Komoot Review: Biking App for Tracking & Sharing Your Rides

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Staying active and constantly engaging yourself in activities help you in keeping your body in shape. There are many routines available whether for indoor or outdoor workouts. While some people like going to the gym or exercising in their homes, going out in nature and seeing different sights can also be good for you. Biking or cycling is an effective and low-impact exercise that anyone from almost all age groups can do. If you are planning on trying out biking as a regular exercise, you should use biking apps such as Komoot to help you track your progress.


What Is the Komoot App?

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Whether you are a beginner in biking or an experienced cyclist, Komoot has got you covered. The developers of the Komoot app believe in the importance of experience. That is why they developed the app to make the little moments in our life more special. People can now share their biking adventures and experiences with the world through the Komoot app.

So, what is Komoot? It is a biking app used by people all over the world to plan and find outdoor biking adventures. Whatever route you are planning, the Komoot app can help you navigate rough and complicated terrains while tracking your rides for highlights and sharing them with your like-minded explorers.

The app can also recommend the best spot around your area and which routes your friends are going, so you can enjoy your ride more. You can even customize the details of your next ride. If you are too tired to do long-distance rides, you can pick among the Komoot navigation options in the app that allows you to have a more relaxed and laid-back biking experience.

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Komoot Subscription & Cost

Are you on a tight budget, and you want to keep your expenses to a minimum? The Komoot app is affordable and offers convenient payment options for its users. Who says that staying fit has to be expensive?


Subscription Tiers

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For subscription tiers of the Komoot app, you have three options you can avail of:


Single Region – $3.99

This tier only unlocks one region and is ideal for those planning to go on bike rides that are close to home. Here are the services you can avail with this subscription tier:

  • Offline maps
  • Voice navigation
  • No recurring costs and hidden fees
  • Weekly updates about the biking community
  • Available on different devices


Region Bundle – $ 8.99

Compared with the Single Region, this subscription tier has a wider reach. If you subscribe to the Region Bundle, you can unlock several regions and not just places near your home. This is great for those who love to explore new outdoor spots now and then.

  • Voice navigation for your convenience and safety
  • Offline maps for when you are out in nature
  • Weekly updates from the app
  • No recurring costs
  • Sync with your other devices


The World – $ 29.99

The World is the highest subscription tier for the Komoot app, and for good reasons. For just under $30, you can have a reliable navigation buddy for all your bike rides and hikes — wherever you are in the world. This plan is perfect for outdoor junkies who love to go to different places and countries.

This means that you don’t have to worry about getting lost when you are out in an unfamiliar place because you can just open the Komoot biking app. It is a sweet deal considering that it covers all regions and countries all over the world.

  • Voice navigation so you can just wear your earphones while riding
  • Offline maps for when you plan to go off the grid and unwind
  • Weekly updates so you can see your friends’ progress
  • Still no recurring costs for fewer expenses
  • Sync your data and progress across all your devices


Accepted Payment Methods

Komoot app accepts all major debit and credit cards from all over the world. It also accepts payment through Paypal, and you can use your iTunes account for this if you have an iOS device. You can also get SEPA transfers from compliant accounts if you are planning on buying a map pack.


Komoot App Features

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To know exactly how the Komoot app works, you should learn about all the app’s features first. For an affordable price, Komoot has several impressive features that can make your biking adventures more exciting and fun. Check out some of the Komoot app’s features below:


Voice Navigation for Every Turn

When you are riding a bike, you must never take your eyes off the road. The voice navigation feature of the Komoot app offers turn-by-turn navigation for precise route instructions that won’t distract you. This ensures your safety, especially when going on long bike rides.

This verbal navigation feature is also helpful when you are going to new places and you are still unfamiliar with the paths. They give you instructions that will guide you through every turn so you will never get lost wherever you are in the world. Keep your eyes firmly on the adventure right in front of you, and never miss any breathtaking sight outdoors.


Access to Offline Maps

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There are biking spots outdoors that won’t have an internet connection or access to any phone reception, and you will thank yourself for subscribing to the Komoot app’s premium features.

You can download your planned outdoor routes and save topographic maps from the app with just one click. There’s no need to worry about getting lost outdoors because you can still have access to the maps even without an internet connection.

Wondering how to share the Komoot route? After downloading the topographic maps, you can easily share them with your friends using the Komoot app. This feature also allows you to differentiate hiking paths, paved roads, and terrains so you can choose the best route for your outdoor trip.


Browse Highlights and the Komoot Community’s Favorite Places

If you are unsure where to go next for your next adventure, you can browse through the Komoot apps’ highlights and check the places other people have been to. You can view the highlights on the map to see which spots are the favorite of other members of your biking community.

