How to Get Better at Fortnite: 13 Tips for Surviving Like a Pro

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Be the last man standing amidst the action. That is what it takes to get a Victory Royale in Fortnite, one of the best cross-platform games from the battle royale genre. Achieving the feat is not easy, though. That is because the in-game scenario is unforgiving. You will experience gunfire everywhere and the thrill of being hunted by everyone. Due to that, you might be struggling with pulling off a solo or team win or finishing among the top 10 survivors at the very least. On the brighter side, you do not need to give up just yet. We will teach you how to get better at Fortnite via this handy guide.


Fortnite Gameplay Overview

There are many ways to get better at Fortnite
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Let’s start with getting to know the gameplay in Fortnite’s main mode, battle royale. If you have tried the game many times already, you probably know this. Feel free to skip to the tips; otherwise, continue reading from here.

If you are new to the game, know that a Fortnite battle starts with the deployment of 100 players into a vast area from a flying bus. The place and its map will depend on the “season” or released game version. What stays consistent is that the area the players land on has useable gear, including guns, melee weapons, and armor, as well as healing items such as Medkits. Some parts of the area will occasionally have a smoke signal, which means there will be supply crates dropped there from the sky. Up to this point, the game is similar to PUBG and some of the best mobile games like Fortnite.

The major difference you will notice in Fortnite is that the environment also provides resources for creating structures, a unique game mechanic not common in battle royales. It is up to you how you will use the gear, healing items, and building supplies for survival. Once equipped and ready, you can already begin shooting down opponents.

Over time, you will notice that the play area on the map gets smaller. That is so that toward the end of the battle, the few remaining competitors would be forced to face each other head-on for a solo or team Victory Royale.


tips to Get Better at Fortnite

Fortnite on consoles and PCs is challenging because of the number of players you should eliminate. The mobile version is even more difficult due to many reasons. The latter is because touch controls make aiming difficult, the smaller screen leads to slower field scaling, and more.

How do you get better at Fortnite no matter the platform, then? Just like in other games, no method works on its own. You have to try multiple strategies to fare better against enemies and be the lone survivor in the battle. That is why we are sharing various tactics for you to outlast opponents like a pro.

Here are 13 tips that can help you before, during, or after a playthrough:

1. Choose Convenient Controls and Shooting Modes

Master the controls to win in Fortnite
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Your setting preferences before you even join a battle in Fortnite matters in making the game easy. Among the most important of those are the controls and shooting modes.

The game will let you pick how you control your character. On mobile, you can use onscreen buttons or tap anywhere on the display to move and shoot. The former’s advantage is its slight resemblance to console controls, which is great for console fans playing Fortnite on the go. Also, the heads-up display (HUD) is customizable. The latter’s perk is that it lets you be quicker when aiming at enemies, but you might have to adjust your touchscreen’s sensitivity in the game. Alternatively, you can use a separate Bluetooth controller for your Android or iOS gadget if you cannot get used to tapping the display.

On consoles, you are presented with control layouts that suit either aiming or building, including one based on old-school Fortnite settings. Meanwhile, there is more freedom on PC. You can set your key bindings the way you want them.

There is an extra option on all platforms — the auto-fire mode. While that sounds convenient, it will not make you more accurate when shooting opponents because you do not gain muscle memory for controls. That is why many experts are against using it.


2. Jump to Where Many or Few Players Are

Planning your jumps makes you better at Fortnite
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For many Fortnite players, the battle already starts as they jump from the flying bus. Where to get deployed is even part of the strategy. Players are nonunanimous on where it is best to land, though. Some choose an area that is either crowded with opponents or nearly like a ghost town.

Which is better? The answer will depend on what you want to focus on in the game. If you want more time to build your fort, choose a peaceful place where there might be fewer enemies. On the other hand, do not do that if you would like to take advantage of everyone mostly having basic gear. Jump into where you think many opponents are and strive to assassinate as many of them as possible early on.


