Top 25 Android Strategy Games You Should Download

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The strategy game is among the best and oldest genres in the gaming arena. It has been around since time immemorial, always urging us to use our creativity and think out of the box. Such games also combine the management of resources and battle and map controls. Developers have had more freedom to design games and distribute them to free and open-source software, like the Android OS, where users can download them for free (with the exception of some games, which require in-app purchases).

Over the last decade, the Android OS has been successful in delivering some of the well-known real-time strategy (RTS) games straight from the Google Play Store platform such as Plants vs Zombies, Clash of Clans, PUBG, and more. Whatever your definition of action and creativity, and however you want to think out of the box, there is an Android strategy game designed for you.


What Are Android Strategy Games? 

One of the common characteristics of strategy games is they require a player to make calculated decisions, which, overall, impact the outcome of the game. Thus, they require the player to have critical thinking skills as most of these games will prompt the player to make snap decisions. This is usually observed in battle games, mazes, and board games.

In this article, we have rounded up the top 25 best strategy games (in random order) for your gaming devices, which deep thinkers will surely enjoy.


Best Android Strategy Games

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

units of army in front of a castle
Photo by on Google Play

Kicking off our list is Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars. This IGG offer is a spin-off of command-and-conquer-type of games available on Google Play Store. It brings users to a story of conquest to be the next emperor of a land thrown in chaos.

The hero of this Android strategy game is tasked to invite heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and form an army to take over the world. This game will surely keep you occupied with its plethora of game controls and depth in gameplay and in its overall progression.

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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

an animated knight
Photo by LilithGames on Google Play Store

Here’s another Editor’s Choice offer from LilithGames, which allows the hero of the game to build a civilization from scratch and take the civilization to prosperity. As commonly perceived from the Android strategy games’ gameplay, this requires creativity and critical thinking from the player.

One of the best features of this game is the real-time battles that can arise out of attacks from other civilizations in the game. Hence, the player is required to be mentally present and be thinking while inside the gameplay.

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King of Avalon: Dominion

a man using an axe to mine
Photo by Century Games on Google Play Store

It seems most of the best Android strategy games are those coming from the helms of historical and fictional events, and King of Avalon: Dominion is no different. It gives the game more depth and possibilities for deeper gameplay and game upgrades to explore.

Set in a fantasy medieval England, the game follows a plot following King Arthur’s fall from battle as a result of a betrayal from his nephew Mordred. The hero of the game is tasked to rally a mighty city and wage war against medieval enemies that are seeking to rule over the whole empire. The success of the players relies on their mastery of war strategy skills and on the army that they raise. Multiplayer alliances are also critical in surviving enemy assault and in winning the game.

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Last Shelter: Survival

zombie apocalypse
Photo by Long Tech Network

Here’s a type of game that rose to prominence in the past decade thanks to TV series and conspiracy theory forums. Rated as Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store, Last Shelter: Survival prompts a player’s thinking skills to survive or be a walking dead.

The player has to know his enemies and strategically build a city where his hero can train to fight the swarm of zombies ready to attack. With its gameplay and realistic graphics, this game surely has earned its spot in our best Android mobile strategy games list.

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Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

a castle surrounded by armies
Photo by Long Tech Network on Google Play Store

It does seem Long Tech Network Limited drew parallelism from Game of Thrones for this one; the gameplay and plot seem uncanny. However, it’s the game’s use of realistic graphics to bring the supernatural elements (spoiler: there are dragons here!) of the game to life and the strategic gameplay in the platform, which earned its spot in this list of strategy games

Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is a strategy game that relies deeply on building allies. The players’ goal is to gather an army of heroes from ruins that will help them take on the dark forces that are ruling the town. What is a complex strategy game, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire is an endless war game with interesting but sometimes confusing features.

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March of Empires: War of Lords

a battleground
Photo by Gameloft SE on Google Play Store

Ah, we just can’t seem to get enough of war and conquering the world. This is what these mobile strategy games are about, at least for the most part.

Gameloft SE’s March of Empires: War of Lords checks that brief with a game where civilizations clash with ambitious power and warfare for only one king can take the throne. That seems to draw parallelism from Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. This game allows faction fighting and forming global alliances all in the name of conquering the medieval world.

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Anime girl character
© Screen grabbed from Arknights

It’s refreshing to see an Android strategy game that is not set in a medieval world and Yostar Limited’s Arknights does offer that.

This is not your typical tower-defending game as this prompts players to collect amazing female characters to have in your team to be assigned on various operations and defend the city from those who seek to cause turmoil.

This game also has an impressive overall layout, art, and the music is phenomenal. Players are also praising its exemplary storyline, extensive lore, superb graphics, and noteworthy character design.

