13 Best Dog Whistle Apps to Download for Easy Training

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Dogs are like two-year-old kids, as many dog owners say. Unlike in virtual pet games, your furry friends can be challenging to call and train to sit or do complex tricks depending on their temperament. Nothing seems to be getting their attention, apart from tasty “chimken” and “treatos” or squeaky toys. Also, there will always be times when you do not have something to bribe them to follow you – which means you might still be dragged during walks, get into trouble with other dogs at the park, or end up with chewed-up socks and shoes. That’s when you’ll find the best dog whistle app on a mobile device helpful.

On the lookout for an effective dog whistle app? This article will show you the top options available on Android and iOS.



What Makes a Dog Whistle App Effective?

A dog whistle app can help you call or train your dog with ease
Image by Ilka Lünstäden from Pixabay

Before anything else, let’s briefly answer a common question asked by anyone unfamiliar with the said type of app. Why can a dog whistle app work most of the time when a simple whistle could not?

A dog whistle app effectively catches a dog’s attention because it supports high sound frequencies your pet has better chances to hear. Dogs have good ears for sounds that might seem muted to the human ear, and those are exactly what a whistle app yields. You might not be able to hear the sounds, but your dog will. Because the frequency every dog responds to typically varies, a dog whistle app has a range of sound levels you can choose from. For training, the app should be used together with treats. That is so that you can easily condition your pet to show a positive behavior or response when it hears the whistle.

In rare scenarios, a dog whistle app may also be effective in finding a lost pet because of its attention-grabbing function. But we still think it is better to use the best GPS trackers for pets. With accurate tracking devices, you can find your dog faster or prevent it from getting lost.


A dog whistle app’s sounds should never be played too long or near your pet’s ears. Lengthy and direct whistle sounds are very uncomfortable and confusing for your dog, so use your dog whistle app responsibly.


Best Dog Whistle Apps for Android and iOS 

Doing a Google search for a dog whistle app will yield a plethora of results, and that is not a boon for anyone who needs the most effective app immediately. That is why we’ve curated the best options for you in this list, paid and free Android and iOS apps included.

1. Dog Whistle & Training App

Dog Whistle & Training App incorporates tutorials from experts
Photos by Everydoggy LLC on Google Play Store

Let’s get the ball rolling with an app made by the pros for dog owners and aspiring dog behavior experts. It is the Dog Whistle & Training App on Android, which is also known as EveryDoggy – Dog Training App on iOS.

The dog whistle app is all-around when it comes to features. It is not only a 22,000 to 25,000Hz whistle or clicker that catches your pet’s attention without disturbing people. The app is also like a rich library of dog training manuals, with simple to advanced courses in the format of written guides and videos you can access. It’s not all about the serious stuff, though. You can bond and have fun with your dog through the built-in games in the app.

With a lot of features, the app makes each one of those easy to access via its user-friendly interface. Content is organized in clickable tiles. And in case you have questions about anything on the app or dogs in general, you can reach out to the experts via the app’s “Ask a dog trainer” option.

Price-wise, the dog whistle app isn’t free. You have to pay for a subscription to experience it.

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2. Dog Whistle & Puppy Training Apps

This dog whistle app is beginner-friendly
Photos by NhuY Studio JSC. on Google Play Store

Next on our dog whistle app list is a free Android exclusive, Dog Whistle & Puppy Training Apps.

Although it is not a paid option, Dog Whistle & Puppy Training Apps is versatile. It is a 3-in-1 tool, combining an adjustable 100 to 22,000Hz dog whistle, a clicker, and a beginner’s training guide. Its tutorial shows various tips for basic dog tricks: sit, jump, stay, and more.

Download on Google Play Store


3. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This dog whistle app has the most sound options in this list
Photos by Jade Lizard Software LLC on App Store

Is your dog responsive to other animals or squeaky toys? If yes, you might like this iOS-exclusive whistle app.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker’s unique feature is its library of more than 50 types of audio. From there, you can play something that can get your dog alert or excited – cat, bird, and squeaky sounds included. You can record any sound you want, too. That means less stress for your vocal cords when training and more fun during your and your pet’s idle time.

Did you know that the app is also compatible with WatchOS wearables? Having the dog whistle app on your Apple Watch Series 5 or 6, for example, makes it convenient for you to handle or train your dog even during walks. No need to take out your iPhone or iPad from your bag or pocket.

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4. Dog Whistle and Clicker

This app focuses on making your dog obedient and fit
Photos by Green Lake Apps on Google Play Store

Like people, dogs need exercise for good health. If you want to improve your dog’s fitness besides behavior, check Dog Whistle and Clicker.

The free Android app is a dog whistle, clicker, and fitness trainer in one. The onscreen whistle can be configured to emit one of the preset sounds, while the clicker functions on one tap. Fitness training activities are under the goals or filters on the app. Categories include Brain Boosting, Agility, and more, with star rankings and difficulty levels. The activities are said to be updated by dog experts.

While you’re busy with your dog’s exercises, you can be in tip-top shape yourself via these fitness apps with proven results.

