Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: When to Ascend Cookie Clicker

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Cookie Clicker by Dashnet is one of the most well-established idle games in history. However, despite its seemingly simple gameplay mechanics, it does have some depth to it that requires planning and strategy. Ascending is one such activity that requires a bit more thought. If you’re unfamiliar with Cookie Clicker, don’t worry. We’ve created this Cookie Clicker ascension guide so you can know what to do and when to implement your ascensions.

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  3. Cookie Clicker Ascension Requirements
  4. At What Point Should You Ascend Cookie Clicker?
  5. How to Ascend Cookie Clicker?
  6. How to Ascend Fast in Cookie Clicker?
  7. FAQs
    1. Is It Smart to Ascend Your Cookie Clicker?
    2. Should I Ascend As Soon As Possible in Cookie Clicker?
    3. How Many Times Can I Ascend in Cookie Clicker Game?


How to ascend cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: What Does Ascension Mean?

A Cookie Clicker ascension will seem a little confusing to players unfamiliar with prestige mechanics in other games. However, it’s truly quite simple. Ascending within Cookie Clicker means you’re resetting your game and starting from scratch. As a result, you lose your current progress.

In exchange, you get special bonuses when ascending Cookie Clicker. You may lose all your upgrades, cookies, and buildings, but you do start with prestige bonuses and heavenly chips. These will allow you to produce cookies more efficiently this time around. Moreover, you can purchase more upgrades from the start because you have more heavenly chips.

In summary, ascending in Cookie Clicker just means you’re choosing to restart the game but with more benefits. It’s a strategy to make your cookie production more efficient. As a result, you can achieve and even surpass your previous progress quicker than before.

On the other hand, remember that while you lose your progress upon ascending, your achievements will not disappear. They’ll remain tied to your account even after you’ve started from scratch.


Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: Rewards & Benefits

There are two main benefits that you get with an ascension: heavenly chips and prestige levels.

Depending on the timing, you can gain one or more prestige levels when you ascend. Each prestige level grants a 1% increase on the cookies you produce per second. Hence, if you gain 50 prestige levels, you get a large 50% bonus on your production.

On the other hand, the heavenly chips benefit is further subdivided into several different classes. These include the following:

  • Legacy Chip (1)
  • Heavenly Cookie Chips (3)
  • Dragon Baking Chips (9)
  • Heavenly Chips (77)

As a result, you gain 90 heavenly chips in total whenever you ascend. However, you may also delay your ascension to get even more chips. If you get the timing right, you can gain the following set of perks for your heavenly upgrades:

  • Legacy Chip (1)
  • Heavenly Cookie Chips (3)
  • Dragon Baking Chips (9)
  • Biscuits for a box of Brand Biscuits (25)
  • Chips for a Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
  • Starter Kit Chips (50)
  • Chips for a Tin of Butter Biscuits (25)
  • Heavenly Luck Chips (77)
  • Chips for a Box of Macarons (25)
  • Heralds (100)
  • Chips For Permanent Upgrade Slot 1 (100)

In this case, you’ll get a whopping 440 bonus heavenly chips after you ascend.


Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: Requirements

An ascension guide for Cookie Clicker wouldn’t be complete without a list of requirements. So, what exactly do you need for ascension so you can gain benefits?

The most important thing to remember in this Cookie Clicker ascension guide is you need at least one trillion cookies beforehand. Thus, the ascend option in the menu will not be visible if your cookies are below that number. Achieving a trillion cookies is not an easy feat, that’s why you should invest in buildings in the early game to help you bake more. Some players even use auto-clicker apps to slightly speed up the process.

After you’ve baked one trillion cookies, you can freely ascend if you so choose. Of course, ascending immediately after meeting the requirement may not always be the wisest choice. Nonetheless, the option will be available to you at that point.

Apart from this, know that you may ascend as much as you want as long as you meet the requirement. Cookie Clicker will not stop you from ascending so it’s up to you to get the timing right.


At What Point Should You Ascend Cookie Clicker?

