Fortnite Characters: Where Are the Latest NPCs?

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You drop off the flying bus and quickly found some Fortnite guns from fallen enemies or a deserted building. If you think those weapons and shooting skills are all you need to win a Victory Royale, there is still a long road ahead of you. There are other strategies in the mobile game you haven’t realized you might need, such as finding Fortnite characters across the map.

In this handy guide, we will reveal the latest Fortnite season’s roster of non-playable characters (NPCs) that can help you during your playthrough. We will also share the whereabouts of those Fortnite characters so that you can find them fast.


Inside This Article

  1. Why Should You Find Fortnite Characters?
  2. Fortnite Characters and Their Locations
    1. Baba Yaga
    2. Big Mouth
    3. Charlotte
    4. Cube Assassin
    5. Dark Jonesy
    6. Dusk
    7. Fabio Sparklemane
    8. Grim Fable
    9. J.B. Chimpansky
    10. Kitbash
    11. Kor
    12. Madcap
    13. Nitehare
    14. Penny
    15. Pitstop
    16. Raven
    17. Scuba Jonesy
    18. The Brat
    19. Toona Fish
    20. Torin
    21. Wrath
  3. Tips for Locating Fortnite Characters


Why Should You Find Fortnite Characters?

New Fortnite characters await you in every season of the game
Screenshot from Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 Battle Pass trailer on YouTube

Before you check out the NPC list, let’s deal with some important questions. Why do you have to find and meet the Fortnite characters featured here? Can’t you just run across the map and fire at every enemy to win? To answer those briefly, you can opt to play the game the way you want and not find them, but you will miss out on many things.

Meeting Fortnite NPCs have many advantages, including but not limited to the ones listed below:

1. More Loot and XP

Fortnite characters hiding on the map may be up for a battle with you or challenge you to complete quests. While that makes games like Fortnite tricky to play, you get rewards from those NPCs – valuable loot such as weapons and thousands of experience points (XP).


2. HP Restoration

Medkits are useful in the game because they can help you recover some health points (HP). But what if you run out of those healing items? Good news for you. There are Fortnite characters that can heal you or trade supplies with you.


3. Teleportation

Fortnite has permanent rifts across the map for teleportation to other places or realms, but they might be hard to get to. There are enemies probably lurking around, so meeting Fortnite characters who can open a rift wherever they are on the map will be great.


4. Storm Watch

Getting engulfed in the “storm” or barrier that slowly eats up the playable area leads to the loss of your HP. Good news, though. You can predict where the “storm” will emerge with the help of some Fortnite characters.


5. Extra Fun

All in all, Fortnite characters you can find on the map make your playthrough more fun than before. You will surely enjoy the quests and services which also aid you in your run for a Victory Royale.


Fortnite Characters and Their Locations

You now know the perks of finding Fortnite characters, so get ready to meet them. The quick list below highlights NPCs from Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8, who they are, and where they are on the map.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga the witch doctor offers healing items
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Approach the witch’s hut near Sludgy Swamp, southwest of the map

Baba Yaga is a witch doctor. You can interact with her to trigger a series of quests where you have to use healing items or buy supplies using gold. By completing all her requests, you can amass 80,000 XP, which is the standard total XP earnings for NPC quest punch cards or sets.


Big Mouth

Big Mouth is one of the Fortnite characters who can help you disguise yourself
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Enter The Pizza Pit northeast of Corny Crops, near the center of the map

It is easy to recognize Big Mouth because he is one of the Fortnite characters whose names reflect their looks. He has sharp teeth on the opening of his hood, hence the name. The Fortnite character gives easy looting quests worth 150,000 XP combined. He also lets you activate a prop disguise, which is great for your stealth strategies.



How to find: Explore Pleasant Park, northwest of the map

Charlotte is a fan concept from kitsu brought to life as one of the best Fortnite characters. Don’t be fooled by this timid-looking gal. She is a good katana-wielder who offers challenging quests. Her missions include toppling convoys or outposts of the Imagined Order, in exchange for XP.


