Brave the Seas of Minecraft: Best Trident Enchantments to Use Now

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In Minecraft, fighting mobs in the Overworld might be easy due to the abundance of efficient melee and ranged weapons and Minecraft mods that make combat on land a breeze. Engaging in battles at sea or in any body of water could be more challenging, though. That is because the invisible current slows you down, and not everything in your arsenal is suitable for use underwater. Sometimes, these instances would make you wish you were like Poseidon striking enemies down at a flash with his trident – which is possible! Do you know you can obtain that weapon in Minecraft and power it up with the best trident enchantments?

This guide is here to teach you how to brave the Minecraft seas like a god through the trident and its enchantments. Let us proceed with the basics first, shall we?


Inside This Article

  1. What is a Trident?
  2. How to Obtain a Trident in Minecraft
  3. Why Trident Enchantments are Needed
  4. Best Trident Enchantments to Use
    1. Channeling
    2. Riptide
    3. Loyalty
    4. Impaling
    5. Mending
    6. Unbreaking
    7. Curse of Vanishing
  5. How to Enchant a Trident


What is a Trident?

The trident is the best and rarest enchanted weapon in Minecraft
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If you are a Minecraft newbie, knowing about the trident is your first step to becoming an expert in using and enhancing the weapon. If not, feel free to jump to the list of enchantments in this article.

For beginners, the trident in Minecraft looks nearly the same as a trident in Greek mythology, Hollywood movies, and comic books. It resembles a fork with a handle as long as a spear. The only exception is its blocky appearance that matches the rest of the in-game assets and environment.

The weapon made its debut when the Minecraft Version 1.13 Update Aquatic was released. Even back then, players were amazed by how strong and versatile the trident is. Using it is the same as controlling a bow, but the trident has better attack damage than the said long-range weapon and a diamond sword. Moreover, it improves in many ways through the best trident enchantments. Consequently, the trident became one of the most coveted weapons in the popular open-world game until the present day.


How to Obtain A Trident in Minecraft

Tridents come from the Drowned
Screenshot from Aquatic Update Trailer

Before applying the best trident enhancements, obtain the weapon first. You can get the trident as loot when you slay the Drowned. There is a catch, though. Whether the underwater zombie is holding a trident or not, you might not get the weapon from it. Furthermore, the durability rating is random because of damages or an enchantment already applied on the trident. That is why you might need to resort to farming the weapon.

Because the trident is the rarest weapon in the game, farming it is difficult. You can only get two at most from a mob, per the Minecraft website. Even if you spend a long time gathering it, you might only obtain about eight when you defeat 100 Drowned. Chances increase a bit if you level up your looting skill.

Additionally, looking for that many Drowned is hard in the first place unless you craft an underwater farm to attract them.

Here is how to make the farm:
1. Bring turtle eggs to the bottom of the body of water or a villager right above the water. If underwater, better make a Potion of Water Breathing via our Minecraft brewing guide and drink it. If above the water, set the trap near zombies.
2. Use bubble columns, glass cubes, and other blocks to make a container for the eggs or villager and sponges to dry the inside of the chamber. You can check effective designs on YouTube for this.
3. Wait for the Drowned to spawn and get closer to the trap or regular zombies to cross the body of water, die, and turn into the Drowned.
4. Once the mob is underwater, attack them or have them killed via your trap.
5. Collect the tridents dropped by the defeated Drowned.


Why Are Trident Enchantments Needed

The trident is already beyond amazing in Minecraft in its original form, but enchanting it gives you even more power and perks. The former advantage means you can beat aquatic mobs faster and navigate the seas safer than usual. Meanwhile, the latter is more on new ways to have fun in the sandbox game. You will understand both in detail as you read on.


Best Trident Enchantments to Use

Now that you know how to obtain a trident, it is time to choose from the best trident enchantments. To make that easier for you, below are the top picks and their typical and unconventional functions.

1. Channeling

Channeling makes your character look as powerful as Poseidon in pop culture. Think of the Greek god raising his trident and summoning the elements to strike the target. In Minecraft, when your trident has Channeling, you can make it direct a lightning bolt to any mob. It should be raining for you to be able to use that power.

Although the enchantment on a trident alone can smite an enemy into ashes in an instant, it can also be made more efficient with the help of other Minecraft items. Try crafting a lightning rod from three copper ingots and one or more TNT blocks from five gunpowder and four sand. Surround the rod with TNT blocks, lure hostile mobs near it, and then use your enchanted trident to strike it with lighting. The result is a big blast that eliminates multiple enemies at once.


2. Riptide

Minecraft Riptide allows your character to teleport where the trident was thrown and deal splash damage. It is only useable when under the rain or swimming, though.

Besides a surprise attack and quick evasion when battling hostile mobs, there are a few more things you can do with the enchantment. Riptide also lets you travel fast to short distances or use an ocean, sea, or lake as a launchpad when you aim your trident to the sky while submerged in water.

Unlike Channeling, Minecraft Riptide has three levels. Riptide III outdoes Riptide I and II because it allows you to transport your character the farthest.


