8 Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone for Sending Documents

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These days, traditional fax machines are slowly starting to phase out, and using one is a bit outdated. This is true for most individuals and companies who rely on digital means to get work done. However, while fax might sound obsolete, some people in the corporate industry still prefer to use fax instead of emails because of its security. Fortunately, you can download a free fax app for your iPhone to help you out.  These apps deliver the same results as traditional fax in a more efficient way.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best free fax apps for iPhones that deliver the best results without using a fax machine.


Inside This Article

  1. What Is A Fax App?
  2. Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone
    1. PC-FAX.com FreeFax
    2. FAX.PLUS
    3. Fax Burner
    4. FaxFile
    5. eFax
    6. iFax
    7. Speedy Fax
    8. JotNot Fax
  3. Choosing the Best Free Fax App for iPhone


What Is a Fax App?

Fax apps allow users to create and send faxes from their iPhones. But contrary to traditional fax machines, fax apps remove the need for a fax number to send your faxes. Some apps will have a limit as to where you can send your faxes, but most of them will allow users to send their documents to other countries.

Moreover, most fax apps for iPhones have built-in scanners and editors so you can edit your documents on the go. Of course, bear in mind that features will vary from an app to another. In that regard, you might want to look for an app that will best suit your needs. Whether you need an app that will provide you with a fax number for your phone or an app that’ll let you securely send your documents to another country, free fax apps will most likely have that service for you.

Not all fax apps are free, though. Some of them offer their services for a small fee or are “freemium”.

Luckily, there are a few free fax apps for iPhones that are a great alternative to the traditional fax machine. Not only do they deliver great results but they are also accessible anytime and anywhere you need them.

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The Best Free Fax Apps for iPhone

Choosing an app for free online fax for iPhone can be a bit difficult. Contrary to Android, the app market for iOS is a bit smaller. However, this ensures that you’re only getting the best apps available in the market. Do take note that this list contains both free and freemium options. Unfortunately, the majority of apps do require in-app purchases before you can use all of their features.

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Here are eight of the best free fax apps for iPhone:


1. PC-FAX.com FreeFax

pc fax free fax app for iphone
© Photo by PC-FAX from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Compose in-app fax messages
  • Send emails and attachments
  • Supports Dropbox and Google Drive
  • No subscription is needed

First on our free fax app list for iPhone is PC-FAX.com FreeFax. This app is mostly free and as long as you don’t intend to send more than one page a day, you don’t have to spend anything. This free fax app lets you scan and fax anything from your phone. You can also opt to compose a fax message and send it along with your document. PC-FAX.com FreeFax also allows users to distribute files through Dropbox and Google Drive if they need to send them to a group of people.

This free fax app for iPhone gives users a chance to send one page per day for free to almost 50 countries including China, Russia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. Anything beyond one page will require in-app purchases. The cost depends on the number of pages that you need to send and the location. It’s also possible to receive faxes with the app. However, you will need to purchase and register a host number before you can start receiving faxes.

Download PC-FAX.com FreeFax for iOS



fax plus fax app
© Photo by Fax Plus from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Encrypted archive
  • Send faces through email
  • Insert signatures and extra pages
  • Send and receive faxes

FAX PLUS is another free fax app that you might want to consider downloading. It’s one of the best apps for iPhone and iPad as it transforms your device into a virtual fax machine. The app gives you an online fax number that you can use for your transfers. You can scan your documents directly through the app, add pages, and even sign them before sending them to the recipient. FAX PLUS also supports cloud storage that you can encrypt to add an extra layer of protection. The app is also HIPAA compliant, which ensures that your files are protected.

Do note that if you intend to receive files, you will need to purchase a subscription plan. Sending faxes is free. However, if you need to receive one in return, you’ll need a subscription to do so. FAX PLUS plans start at $4.99.

Get FAX.PLUS for iOS


3. Fax Burner

fax buner free fax app for iphone
© Photo by Fax Burnet from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Provides temporary fax numbers for free
  • Sends up to five pages for free
  • Allows editing
  • Create cover sheets in-app

Fax Burner might not be the most feature-rich fax app for iPhone but it does offer what most apps don’t. While other apps only allow you to send one page for free, this free fax app allows you to send up to five pages for absolutely no cost. While it is just a one-time offer, this app is great for when you’re in a pinch and you urgently need to fax a document. Moreover, the app also provides users with a temporary toll-free fax number that is available for up to 24 hours. However, you can only get phone numbers from the United States.

In all, it’s a great app for inbound and outbound faxing. It might not have a whole lot of features but it gets the job done in no time.

Download Fax Buner for iOS


4. FaxFile

FaxFile Fax App
© Photo by FaxFile from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Simple interface
  • No account/subscription is required
  • Supports image and word files

FaxFile is another free fax app for iPhone that is simple and efficient to use. It allows users to send a variety of word and image files including PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats. FaxFile will then send your document to another fax machine through FaxFile servers. They will reach the recipient by paper fax. It’s simple and easy enough to use for most patrons.

