PUBG Mobile Hack, Cheats, and Tips You Should Know

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Mobile games can get really competitive at times. Whether it’s a matter of pride or prize, people would always find ways to gain the upper hand against their opponents – even resorting to cheating already. PUBG Mobile, as one of the best mobile games in the world, was never truly safe from this issue. Getting better organically and protecting the integrity of the game are your duties as a player. To do these, you must learn about what PUBG Mobile hacks or cheats you might encounter and what tricks are legal.

These, and a lot more, will be tackled in the coming sections.


What Is PUBG Mobile?

pubg mobile loading screen
Screenshot from PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or more commonly known as PUBG, is a PC game developed by the Chinese gaming giants: Tencent Games. The game took the world by storm when it was rolled out back in 2017 due to its unique concept and interesting gameplay. A year after, Tencent released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS – a move that would forever change the face of mobile gaming.

A big part of why this game has been this successful is its unique gameplay. Mobile games like PUBG became famous because of the battle royale concept where multiple live players would play at the same time for one prize.

To be exact, PUBG pits 100 players against each other. All of the players are dropped inside a large map that gets smaller and smaller as time passes by. Of course, as the playing zone gets smaller, players would encounter others more frequently. The last player standing would end up winning the game and would receive the ever famous compliment of “winner winner chicken dinner!”

Competition brings out the best and the worst out of people. Sadly, cheats like a PUBG mobile hack to see through walls or bots that would help players aim at enemies right away became a thing. The game slowly lost its taste for some time because of this. Right now, though, there is hope that PUBG could weed out these despicable codes in order to provide a better experience to people.

PUBG alone cannot identify all hackers so it’s up to the players to help out in the process. The first step is to identify what hacks or cheats can be used.


Popular PUBG Hacks and Cheats

Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

1. Wallhack

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), commonly known as Wallhack, is a type of hack that gives users the ability to detect enemies to an unfair extent. For example, ESP hacks could enable users to see through trees, rocks, or walls – thus the name Wallhack.

This PUBG Mobile hack is especially unfair to those who have developed their hiding or ambush skills in the game. Hiding is a big part of the game. In fact, some of the tips that will be discussed later in this article are concerned with positioning yourself in the field.

Seriously though, where’s the fun in playing the game without surprises, right?


2. Aimbot/Automatic Headshots of Other Players

The Aimbot PUBG Mobile hack is another popular cheating option in the game. If you have been playing shooting games for years now, the hack might be familiar to you. After all, aimbots have been used in shooting games across different gaming platforms over the years. It is a classic and despicable cheat that has proven its worth already.

With aimbots, users would be able to target opponents’ heads without even aiming for it. With the use of this hack, players could easily eliminate others and winning is almost always a guarantee. A lot of people know this cheat exists but countering it has always been hard for game developers.


3. Change Body Colors

pubg mobile hack homscreen
Screenshot from PUBG Mobile

Not all hacks are entirely cheat-based. Some hacks are just there to get premium services for free such as changing body colors or characters. For this particular PUBG Mobile hack, the user is able to change their body color to anything that they like. Of course, this could be used to bring a little advantage to the user.

If you can change your color, you can blend easily with your surroundings. There are even some color-changing hacks that would allow you to be virtually invisible. Although this hack is not as directly associated with cheating as the previous ones mentioned in this article, it’s still important to report users doing the said trick.


4. Anti-Ban PUBG Mobile Hack

Cheating in games would always have consequences and PUBG Mobile has tried to enforce consequences in order to discourage hacks. The swiftest punishment for anyone who is caught cheating is a ban. The duration of which will depend on the severity of the act.

To avoid this, cheat users and hackers use an anti-ban script. As the name suggests, this script blocks PUBG from enforcing any punishment against the account of the user. This is perhaps the most despicable hack out there because it turns anyone invincible.


5. Speed-Shots/Speed Hacks

Speed hacks directly affect the performance of a hacker in the game. Combined with an aimbot, speed hacks can ensure someone’s victory easily. In fact, the aimbot and the speed hack complement each other.

Speed hacks or speed shots automatically shoot at an enemy within a given vicinity. With that said, if you add in the aimbot, you won’t even have to play the game anymore because all you need to do is to find a gun and walk straight. Even if the player within your vicinity isn’t planning to attack you, you could expect that the speed hack will attack for you.


6. No Footprints PUBG Mobile Hack

This particular PUBG Mobile hack gives a new definition to stealth gaming. Footprint hacks basically delete any trace of you and render you undetectable. In PUBG, once an enemy is near you, you would detect their footprints on your mini-map, thus giving you a hint on where the opponent might be.

