Marvel Strike Force Best Teams for All Game Modes

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With the popularity of Marvel properties on the rise, the number of games carrying the license is on the rise. One of those games is Marvel Strike Force. With its focus on team synergies and compositions, it is one of the best on-going Marvel-licensed games. But, what are the Marvel Strike Force best teams for every game mode? Let’s find out!


What Is Marvel Strike Force?

Marvel Strike Force
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based Gacha RPG created by FoxNext (which was then acquired by Scopely) for both Android and iOS. The game launched globally on the 28th of March, 2018, and is set on the greater Marvel Universe.

In the game, Earth is under siege by Ultimus and his army of mind-controlled versions of the staple Marvel heroes and villains. Meanwhile, the Agents of S.T.R.I.K.E. (Special Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events) has been tasked to gather heroes and villains alike and team them up to fight Ultimus’s legions.

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Marvel Strike Force Features


Marvel Strike Force lets players collect various Marvel heroes, villains, and even generic mob characters from famous Marvel organizations like SHIELD, AIM, The Hand, and Hydra among others and make use of them in various turn-based battles. There are a few methods to get these characters: some of them are given to players instantly, while others are given through gameplay or in-game rewards in events. You can obtain and promote characters by spending shards earned.

Shards can be earned either from finishing fights or by purchasing from the in-game or event shop. Players can then increase their user level by obtaining EXP by also finishing daily quests or completing battles.



The Battles in the game are split up into battle rounds, with the unit that has the highest speed getting to go first. All the teams in the game are made up of five unique characters that then fight until they’re defeated or when reinforcements enter into the battle. Battles are also turn-based, with the turns being determined by the speed attributes of all the characters, and on the turn, they will then fight or give buffs to allies and debuffs to the enemy.


Alliance Features

Players can also join various alliances that consist of the main groups on the game. These alliances can have up to 24 players and players can either be invited in or simply go into the alliance based on said alliance being private or open. Alliances also allow players to participate in various events like raids and to have access to alliance milestones. Lastly, alliances can be made by anyone or made by the game itself. All players in the game have to be in an alliance, so if players leave or get kicked out of an alliance, the game will immediately assign them a new one.


Game Modes

Marvel Strike Force Home
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


The main modes that the game has are Arena, Blitz, Raids, Challenges, and finally, Alliance War. All of these modes have their currency that players can then be spent on character shards or various items.

The arena is simple enough, its players fighting against other players and their created squads in pitched 5-on-5 battles. At the same time, they are also jockeying for daily prizes that are based on the ranking released at the end of the daily reset time.

Raids are maps that any player-ran alliance can enter and must work together to fight and beat all of the raid nodes.

Challenges are finished once per day to give players various resources. All the challenges occur three days every week and can be finished three times per day, with some challenges needing specific character traits to be present in the team to finish said tier of the challenge.

Alliance War asks alliance players to work together to defeat an opponent’s alliance helicarrier that has 12 rooms each, the rooms have two sets of eight defense teams. However, they still have to defend their helicarrier as well.

The versus battle is a one-on-one battle between two players played in real-time.


Alliance Modes

Alliances are what guilds are termed for in Marvel Strike Force. They’re groups of players that band together to compete in the Alliance War and Raids.


Event Campaigns

Campaign Events comprise a campaign to unlock and obtain a new character. Usually, the said character is given to the player with a temporary tag, and they’re the only character that you’re allowed to use in the campaign. Every node that you complete in the Campaign Event gives orb shards, which the players can use to obtain the new character alongside older ones already available in the game.

Campaign Events usually have a two-week duration, which might seem like a long time, but it’s not. Thus, it’s usually a good idea to speed through it because you need to level the character up, give them weapons and gear, improve their skills, and a lot more.


Legendary Events

Meanwhile, Legendary Events are where you can obtain certain legendary characters. These characters have set requirements and tags. Each tier that you complete will let you obtain a set amount of shards for the Legendary Character of said event. It’s usually on the fifth tier that players can unlock said Legendary Character except for Phoenix who needs up to the sixth tier. All Legendary Events are usually seasonal when they are first released with the event lasting for five days.