Cube Assassin

Cube Assassin is a tough Sideways boss
Screenshot from Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 Battle Pass trailer on YouTube

How to find: Interact with Sideways Anomalies

The Cube Assassin is a boss you may fight when you access rifts called Sideways Anomalies. Not every Anomaly will lead to the said enemy. So, you have to try surviving enemy waves from multiple rifts. All the effort is worth it, though. You can get the Sideways Minigun from the fallen boss as loot.


Dark Jonesy

Dark Jonesy is only one of the many variation of Agent Jones
Photo by u/kondorarpi on Reddit

How to find: Land on the main building’s rooftop at Steamy Stacks, northeast of the map

What if Agent John Jones who worked for the Imagined Order crossed over the dark side? You get Dark Jonesy, his alternate version. Dark Jonesy looks like part of the military forces of the underworld. You can get his signature outfit by finishing all the battle and loot missions he assigns to you.



Dusk lets you test your shooting skills via her quests
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Explore Primal Pond to the west of Lazy Lake, southeast of the map

Dusk is a female vampire and among the few Fortnite NPCs that can disguise you as a prop. She also gives experience-boosting quests which can be easy and fun for pistol, shotgun, or SMG specialists of the battle royale game.


Fabio Sparklemane

Fabio Sparklemane is a quirky Fortnite character
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Dropdown on and enter Apres Ski southwest of Misty Meadows, south of the map

He’s pink. He’s fab. Players often poke fun at Fabio Sparklemain, the anthropomorphic unicorn. But if you love dancing in the game, you should meet the quirky Fortnite NPC. He gives quests that require your character to dance. Also, he lets you offload your excess gold as a tip for Fortnite’s bus driver.


Grim Fable

Grim Fable looks as fierce as a wolf
Photo by u/Lawksie on Reddit

How to find: Head west within the Weeping Woods, southwest of the map

Like Big Mouth, Grim Fable gives you a whopping total of 150,000 XP if you complete all quests that she gives you. Those missions include interacting with wildlife, which is not surprising given that the Fortnite character is fond of wolves and nature.


J.B. Chimpansky

J.B. Chimpansky is a space monkey
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Visit the Weather Station south of Catty Corner, southeast of the map

J.B. Chimpansky is an anthropomorphic monkey who looks like a space force commander. He is among the few Fortnite characters that help predict “storms” on the map. To elaborate, he offers Storm Forecasts in exchange for 170 gold, which is a great deal of information that would help you outmatch your opponents.



Kitbash can be your in-game source of metal
Photo by u/georgiboat on Reddit

How to find: Explore the Dirty Docks, east of the map

Looking like a mash-up of model kit parts or a walking pile of metal and junk, Kitbash is among the most loved quirky characters in Fortnite. He offers you metal in exchange for some resources. Kitbash also gives exciting quests you can accomplish with comrades you invited or joined via Fortnite cross-platform play.



Kor works like a secret agent
Screenshot from Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 Battle Pass trailer on YouTube

How to find: Explore the Misty Meadows, south of the map

Kor is a secret agent working for the Imagined Order on a contract basis. She has a special blue eye that hints she has precise sniping skills. The missions you receive from her are perfect if you want to excel as a sniper in the battle royale.



Madcap advocates mushroom preservation
Photo by Redtarp on Fortnite Wiki

How to find: Head to the watermill near Corny Crops, northeast of the map

Madcap is an anthropomorphic glowing mushroom ready to give you foraging quests. He can be your source of XP if you finish his quest lineup. Moreover, the consumables he requires to gather in the process can help heal you or fortify your shield.



Nitehare is among the latest Fortnite characters in Season 8
Photo from Epic Games

How to find: Visit FN Radio near Craggy Cliffs, north of the map

Nitehare is a rabbit in a punk outfit. His quests that are in store for you involve a lot of jumping and setting up explosive traps for opponents. All are worth it for the 150,000 total XP earnings.



Fortnite building specialists need Penny in the game
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Explore Retail Row, southeast of the map

Penny is a master builder who you should visit first if you want to prioritize building among your strategies to win the Victory Royale. She sells construction supplies and her quests will help you practice building efficiently.



Pitstop is the female racer in black and purple
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Go to the Boney Burbs near the center of the map

Pitstop, the female racer in purple uniform above, is among the Fortnite characters to meet if your strategy is using vehicles to outpace your enemies. Drive-by her place once you complete her quests to redeem XP or get Storm Forecasts.