3. Keep an Eye on the ‘Storm’

The storm coming means the danger zone is near you
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Fortnite newbies excited to charge at every enemy tend to forget a basic yet important thing – monitoring their own location. Not being like them is one helpful piece of advice on how to get better at Fortnite.

Keeping an eye on your playable area matters because of the “storm” in the game. The “storm” is the circle you see on your map that marks the boundary between the safe or playable area and the danger zone. The circle gets smaller as time passes by. Seeing it in person on the battlefield, it looks like a glitching barrier that closes into you. If you find yourself engulfed by the “storm”, you will experience your in-game life or health draining. Consequently, you die and lose early in the Fortnite battle.


4. Be Picky When It Comes to Gear and Supplies

Only keep the weapons you use best
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It might be tempting to hoard every weapon, armor, or items you come across, thinking that is how to win Fortnite. Remember that Fortnite is not a role-playing game (RPG) where you have the luxury of time to go through your inventory to sort and choose the best loot, though.

Be picky with the gear and supplies you find. Only pick up or buy the best items you think you can use well. Your arsenal does not necessarily have to be comprised of all the strongest or rarest gear, although Fortnite helps you do that. In the game, an item’s background in the shops and glow as you see it in the field are color-coded based on how easy or hard it is to find them in the game. Here is a quick reference:

Rarity Color Indicator
Common gear Gray
Uncommon gear Green
Rare gear Blue
Epic gear Violet
Legendary gear Orange
Mythic gear Yellow or Gold
Exotic gear Light Blue or Cyan

There are other rarity classifications in Fortnite, and those cover exclusive or limited crossover content from other games or pop culture. For example, Star Wars- and Marvel-themed items that are color-coded dark blue-and-yellow and dark red, respectively. For simplicity, we chose to stick to the main tiers that are available for all players.


5. Build Ramps, Barriers, or Structures

The faster you can build, the better you are at Fortnite
Photo by Epic Games

Because the building mechanics in Fortnite is unconventional for a battle royale game, you might like it or not. No one would force you to create forts if you do not want to; however, not building at least a simple ramp or barrier lets enemies find you easily.

If building is difficult to do with speed, there is a way you can hone your crafting skills. Participate in Zone Wars, a limited-time mode in Fortnite that features alternative game mechanics. Zone Wars can have rules that help you get better at building. For example, you will be automatically shot at when you are not covered by a barrier, which trains you in crafting and setting up structures in real-time. Note that this suggestion should not pressure you to win. Only playing for the building experience is already worth it.


6. Set Traps Inside Structures

There are many traps to choose from in the game
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If building is your forte, but you still find the battles difficult, you might need to try using your structures in a new way. For instance, you can set up your base as a trap to win in Fortnite.

To elaborate on the strategy, you should make the fort look enticing to explore. You can leave some doors open to indicate someone is in the building, but do not forget to set Damage Traps or bombs inside. Wait for enemies to appear afterward. Alternatively, you can attract opponents yourself. Run toward them but not too close, then head to the rooftop of your base. If they followed, shoot at them while they are being delayed by the traps you have installed on the flooring or walls.


7. Shoot at Opponents’ Heads

Headshots can lead to an instant kill
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A headshot in the game is as fatal as in real life. That is why you should always target the opponent’s head if you want to get better at Fortnite.

Curious whether the type of gun matters in successfully aiming for a headshot? It does not. Contrary to what newbies think, even if you are not using a sniper rifle that has a scope for zooming into enemies, you can have the best shooting accuracy. The secret is to try and try until you succeed. You will get good muscle memory in aiming if you do, resulting in precise headshots per attempt.


8. Know When to Take Cover and Retreat

Retreating can help you replan your strategy or regroup with teammates
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Defending is as important as attacking in Fortnite and not a sign of weakness. That is because it gives you the time to reassess your actions or collect more gear. Consequently, you come back to the action more prepared.

