A Look Into Arknights: Is It Worth the Hype?

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There are many games in the market today that you can dive into if you’re looking for something to kill time. These days, you can easily cure your boredom with mobile games by going through the Play Store and App Store. One such game is Arknights.


What Is Arknights?

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Early Verdict

Arknights is not your usual dystopian, action role-playing game. It has a unique storyline and challenging gameplay everyone will enjoy. But if you are looking for a pastime, we don’t see Arknights fit for you. This game might be hard for some players and demands time for you to progress.


Arknights is a tower defense RPG game where players take the identity of “The Doctor” who sets off on an adventure in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. The Doctor works for a pharmaceutical company called Rhodes Island that seeks to rid the world of deadly diseases.

The Doctor has the “Operators” as allies. They are the main line of defense. They are responsible for helping The Doctor protect their base from the Reunion Movement who seeks to overthrow the government as an act of revenge. 

Arknights was originally released in China in 2019 by the Studio Montagne and Hypergryph, while the game’s Global Server was released by Yostar in January 2020. But even before its global release, the game has received a lot of acclaim from players who praise its exemplary storyline, extensive lore, superb graphics, and noteworthy character design — among others. 

But what makes the game worth playing? In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of Arknights to see whether it’s worth the hype that it has caused or not.



The first thing that we will dive into is the core gameplay of Arknights. The game is a tower defense game with RPG and Gacha elements added into it. 

You will have to exercise strategy and quick decision-making to plot your Operators and prevent the enemy from reaching your base. You will need to pay full attention to the game as enemy attacks can come from every direction — yes, aerial attacks also happen in Arknights. 

Arknights game deployment
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At the start of the stage, you’ll have the chance to choose which Operators you want to use. Keep in mind that there will be certain stages that will require a certain class of Operator to get through them. If you want to test your strategies though, you can play through a practice level. 

Practice Levels in the game don’t use up your “Sanity” (your in-game stamina); instead, it will use up Drill Plans. You will be given 30 Drill Plans which are replenished every day.

As you progress through the main story, you will be able to unlock different game modes. You will also gain access to resources that you will need in the long run. You must prioritize the Main Story Campaign first before moving on to other missions and side quests. 

The resources that you’ll get from the main story will help you in your Arknights journey in the long run. You’ll get items that will help you recruit more Operators and items that will help you level up the ones that you already have. 

The resources will also help you throughout the process of the game so you mustn’t waste them. 

What makes Arknights different from other games is its “Auto Mode,” which allows you to repeat a certain stage. This is very helpful especially when you’re farming and grinding for resources. However, in this game, you will have to earn the Auto Mode. 

You will only have access to the Auto Mode or Auto Deploy feature if you’ve completed a certain stage with a 3-star rating, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the feature. 

Arknights is a grind-and-farm heavy type of game, which means that you will most likely have to spend more time on it than other games. Hence, this game might not suit players who are looking for quick results because it does take more time to grind and farm for resources.


Building Your Teams

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© Screen grabbed from Arknights

Team building is a vital part of the game. As mentioned, you will have to use strategy and quick thinking to get through this game. Arknights features a wide array of Operators that you can use. However, you mustn’t get too carried away with using just a specific set of them. 

You must have a well-balanced team that will help you get through a stage. You can deploy up to 12 Operators. But, there will be stages that will have deployment limits so you won’t be able to deploy all of them. 

Ideally, a well-balanced team will have a Guard, Vanguard, Caster, Sniper, and a Healer. But you can, of course, mix and match combinations as you see fit. 

What’s good about Arknights is that even their low-rarity Operators are decently powered so you won’t have trouble using them. That is if you know how to use them properly and enhance them adequately. 


Basic Terms You Need to Know

Terminologies in any game can get confusing — especially if there are a lot. For games like Arknights, you might find yourselves in a pickle if you’re unfamiliar with terms. These are terms that you’ll see in the game often so it would be wise to take note of them to avoid getting confused in the long run.

