Fortnite v18.40 Release Delayed, Moved to Nov. 16

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Fortnite players have to wait another week for the latest patch of the game after its developer put off its release. Patch v18.40 will be the last update for  Chapter 2 Season 8 before the series comes to its conclusion in December 2021. Fortnite v18.40 was scheduled for release on November 9. However, Epic Games is now pushing the release to November 16, next week.

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No Clear Reasons For v18.40 Delay

Epic Games did not specify the reason behind the delay, but it can be linked to the plans related to the upcoming Accolades device for Fortnite content creators. In a statement prior to the rescheduled release of v18.40, Epic Games stated the latest patch will have the upcoming Accolades device for Fortnite content creators, a feature designed to help players earn better XPs when in Creative Mode. The Accolades webpage now displays a release date similar to that of Fortnite v18.40’s release which is the 16th of November.

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The expected latest Fornite release comes at the heels of v18.30 which has been released at the end of October. Fortnite v18.30 has ushered in a new quest for players which included the invasion by the Cube Queen. This is where players could get free skins after completing a mission. Meanwhile, there have been rumors that v18.40 will finally offer Naruto as a skin.

Considering Fortnite v18.40 is the last patch for Chapter 2 Season 8, players have until the 4th of December to unlock the Cube Queen, Marvel Villain Carnage, and complete other missions under the current patches.


Fortnite v18.40 Would Bring Minor Buffs

Epic Games has yet to release patch notes intended for Fortnite v18.40. Rumor has it that it won’t be as substantial as v18.30 though. Apart from the buzz of a possible Naruto skin, the Fortnite online community sees the latest Fornite release as an update to usher in the Christmas spirit in the Fortnite universe.

With the 5th of December marking the end of the current chapter and season comes, the latest Fornite release may either confirm or deny if the next season will be Chapter 3 or Chapter 2 Season 9. Epic Games works simultaneously on v18.40 and v19 and has also not ruled out the possibility of v19 patches being for Chapter 3 Season 1.

However, Fornite fans could expect patch v18.40 would include the following updates:

  1. Combat Pistol added
  2. Shadow Ops NPC & Quests
  3. Possible Mech Funding
  4. Possibly Convergence stage 3

But as to the extent of the possible upgrades and added features, we’ll just have to wait for Epic Games to make an announcement following the latest Fornite release.


Jinx on Fortnite?

Making rounds on the wires is the entry of Jinx from League of Legends into the Fortnite Universe. This comes in conjunction with the release of the animated series Arcane on Netflix this week. However, as of this writing, it remains unclear whether or not more League of Legends characters will follow Jinx into the game.