Neko Atsume Rare Cats: How to Collect Them All

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There’s just something about cat collecting that makes Neko Atsume such a fun little game. While you can’t play with any of the cats you attract, it’s still fun trying to collect them all nonetheless. However, it can turn out difficult especially when collecting rare Neko Atsume cats. There are 22 of them out of 66 and it’s fairly difficult to get them on board. How do you collect them? Here’s our complete guide for how to collect the Neko Atsume rare cats to complete your set.

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  1. What Is Neko Atsume?
  2. How to Play Neko Atsume?
  3. All Neko Atsume Rare Cats and Their Goodies
    1. Neko Atsume Rare Cats
    2. Neko Atsume Semi-Rare Cats
  4. How to Attract Rare Cats in Neko Atsume?
    1. Expand Your Yard
    2. Remodel and Decorate
    3. Maximize Space
    4. Collect Daily Rewards
    5. Collect Mementos
    6. Know Each Cat’s Power Level
  5. Additional Tips


What Is Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume
Photo by Neko Atsume on App Store

High-action games with real-time or turn-based combat might be fun for some people. However, they’re not exactly the best to play when you’re looking to turn your brain off. For folks who want a fun but chill game, Neko Atsume is the way to go. It’s one of the best idle games that doesn’t need your attention every time.

Through this low-effort game, all you need to do is lure cats to your yard. You can do this by luring them with snacks, leaving goodies, and furniture that they might like. Each cat has a different personality with varying preferences and habits. Overall, Neko Atsume is more about collection and completion than it is about anything else. While that doesn’t sound very thrilling at first, it’s strangely satisfying for many people.

In addition, Neko Atsume is playable on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you don’t need a fancy high-end gaming PC or console just to play the game. It’s also incredibly cute and just loads of fun to play and look at when you’re bored. With it, you’ll find that passing the time has never been as heart-warming.

Download Neko Atsume on Google Play Store

Download Neko Atsume on App Store


How to Play Neko Atsume?

Neko Atsume is all about staring. That’s right. All that’s required is a bit of staring as you watch the cats roll in. Kidding aside, however, the game is pretty simple to play. Since it’s a game about collecting cats, all you need to do is keep tabs on each cat that visits.

You’ll have a Catbook to view all your collected cats which includes additional information such as preferences, power level, etc. The cats that haven’t visited will be shrouded in mystery through a (?) marked silhouette.

In addition, you can also take pictures of the cats that do visit and save them in your album. There’s also a shop where you can buy goodies and food to attract more cats to your yard. Lastly, what’s a good cat collecting game without a way to manage your space? Through Neko Atsume, you can also expand, remodel, and decorate your yard as you please. You can build any aesthetic you like and even attract more cats when you change things up.


All Neko Atsume Rare Cats and Their Goodies

Neko Atsume
Photo by Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume’s rare cats wouldn’t turn up easily. If you want to collect the likes of Señor Don Gato, Ms. Fortune, or Chairman Meow, you have to get to know them on a deeper level. Each cat in Neko Atsume has a unique personality and food preferences. They also have their designated goodies, which you can use in luring them. Here’s a list of all the Neko Atsume rare cats and everything you need to know about them.

Neko Atsume Rare Cats

Cat Name Goodie Power Lvl. Food Preferences Personality 
Bengal Jack Luxury Treasure Box 66 Likes Ritzy Bits, Bonito Bits, and Deluxe Tuna Reckless
Billy the Kitten Cowboy Hat 250 Dislikes Sashimi Nihilistic
Bob the Cat Cat Metropolis 40 Not picky Outdoorsy
Chairman Meow Earthenware Pot, Sunken Fireplace 111 Boorish
Conductor Whiskers Cardboard Choo-choo, Twisty Rail 50 Vigilant
Frosty Snowy Pillow 5 Dislikes Thrifty Bits Sensitive
Guy Furry Heating Stove, Glass Vase 30 All food (Glass Vase) or everything except Thrifty Bits (Heating Stove) Artisan
Hermeowne Egg Bed (Nightview) 200 Dislikes Frisky Bits Gentle
Jeeves Fairy-tale Parasol 210 Not picky Nimble
Joe DiMeowgio Baseball 28 Team player
Kathmandu Temari Ball, Lacquered Bowl 150 Dislikes Thrifty Pits (Temari Ball & Lacquered Bowl) and Frisky Bits (Lacquered Bowl) Refined
Lady Meow-Meow Luxurious Hammock 100 Dislikes Thrifty Bits Snobby and acts like a diva
Mr. Meowgi Scratching Log, Sakura Pillow 250 Not picky Mentor-like personality
Ms. Fortune Cardboard House 20 Simple yet charismatic
Ramses the Great Pyramid Tent 230 Dislikes Sashimi Riddler
Saint Purrtick Silk Crepe Pillow, Kotatsu 222 Not picky Awe-inspiring personality
Sapphire Fairy-tale Parasol 20 Naive
Sassy Fran Cardboard Cafe 180 Dislikes Thrifty Bits Enthusiastic
Senor Don Gato Mister Mouse 30 Not picky Schemer
Tubbs All Food (except Thrifty Bits) 130 Finicky feaster and likes the giant cushion
Whiteshadow Unknown, but will add “Espionage activity” and “Scouting Mission” in the top 3 goodies used 195 Elusive
Xerxes IX Zanzibar Cushion, Royal Bed 70 Regal and loves to be pampered