With something like a footprint hack, you won’t appear on your enemy’s vicinity map. As a result, you could freely ambush anyone in the field without having to worry about them laying any sort of trap. You can’t be followed, and you can’t be tracked – that’s that footprint hack for you.


7. High Damage of Enemies

playing pubg mobile on smartphone
Photo by Shivam Maurya from Pexels

Here is another classic cheat that has been present ever since. Most FPS games rely on lives or Health Points (HP), and PUBG is not an exemption. Each player would usually have 100 HP and a vest would increase that depending on the level of the item you got. A weapon in the game, fired at its optimal range, would significantly damage the enemy’s HP. Despite that, it would still take around three or four point-blank shots to kill.

This is where High Damage hacks make its, well, damage. With this PUBG Mobile hack, a user could eliminate an opponent with two shots, or even a single one. It’s a pretty handy cheat to play in when you’re about to face off multiple enemies.


PUBG Mobile Hack Tools

1. Scripts

One of the most basic hacking tools is scripts. Scripts are at the core of every hack or cheat because they contain codes that would alter the structure of the game itself. Games are composed of scripts and when you run a game like PUBG, your phone runs the game’s scripts. Now, if you can replace certain parts of the game’s script with your own script, you would be able to anything.

When you’re going to hack something, plugging and running a script is necessary to make things happen.


2. Game Guardian

pubg mobile hack tool game guardian logo
Photo from Game Guardian

Game Guardian is another important tool for hackers. This program is categorized as a cheating app. Game Guardian is famous for enabling users to flash scripts even without having to root their phones. Rooting you Android phone is an important step in hacking mobile games because it helps you get away from the usual servers where your cheats can be detected.

Other apps under the same category as Game Guardian are Lucky Patcher and Lulubox. These applications often have ready-made scripts already for popular games such as PUBG. All in all, the hacking process is streamlined with the use of Game Guardian and other similar apps.


3. Dual Space

DualSpace App Cloner
Photo by DualSpace on Google Play

Dual Space is a mobile application that has the ability to clone other mobile applications on your phone. Cloning applications is important for developers because it allows them to tinker a certain application without affecting the main server. Furthermore, Dual Space hides the account of the user for data protection.

This powerful tool for developers is a powerful tool for hackers as well. The ability to clone a mobile game allows hackers to freely tinker with the game’s codes without being detected. The privacy provided by apps like Dual Space, combined with the scripting capabilities of apps like Game Guardian are very essential to hackers.


3. Anti-Ban Host

The Anti-Ban Host is another program essential to hacking. As the name suggests, this host enables banned users to play on the PUBG server by cloaking their accounts. Using the Anti-Ban Host, banned accounts will be tagged on the PUBG server as legal accounts whatever punishment the game has for the user.

With this program, hackers can freely tweak the codes and improve their own gaming performances without worrying about bans. Basically, with Anti-Ban Host, you could cheat to your heart’s content.


4. Strange VPN

An Express VPN crack allows you to browse from different locations
Photo by Danny144 for

Virtual Private Networks or VPN allow people to surf the internet without being detected. This is done by masking the IP address of a user, which is basically the only thing that servers can use to track people’s activities online. There are a lot of VPN apps for Android and iOS, but Strange VPN seems to have the hackers’ approval.

The benefits of VPNs in hacking are quite given already. Since VPNs allow users to become untraceable online, gaming servers would not be able to pinpoint the footprints of hackers. VPNs add an extra layer of protection and unlock a lot of things for both regular gamers and hackers alike.


5. ZArchiver

This is another important application for hackers. ZArchiver is an archive management app that can create and decompress files such as zip, 7zip, rar, and more. Creating and decompressing files are two important steps in creating applications with customized scripts, otherwise known as mods.

After plugging in their scripts through apps such as Game Guardian, hackers need to repackage the whole mobile game and reinstall it on the phone for the changes to take effect. To do this, an app such as ZArchiver is needed.


PUBG Mobile Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Hacks and cheats were created to surpass even the best of the best in PUBG. PUBG’s finest players are so good that ordinary people need to cheat their way just to even the playing field. It would really make you wonder, how did they get so good?

PUBG mobile gameplay
Photo taken by Daniel Moises Magulado via Pexels

Well, one thing is for sure: they did not cheat their way to the top. If you want to be truly good at PUBG, there are actually some tips and tricks that might help you.


