10 Fortnite Building Tips Beginners Should Know

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Fortnite is a vast battle-royale and open-world adventure game that has drawn a huge fan base across the world. Since its release in 2017, it has only grown exponentially in terms of popularity in the live service games niche next to Apex Legends. Considering its range, it might be a challenge to get to know how to play the game, especially among new players. Because of this, you might be scouring the internet for some top-line Fortnite building tips.

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In all honesty, Fortnite is complicated and expansive. However, knowing the basics will definitely get you a long way. This is what we hope to achieve with this article! We want to give you the basics, some tips, and useful tricks to start building in Fortnite.

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Inside This Article

  1. Importance of Learning Fortnite Building
  2. 10 Effective Fortnite Building Tips for Beginners
    1. Farm Materials for Building
    2. Learn to Build Ramps
    3. Don’t Panic When Panic Building
    4. Do Not Forget To Forage
    5. Look Up!
    6. Cover-Up and Heal
    7. Get Yourself The Best Tools
    8. Shit The Controls
    9. Familiarize Your Own Structures
    10. Enable Turbo Building
  3. Fortnite Building Tips: Work on Yourself


Importance of Learning Fortnite Building

Since its release in 2017, Epic Games has made alterations and upgrades which ultimately led to what Fortnite is today. The majority of the changes are around the game’s meta surrounding weapons, the map, and of course, building. With all these changes, Epic Games has effectively made Fortnite more entertaining, engaging, and immersive. More importantly, the changes have made Fortnite one of Epic Games’ famous battle royale video games.

Considering these changes, Fortnite gameplay may have evolved since the 2017 version. Hence, it is important — at least from our point of view — to orient new players on what to expect in the current version of Fortnite. In addition, we see it as important to educate new players on how to be good, if not better, in playing Fortnite; all because we all have to start somewhere.

In terms of building, it is an important aspect that you need to get yourself familiar with as it would help you dominate the battle-royale game in the long run. In this game mechanics, you have to build shelters and other objects that can help defend you from a difficult situation. Admittedly, this is easier said than done for beginners; we have a few tips to help out.

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10 Effective Fortnite Building Tips for Beginners

If you want to know how to get better at Fortnite, worry no more! We are listing down 10 tips to help you start playing Fortnite Battle Royale. While these items are here to help you in one way or another, we still suggest you play Fortnite regularly to really get to develop muscle memory of its gameplay and be an expert in the fame. These tips are just here as some sort of guide.


1. Farm Materials for Building

A player’s success in playing Fortnite is entirely dependent on his/her own skills and ability to strategize. The very first thing a player needs to do is to farm materials that can be used to build walls and ramps. Walls and ramps are essential elements to have a competitive game but it requires a player to have enough inventory at hand.

Materials in Fortnite can either be stones, woods, and steel. Moreover, a player’s inventory can carry up to 999 combinations of these materials to help them build structures. One pro tip on farming is that it does not have to be extensive; players need to develop muscle memory in farming materials for building. A good player needs to have materials at his disposal, considering the mobile nature of players on the playing field.


2. Learn to Build Ramps

Fortnite Building - ramps
Photo by Epic Games

Ramps are the easiest to build in Fortnite and they can serve as a backbone to some of the extensive builds in the game. However, ramps are essential in the game as they can serve as effective barriers between you and your enemy. Experienced players know how to use ramps for their leverage; ramps within a four-wall structure offer a height advantage and can help them shoot from above the ground.

Building ramps is a simple thing yet it is one of the basics that beginners should learn to do.


3. Don’t Panic When Panic Building

Panic building in Fortnite is quite self-explanatory. However, the definition changes from one player to another. Nonetheless, the common definition of a panic building is related to a player’s reaction following an enemy shootout. This is where a beginner’s knowledge in building walls and ramps come in handy.

Experienced players say panic building comes in handy after hearing a gunshot nearby. This means an enemy is either targetting you or someone in close proximity. Knowing where the enemy is coming from will help you know where to start building structures like a panic wall, panic ramp, and panic forts and towers. It’s kind of ironic for players to call it panic building when in fact you need to collect yourself and focus on protecting yourself upon hearing gunshots nearby.