Neko Atsume Semi-Rare Cats

Some Neko Atsume rare cats aren’t rare at all. In fact, a lot of them are considered regular but can be hard to get to spawn in the game. Here are some of the common yet difficult to spawn cats, their personalities, goodies, and food preferences.

Cat Name Goodie Power Lvl. Food Preferences Personality 
Apricot Green Cushion 10 Not picky Slacker
Ganache Toy Capsule 90 Pragmatic
Macchiato Mister Dragonfly 115 Sourpuss
Maple Egg Bed (Nightview) 99 Moody
Melange Cardboard Cafe 15 Calm
Peaches Cat Metropolis 45 Capricious


Note that we can’t include every type of goodie each semi-rare cat responds to. That’s because, more often than not, they respond to over 10 to 20 different lures. Hence, we’ve listed down just one goodie that might help you attract each one.


How to Attract Rare Cats in Neko Atsume?

There’s so much you need to do when you first begin playing Neko Atsume. You have a yard to expand, spaces to decorate, and tons of goodies to collect. All of these things will play some role in attracting every last one of those Neko Atsume rare cats. If you’re a beginner (or an expert who needs to get that one last cat), stick around to find out.


Expand Your Yard

Neko Atsume
Photo by Neko Atsume

Before you get the rare cats in Neko Atsume, the first order of business is expanding your yard. When you first begin, the yard is pretty small and gives you only five spots. How can you attract all 66 cats with such a small space? That’s why you need to move quickly and expand your yard to at least 10 spots using goldfish.

How do you earn goldfish? Simple: get tons of goodies and prioritize gold-yielding toys. Unfortunately, there isn’t a sure-fire way to figure out which toys yield the most gold. However, some players say that a few affordable toys do yield high silver. These are useful because 500 silver can be exchanged for 10 gold. Build them up and you’ll have the gold you need in no time. Here’s a list of the affordable toys you’ll want to buy for this:

  • Green Cushion
  • Nature Tent
  • Thick Cooling Pad
  • Yellow Cushion
  • Zebra Grass Gadget

If your resources allow for it, try getting these items as early as you can. You should be able to attract more cats with the right goodies and a holistic yard like this. Remember to also take photos of each cat so you can easily distinguish each one later.

Also, don’t waste time spending resources on expensive food at the beginning. We recommend sticking to Frisky Bits at first when you’re still attracting regulars. You can try spending on more expensive foods later when it’s time to attract Neko Atsume rare cats. But, this isn’t necessary either because even rare cats aren’t always picky with food.


Remodel and Decorate

What point is a huge yard when it’s a complete mess? Cats don’t want to live in a total dump! At least we think the Neko Atsume rare cats won’t like it. Moreover, a change of landscape will attract more cats more often than not. That’s why it’s important to spend some money on remodeling the place.

Of course, you can decorate your place the way you want. However, we do recommend trying the Zen Garden if you want to attract Neko Atsume rare cats. If you have some leftover money, we suggest spending that 140 goldfish on the garden.

In addition, we recommend having remodeling items and plans in place from time to time. Neko Atsume cats tend to come back when you spice things up and modify the space. However, we suggest only setting a remodel when no cats are present. Otherwise, you’ll lose the ones that were there. Moreover, it’s an expensive thing to invest in, so time it wisely!


Maximize Space

Using space efficiently is one of the most important things you should think about to attract Neko Atsume rare cats. That’s why you should always consider adding a few multi-cat Goodies in your space. Try buying Cat Metropolis so you can hold more cats in a smaller space than normal. You can also try the Stump House or Cubes to save space.


Collect Daily Rewards

If you want to maximize efficiency, then we suggest collecting the daily rewards as much as possible. Even just keying in the daily password for 5 consecutive days will give you Ritzy Bits. Doing these daily activities are important especially when you’re strapped for fish.


