15 Best Skateboarding Games for Android and iOS

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Everybody loves the adrenaline rush when skateboarding — a physical activity or sport that involves riding a skateboard. It’s no surprise that this beloved pass time would make an eventual shift from the physical world to the digital world in a form of a mobile game.

For the sake of those who do not have the reflexes required for actual skateboarding, we are listing down the best sports apps under this category. Although virtually, may these games provide you the adrenaline of twisting and turning in the comfort of your mobile phone.


Common Gameplay of Skateboarding Games

Since 1986, a good number of skateboarding games have been developed and these games continue to give people of all ages that good old adrenaline rush. Nothing much has changed in terms of gameplay in skateboard games. If you remember the first game of this niche, 720, modern games pretty much have the same gameplay. However, that gameplay takes so many twists and turns as more games employ plots and storylines to make the game unique and appealing.

However, in a nutshell, most skateboarding games involved somersaulting in the air with the board, jumping through hoops or over planks, and zigzagging across planes to avoid any obstacles. These tricks are the basic gameplay on games of this niche. These tricks are just further exacerbated when objectives are put in play that coincides with the overarching plot or story of the game. Sometimes, a skate game stands out among the rest because of the maps where each gameplay can take place. Other times it’s because of the upgrades one can do on the virtual board.

In addition, nothing beats a good skateboard game when played using killer gaming phones that support 4K graphics. That will give anyone a good gaming experience.


15 Skateboarding Games To Play

There have been a number of good skateboarding games introduced for Android and iOS devices. Here’s a rundown of the notable 15 skate games to download and play:


1. Epic Skater 2

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

First on our list is this free-to-play skate game, which also happens to be one of the newest games on the market. Epic Skater 2 sees improvements that players asked when playing the first version of the game. This new release now includes additional career mode levels, 44 tricks, endless mode, and upgraded mechanics. With its 2.5D game graphics, this game takes your traditional arcade skate game to a next level. Moreover, users are quick to share their thoughts saying the game has amazing controls, noticed the improvements made from the previous version, and how customizable the characters are. You can also upgrade a characters’ ability and tricks through in-app purchases.

However, we think the game is long overdue for an update. The last update made was over a year ago and hopefully, developers have something up on their sleeves. Nonetheless, this game is still a great time killer.

Download Epic Skater 2 for Android

Download Epic Skater 2 for iOS


2. Mike V: Skateboard Party

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If Epic Skater 2 lacks the console-quality you’re looking for in a mobile game, this skateboarding game might just be the one for you. Mike V: Skateboard Party is a free-to-play skate game that offers in-app purchases as an option to upgrade skills and boards to power up a character in the game. Its decent graphics is how it approaches the console-quality touch and players would find this a banger. On top of that, the game offers 30 achievements in career mode, a free-skate mode, the ability to fully customize characters, and killer tricks to try.

This mobile game is one of the bests in the market, which is why it is surprising that it got mixed reviews. Some users think the game is teeming with ads but perhaps buying the full version of the game will remove that problem. Would you let us know what you think of this skateboarding game?

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party for Android

Download Mike V: Skateboard Party for iOS


3. Flip Skater

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Flip Skater is a goal-oriented skate game. Players must perform a set of somersault tricks with their boards to complete a mission and become the greatest skateboarder in the world. The graphics in this mobile game are great and that is generally perfect for a game that sets each gameplay in different locations. Players would love the change in settings where they have to complete the tricks; scenes from around the world and half-pipes that match the setting.

Players who are into Flip Skating are quick to liken the game to bottle flipping in real life. The game is great but the real challenge is in perfecting the tricks and earning coins for you to be able to upgrade boards and skills. But hey! The challenges are all part of the deal and fun-side of the game. So, put your best game face on and challenge your friends to an epic skateboarding match!

Download Flip Skater for Android

Download Flip Skater for iOS


4. Stickman Skate Battle

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Talk about being one of the most popular skateboard games to download and play. Stickman Skate Battle combines good graphics and good gameplay to keep its players coming back for more. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Flip Skater in terms of performing tricks and becoming the greatest skateboarder in the world. But it pushes the envelope further by ensuring that you’ll not only beat the AI but other players in real-time. The game comes with training mode and offline mode to help you prepare for either daily or weekly tournaments.

Players can’t get enough of this game which is perfect for multiplayer game mode. If you want to enjoy other multiplayer games, check out our article on 20 Best Multiplayer Games For Mobile That Is 100% Entertaining.

