Last Cloudia Game Review: Is it Worth Playing or an Alternative?

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Last Cloudia is a Japanese RPG that features a great plot and gameplay that will surely impress most gamers. Not only does it have noteworthy game design and gameplay, but it also has great gacha mechanics that players will appreciate. But putting these aside, is Last Cloudia really worth playing?

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why the game is worth playing or why it might just be an alternative to the best mobile RPGs.


What Is Last Cloudia?

last cloudia logo
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Developed by AIDIS, Last Cloudia is a Japanese role-playing game that was released in 2019. It has everything that RPGs are known and loved for including a thrilling narrative, great battle sequences, and gacha. The game is a fast-paced RPG that features a turn-based combat system, exemplary graphics, and an impactful storyline that would make for a complete RPG.

Despite being a fairly new game, Last Cloudia is considered to be a hidden gem among RPGs in the market. The game is held in high regard by RPG players because it brings something new to the gaming scene. While certain elements of the game are familiar to regular RPG players, Last Cloudia presents them differently than other games.

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Last Cloudia: Does It Deserve the Hype?

Last Cloudia is a very new RPG that has only been on the scene for at least a year now. However, players hype the game up as if it’s already one of the best games in the market. That said, we’ll be looking at a couple of factors that might contribute to the hype and decide whether Last Cloudia is really worth it or if it’s just overhyped.



The first thing that players should know about the game is that it is story-heavy. In a similar fashion to Arknights, the plot plays a vital role in the game more than the battles.

The game is set in the fictional world of Granzelia where man and beast co-exist. Granzelia was once ruled by a god named Loug Zeus who was overthrown in order to bring peace to the land. Last Cloudia is set centuries after Loug Zeus was defeated and focuses on the adventures of Kyle, a knight, and Rei, a beast. They set out on a mission after the Aldanian Empire has received threats from mysterious beasts. Little did they know, their quest can change the entire world as they know it.

last cloudia game trailer
© Photo by AIDIS Inc., from Youtube

The plot is very similar to another Japanese RPG called Grand Summoners. What makes both games differ from each other is their gacha elements and combat systems. Many players find that Last Cloudia’s plot is more structured and compelling than that of Grand Summoners.

In all, Last Cloudia is reminiscent of most fantasy RPG games. The game’s thrilling storyline is considered to be the heart of the game. Emphasis is given to the plot rather than the battle and Gacha elements.



The most important element to every game is the gameplay. More often, games usually fall short in this department despite having a strong plotline and an extensive cast of characters.

As mentioned, Last Cloudia is a story-heavy game, which means that you’ll most likely spend most of your time exploring the game’s extensive lore. But the game isn’t necessarily boring because many elements in the plot will contribute to the entire gaming experience. However, you will still have to play through a lot of narratives to advance in the game. Expect spending more time reading than playing.

Besides, the game is also heavy on farming and grinding. That means that you’ll mostly be playing through the game’s story mode to gather resources and in-game currencies that you’ll need in the long run.

last cloudia - story mode
© Screencasted from Last Cloudia’s official website

Another important gameplay element is the graphics. Last Cloudia doesn’t fall short here because one of the things that the game is lauded for is the graphic design. The game features a pixel-style design with 3D scenery that elevates the viewing experience. It’s reminiscent of old-school RPGs in that sense, and many players enjoy this particular art style because of that.


Combat System

The game features a turn-based combat system where you will be controlling a team of three characters to fight against the forces of evil. Battles are made easy in Last Cloudia because it also has an “Auto-Battle” function. It’s similar to Arknights where you don’t necessarily need to control your characters in a battle.

battle sequences
© Screencasted from Last Cloudia’s official website

Last Cloudia’s combat system is sadly where the game falls short. Combat is largely based on tapping. As a result, you may miss out on most of the battle sequences because you’ll be spending most of your time tapping on the screen rather than enjoying the graphics.

In all, Last Cloudia’s gameplay is considered to be repetitive. And it will only get more repetitive as you progress through the game. Despite its strong storyline and noteworthy graphics, the gameplay sadly becomes so tedious that playing the game may seem more like a chore than a hobby.



Gacha game elements aren’t new to Japanese RPGs and many popular games have gacha mechanics integrated into them. Last Cloudia isn’t a game that heavily relies on gacha. However, it’s still an important element to consider because what you get during your summons will make or break your team.

Last Cloudia has a very small pool of characters that you can roll for. There is a very big chance that you might get the character that you want.

arks and units last cloudia
© Photo by Last Cloudia from the Play Store

You can roll for Units and Arks in the game. Units are playable characters that you can use in battles, while Arks are equipable special items for power-ups and additional skills. It’s very similar to Fate/Grand Order gacha mechanics where you can get Servants and Craft Essences when you roll.

It’s also worth noting that characters of the popular anime series Re: ZERO make an appearance in the game as Units. Rem and Emilia from the series appear as obtainable Units for a short amount of time. At present, it’s uncertain if the characters will return to the game’s Gacha roster in the future.

Re: Zero and Last Cloudia Game Collaboration
© Photo by Last Cloudia from the Play Store

Typically, gacha games aren’t favored by gamers because the odds of getting a rare character are very slim. Players of games like FGO and Arknights will tell you that while their overall gaming experience is great, it is often ruined by the gacha mechanics. The Last Cloudia offers more chances of getting a certain character because their current character roster is small.

In all, when it comes to gacha mechanics, Last Cloudia presents a greater chance to obtain the characters that you want contrary to other gacha games.


Over-All Gaming Experience

There’s no hiding the fact that Last Cloudia has a lot of potential as an RPG. Despite its drawbacks, the game has a lot to offer to gamers who are willing to give it a try. Many players enjoy the graphics and the storyline more than the gacha and combat elements, which makes it quite different from other RPGs.

You’ll also be glad to know that the Units and the characters are very customizable. You can play around with them to develop their skills further. This is often an aspect that most RPGs lack, but Last Cloudia makes it so you can power up and customize your Units as you please.

Apart from its gameplay, another element that might hinder you from continuing with the game is that you’ll need to spend a lot of in-game currencies. Also, in some situations, you need real money to be able to access or obtain certain Arks and Units. Despite the spending, there’s still no guarantee that you can acquire the characters and upgrades that you’re looking to get because of the gacha.

Despite having repetitive gameplay, Last Cloudia features a great set of characters and multiple battle options (including a co-op function) that will surely give gamers something to rave about.


The Good & The Bad of Last Cloudia

While Last Cloudia shows a lot of potentials, it still falls short in a few categories. That said, here are a few things that you should consider before you think about playing the game.


  • Great game design
  • Compelling plot
  • Engaging combat system
  • Not reliant on gacha summons for progression
  • Multiple battle modes


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Required purchases for certain gacha rolls
  • Story-heavy
  • Faulty account recovery system

Putting aside the good and the bad factors, each player’s gaming experience is different. It would be better for you to try out the game first before giving out your final judgment.


The Verdict: Is Last Cloudia Worth Playing?

Is it worth playing? Definitely. While the game has similar elements to more famous games, it does a great job of staying unique despite its competition. It’s an entirely new experience that’s worth giving a try.

It has great elements that elevate the standard RPG to create a gaming experience that’s thrilling and unique. The game continuously releases updates. However, since it’s still fairly new, the game still has a long way to go before becoming one of the best RPGs in the market. That, nevertheless, shouldn’t stop you from trying the game as many gamers enjoy the game despite its drawbacks.