However, when the event is brought back, the event duration will be reduced to three days. Of all the Legendary Characters available, Iron Man is the most affordable at 100 Shards/third tier to be unlocked. In addition to that, his event is also added to the permanent events, making it so that no one can miss a beloved Marvel Hero.


How to Get Marvel Strike Force on iOS and Android?

The game is available on both iOS and Android, on both their game stores. It’s a simple matter of going to your phone’s app store and downloading the game there. And as they’re free with in-app purchases, you can install and play the game instantly.


What Are the Marvel Strike Force Best Teams?

First off, there’s something that should be said.

All the teams on this list have the ability to be used in some, if not all of the Game Modes that are in the game, and it’s up to the player to decide what team should be used on what game mode. However, we’re going to help you in deciding which teams you’re going to put there based on what’s currently on your Super Roster.

Here are the Marvel Strike Force best teams for different game modes.


For Alliance War, Arena, and Blitz

Black Order Team: Thanos, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Corvus Glaive

Black Order
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


This team has been on the list of teams that are rumored to be added to the game some two years ago, and now, they’re here.

The Black Order Team is currently one of, if not the best Alliance War Offense teams out there. With the utter destructive power of Empowered Thanos, and Ebony Maw buffing up the best that the Black Order has to offer, there’s little that can escape the curb-stomping that this team gives. Also, they’re not only great in Alliance War but in Arena and Blitz as well. Some players use this exact team comp to tackle the various Raids and endgame content that are currently out in the game. Making the Black Order Team a must-have for a lot of players.


Spiderverse Team: Venom, Spider-Man, Carnage, Miles Morales, Symbiote

The Spiderverse Team is one of the newest additions in the game’s current meta. This team comp, or at least some characters that are on it with some Supers swapped here and there, are made to counter not only Hydra but also the almighty Asgardians in Alliance War thanks in part to Frenzied Fury, Carnage’s passive ability. It’s a good idea to compose the team with the characters mentioned above, however.

Venom can tank quite a bit of damage to Brawler chain skills. Miles does what he does best with his current teammates (only if he’s in between the other Supers though; he gets an innate evasion while he’s invisible. And if he’s invisible, he won’t get other defensive buffs). And you already know what Carnage can do. Spider-Man and Symbiote have great survivability and damage options as well, making this team one of the most solid when it comes to sustainability. Various iterations of this team are on the other game modes too, not just in Alliance War.


X-Men: Phoenix, Colossus, Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, or Storm

Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


A staple for Arena, Blitz, and Alliance War Offense, the X-Men are some of the best characters in the game and you can’t go wrong with this Team Comp. There are times when Psylocke is replaced by Storm to add in a few extra points of big girl damage; however, Psylocke has a pretty good ability to transfer her teammate’s negative effects on the enemy and deal some pretty hefty damage. It effectively replaces Storm from this Team Meta.

In addition to Psylocke, Cyclops and Wolverine are practically essential to the team due to their synergy and how much damage they can cause if their skills are looped together. In Phoenix’s case, she’s a free get-out-of-jail card due to her ability to do some insane buffs and healing. Colossus is there to tank stuff and ensures that your squishier units don’t get shanked.


Asgardians: Heimdall, Thor, Hela, Loki, Sif

Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


This team is quite honestly one of the strongest and most meta of the game’s history, bar none. With enough investment, one can usually shank nearly every team that’s going to be on this list. This is because of how well the characters synergize with each other. Heimdall has ridiculous HP and Armor values as well as the ability to remove stealth from enemies and give them heal block.

Thor has an amazing passive that boosts his damage and is also the team’s main damage dealer. Loki meanwhile is a great controller, giving your opponent’s team a hard time with attack and defense debuffs, as well as summoning illusions of himself. In addition to Hela, who not only debuffs your enemies but also summons undead minions to her call, you’re practically set when it comes to team debuff in the team.

