20 Best Dog Apps That Fur Parents Need to Download

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Owning a pet becomes a breeze, thanks to mobile technology. With dog apps, you can do nearly anything — from looking up pet health conditions or veterinarians and effective training strategies to renting pet-friendly spots and buying products or services. Some of those are even great alternatives to dog training equipment or actual service personnel. Take a quick look at the best dog whistle apps and sitter apps online and you’ll agree. However, the downside of the modern app market is that there are too many choices. So, which dog apps are worth the time and investment? Read on to find out.


Inside This Article

  1. Best Dog Apps to Get Today
    1. Dog Apps for Finding Pet-Friendly Spots
      1. AllTrails
      2. BringFido
    2. Dog Apps to Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy
      1. PawPrint
      2. Whistle
      3. Tractive Dog Walk
      4. PetCoach
      5. iKibble
      6. Dog Buddy
      7. Pet First Aid
    3. Dog Apps to Train Your Pet Easily
      1. EveryDoggy Dog Whistle & Training App
      2. Woofz
      3. GoodPup
      4. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App
      5. Puppr
    4. Dog Apps for Pet Products and Services
      1. Chewy
      2. Petcube
      3. Rover
      4. Wag!
    5. Miscellaneous Dog Apps
      1. Dog Scanner
      2. WeRescue
  2. Why Should You Download Dog Apps?
  3. Pros and Cons of Using Dog Apps


Best Dog Apps to Get Today

Dog apps help you do many things for your pet
Image by kamyk293 from Pixabay

Dog apps can make tasks easier for a dog owner like you and they specialize in different functions, as you already know. So, we think it is apt to present the top picks to you in a way that you can choose one easily based on what you and your pet need.

Now excited to try new apps with your best buddy? Here are the best Android and iOS dog apps grouped according to their uses:

Dog Apps for Finding Pet-Friendly Spots

1. AllTrails

AllTrails finds places you and your dog can enjoy
Photo from AllTrails, LLC on Google Play Store

Many dog apps help you find good pet-friendly locations. However, not all of them can suggest outdoor places for a more exciting adventure. If you’re tired of the usual indoor spots, look no further because AllTrails is here.

AllTrails recommends places great for biking, hiking, backpacking, and more. Moreover, there are more than 200,000 trails to choose from. Through the app, you can filter those trails via difficulty level and length, and even get directions.

Given that, AllTrails is the perfect app to get if you love hanging out with your pup and getting some exercise at the same time.

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2. BringFido

BringFido has an expansive catalog of dog-friendly spots
Photo from BringFido on Google Play Store

BringFido encourages dog owners like you to explore various dog-friendly locations with your pet. The location options it gives you range from casual dog parks and beaches to restaurants and vacation rentals. You can even filter your search results by popularity, rating, fees, and the number of dogs you are allowed to bring along. Your decision regarding those spots all depends on what you want to do and enjoy with your best friend.

BringFido is free and accessible worldwide. That means you can travel to various out-of-country destinations with your dog and never run out of options.

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Dog Apps to Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

3. Pawprint

PawPrint tracks many pet health parameters
Photo from Pawprint Acquisition, LLC on App Store

Pawprint is one of the best dog apps for keeping your pet healthy. Through it, you can track all your dog’s health information in one place. Supported data includes vaccination schedules, veterinary appointments, weight history, and more.

The app is not only impressive because it can help you request, view, and store your dog’s medical records from your veterinarian. It is a reliable reference for all your dog’s past medical issues in case another related condition arises.

Downloading Pawprint won’t cost a fee, but there are in-app offers for anyone interested in the subscription package.

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4. Whistle

Whistle is a versatile dog app
Photo from Whistle on App Store

You might mistake Whistle for a simple whistle trainer because of its name. But all-around dog wellness and safety tracker is what the app really is, and it does its job well.

Through Whistle, you can monitor not only your pet’s health and fitness but also its location. It’s great for keeping your pet in tip-top shape. Moreover, you can even get notifications about when your pet escapes from the zone you set.

