24 Best Cross-Platform Games to Play on Mobile, PC, and Consoles

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Cross-platform games are gaining popularity among hardcore and casual gamers today. It is a complete departure from just being able to access a video game from a PC or console; this advancement in the gaming industry has blurred the lines between how many can play a game and on what platform it can be accessed.

Today, gamers are no longer boxed and limited to just using one platform to enjoy the mercurial high one gets when playing. Most developers are now making their products accessible on various platforms, which gives gamers more avenues to enjoy their games.


What Are Cross-Platform Games?


Cross-platform or cross-play games are those that bend the rules of accessibility. As the name suggests, this type of gaming allows players from multiple platforms like consoles and PCs to play simultaneously. This new breed of gaming is usually seen in multiplayer games and games that involve team play. It does not necessarily have a common genre as it can range from turn-based RPGs to anything multiplayer. One good example of this is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wherein one can be playing on Xbox while another could be playing it on PS4 seamlessly without technical difficulties.

Photo showing download options for cross-platform games
Photo by epicgames.com

Even mobile games with counterparts for other platforms are now also following this new trend. Despite other people opposing this as there is a clear disparity in performance between mobile phones and PCs or consoles, we have seen a steady rise in mobile cross-play games.

Cross-play games have also re-invented the way we can engage with other players. Despite the positives, the negatives are solely on how the game experience varies in terms of peripherals. Most players get to have the full advantage of a gaming experience when using their PCs — with the help of a keyboard and mouse, it’s hardly a lost game. However, for players who get to play with their mobile devices, it does come out as off-putting in terms of how one can engage with weapons and shoot an enemy.  Nonetheless, players are resourceful and can find a workaround to bridge the gap and still have a good time when playing.

In this article, we have curated the best cross-platform games which you can play with your friends from other platforms while you are on mobile or vice versa.


24 Cross-Platform Games to Try

Our team of reviewers has curated a list of cross-platform games you can try to kill time. In addition, this also covers cross-generation games — there are games that readily available for one or more console generations.


1. Fortnite

Fortnite Mobile
© Photo by Amrothman from Pixabay

Fortnite continues to lead the list of cross-platform games. Since its release, it continues to exhibit a battle royale-level of experience that nobody can deny as sensational. There is no shortage of montage to clearly paint how ground-breaking this game is, memes and merch included.

Players get their heads wrapped around the idea they can build fortresses, defend them from enemies, gun down other fortresses through multiplayer modes. Since 2017, Epic Games has released other versions of this epic game: Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. These releases gave die-hard fans and casual players more play options that are equally thrilling leaving players in dopamine high.

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Available for: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mobile

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2. Minecraft

Explore randomly-generated worlds and build amazing things
© Photo by nintendo.co.uk

Minecraft, the famous cube-based building game we came to know, continues to take our livingrooms by a storm. Devices that have the Bedrock Edition of the game can now also play simultaneously with other platforms. This cross-generation game is a perfect escape that brings leisure time to an all-time high among friends. It remains to be widely popular, which is probably because of its gameplay that includes blowing up houses, mien caverns, and building buildings — a skill that requires creativity.

This game is not as battle-royale-ish in the way Fortnite is, making this game child-friendly.

Available for: Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mobile

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3. Albion Online

Albion Online categorizes itself as a medieval fantasy sandbox MMORPG. It has intense PvP battles where players through their characters can wield armor weapons, explore a fictional virtual world where most of the challenges are held; and engage in thrilling battles with friends. Moreover, it is a community-driven game, meaning almost all items in the game are crafted by players to the point that trade and sell are enabled within the platform.

Available for: PC, Mobile

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4. Hearthstone

This Blizzard Entertainment card-strategy game has earned a reputation for being easy to play but hard to master. It does give off a sense of Yu-Gi-Oh nostalgia with its gameplay that involves creating a deck, summoning creatures, casting spells, and commanding Warcraft heroes during a duel of epic proportion. This cross-platform game offers a great gaming experience that will surely get you and your friends engaged.

Available for: Mobile, PC

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5. Chess Ultra

Claimed as the most breathtaking chess game ever made, Chess Ultra brings the classic chess game to a whole new level. It still features the classic deep thinking and long, competitive play that masters and casual players enjoy from a strategy game. And contrary to what you might think, this will not give you the Harry-Potter-Wizards-Chess feels, but the VR support does give the thrill and entertainment one could hope for from this game.