Lastly, there’s Sif. Sif is just an all-around great tank and a beast of a counterattacker. All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Asgardians, and it’s generally a good idea to bet on them when you’re in a pinch.


S.H.I.E.L.D: Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D Medic/Assault/Security/Operative/Trooper, Agent Coulson

The team that can’t go wrong—well, before new characters were added. The S.H.I.E.L.D team comp is one that can be obtained and maxed fairly early in the game due to how prolific the characters are.

The team usually revolves around S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury due to his great damage output, all while having some serious support capabilities and paired with some other S.H.I.E.L.D Agents, but the team does have some variations that can be tweaked with what the player wants to use.

Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D Security is a serious tank type of character, with the ability to taunt enemies when his allies are at low HP and apply some serious defensive buffs. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D Assault gives critical strike buffs to the whole team as well as bringing in the AOE rain.

S.H.I.E.L.D Medic provides an additional heal and gives them out to allies like the Easter Bunny gives eggs. Operative and Trooper are more of a luxury pick as they’re not as essential to the whole team as a whole. However, Operative has some great synergy with Nick Fury, while the Trooper has a high critical strike chance and the ability to counter when a S.H.I.E.L.D Member is damaged.

Finally, there’s Agent Coulson, who is a Tech Controller. Agent Coulson gives out some pretty hefty debuffs to the enemy team while buffing his own.


Other Teams to Consider

Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


  • Brotherhood 2.0 – Magneto, Juggernaut, Blob, Toad, and Pyro
  • Fantastic 4 with Namor –Invisible Woman, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and Namor.
  • Power Armor – Iron Man, Ironheart, Rescue, Warmachine, and Falcon
  • X Force – Deadpool, Cable, Domino, Negasonic, and X-23


For Raids

Midnight Slaughter

Midnight Slaughter
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


Thanos is the battery for a very successful raid team with Minn Erva, Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket Racoon. However, with the advent of Ultimus 7 and various difficulty tiers, that team has become obsolete. Now, with the recent introduction of Ebony Maw and Black Bolt, Thanos has found a new home in raids.

Thanos is still the battery and primary tank of your team. Every time you kill an enemy, he gives adjacent energy to adjacent cosmic allies. Well, Ebony Maw and Black Bolt are the perfect guys to pair up with the Mad Titan. Black Bolt is the biggest hitter in the game and also has an ability that denies reviving any unit he kills. Plus, when an opponent’s health is low, he attacks them and most of the time leads to them going out. Ebony Maw will be your primary source of buffs and debuffs. While having great synergy with Thanos, he also gives barrier and immunity when you kill a Hero Controller unit.

The best two characters to finish off the team are Minn Erva and Emma Frost. Minn Erva will be your primary healer, and Emma will be your buff cleanser. Currently, in regard to Ultimus 7 raids, it is one of the Marvel Strike Force best teams.


Ultron Raid Team, aka Tech Wing

When doing raids, Ultron is a great character to get in Marvel Strike Force due to how much he can offer teams that he’s on. He has insane flexibility, allowing you to place him in different roles, can summon a few of his Ultron Minions, give hefty defensive buffs to the team, and last but not the least, he can revive fallen allies. Thus, in the Raids game mode, it’s usually a good idea to run an Ultron centric team.

Now, the rest of the team would depend on what the Raid node requires. However, in general, its usually a good idea to run Ultron with these four characters:

Invisible Woman: gives great shields and various positive buffs to the whole team. With her and Ultron, it might be best if you swap for another member of the Fantastic 4, or even make an F4 + Ultron Team build.

Falcon: another good synergy for the team. Falcon is great against teams that constantly buff themselves and can remove stealth.

Scientist Supreme: Scientist Supreme is primarily a buffer type character, with the cool ability to turn negative debuffs into positive buffs.

Minn-Erva: If you’re looking for a healer type character, then Minn-Erva is one of the best in the game. She comes with both targeted and AOE healing abilities, as well as a siphon attack that drains enemy HP and removes stealth.