Collect Mementos

Neko Atsume
Photo by Neko Atsume

Contrary to popular opinion, cats don’t just take everything from you and expect to be treated as gods. At least that’s not true in Neko Atsume. That’s because these cats offer you gifts as a way of showing thanks every now and then. However, they only offer these mementos after a certain number of visits.

On average, each cat will need to visit 10-15 times before they offer you a memento. However, some cats (like Sapphire) take only 1 visit to do so. Still, others (like Rascal) need to visit as much as 20 times before they reward you. Of course, it can be difficult to keep tabs on which cat has already offered a memento. That’s why we suggest taking a look at the Catbook to see which cat has yet to give one. For the ones that haven’t, try placing their favorite Goodie in the yard to make them come more often.

Yes, we know. This part isn’t important to learning how to collect Neko Atsume rare cats and making them appear in your yard. Nonetheless, if you’re a cat completionist, collecting the mementos of each cat is a must.


Know Each Cat’s Power Level

In the animal kingdom, dominance seems to play a large part in the social order. What does this have to do with Neko Atsume? Well, it’s because the game has this mechanic called the “Power Level.” This dictates how dominant a cat can be when it comes to using goodies. High-level cats tend to hog goodies and take up all the space. Hence, it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re attracting a cat with a low power level.


Other Tips You Might Need to Know

Can’t seem to strike gold in Neko Atsume despite doing the aforementioned? Here are a few tips and tricks that might help both new and seasoned players.


Removing a Cat

Now, you might be thinking, “why in the world would I want to remove a cat?” We understand. Neko Atsume is all about collecting all the cats, after all. However, there are some instances when removing a cat can be necessary to collect all of them. Remember what we said about power levels? Well, if a cat keeps hogging a goodie, you won’t attract lower-power-level cats who like that goodie. What do you do? You remove the previous cat.

To do this, simply go to your Goodies storage and press the item that the high-level cat is on. This will remove the goodie from your yard and shake off that cat. Afterward, tap the goodie again to place it back in your yard. You’ll get only 1 silverfish from the previous cat doing this. However, this frees up the space to attract the low-level cat you were after and would want to collect.


Tips for Tubbs

Tubbs is well-known for finishing fancy food very quickly outdoors. However, he’s too lazy to do that indoors. If you don’t want him to finish off your expensive food, try placing it indoors. However, do note that he does go indoors under specific circumstances. That is if you place the Giant Cushion indoors. Doing so will attract Tubbs and make him rest on the giant thing inside. Of course, you’ll have to place Frisky Bits (or an expensive dish) in the indoor bowl to attract him.


Frosty’s Coat

The cat named Frosty uses a straw coat most of the time. However, that’s only if she decides to visit you outdoors. If she happens to come inside, she’ll remove the straw coat and show off her lovely white fur. Not a tip for efficiency, but it’s certainly cute.

In addition, don’t let Frosty’s name fool you into thinking she’s affected by snow. Unlike what her name implies, she doesn’t come only during winter. Moreover, she isn’t affected by real-life seasonal changes either.


Pickles the Scaredy Cat

There’s a cat in the game named Pickles who’s a total scaredy-cat. In fact, his power level is at 0, making him one of the hardest Neko Atsume rare cats to find. He appears once in a blue moon and even then, he’ll run off before you get to take his photo. Hence, if he’s your current target, make sure to check back into the game very often. Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch him at all.

If you’re having a hard time with Pickles, try using the Toy Capsule or Zebra Glass Gadget. He’s been known to appear more often when these two are around. Nonetheless, we still recommend checking in as much as you can so you won’t miss him.


Whiteshadow Photos

Remodeling usually shakes off the cats in your yard. However, Whiteshadow is immune to any kind of remodeling. Hence, you can snap photos of him with nearly any kind of background you put in.


Cozy Nightview Egg Bed

The Nightview Egg Bed wasn’t meant to become space-saving furniture in the game. However, some cats truly love staying cozy and snuggling up to the other cats while resting on it. Thus, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find Maple, Caramel, or Hermeowne snuggled up on top of another cat.


The Final Word

There are tons of Neko Atsume rare cats within the game. However, just because they’re rare doesn’t mean they’re impossible to get. With the right goodies, food, and setup, you’ll be able to get those Neko Atsume rare cats eventually. Just make sure to check in pretty often as some cats can be elusive and tricky to get. Moreover, make sure to plan your strategy power level-wise because some Neko Atsume rare cats have low levels. With that said, we hope this guide has been helpful to you – happy cat collecting!