1. Be Clever When Choosing Where to Land

The landing spot is something that most people do not take advantage of. A lot of players think that they can just land wherever and shoot whoever lands with them. However, if you’re clever enough, you will be able to get the best loots and survive long enough.

Be clever when choosing your landing spot. You don’t want it to be too far from the possible center, and you definitely don’t want it to be at the center as well. Don’t land on the metropolis as that’s where most of the players will land too to get more loots. When possible, take off on highlands to get a better view of the arena.


2. Use the Mini Map to Your Advantage

This tip takes some practice. Checking your mini map from time to time can save you from a lot of trouble. The mini map in the upper right-hand corner can detect footsteps and gunshots. Whether you’re thinking of engaging or flanking, you’ll know where to go. Practice taking quick glances at the map, and you’ll be surprised how much you can’t be surprised in the game.


3. Activate the Peek Function

The Peek Function allows players to angle their body to the side in order to check out enemies upfront. This function can be very useful when scouting an enemy who happens to be scouting you as well. In comparison to moving out of a rock and moving in again, peeking is much faster and efficient. This function has to be activated on the settings first, which is why it comes with no surprises that not a lot of people are aware of its existence.


4. Know Your Go-To Weapon

PUBG Mobile has a lot of guns and accessories. A good player can win with any gun, but a good player who knows what gun and accessory to look for is scarier. Learn your guns and find which one is the best for you. You might be the type of person to pair a shotgun with a sniper, or perhaps someone who likes to use two assault rifles. It really is up to you, so be patient because it really is going to be worth it.


5. Drop the Boots

Picture this: It’s endgame. It is a one-on-one match inside a collapsing battle zone between you and another player. You could not hear any footsteps and you’re thinking that your opponent’s using a PUBG Mobile footstep hack. Suddenly, you’re ambushed by a naked player. Game over.

You might be wondering why your opponent dressed down. Well, dressing down actually lightens your character, and removing the boots can eliminate the sound of footsteps. Remember this tip the next time you’re battling someone in an urban setting inside the game.


6. Zigzag and Random Movement Is the Key

Even the best players can be caught off-guard at times — an enemy could flank them from the sides or ambush them from the back. However, what separates the best from the rest is the reaction. Normally, you would panic and engage with the opponent instead. However, the best of the best would actually choose to run, hide, and identify the opponent instead. This allows them to strategize a way to kill the one who targeted them.

Contrary to popular belief, pro players do not run calmly. In fact, they run like crazy. They run in zigzags, they jump, they slide, they turn around, they crouch, and they do whatever it takes to disrupt the opponents’ aim.

It would be impossible for someone who is not using an PUBG Mobile aimbot hack to kill you in that case. Just be careful not to move in a pattern that your opponent might learn and anticipate.


Pros and Cons of PUBG Mobile Hack

Our Verdict

Cheating and using hacks are undeniably wrong. In the end, cheating and hacks would simply kill the enjoyment of the game, and the game itself if unchecked. With that said, If you want to ethically improve your game, you have to dedicate the time and effort.


  • You can get better instantly using hacks and cheats.
  • Following the tips above can give you a good base that you can improve on in the future.


  • There is a possibility that you’ll get caught.
  • You might not be able to execute the hack properly.
  • The consequences from PUBG are quite brutal.
  • Cheating takes out the fun in the game.


Getting Caught Cheating or Using a PUBG Mobile Hack

PUBG is quite ruthless when it comes to cheaters. Professional gaming competitions do not even allow players to use a PUBG Mobile controller – that’s how serious and strict PUBG’s Rules of Conduct are.

For PC users, lifetime bans are not uncommon. Meanwhile, if you’re caught cheating or using a hack in PUBG Mobile, your account can get banned for up to ten years. With that said, if you still want to play the game after that, you would need to create a new account and start from the beginning.

As more and more cheats get revealed, you can expect PUBG to create more anti-hack measures. On the other side of the spectrum, if PUBG lets itself be overtaken by hackers, the game’s demise would be inevitable.



Again, competition can bring out the best and worst of people. Tips and tricks to improve your performance in the game are really creative. The thrill of random movements and practicing to find your gun are just some of the things that make this game such as hit.

However, the game is not truly free from cheaters and hackers. Whether it is a simple PUBG Mobile hack to change clothes or an outright cheat to see through walls, a workaround will always be there. Some people will continue to exploit the game just to experience tainted wins.

In the end, it’s up to you to learn about these things in order to protect, not just you, but the game as well.