Udemy Review: Is It a Good Platform for Learning?

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The digital age ushered in a new era of services. For example, online learning platforms such as Udemy. Udemy, like its rivals Coursera and Skillshare, has grown into a viable business nowadays. But even if it is gaining traction, it’s still important to discern whether it’s good to invest in or not. So, we’ve prepared this Udemy review to help you with that. You’ll find out if Udemy is worth your time and money as you read on.

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Inside This Article

  1. What is Udemy?
  2. Udemy Review
    1. Payment and Pricing
    2. Discounts and Promotions
    3. Team Pricing for Companies
    4. Money-back Policy
    5. Payment Options
    6. Udemy Classes and Courses
    7. Certification
    8. Community and Collaborative Features
    9. Ease of Use and Device Compatibility
  3. Who is Udemy for?
  4. How to Sign Up to Udemy
  5. Udemy Alternatives
    1. Coursera
    2. Skillshare
    3. Khan Academy
  6. Udemy Review: The Verdict


What Is Udemy?

Learn the pros and cons of Udemy in this review
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If you’re unfamiliar with online learning, you might be feeling lost amidst all this. What is Udemy, and how is it compelling to the modern professional? Udemy is a web-based platform that lets you take courses on various topics. The subjects range from academic knowledge to practical skills.

Now, knowledge for knowledge’s sake might be alluring. Not everyone will find it compelling enough, though. So, Udemy offers certifications whenever you complete a course on it. Those certifications can even spice up your resume.

Of course, these features aren’t new if you’ve been utilizing other online learning platforms. But what stands out about Udemy is the size of the student pool enrolled in the service.

As of this writing, Udemy has over 40 million enrolled students and 155,000 online courses. It outpaces its rivals if the sheer size is the basis of quality. Moreover, it’s great if you’re looking to teach. You’ll find it easy to create courses; just make a profile and upload your teaching videos.

One downside of Udemy is that it focuses on niche subjects. For example, IT and business. Other subjects are available but less prominent. Moreover, the pricing structure isn’t the clearest. We’ll explain that in the succeeding sections.


Udemy Review

Now, it’s time to dive into the details of this Udemy review. What makes it a good (or bad) deal for the average learner? Let’s check everything that the platform offers to find out.

Payment and Pricing

Udemy Review: Pricing and Payment
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Making purchasing decisions isn’t only about what the product or service offers. The pricing is a huge factor to consider. So, in this Udemy review, we’re taking an in-depth look at the pricing.

Unlike other online learning platforms, Udemy doesn’t provide a monthly or annual subscription fee for individuals. It operates like an online store where you can purchase courses at individual prices.

In general, the courses range from $3 to $300. Unfortunately, there’s no way to estimate how much you’ll be spending on a certain type of Udemy course. That’s because the pricing is set differently by the instructors. Moreover, the prices have nothing to do with course quality for those who aren’t screened and evaluated.


Discounts and Promotions

Udemy has discounts, sales, and free courses. Some free courses are permanent. Others are on a limited-time sale. Remember that the pricing is arbitrary. Also, the free courses can vary in terms of quality. You might find high-quality free courses if you know where to look.


Team Pricing for Companies

Udemy doesn’t offer subscriptions for the individual but it has those for teams. With Udemy’s Team plans, you can educate your team for $240 a year. That price will change based on the size of your enterprise.


Money-back Policy

A Udemy review won’t be complete without discussing the generous money-back guarantee. With it, you can ask for a refund on a course within 30 days of your purchase — no questions asked.

That’s convenient for when you change your mind or find a course unsatisfactory. Note that Udemy can refuse your refund requests over time if you use the feature too much.


Payment Options

What about payment options? If this Udemy review got you curious about those, know that Udemy supports incredibly convenient payment processes.

Once you check out the courses, you can access multiple payment methods. Via the app, you can use the payment method supported by the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can input your credit or debit card details or charge your PayPal account instead.

If you live outside the US, Udemy offers other flexible payment options. For example, Brazilian students can use Boleto Bancario to purchase a course. Meanwhile, select countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America can pay through cash or bank transfers.


Udemy Classes and Courses

Udemy Review: Classes and Courses
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Online learning platforms target specific market segments through the courses they offer. But in Udemy’s case, the platform is so big that you might even feel overwhelmed by the options. It offers a variety of courses with 13 categories and numerous subcategories. Here are the categories on the platform:

1. Business
2. Design
3. Development
4. Finance and Accounting
5. Health and Fitness
6. IT and Software
7. Lifestyle
8. Marketing
9. Music
10. Office Productivity
11. Personal Development
12. Photography and Video
13. Teaching and Academics

As you now know, Udemy classes are diverse in terms of subject matter. These can range from professional courses like Udemy IT or less serious courses like lifestyle or personal development.

Some classes are expensive, while others are free and can be supplemented by other apps. For example, if you’re on Udemy’s free French classes, you can use the best language learning apps at the same time.

What’s great about Udemy’s classes is that they never expire. You can revisit a course anytime. That unique perk is why many Udemy review articles recommend the platform.



Udemy provides certifications
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The app does give you a Udemy certificate of participation, but the courses are not accredited. That is primarily due to the nature of the platform’s screening process — or lack, thereof. Instructors can apply for an account and post their course on Udemy with fewer restrictions. It’s why there are many courses and some of those can be hit-or-miss.