  • Sanity – Your in-game stamina. This is consumed every time you enter a quest. If you fail, half the sanity that you used up for a certain stage will be refunded to you. 
  • Operator – They are the deployable characters that you will need for the game’s core gameplay. They play a very important part of the game. 
  • Classes – Each Operator belongs to a respective class that determines the abilities and roles that they possess. Arknights has eight different classes with unique strengths and specialties. 
  • Deployment Points – When in a battle, each Operator will require a certain number of Deployment Points before they can be used in the field. You can gain these points passively, but they can also be earned through the skills of an Operator. 
  • Recruitment This is how you will obtain new characters in Arknights without having to spend Originite Prime, which is the premium in-game currency. 
  • Lungmen Dollars – The basic in-game currency that is used for character upgrades and recruitment. You will earn this from quests, rewards, and bonuses. 
  • Orundum – Apart from Originite Prime, Orundum is also a premium in-game currency that can be used for the gacha. 

Arknights is not the first game to use game-specific terminologies; hence, such a thing is not new. However, it is always helpful to keep these basic terms in mind as they will help you in the long run.


What Are the Operators?

Operators play a big role in Arknights. They come in different classes with different skills that are suitable for certain situations. In all, the way that you build your Operators and your team will make a big difference in how you will progress in the game. 



Operators are split into eight classes. Each class has their roles, strengths, skills, and weaknesses. It’s essential to have an idea of what each class can do to be able to use them effectively in battle. 

The eight (8) classes are:

  • Caster – Operators of this class deal ranged magic damage. While they inflict high damages, they have lower attack speed.
  • Defender – These Operators can block up to three enemies at once. They have high HP and defense, but they also cost more Deployment Points in battle. 
  • Guard  Guard Operators deal with physical damage in the field. 
  • Medic  They are responsible for healing the team. 
  • Sniper – While they have a similar description to Casters, Sniper Operators deal ranged physical damage and have higher attack speeds. 
  • Special – They have unique utilities and fulfill special niches. 
  • Support – Support Operators summon minions, buff the team, and debuff the enemies. 
  • Vanguard  They are usually the first ones that you should place in the field. They provide Deployment Points in battle. 


How to Obtain Operators

There are a couple of ways in which you can get or recruit Operators in Arknights. Keep in mind that the recruitment system follows Gacha mechanics and you will not have power over which Operators you will recruit. 

Top Gacha games function the same way where you have to trade-in certain items or in-game currencies to roll for a chance to get your desired character. In Arknights, there are three ways. 

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© Screen grabbed from Arknights


Quest Completion

The first is through Quest Completion. Certain quests or missions, mostly those in the tutorial stage, will have Operators as a reward for completing a stage. This is helpful for beginners because it will help you build your roster of Operators. 



You can also use Headhunting, which is where Gacha mechanics will start coming into play. For this, you will need Artificial Originium or Headhunting Tickets to be able to roll for Operators. 

Note that you will only have a chance of receiving the Operators who are featured in the banner. The banners change constantly, which means that the pool of Operators that you can headhunt changes as well. Always remember to check the banners before you headhunt! 


Open Recruitment

Finally, you can try Open Recruitment. While it has almost the same mechanics as Headhunting, the Open Recruitment will allow you to narrow down the possible Operators that you can get. 

You can opt to change the recruitment time and even choose specific classes. Open Recruitment does not guarantee but will give you a higher chance of getting your desired Operator. Open Recruitment uses up your Lungmen Coins & Recruitment Tickets, so it’s best to have those ready. 


Common Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

With many games, most situations are always subjective to the player’s strategies and experiences. However, it’s helpful to keep these common beginner mistakes in mind when you try to play the game on your own. 


1. Wasting Resources 

As mentioned earlier, resources are important. The game is quite generous with resources at the start of the game. Because of this, many beginners often get too excited about the number of resources that they have.

Keep your resources in check. There will come a time in the game when you will need resources so it would be wise to not waste them at the start.


2. Enhancing Operators Impulsively

In relation to not wasting resources, do not enhance your Operators just because you have the resources to do so. There will come a time in the game where you might not have enough resources left to progress further, so you will need to enhance your operators sparingly. 

A helpful tip is to just focus on a couple of Operators at a time instead of enhancing multiple ones. This way, you’ll have a more controlled and balanced squad to work around. 


3. Focusing Too Much on High-Rarity Operators

Lastly, do not spend all your resources to enhance 6-star Operators. In most cases, Operators or characters with higher rarities will be stronger than others. However, you don’t want to spend all your resources in the game for just the high-rarity Operators. 

