Ringu Will Torment Dead by Daylight in March 2022 DLC

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Dead by Daylight’s roster is expanding as developer Behaviour Interactive announces the addition of a Ringu character in Chapter 23. Behaviour Interactive expects this addition to spreading horror across The Fog to be a key piece to add terror value in the game come March 2022.

“We’ll be sending one of our most haunting characters to the Fog to pour down horrors that will rival all the great predecessors. Fans should beware of their heart,” says Kadokawa producer Reiko Imayasu.

Dead by Daylight (DbD) has brought in numerous iconic horror characters into its asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay. Most of these characters are capable of physical threat to DbD survivors. This is why the addition of Sadako Yamamura from the Ringu franchise came as a surprise for some. This will make her the 27th killer character in Dead by Daylight, following “The Artist” in the ‘Portrait of a Murder‘ chapter.

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Sadako Yamamura: The Girl from the Well

Dead By Daylight Ringu Chapter Announcement Promo
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The character of Sadako Yamamura came to prominence following the publication of Kōji Suzuki’s novel, The Ring, in 1991. Subsequently, the name Sadako became a household name after the novel has been adapted for the big screen. Moreover, Sadako’s character represents a horror that borders to psychological often attributed to her psychic ability when she was alive.

The Ringu franchise chronicles Sadako’s curse. In the franchise, anyone who gets his hands on a viral video and watches its content will die. That is unless the person is able to show the video to someone else before Sadako manifests herself by crawling out of a well in pursuit of her victim.

This characterization is complex and fans are excited to see how this character will spread terror across The Fog of Dead by Daylight when Chapter 23 lands on March 2022.

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Ringu In Dead By Daylight Development

Dead by Daylight
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Reports say it was a challenge to integrate the Ringu franchise in the Dead By Daylight gameplay considering Sadako’s character is unstoppable. This is primarily due to Sadako’s nature and the horror she represents. In the Ringu franchise, the only way to get out of Sadako’s curse is by showing the viral video to someone else. With this, fans are suspecting the gameplay would employ mechanics whereby players would have turned on one another to survive.

Additionally, it would be an exciting display of mechanics and gameplay to see Sadako in Dead By Daylight. There are so many things to unpack as we await the release of this new chapter. This includes speculations on how would the viral video and the well where Sadako emerges be used. One thing is for sure — Sadako would usher tense game into Dead By Daylight.

“The only thing I can say is that this new chapter will leave a mark,” says Behaviour Interactive creative director Dave Richard.

More details are expected to come as the release date of Chapter 23 draws near. For now, fans can continue to enjoy the terrors of Dead By Daylight on Mobile, PC, PS4, Steam, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.