Download Stickman Skate Battle for Android

Download Stickman Skate Battle for iOS


5. Snowboard Master 3D

Skateboard Game: Snowboard Master 3D
Photo by Doodle Mobile Ltd. from Google Play Store

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Characterized as a fast-paced 3D extreme sports simulation game, Snowboard Master 3D combines three game elements; great console-quality graphics, great physics, and traditional skateboarding games gameplay. Ski through the great snowy alps and ramps; showcase your tricks with your board and get the mercurial adrenaline rush you’re craving with this mobile game. This may not be the traditional skateboard game, the one that features four-wheel boards but it’s hard to excuse the close familiarity in terms of gameplay.

In fact, players like this game so much. They are quick to note that the game is really good and would even be great if new levels are added just so as to avoid being stuck in a boring loop after completing all the levels. But what we like is how smooth this game is and how it can be played by all ages and genders.

Download Snowboard Master 3D for Android


6. Real Skate 3D

Banner photo of Real Skate 3D, one of the skateboarding games
Photo by CanaryDroid on Google Play Store

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Real Skate 3D is as real as a skateboarding game can get. Challenge yourself to complete 150+ challenging missions and unlock 20 distinctive skateboards as you kill those tricks in 8 remarkable skateparks. With the powerful touch sensors of your screen, show off your skills and perform well-known tricks such as ollie, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 50 50 grind, and more.

Despite its gameplay, players aren’t all swooned. Some players feel the game could do better on the graphics and sounds departments. Others are keen to get a guide on how to properly perform tricks and improvements on finger touch protocols. However, there are those players who just love the prime adrenaline rush when playing on a skateboard and commends the missions on this game saying those are very much like actual skateboarding missions and tricks — hard to accomplish.

Download Real Skate 3D for Android


7. Skate Space

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

While some mobile skate games tend to get too much in terms of what you can do, Skate Space breaks the wheel and settles as being a less complicated arcade mobile game. What we do like about this game is how highly customizable every element is; from customizing the avatars and avatar gears to creating the skating ramps where each game can be played. We can say the graphics are great but not console-quality. Also, the physics are also not at par with the top five games in this list but would you ask for more?

We always consider what players think about a game and this one is notable because players have a collective fun experience playing this skate game. And if you think you already got too much over the customization feature, there is still so much to get like challenges as well as multiplayer competition.

Download Skate Space for Android

Download Skate Space for iOS


8. Skater Boy – Fun Skating Game

Banner photo of Skater Boy for iOS
Photo by Bhavin Panara from Apple App Store

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This game is Subway Surfer meets Hill Climb Racing. You move your skater avatar across ramps or terrains and collect various power items along the way. Skater Boy is one of those 2D mobile games that does not get complicated but still brings the traditional skateboarding games adrenaline rush and pump right to your fingertips. This game also boasts good graphics which is perfect when you need your character to do tricks and collect more points. Game controls are another thing but they are so easy that even a five-year-old can make them work the way they ought to be.

Many players commend this game for its graphics saying it’s attractive, lightweight, and can keep you playing from dusk until dawn. But others weren’t that generous saying some levels would not unlock or the game would lag. We guess it all boils down to an old adage: you can’t please everyone.

Download Skater Boy – Fun Skating Gam‪e for iOS


9. Skate Jam

Skateboarding Games: Skate Jam
Photo by Maple Media LLC. on Google Play Store

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This game might come as familiar to fans of Skateboard Party and why wouldn’t it? Skate Jam is developed by the same minds behind Skateboard Party. But the two games are different in their own ways. This game brings out the basics seen in games of this niche: a career mode, tournaments, and various customization options. On top of that is you get to skate in different areas like parks, perform tricks, all the while completing various challenges. Given that this is a new game offer to download, some controls might use some tweaking and improvements. Nonetheless, it works just fine.

Some players say this game reminds them of Tony Hawk Pro Skater for Ps2 and Xbox. In addition, players enjoyed this game so much they bought the full version to unlock the features behind the premium version. Would you give it a try?

Download Skate Jam for Android

Download Skate Jam for iOS


10. Touchgrind Skate 2

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

We’d like to consider this game as the best fingerboard game and one of the best skateboarding games in this mix. It does not approach the console-quality in terms of graphics but it does do well in terms of format that offers great game controls and over 100 challenges. Every element in this game cohesively put the game together and will allow you to perform tricks like ollies, pop shuvits, kickflips, and heelflips with a few taps on the screen.

