Dead by Daylight Perks: The Best for Killers and Survivors Ranked

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If you have ever played Dead by Daylight (DBD), then you might have already heard of killer or survivor perks. Dead by Daylight perks are abilities given to players that can help them through the game. Getting to know Dead by Daylight perks is important because they can either make or break you during the game. Survivors and killers can equip up to four perks at a time alongside the unique perks that they already have.

Getting the right perks is the most important tip we can give to survive Dead by Daylight. The problem is there are a lot of perks available in DBD and some are certainly better than others. Choosing can get a bit overwhelming and it might take some time before you get the hang of it. That said, we’ve ranked the best Dead by Daylight perks for killers and survivors that you can use to outsmart your opponents.


Dead by Daylight Survivor Perks

There are at least 68 survivor perks in Dead by Daylight, but they rounded them down to 10. Regardless of which survivor you are playing as, here are the best perks you’d want you to bring in every match.

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1. Self-Care

self-care survivor perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Self-Care is a perk that’s great for both beginners and seasoned survivors. Apart from Inner Strength, this is the only other perk that allows you to heal yourself. With normal healing speed, it allows you to heal yourself at 50%. The healing process can take up to 30 seconds, but it’s better than relying on your teammates to help you recover.

You can pair this perk with others that can also assist in making the healing process faster. As this perk allows you to heal yourself, your teammates can focus on fixing generators instead of trying to help you. It’s a great perk to rely on as you won’t have to wait for your teammates to come for you.


2. Sprint Burst

sprint burst perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Sprint Burst is an exhaustion perk that many survivors rely on because of its properties. This perk grants the survivor a speed buff that lasts for 3 seconds. This perk grants a quick way to reach a hiding place or run away from the killer. However, you should be careful if you’re going against killers like the Clown or the Huntress because they can track down this perk.

Nonetheless, this a great perk to use for all survivors because it’ll help them avoid a hit and give them a quick boost that they need to escape.


3. Inner Strength

inner strength dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you have yet to unlock Self-Care, Inner Strength is an alternative that you can use. This perk allows you to self-heal when a totem is cleansed. If you get injured, all you have to do is to hide in a locker for a few seconds and you’ll be fully healed.

However, unlike Self-Care, this perk only activates if you were the one who cleansed the totem. If other survivors cleanse the totems, you won’t be able to activate Inner Strength. Hence, many players still opt for Self-Care.


4. Adrenaline

adrenaline dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you’re playing with your friends, Adrenaline is a perk that you would want to use. This survivor perk allows you to heal one state once all the generators have been fixed. Apart from that, it also gives you a speed boost that lasts for three seconds.

Adrenaline is a great perk to use, but it only works great in certain situations. If you’re in a pinch, this might be the perk that you’ll need to help you get out of it.


5. Iron Will

iron will survivor perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

This Dead by Daylight survivor perk is especially helpful if a killer is on your tail and you need to hide. Iron Will makes your breathing and grunts 100% silent, which will prevent the killer from hearing you as you make your escape. This perk, paired with Urban Evasion, makes for a combination that will allow you to easily sneak away from the killer undetected.

You can still use Iron Will on its own but it’s essential to still be alert. While this perk will silence your grunts and breathing, you might interact with things that might make noise which will ultimately attract the killer.


6. Dead Hard

dead hard perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you’ve been injured and the killer is hot on your trail, Dead Hard might be able to help you buy some time. The perk activates when you’re in an injured state and if you have some adrenaline to spare to help you dash away.

Dead Hard is a great perk to use if you want to dodge an incoming attack. It will also give you a speed boost so that you can get away. The timing with this perk can be a bit tricky, so you might have to use it if you’re confident enough in your timing.


7. Decisive Strike

decisive strike survivor perk
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If you’re a survivor who always seems to get caught or if you’re the bait, you can use Decisive Strike to help you keep the killer distracted. After getting free from a Hook, this perk will activate and you’ll be able to perform a skill check. This will free you from the killer’s hold and they will be stunned for a good five seconds.

While you do get to make a quick escape, you will end up as the killer’s obsession after this perk is activated. This will help you and your teammates finish fixing the generators faster as the killer will only be fixated on one person.


8. Leader

leader perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Each member of the team is essential to make sure that everyone gets out alive. The Leader perk allows you to boost your team’s efforts. Healing, searching, unhooking, sabotage, and opening the gates can be performed faster if this perk is activated. It’s recommended that at least one player on your team has this perk so that they can assist the rest of the group.

The best thing about the Leader perk is that you don’t have to wait for it to cool down as it is a passive perk. Bear in mind that this perk will only work if you are within eight meters of your teammates.


9. Bond

bond survivor perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Bond is a perk that allows you to see your teammates within a 36m distance at most. This perk is great if your group is scattered and you have to perform tasks separately. This is also great for coordination as it’ll help you relay information better across your team.

Whether you need coordination with repairs, evading the killer, or directing lost players, Bond is a great perk to have because it helps the team as a whole.


10. Urban Evasion

urban evasion dead by daylight perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Last on the best Dead by Daylight perks for survivors is Urban Evasion. With this perk, your movement speed while crouching increases, and at most, it doubles up once the perk is leveled up. This is a great perk to have for almost every situation because it helps you to avoid getting detected by a killer and it also helps you get through certain sections of the map.