Available for: PC, Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4

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6. Legends of Runeterra

Here is another card strategy cross-platform game from Riot Game. This game is based on one of the company’s best franchises, League of Legends. Players will find this game engaging not only because of its card games but also because of the parallel universe. Some stories, characters, and plots from LoL are discussed and opened while playing this game, which will surely give an insight to hardcore fans of LoL.

Available for: Mobile, PC

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7. Dauntless

Cross-platform games: Dauntless
Photo by playdauntless.com

Dauntless is a roleplaying game released by Epic Games, the same developer that released Fortnite. This game is quite distinct for its aesthetics, great gameplay, and is 100% free to play.

Here’s a gameplay overview: as the Slayer in the game, you are tasked to take on monsters called Behemoths. Slay a Behemoth and you get to collect materials, which you can use to wield new gears and take on more powerful opponents within the game. If that gameplay does not make this one of the best cross-platform games, I don’t know what will.

Available for: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4

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8. Royal Crown

This battle royale, isometric view mixed with RPG elements game starts off with the hero being dropped in an island with an end goal to come out as the sole survivor on each match. Along the way, there will be weapon crafting and monster-slaying, which is something one should expect in epic cross-platform games such as this one. Challenge your friends and get your characters ready — customize them to your liking — and get ready for a battle of epic proportions!

Available for: PC, Mobile

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9. Among Us

Among Us has taken the world by storm in 2020 and was even tattled as “a game that tests friendships.” And if we all know it better, it didn’t get to that point since Uno.

Among Us is revolutionary in its gameplay; basically, you battle your way through a nondescript spaceship and get some mission completed. To get it more kicking, the AI chooses two or three among the players (a.k.a. Crewmates) to be Imposters to sabotage the whole mission. The game is won depending on who gets to kick out who following a majority voting.

Available for: Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC

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10. Shadowverse

This digital card game has taken not only Japan but the world by storm and has successfully amassed an esports league. Players can’t get enough of this game not with its AAA artwork and unique game mechanics, enabled by the best CCG available. It is particularly engaging because players from around the world can duel each other in real time.

Available for: Mobile, PC

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11. Roblox

Roblox is an online game platform where users can play games created by other users. Games in this platform are accessible to various devices with developers having the discretion to choose the platforms (desktop, tablet, and phone) on which their games are supported. Additionally, this platform is best for engagement with other players as they get to build their own virtual world where they can socialize through various games that are age-targeted.

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Available for: Mobile, Xbox One, PC

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12. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Banner photo of Power Rangers
Photo by battleforthegrid.com

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a modern revamp of this 25-year-old franchise. Similar to modern takes of Super Mario and other cross-platform games, this game has vivid graphics and is filled with modern-day features, plots, twists, and tricks. Newcomers may find it intimidating at first but this game welcomes anyone with simple control systems. Despite the modern take, it does not escape anyone the sense of familiarity this game would bring anyone who grew up in the 90s (or anyone beyond that).

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

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13. Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 is a cross-platform game that Switch players can enjoy with their friends on Xbox One and PS4. Some players have reported [the game] has the minimum expected for a baseball game. In addition, this cross-platform game has good graphics, smooth controls, and adjustable difficulty levels. The gameplay is simple and balanced but customizable. But topping this game is its impressive individual or multiplayer experience.

Available for: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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14. Paladins

Cross-platform games: Paladins
Photo from paladins.com

Paladins is a team-based game that focuses on five players per team. There are two groups and each group has to fight for combat-based goals in a world called Realm. The game is also filled with sci-fi maps and each player has his/her own kind of weapons, skills, and fighting styles. In addition, these features are also customizable from a card and skin system.

Interestingly, there are other minuscule and not-so-minute features in this game that come out surprisingly making this one of the best cross-platform games one could ever play.

Available for: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4

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Cross-platform Game: Photo banner of SMITE
Photo from smitegame.com

SMITE is a graphic video cross-platform game that has different game modes, Conquest being the most decorative and largest one. Players of 10 are grouped in two and at the start of the game. Once grouped, players then choose to be categorized as either of the following: Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior. One player gets to play god as well. Two players on both sides can’t choose the same character, which makes this MOBA unique.

Available for: Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS4



16. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

This cross-platform game is a free-to-play RPG and is a 100% stand-alone Elder Scrolls game released by Bethesda Game Studios in 2019. It follows a story of a retiring Blade soldier who has to pull himself of retirement the moment he decides to retire to fight enemies that plagued his town and rescue it from decimation. Enjoy the thrill and dopamine high with this cross-play across multiple platforms game with friends.