To fully use the app, you will have to purchase its compatible pet collar and devices.

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5. Tractive Dog Walk

Tractive Dog Walk is more than a dog walking distance counter
Photo from Tractive on Google Play Store

Walking your dog is a daily responsibility and among the simple ways to help your pet stay healthy. But only doing that and tracking the distance covered is not enough to determine your dog’s overall condition. You also need to monitor your pet’s bowel movement among other things. Fortunately, there is an app called Tractive Dog Walk that can do everything we just mentioned and even snap photos.

The app is free, so nearly everyone can use it. It’s even great for professional dog walkers who want to give clients a detailed account of their dog’s daily walks.

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6. PetCoach

PetCoach links you up with dog professionals
Photo from Petco on Google Play Store

Having a pet can be difficult when you don’t know what to do about its health. But what makes it more challenging is if you have no idea how to deal with the behavior, too. Thankfully, there are free dog control apps that double as pet health advisors to solve both of your problems. One of the best examples is PetCoach.

Through the app’s chat feature, you can ask for expert advice on anything related to your pup. You can consult the veterinarians in-app about many things, be it how to control your unruly puppy or the way your dog’s been eating or pooping in relation to its health. Whatever advice you need, you can get a prompt answer via PetCoach.

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7. iKibble

iKibble serves as a digital diet coach
Photo from Llamaface on App Store

Food is crucial to get right when you own a pet. However, it’s not easy to plan and choose the diet that’s good for your dog, unlike in virtual pet games where you can feed anything. That’s why iKibble was created — to help pet owners find a list of common foods that are safe for dogs.

Through the app, you can learn more about any food you might want to feed your dog. Checking an item’s health benefits as well as feeding and preparation instructions are possible on the platform.

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8. Dog Buddy

Dog Buddy is another dog app that tracks health data
Photo from 倩 赵 on App Store

Dog Buddy also helps you monitor your pup’s overall health, making it an incredibly useful dog app. With it, you can track veterinary clinic visits, pet vaccinations, medications, health history, and activity level. Moreover, you can even log milestones and append photos, diary- or scrapbook-style, to keep all the records of your dog in one place.

Dog Buddy is also a great emergency app for conducting CPR or first aid. It’s truly a must-have if you want an all-around health app for your precious dog.

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9. Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is managed by the American Red Cross
Photo from American Red Cross on Google Play Store

Dog apps that help you take care of your pet are arguably the most useful out of everything listed here, especially when professionals are behind the app. One more app developed and handled by the experts, particularly the American Red Cross, is Pet First Aid.

As the name suggests, the app is handy for everything related to pet first aid. You can find expert advice from certified veterinarians straight from the app if your dog seems to be in a bad condition. Also, the app lets you sign up for in-person first aid classes.

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Dog Apps To Train Your Pet Easily

10. EveryDoggy Dog Whistle & Training App

Dog Whistle & Training App can be used in place of a real dog whistle
Photo from EveryDoggy LLC on Google Play Store

Equally challenging as keeping your pet healthy is training it. No wonder many dog training apps emerged. Most releases, categorized as dog barking apps, are focused on sound to get your dog’s attention. However, those are usually effective only to help you get a decent selfie of your dog looking straight at your mobile phone’s lenses. It’s difficult to find versions that can also be used for serious training. That’s why EveryDoggy’s Dog Whistle and Training App is here.

With the app, you can let out a whistle in your chosen frequency and access a digital library featuring expert tips and videos. After doing so, your pet will stay away from specific places or do tasks associated with the sound.

Getting the Dog Whistle & Training App won’t cost anything and you’re free to decide about buying offers in-app.