Use this perk along with Iron Will to escape the killer faster and undetected.


Dead by Daylight Killer Perks

When playing as a Dead by Daylight Killer, it’s important to take their abilities into account as these will help you become the ultimate killing machine. There are 66 killer perks in Dead by Daylight to choose from. And while players should take into account who they play as and change perks depending on their chosen character, there are some perks that are just a cut above the rest. That said, we have ranked the ten best Dead by Daylight killer perks that you can use.


1. Make Your Choice

make your choice killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

This perk suits killers who can constantly have someone on hooks. Make Your Choice is a perk that alerts the killer whenever a survivor gets off a hook. This is one of the best Dead by Daylight killer perks because it allows the killers to go after stronger survivors and those who get buffs by unhooking their teammates.

This perk is great for both beginners and seasoned killers. It’ll help beginners get in tune with the game and get a hang of the mechanics. For seasoned killers, it helps add to their roster of skills that will help them get ahead of the survivors.


2. Thrilling Tremors

thrilling tremors dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Another great addition to Dead by Daylight killer perks is Thrilling Tremors. Fixing the generators in the game is an important objective for the survivors as it is how they’ll escape the game. Thrilling Tremors allows the killer to know where the other generators are. This also allows them to see which generators are being fixed by the survivors. This not only gives information on the location of the generators but also blocks them from being fixed for 16 seconds. While the blocking doesn’t last long, it still helps the killers get to know where the generators are, so they can keep tabs on them.


3. Tinkerer

tinkerer dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you’re the type of killer who likes to use the element of surprise, Tinkerer is one of the Dead by Daylight perks to consider. This perk makes the killer undetectable by survivors for 16 seconds when there is a generator that is 70% done. It also allows the killer to know which of the generators are being worked on.

It’s similar to Thrilling Tremors, but Tinkerer just shows the generators that are near completion. With this perk, killers can thwart the efforts of the survivors to complete the generators and win the game.


4. Thanatophobia

thanatophobia killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Thanatophobia is one of the Dead by Daylight perks that every killer should consider using. This killer perk affects action time except for healing. You can affect the speed of the repairs, sabotage, and totems. For every injured survivor, their speed slows down by 5%. But if all the survivors are injured, they will slow down by 20%.

This is great for killers because this slows down the game and all survivor actions except for healing.


5. Barbecue and Chili

barbecue and chili killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Barbecue and Chili is a killer perk that comes into play when a killer successfully hooks a survivor. For four seconds, killers will be able to sight survivors who are beyond 40m from the hook. This is more of an aggressive approach to the game that gives killers a chance to chase down the other survivors consecutively.

If combined with an ability like Make Your Choice, a killer will become unstoppable because they can see which survivors are taken off the hook and which ones are farthest from a hook. Killers can use this perk to form strategies to effectively take down the survivors without spending too much time tracking them down.


6. Corrupt Intervention

corrupt intervention killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Next on our Killer perks list is Corrupt Intervention, which prevents players from fixing generators. It blocks three generators that are farthest from the killer for 120 seconds at the start of the game. For the duration of this perk, survivors will not be able to repair them. However, they can repair the ones that were not hit by Corrupt Intervention.

This perk allows killers like Shape and Ghost Face to stalk the survivors and gain power while they stall the game.


7. Discordance

discordance dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you’re using a killer who can shoot their victims, Discordance is a great perk that will greatly benefit you in the game. This turns the generator colors yellow and notifies the killer if two or more survivors are fixing the same generator.

Killers with ranged attacks and those who can injure a group of survivors at the same time may try to injure survivors from afar when they get the ping. This is also great if you’re a beginner at the game because this allows you to find generators and survivors quickly. However, if you are in the middle of a chase, or at the other side of the map, reacting to the notifications might not be worth it.


8. Cruel Limits

cruel limits killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Cruel Limits is a killer perk that decreases a survivor’s chance of escape. Once a generator is done with repairs, all vaults and windows within a 24m radius will be shut and survivors will not be able to pass through them to get away from Killers.

This is helpful if you’re facing survivors whose skills revolve around vaulting. This will corner them and give the killer a chance to hunt them down faster. However, do take note that this is one of the Dead by Daylight perks that might take a while to activate because you will have to rely on how fast the survivors repair a generator.


9. Lightborn

lightborn dead by daylight perks
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

If you’re a beginner and are having difficulty countering flashlights and firecrackers, Lightborn is the best Dead by Daylight perk for you. This perk effectively counters lights and turns the killer immune to flashlights and firecrackers. The best part is that the killer will be able to know which survivor flashed the light for 10 seconds. This is great if you’re having a difficult time navigating through the terrain.


10. A Nurse’s Calling

a nurses calling killer perk
© Photo from the Dead by Daylight Fandom Wiki

Last on this list of the best Dead by Daylight killer perks is A Nurse’s Calling. This ability stops the survivors from healing or using healing abilities. This also allows them to see which survivors are healing within 28 meters.

This is a perk that you should use if you’re using a killer that has a small radius. This allows the killer to creep on survivors and strike.


Use the Right Dead by Daylight Perks

There’s no question about the importance of perks when playing Dead by Daylight. They allow players to gain the upper hand over their opponents and win the game. Perks are also a great way to explore your characters and how they will interact with the environment. Whether you’re a killer or a survivor, perks are important to make your characters stronger and better in the field.

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