4. Do Not Forget to Forage

While it is entirely possible to survive the battle fury raging while playing Fortnite, you can’t expect to experience immersive gameplay without leaving your base. Foraging the game area and scouring for your enemies is also another way to build your inventory in Fortnite. More than decreasing the playing field, killing your enemies in Fortnite will also earn you loots that may contain higher-grade weapons.

Pro tip

With the exception of Solo Mode, dying without being revived by your teammates on other game modes will result in you losing your entire loot. When playing Solo Mode, it is imperative to be extra careful not to end up being killed.


5. Look Up!

Photo by Epic Games

Here’s another and probably one of the Fortnite building tips beginners often ignore. One thing new and even experienced players tend to disregard is using the protective ceiling strategy. When a player is starting out in playing Fortnite, higher-level players take advantage and kill them from above. This is where protective ceilings come in handy. Despite the limitation where one can put overhead protections, this specific strategy can give a player a lower ground advantage. We highly recommend starting players to learn to spam the build button and build a ceiling tile when moving on the grounds to get enemies caught off guard since they are most likely going to start building ramps and use higher grounds. It’s a matter of perspective.


6. Cover-Up and Heal

Getting shot at while progressing in the game is something a new player should expect. It’s a battle royale at the end of the day. However, you can take cover after getting shot to heal or wait for your teammates to heal you. And while at it, make sure to build yourself what is commonly referred to as the “turtle shell” protection. This can be built on any flat surface and is often ignored by many players. The beauty of using this strategy lies in giving you both time and safety while attempting to heal. This is one of the rather effective Fortnite building tips because it’s better than the risk of getting killed when trying to look for covers.


7. Get Yourself the Best Tools

There are elements at play that will make a player play good — if not better — in Fortnite. You need to bring in instincts, strategy, and a good game controller. Considering Fortnite is a multiplatform video game, it is expected not all are going to play on a console. But this does not excuse anyone who wants to play the game seriously not to get the best gaming controllers.

Immersive as it is, the only way to really get the best gaming experience out of this battle royale game is by using the best game controllers. And with good game controllers come the ease of building ramps, walls, protection ceilings, and other structures. It might seem overkill for some, but if you are a starting player, you might want to consider getting a controller from a trusted brand.


8. Customize the Controls

Eventually, you will get comfortable and knowledgeable about the gameplay. When this happens, you might want to shift the controls for your convenience. Building ramps, walls, and other structures — even accessing weapons — might be a lot easier if you can easily press a key to activate them in a snap.


9. Familiarize Your Own Structures

Fortnite Building Tips: Know your ramps and walls
Photo from Nintendo

One common misconception beginners make in Fortnite is thinking their structures are impregnable. The truth of the matter is that your enemies can easily infiltrate your buildings and attack you from the inside. This is why one of the important Fortnite building tips we can impart is to (1) make sure to build structures that are enough to confuse your enemies and (2) familiarize the build from the inside and use that knowledge to your advantage. However, we also suggest changing the build from the inside every once in a while so your enemies won’t use it against you.


10. Enable Turbo Building

Turbo building has made playing Fortnite more efficient. This is because this feature allows structures to be placed faster on a flat plane by pressing and holding the build key in contrast to the normal building where you need to press your build key while looking for a flat surface to build. It’s not cheating the system if it means you get to be more efficient and effective in playing Fortnite.


Fortnite Building Tips: Work on Yourself

There really is no blueprint to get better at playing Fortnite but to constantly play it. Ask any pro player out there and they will tell you to put in the hours if you really want to be better at it and work hard to perfect your own style of playing the game. Nonetheless, knowing your basics, perfecting them, and going from there is the best direction for beginners. That probably is the best Fortnite building tip we can impart: build yourself as a Fortnite player. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that no one is born good at playing Fortnite so there really is no cause to feel intimidated or inferior.

Ladies and gents, that makes up our 10 tips on how to get better at Fortnite! We hope you get to be familiar with these Fortnite combat building tips and be better from here on out!