Whether you want to check out parks, peaks, single tracks, or sandwich shops to grab a quick bite, Komoot has got you covered. They will show up as red dots on your map and you won’t have to wonder how to Komoot because there are recommended places by other bikers to inspire you to find your favorite sites.


Seamless Sync Across Your Devices

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If you are someone who likes to prepare and plan your route using your desktop, you might be worried about how you can access your map when you are already outdoors. The Komoot app offers seamless syncing across your other devices for convenience.

After saving your outdoor plans, it automatically syncs with your other devices. It syncs the routes, tracks, and photos to your phone, tablet, and smartwatch. Now you can be on the go without worrying about losing your data and progress using the Komoot app.


Shareable Experiences

The Komoot app has a GPS feature that allows you to track your bike rides and hikes wherever you go. You can add photos you take during your adventure and highlight them to build the outdoor tracks that you can store and share.

The app also allows you to follow your friends and other users, so you can see what they are up to and their favorite spots of the week. The photos you take can help the biking community and show that you are a local expert. You can also earn upvotes from other members so you can become a pioneer from your region.


Komoot App Pros and Cons

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Still not convinced whether the Komoot app can help you improve your lifestyle? Here are some of the pros and cons of the app to help you decide if this is the best biking app for you:


  • Precise navigation and mapping features
  • Voice navigation to ensure your safety on the road
  • Simple and powerful user interface
  • Suggesting the best routes for you
  • Strong routing features compared with similar bike apps
  • Allowing you to connect with your friends and other bikers in the app
  • Affordable subscription tiers


  • Highlighted pictures can sometimes be hard to navigate
  • The community-generated highlights sometimes don’t show up on the map
  • The mapping data can be inaccurate in new places


Komoot vs Other Biking Apps

To help you decide better, we have listed similar biking apps and compared their performance, features, and manageability. We will also point out what makes the Komoot app stand out among the rest and why we think it is the best biking app there is on the market.



Strava Icon
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Strava is a fitness app that can help you track your exercise and workout routines. Like  Komoot, it can also serve as a social media for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to share their progress with their friends and community. Strava is mostly used by bike riders and runners who like to track their route through its GPS feature.

The only downside of Strava is that it doesn’t give you the option to set your GPS for private viewing only. This means anyone can see where you are if you are using the app. If you would like to use these two fitness apps together, here is how to link Komoot and Strava:

  1. Sync your data from Strava and Komoot app.
  2. Download Garmin from the app store.
  3. Using the Garmin route sync feature, you can now use the routes you saved on Strava and compare them with your Komoot tours to plan and find the best places to go to.
  4. Your progress on both platforms will be saved automatically if you link them with Garmin.



How to Use Maps.Me Offline: A Beginner's Guide | Robots.net
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Maps.me is also used by many outdoor junkies who like to keep track of where they’ve been to and where their next destination is. Similar to Komoot, Maps.me also lets you save maps offline in case you have limited access to the internet when you are outdoors.

The difference between Maps.me and the Komoot app is that the former does not have the feature of letting you choose whether you want to view the satellite, topographic, or aerial view of the map. Therefore, it is still not as diverse as the options in Komoot.



Cycling GPS navigation - Bikemap Apps for iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Wear OS Smartwatches, CASIO, Wearables | Bikemap - Your bike routes
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Bikemap is one of the most well-loved biking apps in the market today. It has excellent customer service and route choices are plenty. Like the Komoot app, it also gives an accurate biking map that includes places such as public toilets, ATMs, and repair shops if you encounter emergencies along the way.

The Bikemap costs a bit higher than Komoot, with its premium version costing $5.99 per month and $34.99 per year. However, you can still access some of its basic features for free, but you won’t be able to do much because of the limited bike routes. The offline map feature is also unavailable in the basic version.


TomTom GO

TomTom Sports App | Track your progress at-a-glance
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This fitness app can be accessed for free and still gives you some of the features you can find in premium apps. You can save your map offline and enjoy their Lane Assist feature similar to Komoot’s voice navigation.

On the other hand, the TomTom GO app needs more improvements and developments than Komoot and Strava.


Is Komoot the Best Biking App Available?

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When ranked by bike riders who use biking apps, the Komoot app is at the top of the list. Not only is the app subscription tiers budget-friendly but you can also enjoy precise route guides and voice navigation. If you are someone who loves going outdoors, the Komoot app’s offline map and GPS tracking feature will help you feel assured that you will never get lost.