Nike Joins Metaverse, Launches Virtual World to Roblox

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Nike is the latest brand to join the metaverse as it launches its Virtual World on Roblox called Nikeland. Taken after its real-life headquarters, the immersive world includes Nike buildings teeming with fields and arenas. Players can compete in mini-games while dressed up in Nike apparel.

In a press statement, Nike touts its partnership with Roblox as a new place for “Nike fans to connect, create, share experiences and compete”. They added that the move is a realization of their “goal to turn sport and play into a lifestyle.”

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How Does Nikeland Look Like

Roblox Avatars wearing Nike
Photo by Roblox

Nikeland is the downsized replica of Nike’s world headquarters inside the immersive 3D space of Roblox. The new Roblox game allows players to create their avatars, enter showrooms, and try on Nike-branded sneakers and apparel. With at least three showrooms, players can gear up their avatar in classics like the Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer. Nike is also expected to add their future product releases in the digital showroom to gauge public interest. Fashion aside, Nikeland revolves around sports in the form of mini-games.

Inside Nike’s server are detailed arenas for Roblox community to participate and compete in games. These games include tag, the floor is lava, and dodgeball. They even plan to emulate global sporting events such as the World Cup and Super Bowl in the future. All these experiences can be optimized by integrating real-life movements into the game.

Nikeland Arena on Roblox
Photo by Roblox

If your mobile phone has accelerometers, you can mirror your movement inside the online play. For example, you can translate your jumping movement in real life to a similar motion inside the game to enhance your experience.

The game also stays true to Roblox’s premise as being a community-generated gaming destination. With the Nikeland tool kit, players have the opportunity to create their own mini-games using interactive sports materials.

In exchange for participating in the virtual world, Nikeland visitors will receive Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals. Players can use them to get building materials for yards and unlock virtual products for avatars, respectively.


Brands Are Rushing to Roblox

The Nike-Roblox partnership did not come as a surprise; it’s not the first time that the brand collaborated with the online gaming platform after all. Nike and Roblox first got together in 2019 for the Nike Air Max Day, which saw the birth of Roblox Avatars sporting the famous Air Max line.

Other brands are also scrambling over Roblox in an attempt to reach out to over 200 million users, most of whom are Gen Zs. Nike’s competitor Vans has also made a leap into Roblox recently to bring a skateboarding metaverse playground. Aside from everyday wear, luxury brands have also graced Roblox — Gucci being one of the notable ones. Gucci made an appearance on the Roblox ecosystem in May when it sold a virtual Gucci bag that is as expensive as a real one.

And who can forget Lil Nas X’s explosive Roblox virtual concert in December 2020?