readability on top of the list.

Download RedReader for Android


14. Viewdeo Free

Price: Free

Reddit is more than just a text-filled site because the platform is also a den of trending photos and videos. Viewdeo is a third-party app that specializes in downloading your favorite Reddit videos. The process shouldn’t come as foreign to anyone who is used to downloading videos from other social media platforms — more so if you are familiar with how to download Twitter videos. Any knowledgeable Reddit user knows that videos can easily go as fast as they came. This app is a decent tool to have if you have come across a video that has captured your attention on Reddit.

Download Viewdeo for Android


15. Comet for Reddit

Browse What's Trending Using Comet for iOS
Screenshot from Comet for Reddit Twitter Page

Price: Free

Imagine both functionality and design coming together seamlessly. That’s Comet for Reddit, one of the best Reddit app options for iOS devices. Comet is often compared to the official Reddit app and Apollo as it shares similar features on the two other apps. Users commend the easy way with which anyone could view media using this app. Plus, you can customize the view and theme to suit your liking. Another standout feature is the app supports multiple accounts, which is efficient especially if you maintain different accounts at once.

Download Comet for iOS


16. Reddit Is Fun (RIF)

Join the conversation with RIF for Android
Photo by TalkLittle from Google Play Store

Price: Free

RIF is yet another best Reddit app option for Android users. It combines the traditional features often experienced in the official Reddit app and puts those in a modern app user interface and design. However, it’s not the best in terms of the UI appeal. Nonetheless, with features like support for multireddits, voting on topics, commenting, and so on, this app can be a decent option when all else fails. On top of that, the recent update has fixed the issues experienced before and added support for tablets and widgets for home screen viewing of new topics shared on the platform.

Download RIF for Android


17. Infinity for Reddit

Know what's trending - download the Infinity app for Android
Photo by Docile Alligator from Google Play Store

Price: Free

Wrapping our list of best Reddit app choices is feature-packed Infinity for Reddit. It is designed similarly to the other apps we have listed here but the user interface is strong in terms of subreddit readability. Its design is compact and supports light and dark themes for better viewing. However, one feature that we like the most about this app is the so-called “lazy mode” whereby your feed scrolls automatically for better content viewing. We also like the ease with which you can switch from one account to another. Some users even noticed how the app has significantly improved since it first came out.

Download Infinity for Android


Best Reddit App: The Verdict

Reddit is an awesome app, especially if you want to engage in meaningful conversations. It’s a nice space where topics can be discussed and where you can glean various perspectives on a specific topic. And given this is a shared experience among Reddit users, choosing the best Reddit app should also be a no-brainer. You need an app that has the features found on the official Reddit app and the web version as they are important in navigating the Reddit-verse. But you also need additional features like the design combining seamlessly with functionality. With that, BaconReader is the best in terms of delivering functionality plus design. However, our runner-ups, Apollo and Relay, are as powerful as BaconReader and strictly caters to iOS and Android respectively.