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Available for: Mobile, PC, Nintendo Switch

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17. Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS

Cross-platform game Yu-Gi-Oh!
Screenshot from konami.com

Yu-Gi-Oh! has become a widely popular duel card battle royale game and it remains to be one of the best card-strategy games up to this day. This game summons Duelists from around the globe to compete in a virtual battleground by summoning duel monsters from a strategically-arranged deck of cards and casting spells as a form of an attack until players have no more credits left to make a move. The one with enough credits left gets to decimate his/her opponents to disgrace.

Available for: PC, Mobile



18. Fantasy Strike

Some players did mention this game does remind them of the good old DOTA2 game; this game is that good!

This one of those action-filled cross-platform games that center on one-on-one battles; safe to say this is a good graphic game that meets mixed martial arts. In addition, it focuses more on strategy rather than the difficulty of moves from the characters. Developers developed this game for tournament play, which means this game is 100% better played in multiplayer mode to get the best gaming experience this one has to offer.

Available for: PS4, Switch, Mac, PC (including Linux)

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19. Levelhead

Play with up to four friends and get your heads wrapped around the thrill of campaign challenges courtesy of this level building platformer. Some video game addicts have likened and compared this game with Super Mario Maker. You as the hero have the sole job to teach the ropes on A.I. robots and have them dispatched across the galaxy. Run, jump, and get your powers up with friends and enjoy the tons of campaigns in this cross-platform game!

Available for: PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch

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20. Brawlhalla

Photo banner of Brawlhalla, one of the cross-platform games
Photo by brawlhalla.com

Do you think mixed martial arts or boxing can’t get any better? Brawlhalla is a multiplayer game with an end goal to throw your opponent off the stage. Play with opponents both on local or online play and defeat them by damaging their character to climb through the rankings. This game features easy controls with an exception of one key/button for special tactics and moves. On any occasion, this multi-platform game does remind us of the old 2D Contra game.

Available for: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

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21. Dead by Daylight

Now, let’s have a game that would give anyone a heart attack. Okay, that was a little bit exaggerated but you get the point.

Dead by Daylight is a strategy game where up to four people (a.k.a. Survivor) have to escape a killer by evading them. Survivors can’t fight against the killer; they only have to run away and evade them to survive. The end goal is to escape the area the Survivors find themselves trapped in by powering the generators to light up the exits.

Available for: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

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22. Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a classic example of a thrilling and graphically good battle royal multi-platform games. The game starts with players being tossed into an arena, one has to fight one another, which effectively shrinks the number of players in the arena. Eventually, the surviving team wins the game. But making itself distinct is the use of spells instead of guns. In our opinion, battle royale games have not been that bougie since this game came around.

Available for: Xbox One, PS4, Switch

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23. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game wherein a player can control characters and perform actions, the likes of running, climbing, swimming, and gliding among others. The in-game characters have their own abilities and skills, including controlling elements. The multiplayer mode allows up to four players to get together and get lost in the domain.

Available for: PC, PS4, Mobile (Android, iOS)

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24. Rogue Company

Rogues are the playable characters that make this cross-platform game addicting. Players have to go over objective-based game modes and maps, each match consists of multiple rounds, and each round begins with characters skydiving from an aircraft. Players may seek to upgrade their equipment and weapons by using the money earned after each tasks are completed.

Available for: PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

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Should All Games Be Cross-Platform Games?

In a very ideal world, all games are cross-platform and cross-generations. It might be what the future of the gaming industry might look like but today, there are factors and road bumps to consider. One of the reasons why all games are not yet developed to be cross-platform is the cost it entails to make such a thing happen. As it so happens, it does take a lot of financing to be able to plug your game into different platforms.

Another reason why this is not yet 100% feasible is developers’ mitigating circumstances. While some studios have the resources to experiment with different platforms, some studios just do not have the luxury in status quo and would prefer it to have their games played on the platform they were initially designed for.

Basically, it is a lot easier said than done.



These cross-platform games are notable because of the graphics, features, plots, and collective experience players have when devouring them using their consoles or phones. With every variable considered, these games offer the very things which made them notable: thrill, excitement, adrenaline, and end-of-game dopamine.

Try one (or more) of these games and let us know what you think!