You need defensive tactics when you are outnumbered and low on ammunition and health items. If you feel that the odds are not in your favor, do not hesitate to defend yourself by taking cover behind structures or retreating to an area far from where the battle is taking place.

Experts advise doing those instead of running around in the open where opponents can easily spot you. If you cannot avoid doing the latter, though, there is a technique to evade gunshots. It might sound weird or funny, but you have to jump while making haste to your safe spot. That makes it difficult for pursuers to get a headshot. When you are already hidden, close the doors if there are any. That is so that you do not leave a trace or hint that you are there.


9. Stay Alert for Suspicious Sounds

Sounds can warn you about an incoming enemy
Photo by Epic Games

Can you hear doors or entryways creak, grass rustle, footsteps along hallways or stairs, or bombs ticking in Fortnite? If yes, that is great. Sharp hearing is vital in surviving in Fortnite, just like good eyesight is. Awareness about suspicious sounds caused by your opponents lets you counterattack at the right time. You will also know easily if the area is already dangerous to stay in.

If you do not have a good ear in Fortnite, you can use the best gaming headsets to augment your hearing. There are plenty of affordable versions in the market today that have no audio lag and can filter ambient noise. With the audio accessory, you will be able to focus and immerse yourself more into the sounds of the game.


10. Take a Breather

Taking a break gives you energy for your next strategies
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

If you are a seasoned player who is already doing the previously mentioned tips but is still struggling in the game, take a breather and read on. You might not know yet, but some experienced gamers share that they got better at Fortnite after temporarily leaving the game.

There is no exact reason behind why this suggestion works. Anyone can only assume that the break might have relaxed the players’ trigger fingers or cleared up their minds, that is why they can aim better or make smarter decisions in the game.


11. Review the Playthrough

Analyzing your game makes you better at Fortnite
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Getting eliminated from the game is humiliating for sure, but do you know that it can be the golden moment you are waiting for to get better at Fortnite?

That is because you can easily figure out what went wrong immediately after losing the battle than thinking about the problem hours or days after. Where did that last shot that took you down come from and was there a cheat used? Did you forget to build some barriers on one side of your base or not?

All those questions and scenarios can be answered and analyzed when you watch the replay of your last playthrough. The clip can be found within the in-game replay menu on mobile, PC, and console, except for the Nintendo Switch. Note that the feature sometimes gets officially disabled by Fortnite when it has bugs that are being fixed. You can check your game recordings instead if you happen to be streaming your battle before the defeat.


12. Watch the Experts

Take a look at how the Fortnite pros play to be like them
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Finding it difficult to assess your loss? Watch the experts instead. You can get more tips and demos from other seasoned players on the web to supplement what you have learned here. While there are many big names to choose from each platform, where the pros are playing does not matter.

If you are a Fortnite mobile gamer, watching streamers who play on a different platform will expose you to tactics commonly used by PC and console players. Any information you get from them can be a game-changer. It can even help you overturn the notion that PC and console players are the strongest because of platform advantage. Keep in mind that the latter type of players can also watch Fortnite mobile gamers to improve their strategies, though.


13. Play with Friends

You will not get easily defeated in Fortnite if you have teammates
Photo by Epic Games

The process of how to get better at Fortnite is challenging but can be fun at times. If you want to enjoy while learning, play with friends. With comrades, you can share strategies offline or even in-game for better chances of winning. Your trusty companions can also help you during the heat of the battle.

If you have been playing solo for some time already and want to enlist the aid of your friends, check out our guide for how to initiate or set up Fortnite cross-platform play today.


Practice Makes Perfect

The tips we shared here can help you be that one lucky or skilled player that wins the Victory Royale for sure. However, be reminded that practice makes perfect, too. You can get better at Fortnite by trying the recommended strategies several or more times. After all, the accumulation of experience is what molds players into the best, no matter what the game is. Practice whenever you can and have fun while you are at it!

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