3. Loyalty

Loyalty makes your trident work like a boomerang. With it, the weapon will return after your character throws it.

Loyalty’s effect on the trident might seem basic, but it has applications that not many players know. For example, when combined with Channeling, Loyalty allows the trident to strike distant mobs or things with lightning. The target does not need to be close to the player because the weapon will return no matter how far the throwing distance is. That is an effective strategy for any fight, including the ultimate boss battle in the game – your encounter with the Ender Dragon. An enchanted trident with Loyalty and Channeling can destroy the faraway tower-mounted End Crystals that power the creature. It even works faster than a bow.

Another example of unconventional use of a Loyalty-enhanced trident is for entering your secret rooms that have pressure plate-triggered passages. You can throw the enchanted trident past a solid wall, and it will glitch its way to hit the plates on the other side and reveal the entrance to the room.

Like Minecraft Riptide, Loyalty has three versions. Loyalty III will make the trident come back the fastest to you.


4. Impaling

Impaling enhances the strength of the trident. It boosts attack rating against aquatic mobs. The enchantment is a must-have when you already have one trident and want to farm more of it by slaying the Drowned yourself. It takes fewer hits to kill a drowned with an enchanted trident than using a regular trident or a diamond sword.

Impaling V is the best variant of the enchantment to apply. It gives the trident the highest attack rating.


5. Mending

The maximum durability rating of a trident is just the same as that of an iron weapon. That means the trident can break easily. With Mending, though, you can avoid having to repair the trident manually. It consumes your XP orbs to fix the trident.

If you do not prefer Mending, you can learn how to repair items traditionally via our Minecraft grindstone guide instead.


6. Unbreaking

If Mending restores a weapon, Unbreaking extends its durability. It gives the trident a chance to retain some durability points while being used.

Unbreaking III is the highest level of enchantment, boosting durability by 300 percent. Versions I and II can only increase durability by 100 and 200 percent, respectively.


7. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment better applied to the trident in multiplayer mode. It makes the rare weapon irretrievable when your character dies. As a result, no other players can steal it to their advantage.


How to Enchant a Trident 

Enhancing the trident with an enchantment of your choice lets you customize it to fit your gameplay style and execute new strategies. Learn how to apply enchantments the easy way through the instructions below.

Remove Existing Trident Enchantments (Optional)

Before you enchant the trident, you might want to remove the original enchantments it had when you first collected it from the Drowned. To do that, you have to use the grindstone. Note that the grindstone cannot remove curses, though.

Here is how you can disenchant the trident:
1. Place your grindstone anywhere you want it.
2. Access its interface afterward.
3. Place the trident for disenchantment on any of the two left empty slots.
4. Wait for the disenchanted item to appear on the rightmost empty slot.
5. Drag the trident back to your inventory.


Add Trident Enchantments via the Enchanting Table 

The enchanting table on Minecraft is the workstation to go to when you need to add the best trident enchantments to an item without repairing it. It would require you to have the trident and three Lapiz Lazuli, blue stones mined from gray cube ores with blue veins. You can dig for the ores near a bedrock.

Here is how to enchant the trident using the enchanting table:
1. Set the enchanting table on the ground.
2. Open its interface afterward.
3. Place the trident on the left empty input slot.
4. Put at least three Lapiz Lazuli on the right empty input slot.

You need the trident and a special stone called Lapiz Lazuli to add enchantments via the enchanting table
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5. Wait for the enchantment choices to appear to the right of the input slots.
6. Choose the enchantment to unlock and apply. If you do not have the indicated amount of XP to unlock the enchantment, slay more hostile mobs in the game.


Add Trident Enchantments via the Anvil

If you need to fix a damaged trident before enchanting it or want to keep existing enchantments even if you are about to add a new one, use the anvil. Note that you will need Channeling, Loyalty, Riptide, Impaling, Mending, or Unbreaking in the form of a book, which can be obtained from fishing, fighting mobs, trading, and bartering. Also, XP is the payment for the repair, which we have explained in detail in our Minecraft anvil guide.

Follow these steps to repair the trident first:
1. Get the anvil out of your inventory or approach it if already on the ground.
2. Place the trident on the left empty slot of the interface.
3. Put the sacrifice item, which should also be a trident in this case, on the center empty slot.
4. Wait for the repaired trident to appear on the rightmost slot.
5. Keep the trident in your inventory or equip it if you already need to use it.

Here are the instructions on how to enchant the trident afterward:
1. Set the anvil on the ground and access it.
2. Drag the trident from the inventory to the left empty slot of the interface.
3. Place the enchantment book in the center empty slot.

You can repair and enchant the trident using only the Minecraft anvil
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4. Wait for the enchanted trident to appear on the rightmost slot.
5. Transfer the trident to your inventory.


Brave the Seas of Minecraft Now 

With a trident, you will defeat any aquatic mob hassle-free. Having it enchanted is even better, for you can use the weapon to strike with more power, teleport to places, and take control of lightning. While all those seem like powers only a god of the sea would have, you can do those easily with this guide. Raise your enchanted trident and brave the perils of the Minecraft seas now!