Now, we’ve already introduced the idea that ascending immediately isn’t always the best choice. But, how do you know the right time for you to do that? In this Cookie Clicker first ascension guide, we’ll tackle just that.

Before you proceed, keep in mind what you get upon ascending. When you ascend, you may get a CPS that’s faster than normal. However, this also means you’ll start from scratch and it will delay your cookie production. On the other hand, waiting too long also means you might miss crucial opportunities to gain bonuses.

There’s no precise timing that’s right for everybody. That’s because each person has a different playstyle and must weigh the pros and cons themselves. Generally speaking, however, we don’t recommend ascending as soon as the option arises. That’s because waiting will yield more efficient results. After all, the bonuses are much larger. You may start considering the thought of ascending after accumulating enough prestige levels.

Ascending cookie clicker

Fast Ascensions

According to the community, 100-200 prestige levels are already regarded as quick ascensions. At that point, you should have an ample amount of heavenly chips to choose different upgrades. This should already help you obtain even more prestige and heavenly chips later on.


Slow Ascensions

On the other hand, waiting to ascend is one of the more preferred strategies among advanced players. For the most part, seasoned players recommend waiting until you’ve earned 2,337 prestige levels before your first ascension. If you’re patient enough for this, you may gain over 10 high-quality upgrades and get a large boost upfront.

Afterward, most people ascend the second time when they reach around 115,307 prestige levels. They become even more efficient at that point and wait quite a while before their third ascension. Generally, the third ascension happens at around the 2,189,163 prestige level. It’s a pro strategy among the community — but one that does require a bit of patience.


Getting Upgrades

In addition, veterans suggest getting upgrades that boost your CPS by at least 10%. The game’s recent updates make this even easier, allowing you to boost production much faster than before. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to focus on upgrades that boost production so you can attain late-game ascensions faster.



How to Ascend Cookie Clicker?

Of course, this Cookie Clicker ascension guide would be worthless if we didn’t teach you the basics of ascending. Fortunately, the act of ascending within the game is fairly straightforward. Once the option is available to you, simply press the “Legacy” button on the upper right.

Take note that the number next to the button indicates the number of prestige levels and heavenly chips you’ll get. If you’re satisfied with the number, tap on “Legacy” and confirm the action. Afterward, you should successfully ascend within the game and start over from scratch.


Cookie Clicker buildings and upgrades

How to Ascend Fast in Cookie Clicker?

A Cookie Clicker ascension guide can only go so far in helping you know when to ascend. However, timing your ascension is ultimately up to your taste and strategy.

Nonetheless, we can give you some advice to hasten your progress. Even if this is a waiting game, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything else while waiting. Here are some tips that might help you along the way:

  • Lay out all the heavenly upgrades the game offers. Doing so will help you plan out which upgrades you’d like to earn to progress faster later.
  • Read or watch the explanations and guides advanced players give on heavenly upgrades. You can find these easily on YouTube or online forums and articles.
  • Note down the price of each upgrade. This allows you to intentionally choose which heavenly chips are a priority.
  • Pick upgrades that increase your CPS. This can lower the waiting time significantly with each ascension, allowing you to more efficiently progress.
  • Understand the reason for each upgrade. Once you do, you can plan which upgrades can mesh well together. Moreover, it can guide you regarding how many heavenly chips you need to obtain each one.



Is It Smart to Ascend Your Cookie Clicker?

Should I Ascend As Soon As Possible in Cookie Clicker?

How Many Times Can I Ascend in Cookie Clicker Game?


Final Word

Looking up a Cookie Clicker ascension guide is worthwhile if you’re aiming for the most efficient strategy. After all, games like these require a fair bit of thought for you to excel at them. However, the difficulty in achieving this is having the patience necessary to wait things out. That’s especially true if you’re waiting for your first ascension. Nonetheless, waiting to accumulate enough prestige is a good strategy and you can never go wrong doing so.

If you are interested in Cookie Clicker, you can download it from Google Play Store and Steam.