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Photo by Super Evil Megacorp on Google Play

Vainglory is one of the many Android strategy games that fall under the tower defense subgenre. Much like any tower defense games that we know, Vainglory is composed of two opposing teams whose goal is to clear the path and destroy the turrets towards their enemy’s base. Its gameplay has objective-rich maps and original fantasy storytelling.

This game falls under the four-star rating pick but has to make it to the list due to its unique heroes with unique combo systems and play styles. Its graphics are also impressive, pushing the limits for mobile. Ultimately, it allows you to play with your friends regardless of the gaming platform you are using.

Despite suffering an attack from the publisher who wished to shut down the game’s server in 2015, this game remains to be players’ choice for best MOBA games on the Play Store platform.

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Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6
Photo by Ninja Kiwi on Google Play Store

This has got to be one of the eye candies in the gaming arena today. It is another strategy game that is not set in medieval land but does not fall short in action and warfare.

This Ninja Kiwi offer has everything you need, from impressive 3D graphics and animations to intense visual effects and 3D objects that can block line of sight. Players of this tower defense game would find the tracks are diverse, towers are dynamic, and multiplayer is fairly stable. Most importantly, it’s not one of those “you better pay to win” type games.

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Company of Heroes

a battleground
Photo by Feral Interactive

Here’s another highly-rated mobile strategy game that is more contemporary for its storytelling. Based and set in World War II, this game has a compelling combination of fast-moving campaigns, dynamic combat environments, and advanced squad-based tactics.

Players will not fall short in action, campaigns to complete, ammunition at your disposal and fun extended game-time.

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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game
Photo by Ironhide Game Studio on Google Play Store

The majority of the strategy games available for download would claim they are the best tower defense game ever created. But this Android strategy game prides itself on its action field uncluttered graphic approach for fights on forests, wastelands, and mountains. Your hero would also not run out of ammunition on his disposal, maximizing your overall game time as you go about on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

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Clash of Clans

a mini city on clash of clans
Photo by Supercell on Google Play Store

This game has become a formidable force in the mobile strategy game category on every app store there is. And it would be a mortal sin not to include this on our list of the best.

This Editor’s Choice game has kings, kingdoms, Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops all playing in customizable villages. What could go wrong with those armories and ammunition on the battlefield? Playing Clash of Clans does require critical thinking skills as well as dim-witted creativity.

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RTS Siege Up! – Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline

Siege Up!
Photo by ABUKSIGUN on Google Play Store

We are now going back to medieval times with this mobile strategy game. RTS Siege Up follows the gameplay of a traditional RTS game, which requires players to really start from scratch. In this game, players have to build a strong economy and elevate resources while managing an army to defend a stronghold. 

RTS Siege Up has a lot of good reviews from its users for its impressive graphics that is a crucial factor for the success of a strategy game. On the downside, the game can improve in terms of controls to optimize the micro-management of unit armies. Regardless, this is an addicting game that you can play and recommend to your friends.

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Realm Defense: Epic Tower Defense Strategy Game

screen casts from an android strategy game
Photo by Babeltime US on Google Play Store

Realm Defense challenges tower-defense-skilled players out there to overcome a huge variety of powers and abilities to overcome obstacles in over 300 levels. In this game, players have to build defenses by means of archers, barracks, magic towers, and cannons. All this is necessary to block unwanted visitors to the kingdom while trying to conquer other factions as well.

Trying out this game, it does get better once you are able to surpass the challenges and warfare in the 1st World. This action-packed strategy game will take you around on both easy and hard gameplays as well as in different scenarios.

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Deep Town: Mining Factory

Animated monsters
Photo by Rockbite Games on Google Play Store

Now here’s a game that is not medieval. No warriors clattering the screen, no villages to conquer, and no towers to defend. You just have to conquer the universe! 

This Rockbite Games offer, which is reminiscent of Space Impact, categorizes itself as an idle industrial simulation game. It mixes mining, crafting, and management to earn profit and advance your town. You would get fresh gameplay, much like in Arknights, with this game on your gaming device.

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Boom Beach

Boom Beach
Photo by Supercell on Google Play Store

Boom Beach gives Android strategy games a fresh take with its great graphics and impressive gameplay. What we like about this highly-rated game is its team-building feature. It allows players around the world to team up to defeat enemies.

The goal is to free the imprisoned islanders or otherwise walk off defeated. The game is absolutely free to download and play. However, it also includes premium game items and in-game purchases that will help players to further their gaming.

Download from Google Play Store


Stick War: Legacy

animated Zombies
Photo by Max Games Studios on Google Play Store

Stick War: Legacy is yet another game with almost five stars,  reminiscent of Stick Hero but with a touch of roughness in it. With updates released every Friday, it seems this Android strategy game is up to making it a challenge for players to keep up.

Much like its other competitors in the tower defense game category, this game also gives players full control of the hero. Moreover, it determines the outcome of the game by using critical thinking and creativity skills to form the gameplay.