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11. Woofz

Welcome to Woofz—our handy, all-inclusive dog training app for you and your fluffy friend!
Photo from Woofz on Apple App Store

Woofz (https://www.woofz.com/) – the best online dog training app that redefined how we connect with our furry friends. With over 5 million downloads, they are fostering sustainable and engaging relationships with pooches through regular training and entertainment. Woofz provides a wide variety of 70+ training lessons and activities to try with your dog, including courses such as Coping with Stress and Transportation, as well as the Home Alone course, aimed at tackling the crucial issue of separation anxiety.[b]Woofz teamed up with pro cynologists, so you get access to personalized expert advice whenever needed. A great advantage for Woofs users is the opportunity to get a consultation from a professional dog trainer any time they have a question.

Woofz is available on iOS and Android devices and has a rating of 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play. Many users have praised the app’s effectiveness, user-friendliness, and helpful features.

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12. GoodPup

GoodPup helps your pet develop good behavior
Photo from PetCareNow, Inc. on App Store

Want more apps that can help make your dog a good boy? Try GoodPup. With it, you can reach out to certified trainers who can teach you how to train your pup. The app even makes the trainer selection process easier for you by letting you browse the experts’ bios, photos, ratings, specialties, and certifications.

The app is great if you’re the type who learns best through a teacher. Being video-based, it lets you follow accurately what your trainer is doing instead of having you interpret written instructions. There is also a chat feature, so you can converse with trainers for questions outside training sessions.

All in all, GoodPup is a good pick. Just make sure you’re prepared to pay a monthly subscription fee.

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13. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App has a plethora of sounds for training and playtime
Photo from Jade Lizard Software LLC on App Store

The iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker App is another excellent dog trainer app. While its competitors only offer whistle and clicker sounds, the app boasts more than 50 types of audio. Its sound catalog includes toy and animal sounds, which can also be used during playtime.

The free iOS exclusive with in-app purchases is loved by many pet owners. That’s because of its sound catalog’s variety and interface simplicity. Once you try it, you’ll find your chosen sounds easy to play because of the neat clickable tiles in-app.

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14. Puppr

Puppr is among the dog apps that can make your pet smarter
Photo from Chin and Cheeks LLC on App Store

With Puppr, you can train your pup to do things other than sit, stay, and roll over. The app has instructions for more than 50 tricks. Coupled with effort and patience, your dog will become a trick master in no time.

In case you need further help, the app also got you covered. It has live chat support so you can shoot questions anytime to your partner trainers.

Puppr is free and you can access premium features through a one-time purchase or subscription. Advertised treats in-app are sold separately, though.

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Dog Apps for Pet Products and Services

15. Chewy

Chewy is an online shopping app for dog supplies
Photo from Chewy, Inc. on App Store

When it comes to dog buying apps, Chewy is one of the best. To clarify, the app is for purchasing your dog’s necessities — not dogs. Among the supplies you can buy are food and medicine.

What makes the app great is its support for auto-shipping or the scheduled delivery of goods. Hence, you’ll never have to worry about running out of supplies for your pup if you forget to go shopping. Best of all, the app provides you with 24/7 customer service and discounts if you have auto-shipped orders.

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16. PetCube

Petcube is a security camera app that keeps pets safe
Photo from Petcube Inc on Google Play Store

Need a remote security monitoring service for your dog? If yes, check out PetCube. It’s among the essential dog apps for owners like you who might often be away from home. Through it, you can see and feed your pet through physical cameras and the compatible treat dispenser, respectively. Of course, the latter feature or accessory isn’t required but it’s a great option to have if you ever need it.

PetCube does not require you to spend anything to download it. It’s free on Android and iOS stores.

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17. Rover

Rover helps pet owners hire dog service personnel
Photo from Rover.com on App Store

Sitters aren’t always trustworthy, so you’ll find dog sitting apps handy. An example of a reliable app under the said category is Rover. It is convenient if you are too busy to walk your dog.

With Rover, you can access a long list of dog walking services for your pet. Moreover, it also has a plethora of other purchasable services. Apart from dog walkers, you can get in touch with pet sitters and boarding personnel, doggy daycares, and more via the app. And to put you at ease, Rover guarantees that the services are safe and provides 24/7 support.