We did not consider this before but there are players who are left-handed. It would be awesome if developers would consider putting an option to switch gears if necessary. Other than that, this game makes a good option for skateboarding games especially if you are after some good graphics and innovative finger controls to get maximized experience.

Download Touchgrind Skate 2 for Android

Download Touchgrind Skate 2 for iOS


11. True Skate

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

True Skate boasts a reputation for being one of the best skateboarding games in the app marketplaces nowadays. It combines great mechanics and works cohesively when performing features like deck wear and gaining speed with a few taps of your fingers. What makes it great is the real-life leader board where you get to rank against players across the world. Of course, this game checks the basics like customization and the loops of various missions. But what is patchy, in our opinion, is the way you get to unlock permanent features by having to pay for them. These features are rough to come by but it’ll make your game experience worth the while.

Some players think it’s a long shot to pull the difficult grinds to draw parallelism to actual skateboarding. But others think it’s the best app to kill time and have a good one.

Download True Skate for Android


12. Skateboard Party 3

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Skateboard Party 3 comes from the same developers of Mike V: Skateboard Party. The former’s gameplay may come as familiar with the latter’s but separates itself in the smallest of elements. It is loaded with locations, tricks, and customization of avatars and boards. It’s a pretty decent skate game app and approaches the console-quality in terms of graphics. One can’t say or have much on this game but pure adrenaline and an enjoyable experience with friends or family.

Players are quick to say the game is a bootleg for Tony Hawk and that the ads are annoying. Interferences are nothing new in today’s digital age, but ads are easily blocked by paying for a premium subscription.

Download Skateboard Party 3 for Android

Download Skateboard Party 3 for iOS


13. Street Skater 3D

Banner photo of Play365 on Google Play Store
Photo by Play365 on Google Play Store

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is Temple Run meets Minion Rush. This game allows you to choose your avatar among the six avatars it offers and take that avatar on a street skate journey. Goal? Avoid any obstacles, run the skateboard, and earn the coins. Get ready for a fiesta of adrenaline rush Street Skater 3D; combines eye-catching graphics and mind-blowing sounds to bring you the best gaming funfair with the tap of your fingers. It also boasts as the only app that will help you improve your skating skills because it comes with real skating moves and tricks.

Players are divided by what they think about this game. Some say it’s not what it claims to be while others just simply had a good time. With this note, we’d like to know what you think about this game.

Download Street Skater 3D for Android


14. Skater Boy by Runner Games

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Skater Boy is perhaps the simplest game in this mix. It combines a 2D platform with a skateboard theme but there’s nothing much from there. Each jump would result in a somersault air trick and that’s the extent of the gameplay. You get to the end while collecting various items along with all 90 levels of the game. While this is on the bottom five of our list, we like it still for being free and offering no in-app purchases. And that works well especially if you are just after killing time and if you are on a budget. However, there is hope on the horizon with developers promising more releases soon.

Some players are just really after the time-killing feat and that works fine for most of us. But what keeps them from giving a five-star rating are the ads, which can get really annoying.

Download Skater Boy by Runner Games for Android


15. Skateboard FE3D 2

Store Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Probably not the best in this pile but still offers great time-killer gameplay. Skateboard FE3D 2 is one of those skateboarding games which still have arcade-ish graphics and definitely can do better in the graphics department. It pales in comparison to its competitors because of the slow graphic response. But we like it still because it’s free and offers n0 in-app purchases. This game might be at the bottom of the pile for those who are using top-notch gaming phones or tables but for those on a budget device, this game might just be the fix.

It got a little negative review because some features are patchy. For example, a user on Google Play Store rates the game with three stars because the reward system is unfair. But others were generous in saying the game is fun because the characters and the skateboards are customizable.

Download Skateboard FE3D 2 for Android

Download Skateboard FE3D 2 for iOS


Play Skateboarding Games Now

Skateboarding games for mobile are not new. They have been around for quite a long time now. These games are great in killing time and still have a good one. When you’re all bored and on a slump with your PUBGs, or Clash of Clans, or any of those heavy-duty mobile games, these skate games are here waiting for you to try. Waiting for you to have light moments of bliss with your phone and not worry about defending towers or being hacked and slashed by enemies all over.

Let us know what skateboarding games appealed to you!