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HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense

HERO WARS screenshot
Photo by NAO-MIC on Google Play Store

HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense may seem like a spin-off of other real-time Android strategy games at first glance. But this game made it to our list due to its unlimited level stages, character skills and base upgrade features, and a world-ranking system.

That is right! What of world domination in the mobile game arena if you can’t compete against the best in the world. This game just gives you that. However, there are too many microtransactions involved in the game as you won’t be able to max your skills or your upgrades unless you shed real money.

Download from Google Play Store


Crazy Chef: Fast Restaurant Cooking Games

banner of a mobile cooking game
Photo by Casual Joy Games on Google Play Store

You might be wondering what a spin-off of Diner Dash is doing here. Well, the answer is plain and simple: it’s a game that will put your critical thinking and decision making skills to test. Crazy Chef requires players to be strategic with every business move they have to make to come out successful. 

Casual Joy Games offers this strategy game that is surely addictive and fun for all ages. It’s nother game that is free of ammunition and warfare with only the world’s best virtual kitchens to take over.

Download from Google Play Store


Defense Zone 3 HD

Artem Kotov has finally released the updated version of Defense Zone, which has got fans and players waiting with anticipation. This update contains weapons, landscapes, options galore, and a new level to play in. 

Let’s admit it, who does not love a classic action-filled strategy game? While the entire premise of the game remains the same, the entire armies of enemies that rush to your defenses are now madder and more powerful, giving more action and excitement to every player.

Download from Google Play Store


Art of War 3: PvP RTS

A soldier with a battleground in the background
Photo by Gear Games on Google Play Store

This game embodies what real fighting in video games against real opponents mean, giving players a real taste of what victory in the battlefield is like. Art of War 3 is a command and conquer game fashioned after the best tradition of old classic PC real-time strategy games.

This game does it all from impressive 3D graphics to continuous war, to huge campaign options. Comparable to EA’s Command & Conquer, Art of War 3 is an ultimate war game that will excite players who just want to blow stuff up.

Download from Google Play Store


Summoner’s Greed: Endless Idle TD Heroes

Summoner’s Greed may not be the top choice for people. However, it’s a good game to have due to its unique gameplay. Instead of helping a kingdom come to rise, the player’s goal in this game is to be the reason for the kingdom’s befall. 

As the hero of the game, you are in command of your forces to defend the loot you stole from the king. You have to strategically place towers and cast spells against the Kingdom’s mightiest heroes until you meet the King himself. For every wave of armies that you defeat, you will gain a magical orb that summons monsters and creeps to aid your defenses.

Download from Google Play Store


Night of the Full Moon

Let’s have another real-time strategy game that explores the theme of fantasy as an element in its gameplay. 

The fate of the game depends on the card battle and choices made by the hero and the opponent. Each choice brings with it a different ending. Hence, it offers players a variety of options and decisions to make, and chances of yielding a similar ending while making different choices are very slim.

Download from Google Play Store


Cooking Frenzy: Fever Chef Restaurant Cooking Game

animated people lined up in front of a burger stand
Photo by DragonPlus Game on Google Play Store

Imagine running a kitchen under pressure and the customer queue is growing. How are you going to survive that?

This Diner Dash spin-off mobile game, rated with almost five stars on Google Play Store, does take pressure tests, pressure cooking, and customer satisfaction to the next level. How to achieve that? It depends on how well you, as the game’s hero, strategize to deliver the service.

Download from Google Play Store


Cooking Hot – Craze Restaurant Chef Cooking Games

an animated city
Photo by FlyBird Casual Games on Google Play Store

You might be wondering what this Diner Dash spin-off is doing on this list when we already have a similar one before? Well, you wouldn’t know until you try this game. Cooking Hot is definitely one of the strategy games to give you a taste of what it is to be a chef. While trying to identify the correct ingredients to cook, players also have to serve food with the right side dishes to the right customers. That aside, the players also have to pass cooking targets and eventually open new restaurants and learn new cooking skills.

Users can expect a stressful but fun kitchen experience with this game. However, it offers in-app purchases to be able to have the full experience. That, perhaps, is one of the downsides of the game. Otherwise, this app is good for those who fancy a Master Chef-like experience through video games.

Download from Google Play Store


Final Word

These are just some of the best Android strategy games you can play. What’s left to do is making the choice of which game to download and have a good playtime with. If you’re a person who prefers heavy-lifting action, go for those war-based command-and-conquer types of mobile strategy games. Otherwise, if you prefer the more laidback games that still test your management skills, go for the alternative choices.

Generally, Android strategy games do make for a good gaming experience. With the exceptions of in-app purchases to make the most out of your choice, these games will surely test your patience, critical thinking skills, ability to make sound decisions, managerial, and leadership skills.