The only downside of the app is that it requires users to purchase in-app credits. Despite not requiring an account or subscription to use their services, you will have to purchase credits depending on the location of the recipient. Also, as of writing, you cannot receive files with the app.

Get FaxFile for iOS


5. eFax

eFax app
© Photo by eFax from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Supports cloud services
  • In-app editing
  • Supports PDF files
  • 14-day free trial

If you’re looking for a well-known fax app for the iPhone, try eFax. With this app, you can receive, edit, sign, and send faxes from your mobile phone. The app also integrates with your contacts so you can easily access them for sending. You can also fax documents from your preferred cloud storage. Apart from that, you can also receive faxes and view them in-app.

eFax is a great app to consider but it only gives users a 14-day free trial. This is good for emergency purposes. However, when the trial expires, using eFax can get a bit pricey depending on the plan that you choose. Consider using eFax if you’re planning to get one of their plans after or if you require an urgent way to send and receive faxes.

 Download eFax for iOS


6. iFax

iFax Fax app
© Photo by iFax from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • An account isn’t required
  • Supports word and image files
  • Customizable cover pages

iFax is a feature-rich fax app that allows users to send faxes without the need for an account. It also has an easy-to-navigate interface that’s helpful for those who aren’t too tech-savvy. Even first-time users will be able to use the app properly. It also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box so you can import documents from there. You can also use the app with your Apple Watch to receive faxes.

This fax app also lets you do minimal edits to your documents, which will be sent through a secure transmission. With HIPAA-compliant technology, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your documents. The downside of this app is that it also runs on a credit system. Thankfully, you can earn free credits that you can use to make your faxes.

 Get iFax for iOS


7. Speedy Fax

speedy fac for iPhone
© Photo by Speedy Fax from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Send faxes to 30+ countries
  • Tracks your documents after sending
  • Supports different file types
  • Advances scanner and image processing

Speedy Fax is another free fax app for iPhone that makes sending faxes easy. It is a feature-rich app that allows users to send their documents to over 30 international countries. Further, you can also track your documents after you’ve sent them with the app. It notifies you whether your document has been received or not. Apart from that, you’ll also like its in-app document scanner and image processor as it delivers them in the best quality possible. You can also create a professional cover page, new documents, and import them from cloud storage.

The downside of this fax app is that it’s not entirely free. You will eventually need to purchase credits to be able to make more transfers.

 Download Speedy Fax for iOS


8. JotNot Fax

JotNot Fax app for iphone
© Photo by JotNot Fax from the App Store

Key Features:

  • Account not required
  • Receive notifications and proof of transmission
  • Supports common file types
  • Keep track of your faxes

JotNot Fax is an easy, fast, and reliable fax app that allows users to send and receive faxes easily. It has a built-in scanner so you don’t have to worry about downloading an extra app. Further, it comes with a tracker and it gives you notifications when the fax is successfully sent.

The app is not entirely free as with most fax apps. You will need credits to be able to send out faxes. JotNot Fax also offers subscriptions if you’re looking to use their services in the long run or if you’re a company or professional.

 Get JotNotFax for iOS


Choosing the Best Free Fax App for iPhone

Before you choose an app to download, there are a few things that you might want to consider first. Looking for a free fax app can be a bit hard but only if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here are a couple of things to consider before downloading or using fax apps:


Email or Fax?

The first thing to consider when finding a fax app is whether you need it or not. It’s easier to send an email but it is safer to send fax, especially when dealing with confidential documents. Fax apps are better for professionals since it’s harder to intercept fax than emails. On the other hand, if you’re looking to send a casual message, you might want to opt for an email instead.


Whether you need an app that can fax to different countries or one that let you keep a landline phone number, always consider features. You need an app that you can efficiently work with without encountering any hassle. At the end of the day, it’s best to download an app that you need rather than an app that might have a lot of features but doesn’t allow you to use the one that you require.

Your Needs

Do you need an app with an editor? Maybe you need an app that supports a wide range of file types? Regardless, it’s best to take into account your needs as a user before downloading an app. You would want an app that will cater to all of your needs in one place. Sadly, not all apps can cater to that. Consider what your needs are if you intend to use the apps professionally. It’s always best to prioritize apps with the features that you need instead of one that may have a lot of features but doesn’t allow you to do what you intend to do.



In all, it’s always best to keep in mind that while most free fax apps for iPhone market themselves to be free, you will still need to make in-app purchases in the long run. Some apps will offer free trials for a certain number of days but they will require you to purchase a subscription afterward; the same goes for credits. Nonetheless, an entirely free fax app for iPhone is bound to come up someday. For now, these freemium apps will suffice as they still do get the job done regardless.