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18. Wag!

Wag only shows verified service providers
Photo from Wag Labs, Inc. on App Store

Wag! is also like Rover, helping pet owners sift legitimate service providers from those that are not. Through the app, you can book verified dog walkers and sitters. Moreover, the app offers round-the-clock support, has liability insurance in place, and covers more than 4,600 cities in the US. The company behind the app even supports a cause and donates to feeding dogs in shelters.

If you’re on the fence about finding trusted online dog walkers, you can dispel your fears easily through Wag! You can even choose to become a sitter or a walker yourself by signing up through its website.

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Miscellaneous Dog Apps

19. Dog Scanner

Dog Scanner reveals your dog's breed
Photo from Siwalu Software GmbH on Google Play Store

Want to know more about your dog’s breed? If yes, Dog Scanner is one of the best dog apps to get. Sure, some people purchase pure-bred pets from fancy pet stores and are certain about their dog’s breed. But if you are like others who simply adopt or shop for mixed breeds, this app saves you from the hassle of verifying your pet’s breed.

On the app, all you need to do is scan your dog via camera mode and upload the captured snapshot. The app has machine learning and AI, so it should be able to automatically determine your dog’s breed regardless of whether it’s pure or mixed.

If you’ve been curious about the breed of your dog for a long time already, the wait is finally over. Check out Dog Scanner today!

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20. WeRescue

WeRescue makes it convenient to adopt a dog
Photo from Pet Ventures, LLC on App Store

Looking for a pet to adopt? You need the best dog finder apps. One of the must-haves that can help you search for the ideal pet is WeRescue. With it, you can simply swipe through photos of adoption-ready dogs to check and select the one you are interested in.

The way the app is used will remind you of dating apps, but it works for sure to find the right match. How exactly, you ask? The app also has search filters you can set. Through those, you can find the right dog in terms of size, breed, personality, and more.

WeRescue isn’t only for adopting dogs. It can be used to check out other animals looking for their forever homes too, including horses and reptiles!

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Why Should You Download Dog Apps?

Owning a dog is no easy feat; it is a huge responsibility. Whether you are a newbie dog parent or not, you know that well. There’s a lot to prepare and do every day for the pet you consider your baby or best friend. Not only do you have to feed and bathe it, but you also have to train it.

That’s why it’s beneficial to get various dog apps — trusty companions of every pet owner. With apps for training, walking, health tracking, consultations, and more, you can do your best as a dog parent.


Pros and Cons of Using Dog Apps

Although we recommend dog apps in general, the apps can still be a mixed bag for some people. So, it is likely that there are some drawbacks despite all the advantages. Let’s tackle the pros and cons to get a clearer picture.

As for the advantages, there are many to mention. You already have an idea of all those if you’ve thoroughly read the entries in our list. Perhaps the most notable of all the pros is that dog apps are great to use when you do not have immediate access to services and professionals. Also, you do not have to bid goodbye to your hard-earned money just to try or get yourself one. For example, there are free apps that can give you the convenience of online shopping or training sessions and digital connections when you can’t buy pet supplies and hire or consult professionals in person.

Now, here are a few cons to take note of. Some dog apps don’t always work as intended. Also, other apps you can find on the web might not be safe to use. In terms of effectiveness, you’ll still have to do your part instead of relying on the apps only. For example, for training apps to work, you need to give your pet positive reinforcement at the same time. To know if health apps are really accurate, you have to bring your dog to the veterinary clinic for actual health checks and verification of the in-app analysis. When it comes to safety when using the apps, you’ll still need to check the apps’ credibility and their user reviews, especially those for booking dog sitters or walkers. Otherwise, the apps might be unsafe for you and your dog.


Your Dog Deserves the Best

That’s it for our roundup and insights on the must-try dog apps on Android and iOS devices. We hope you’ve picked the right ones that meet your dog’s needs (and your expectations as a fur parent too). After all, a man’s best friend deserves only the best.