Udemy will serve you well if you’re only after some proof that you went through an online course. But if your goal is to get university or college credit, better look elsewhere.


Community and Collaborative Features

Udemy is a collaborative community-based platform. From the beginning, you can access Udemy ratings online. That way, you’ll know immediately which course is good.

Moreover, there’s feedback from fellow students and instructors as you take each course. Those are on Udemy’s online discussion board. Of course, students or instructors won’t be required to respond. Nonetheless, the option is there. And many users like to collaborate through the forums.

Additionally, Udemy course instructors usually offer third-party channels for interaction. By the way, Udemy doesn’t require its instructors to do so. But most courses still have those so you can keep learning even outside the platform.


Ease of Use and Device Compatibility

Some Udemy review articles only assess the courses and pricing. Those usually overlook ease of use. Is Udemy easy to navigate and control? Do its features make learning easy or are they badly designed?

Thankfully, you can get the answers to those here. Udemy is versatile and easy to use for anyone. Why? It’s accessible whether you’re using an iOS platform, Android OS, or a computer. That means you can learn at home, during your commute, or even while you’re abroad.

Udemy is also convenient due to offline availability. With the app, you can access downloaded courses without an internet connection. Also, Udemy rarely has app or video player crashes so learning doesn’t get interrupted.

Furthermore, Udemy is flexible when it comes to its methods of instruction. You not only get video courses with subtitles, but also text and audio lectures, quizzes, and more. Whether you’re a visual or aural learner, you’ll have all the resources you need to keep you engaged.

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Who is Udemy for?

Now, we’re going to assess in this Udemy review whether the platform is a match for users like you or not.

Well, the answer depends on your preferences. If sheer variety is your priority, Udemy is an excellent choice. That’s due to the big number of students and the plethora of offered courses. Moreover, its topics range from serious business-related ones to chill subjects. Udemy is great whether you want to switch careers or start a new hobby.

Also, Udemy is among the best options if you want online courses that don’t cost a single dime. Sure, Skillshare and other services might provide free trials for their subscription-based apps. However, they don’t always offer completely free courses the way Udemy does. A lot of Udemy courses are inexpensive and can be kept indefinitely. If you want permanent access to one or two courses, it’s a great alternative to subscription-based platforms. Given these, we understand why other Udemy review articles also highlight the affordability of the service.

Best of all, students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Udemy. Aspiring instructors and teachers can also use it to jumpstart their teaching careers. With an easy application process and a low barrier to entry, it’s a compelling choice for freelance instructors.


How to Sign Up to Udemy

Signing up for a Udemy account and enrolling in a course is straightforward. To familiarize yourself with the processes, here’s a quick guide to refer to:

Register for an Account

1. Head to Udemy’s website and click Sign Up on its top-right corner.
2. Input your full name, email, and password on their respective fields.
3. Hit the Sign Up button.
4. Once you’re finished, head to your email’s inbox to search for the confirmation message.
5. Verify your new account via email.

Sign Up for a Course

1. Head to the Categories section on the site’s top-left portion.
2. From Categories, pick the course or subcategory you want.
*Using Udemy’s search feature, you may opt to find topics via keywords or filter them based on ratings, course duration, and more.
3. Hit Add to cart, then the shopping cart icon on the interface’s top-right portion.
4. Navigate to the Go to Cart option, then hit Checkout.
5. Provide and confirm your payment details, then complete the payment.


Udemy Alternatives

Want to take a quick look at the services’ competitors before making the final decision? This Udemy review also got you covered. Here are a few alternatives worth checking out:


Coursera app
Photo from Coursera on App Store

If you dislike Udemy but like its idea of purchasing courses individually, consider Coursera.

Coursera offers individual courses that range from $15 to $200. Unlike Udemy, all its courses are legitimate. That’s because the platform only accepts real professors. It has strict requirements for instructors, such as post-secondary education from renowned universities.

Furthermore, Coursera offers certificates, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees. If you want serious education, it’s one of the best. It doesn’t have as many course offerings as Udemy, though. That’s a given due to the strict requirements mentioned.

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Skillshare app
Photo from Skillshare, Inc on Google Play Store

Don’t want Coursera? Try Skillshare, which is subscription-based. It offers courses for $12 monthly or $100 yearly. With it, you can learn from industry professionals and public figures.

Skillshare also takes a different approach to learning. It doesn’t focus on theory but action-based learning. That’s great, especially for arts, music, design, marketing, and the like.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy app
Photo from Khan Academy on Google Play Store

Khan Academy is another alternative worth mentioning in this Udemy review. Khan’s biggest benefit is that it’s completely free. Through the website, you can get short lessons covering niche topics.

The tutorials and lessons are user-friendly and suitable for all ages. Moreover, Khan is focused on practical learning. It also strongly encourages students to finish tasks during sessions.

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Udemy Review: The Verdict

Through this Udemy review, you now know that Udemy caters to those simply looking to learn. In that sense, it’s great for hobbyists or professionals looking to pick up a new skill or get more employment opportunities. Moreover, it’s good if you want an affordable option and no commitment to recurring fees.

On the other hand, Udemy is not the platform for you if you need something with academic or professional accreditation. That’s because of the confusing instructor-based pricing and lack of certification. If accreditation is your top priority, use platforms like Coursera instead.