Raven is among the latest NPCs in season 8
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Check out Hydro 16 Power Plant northwest of Misty Meadows, south of the map

Raven is a mysterious hooded figure seen wearing a dark outfit that highlights his glowing eyes. The NPC is also among the Fortnite characters who give out a total of 150,000 XP if all his quests are done. Some of the missions he gives you will require you to go to The Sideways.


Scuba Jonesy

Scuba Jonesy has a masked version
Photo by u/nattan123 on Reddit

How to find: Travel to Coral Castle, which is among the islands situated northwest of the map

If you are not interested in Dark Jonesy’s missions, maybe Scuba Jonesy’s recreational quests are enough to “hook” you more into the game. The latter Fortnite NPC’s missions include swimming, hunting, and releasing fish, which may be easy to accomplish for anyone.


The Brat

The Brat is an NPC with the swagger
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Spot the Fork Knife food truck north of Lazy Lake, southeast of the map

Hip-hop bratwurst sausage anyone? The Brat is a literal hotdog sandwich wearing pants, a backward cap, and sausage links as his “bling”. You would want to find and meet the NPC to get an HP- and a shield-boosting item called the Chug Cannon.


Toona Fish

Toona Fish is color-customizable
Photo from Epic Games

How to find: Go to the west of the map past Holly Hedges to find the Viking Vessel

Who is the most unique of all the Fortnite NPCs here? It is 2D cartoon-inspired Toona Fish. The black-and-white character is an obtainable “skin” in-game and can be colored via Rainbow Ink. As regards quests, Toona Fish has more than five to give you, unlike other Fortnite characters. The missions include travel, crafting, looting, defeating NPCs, and more.



Torin is the face of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8
Screenshot from Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 Battle Pass trailer on YouTube

How to find: Explore The Aftermath, northeast of the purple circle at the center of the map

Torin is a hunter and expert in surviving Sideways encounters, so there is no wonder she would like to test your skills in exploring those rifts. She is great to visit if you are still finding the Cube Assassin. If you do, it is like hitting two birds in one stone – you become worthy of Torin’s rewards and defeat the Sideways boss all at once. Torin can also reveal to you where the next “storm” will originate.



Wrath is a halloween-themed character
Photo from Fortnite on Twitter

How to find: Explore the Stealthy Stronghold, north of the map past Pleasant Park

Wrath is a mummy-like Fortnite NPCs who wears a coat and a top hat. He rewards the standard total XP for the completion of all his quests. The missions are varied for they involve bounties, scouting enemies, interacting with other Fortnite characters, and more.


Tips for Locating Fortnite Characters

Although we already shared with you where you can find the latest Fortnite NPCs in the game, there are a few tips that can make the search even easier for you. Below are those:

1. Keep an eye on the speech icon

If you have already seen some of the Fortnite characters, you might have noticed that there is a speech icon in the area once you are near one NPC. So, use that indicator to pinpoint exact coordinates. It is very helpful, especially if who you are looking for is inside a complex structure. For example, a building with so many rooms and floors.


2. Be aware of enemies

When looking for characters in Fortnite, remember that you are still in a battle zone. That means many other players might also be in the area looking for the same NPC and ready to fire at you at first sight. To not get caught unprepared, it is advisable to be stealthy when approaching a character. Alternatively, you might want to clear the area first before you interact with an NPC.


3. Plan your route

With location information on hand, it is easy to just head straight to where a Fortnite character is. While you are free to do so, we would like to advise you to spend some time thinking about the best route toward an NPC. For example, the character is on top of a tall building or mountain. It would be wiser to drop off there via a glider or from the flying bus instead of going up several floors or braving the perils of a hiking route.

For more tips, check out our guide on how to get better at Fortnite.


Which Fortnite Characters Are You Meeting Today?

With new content added every season of the game, there are many interesting Fortnite characters to meet. While searching for them may seem time-consuming, you are definitely in for hours of fun. We think that is a great way to enjoy your quest for a Victory Royale. So, jump back into the game now and let us know which Fortnite NPCs you are planning to meet along the way to victory!