How Do You Farm Characters for These Teams?

Marvel Strike Force Milestones
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


The first thing that you can do to farm the characters above is to get enough Premium Orb Shards. It might now be the most efficient way to farm but the chances of getting multiple shards in one go are better than none. However, you’ll need to know what game modes reward premium orb shards. There are also other ways on how you can farm characters for the Marvel Strike Force best teams.


Premium Orbs

Achievements, Raids, and Weekly Challenges

In order to farm premium orbs, you can get them as rewards for achievements. There are several achievements that you can unlock while playing the game. However, not all of them award premium orb shards. Greek raids are also a source of premium orb shards but not sufficient enough. To get the most number of shards, it’s better to run the Orb Fragments challenges on Wednesday and weekends. Running and completing this challenge on the highest tier awards players at least 1 premium orb per week.



Next would be the Orb Assault Blitz as well as the Ranked Rewards. This event comes out every Monday and has several milestones that are a bit on the hard side to reach. Usually, the Orb Assault Blitz is not impactful for farming Premium Orb shards until you have a decent roster of teams. However, this method gives out a very consistent amount of shards that players can feast their eyes out on. Meanwhile, Ranked Rewards are exactly as it says on the tin. Get consistently good ranks on the Blitz and you get more Premium Orb Shards.



If you want to get a sure way to get character shards, you can check out the Blitz, Arena, Supplies, Raid, and War stores. Blitz and Arena stores show all the characters available. Both marquee and minion units are available without the game rotating who you can buy. Take note that Domino is only available on Blitz orbs. Raid, Supplies, and War stores however tend to rotate characters that you can buy. If the character you’re looking for is not available, you can wait when these stores refresh or do it manually for at least 50 cores.



Some characters are farmable through nodes, in order to unlock them, you’ll have to run their nodes at least once per day. These nodes have a chance of giving shards of the specific character. There are also events that boost the drop rate and amount of shards given.


Milestone Orbs

Daily milestones award players with milestone shards. Every 2,000 milestone shards unlock a milestone orb. Some characters are exclusive to this orb but the good thing is that milestone shards are easy to farm.


Mega Orbs

If you want to hit the jackpot and get at least 50 shards for one marquee character, this is the way to go. Mega Orb shards are available in Legendary events, Dark Dimension runs, and Limited events.



However, some characters are only available via Legendary events. These characters either complete teams or enhance them.


Ultron & Ultimus

Two of the biggest villains in-game can only be acquired through one method respectively. Ultron is the reward for completing one run of Dark Dimension II while in order to 7-star him, you’ll need to complete the mode a second time. Ultimus can be acquired through Ultimus orb openings. This orb is easy to come by especially if you have a lot of 7-star characters.


Tools to Help You Out

Last but not the least, there are several tools out there that can help both old and new players in Marvel Strike Force. Here are several of them that people can make use of and see what are the Marvel Strike Force best teams.


Content Creators


Several YouTube channels constantly create Marvel Strike Force content and guides. For people who are looking for methods of farming, meta patterns, the best Arena teams, its typically a good idea to take a little swim at the Youtube App.

Some of these Content Creators include Tauna, Khasino, TonyBingGaming, LukeConnerton, Seatin The Whale Sin of Spending, and several others. These content creators have weekly and up-to-date content which takes about the Marvel Strike Force best teams.



And then there are the community Discord servers. The game has a pretty open community Discord that people can easily access with the correct invite code. Usually, Alliances have their community Discord Servers so that they can coordinate their playtime well. But for those with no Alliances to call their own, the Marvel Strike Force Official Discord is available to ask for help on.



Screenshot from MSF.GG


Last but most certainly not the least, the site. With the former fandom site of the game out of commission possibly forever, the .gg site is the new place to go to. This is because the website has it all. From raid levels, arena team comp makers, character lists, and even Event Node lists and enemies. If you’re looking for a cheat sheet for the whole game and look for the Marvel Strike Force best teams, this is the place to go.