Krafton Rolls Out PUBG New State’s First Ever Update

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Krafton finally drops the first major update for PUBG New State on December 16 as they reach a milestone of 45 million downloads a month after its Android and iOS release. It brings new weapons, vehicles, survivor passes, and merit point systems to the game.

New State’s update for the winter holidays was slated for December 9 release but was put back because of delays in the app store review process. As compensation to the players, the game is giving out Chicken Medals for each day of delay starting December 14. Players can get a total of five reward medals. As part of the update event, they are also sending random rewards to players for daily logins during weekends for the next three weeks.

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New Weapons, Guns, and Customization

Assault rifle
Photo by PUBG New State

It might be too soon for a major update, but PUBG New State seems to have no intention of letting go of the hype it’s receiving today. A good portion of its update for December revolves around improving its weapons and ammunition.

For this update, we see the addition of the L85A3 assault rifle on PUBG New State’s arsenal. It’s a low recoil weapon that performs well in mid to long-range firefights. It has the highest damage output of all 5.56mm assault rifles that can destroy enemies in a few shots. However, it requires players to have a superb aim due to its significantly low fire rate. The L85A3 can be found in both Erangel and Troi.

Aside from the new guns, players can also use these customizations to improve their existing ammo.

  • Vertical Foregrip and Bipod for L85A3. Minimizes vertical recoil for better control and aim, but reduces ADS speed. It will take the grip slot and cannot be swapped out for another grip.
  • Long Barrel for M416. Improves damage output, but increases vertical recoil. When in use, this will disable M416’s muzzle slot.
  • 5.56mm Barrel Barrel. Can be swapped with the 7.62mm barrel for better firing accuracy, but damage output will decrease.


Two New Vehicles in PUBG New State

Traversal in PUBG New State, or even in PUBG Mobile, plays an important aspect in your chances of getting the chicken dinner. New State made this more fun with the addition of two new vehicles.

Minibus at PUBG New State
Photo by PUBG New State

Players can travel across the map using an electric 6-seater minibus, The Electron. It is more durable than other vehicles, so you’ll be safe against external troubles. While aboard, you can switch seats with your squad even when you are riding in full capacity. This vehicle is stationed at Troi or the Training Ground.

sports car at PUBG New State
Photo by PUBG New State

For getting around fast, players may hop on the classic 2-seater sports car Mesta. It comes in two models: standard and an open top. Both have a quick acceleration capacity for reaching high speed. You can find the Mesta at  Erangel, Troi, and Training Ground.


Survivor Pass Volume 2

A new survivor pass also arrives on PUBG New State that took inspiration from the Dream Runners Faction’s Bella. By completing story missions, you can collect Bella’s costumes. Alternatively, you can upgrade level rewards for the premium pass and gain additional vehicle skins and character cosmetics. Of course, you need extra money to spare for these.


New Merit Points System

Starting this month’s update, PUBG New State is adding a new Merit Points System to reinforce fair play and penalize negative behavior among players. This merit score shall decrease for players with multiple negative behaviors reported like team kills and idling. Going below a certain score will ban them from Squad Mode. Only after they surpass the minimum Merit Points requirement will they be able to unlock the Squad Mode. But knowing that playing solo can only slowly increase the score, going back may not be so easy as it seems.

You can get the latest patches for PUBG New State by downloading them on App Store or Google Play Store.