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5. Free Dog Whistle Training Kit

This app makes it easy to remember set frequencies
Photos by MoreLess on Google Play Store

This Free Dog Whistle Training Kit for Android makes sound frequency selection easier for you.

Unlike many apps that let you try frequencies randomly, this dog whistle app has preset 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22kHz sounds. Having the options on color-coded clickable tiles instead of a slider makes it quicker for you to remember which frequency works for your dog or corresponds to a command.

Additionally, Free Dog Whistle Training Kit has a quick tab for general tips about whistle training and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Download on Google Play Store


6. Dog Whistle Training App 2021 – Free Clicker App

This app can help teach dogs how to behave or calm down
Photos by GuruPlus on Google Play Store

Is your dog doing the “zoomies” or running around fast when they hear a visitor at your doorstep or thunder? If yes, and you often find your things at home broken as a result, training them to calm down via the Dog Whistle Training App 2021 might help.

Aside from toy and animal noises, the dog whistle app can mimic doorbell, knocker, and thunder sounds. By associating the said sounds with a rewarding activity or a stay command, you might be able to avoid the aftermath of your pet running amok.

Dog Whistle Training App 2021 is free to use, but it has some optional in-app purchases.

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7. Dog Whistle – Frequency Generator

This app supports volume and duration adjustments
Photo by Utilitech Studios on Google Play Store

If you want a dog whistle app that gives you more freedom when adjusting sounds, this one might sit well with you.

Dog Whistle – Frequency Generator is an app that lets you change the duration and volume besides only the frequency of the whistle. For those settings, it has separate sliders. Just swipe left or right on those controls to make the emitted sound shorter or equivalent to a second, and less or more amplified.

The dog whistle app also integrates a how-to guide and is free, which is good for newbie dog trainers.

Download on Google Play Store


8. Whistle Training for Dogs: Dogo

The Dogo app can be easily used
Photos by Dogo App UG on App Store

Dogo might be minimalistic in terms of the interface, but it is a launch-and-play dog whistle app. You can make it sound in an instant.

Upon accessing the app, you can trigger the whistle sound by tapping the big whistle icon. Below that is an adjustable frequency slider. You do not have to remember the sound level that successfully got the attention of your dog. That is because there is a save button located at the bottom of the slider. Pressing that will keep your configuration as default.

The free Dogo app, originally for the iPad, can now be used for iPhones.

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9. Dog Sounds and Dog Whistle

This app emits dog sounds
Photos by Roundwave on Google Play Store

Dog Sounds and Dog Whistle might be the Android app you are looking for to communicate with your dog – in their language, of course.

The free dog whistle app has growling, snarling, begging, and other dog sounds that can get your pet who is gnawing on your shoes or furniture curious and running back to you.

As for the whistle sound, it is emitted according to your chosen frequency. Options are 12,000, 20,000, 24,000, and 32,000Hz.

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10. Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog

This is another dog whistle app for teaching basic tricks
Photos by Wei Wei on App Store

Looking for more iPhone- or iPad-compatible dog whistle apps? You might want to try Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog.

The app is straightforward. As its name implies, it focuses on helping you use the sound of a whistle to teach your pet basic tricks, including sit, stay, come, and fetch. The dog whistle app works with one click, and sound frequency adjustment is possible. The training lessons, meanwhile, are neatly listed on the dog training interface.

Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog is free to use. There are a few in-app purchases that might be offered, though.

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11. Dog Whistle with Training Lessons for Dog Training

This app lets you pick sound patterns
Photos by Fire Shooters on Google Play Store

If you have been using dog whistles or their app counterparts for a while, you know that blowing the items or pressing buttons for a sound pattern is quite tedious. This free dog whistle app solves the problem.

On this app’s main interface, you will see three sound pattern options that correspond to commands. All you need to do is press your pattern of choice once for it to be used every time you press the round whistle button. Additionally, frequency is adjustable through an arc-shaped slider.

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12. Dog Whistler – The Original

Dog Whistler has sharing features
Photos from Mobeezio, Inc. on App Store

Like the previous entry on this dog whistle app list, Dog Whistler offers various preset sound patterns. But what’s unique and notable is its sharing features.

With the dog whistler app, you can share the sound frequency that worked for your furry friend with your fellow dog lovers. Sharing platforms include social media apps Facebook and Twitter, and email.

The app is free for iOS but has in-app purchases.

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13. Doggy Trainer – Clicker & Whistle

This app features easy swapping between whistle and clicker modes
Photo by Tobias Schroepfer on Google Play Store

Doggy Trainer’s strength as a dog whistle app lies in its simplicity. It’s a free launch-and-play Android app that lets you switch between whistle and clicker mode with one tap.

As for frequency adjustment, that can also be done quickly via the slider arc around the whistle or clicker icon.

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Training Takes Time

Although a dog whistle app can get your pet’s attention in a jiffy, know that training using it would not often lead to instant results. Teaching your furry friend will be easier through the app, especially if it has tutorials integrated, but the process will take time. Given that, be patient when teaching using a dog whistle app and always be kind and understanding toward your dog. Dogs aren’t called man’s best friends for no reason. They stick or put up with us no matter what, so it is great if we can do that for them, too!