Half the time, you won’t be able to use your high-rarity Operators, which means that you might have enhanced them for nothing. Many low-rarity Operators in Arknights are worth much more than they look. 

When playing Arknights, do remember that it’s a game that heavily revolves around strategy and tactics. It would be easier to think about strategies beforehand before proceeding. 


Skills & Leveling Up: A Rundown

Arknights Skill upgrade
© Screen grabbed from Arknights

Leveling up in Arknights is relatively easy if you have the resources to do so. Leveling up your Operators requires Battle Records that you will often obtain as rewards from missions, quests, and bonuses. However, you can also farm for them by playing through Tactical Drill Supply Missions.

To level up your Operators, just head to the Operator Management menu, select your desired Operator, and use your Battle Records. Keep in mind that the higher the rarity of Battle Record you use, the higher exp your Operators will gain. 

As for the skills, simply go to Operator Management and select your desired Operator. Afterward, select “Skill Upgrade” from the menu. Skill Upgrades require the use of certain items and materials so make sure that you have enough of the items that are required.


Operator Rarity: Does it Matter?

In most cases, rarity does matter because they often guarantee stronger character but in Arknights, it doesn’t. Arknight Operators are decently powered up regardless of their rarity, so even if you get 3-star Operators, it won’t matter. 

Many of the game’s 3-star Operators have skills and abilities that are more useful than those with higher rarity. They are also easier to level up as they require fewer materials. You can also use them more often because they require fewer Deployment Points. 

It’s also easier to get duplicates of Operators with lower rarity, making it easier for you to increase their Character Potential. It will provide certain boosts to your Operators, which will help them become stronger. 

Many 6-star Operators also won’t be of use to players because their skills might not match the ones needed for a certain mission. Also, 6-star Operators may not start shining until they are leveled up to Elite 2. 

When playing Arknights, rarity won’t always matter. That is why it’s important that you also pay attention to the lower-rarity Operators because they might be the ones that you will need to use in the long run. 


Arknights: The Good & the Bad

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© Screen grabbed from Arknights

You can expect that Arknights will be different from the usual tower defense game as it features unique systems and even MOBA influences. It’s a game that might be suited for a certain niche, but it’s definitely worth the try if you’re looking to expand your gaming library. 

You can look forward to seeing unique Operators who come with their lore, unique skill set, and more. The game takes tower defense to a different level. 


What Makes Arknights Good? 

Arknights is good because of its unique storyline, strategic gameplay, and challenging maps. Apart from these, the game also provides a variety of Operators that you can collect through different types of recruitment. 

Moreover, the game does not stress on using high-rarity Operators. Instead, it will teach you how to get by with using low-rarity Operators. The game also emphasizes the uniqueness of each Operator and shows the player how to effectively utilize them.  

It’s also worth noting that even at the early stages of playing, you will get high-rarity Operators. Compared to most Gacha games, their drop rates are higher and don’t require too many resources to roll. 

Further, the game is also interactive and will always give you something to look forward to. 


What Makes Arknights Bad?

Despite being well-rounded and exciting, Arknights will also have its cons. 

First, it’s gameplay might be difficult for some players. Everything that happens in Arknights is fast-paced and will require a lot of quick thinking and attention. It’s not recommended for players who are just looking for something to pass the time. 

Moreover, your playtime is dependent on the resources that you have. You won’t be able to progress if you don’t have the necessary resources for it. To obtain your resources, you must also grind and farm from them which, for some players, is not an appealing aspect in most games. 

As mentioned earlier, Arknights is a farm-and-grind-heavy type of game and will require a lot of your time for you to progress further.


The Verdict: Is Arknights Worth the Hype?

Ultimately, there is a lot to love about Arknights. Needless to say, it’s very much worth the hype that it caused. It’s a game that you should consider trying if you’re into tower defense, MOBA, and gacha games as it incorporates features from those game types. 

The game is very generous with rewarding your efforts and won’t leave you disappointed with the rewards that you receive. The game is also generous with resources provided that you are willing to grind and farm for them. 

Arknights also always give you something to look forward to because they have new events weekly, which means that they’ll be releasing new characters, missions, and events. 

You will have to give the game a try to experience what people love about the game. 

Are you ready to fight for the dawn, Doctor? You can download Arknights from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. You can also play the game on PC through Nox Player, which is the emulator that the developers recommend.