Is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode A Must-Try Gacha Game?

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Gacha games are everywhere at this point, and it’s a coin flip to find something that the player enjoys playing. However, if you’re a fan of Disney, Pixar, or both, then you might want to look into Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Here’s a bit of a rundown of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and what’s good and bad about it.


What is Disney Heroes: Battle Mode?

Dsiney Heroes Battle Mode
Photo from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Facebook Page


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a strategic brawling RPG where players use a squad of Disney and Pixar characters. They then use these characters to fight enemies in a variety of game modes. It’s a simple system and a pretty fun one as you have several familiar faces in the game that we’re going to look at later.

The squad-based theme of the game is where the strategy element is more apparent. The players have the choice of what characters on their roster they’re going to put into a specific team. They might add in Woody and Buzz Lightyear together because they synchronize perfectly. Maybe they want a more zany team and put Elsa and Jim Hawkins. Who knows?

In addition to this, they have to level up said characters, and it might need to prioritize which characters to level up. As they play the game, they will eventually obtain more characters. With each of them having different powers and skills that they can develop and improve, which they can then slot into their teams to defeat more enemies.

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How To Get Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on Android or iOS?

If you want to play Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, you can usually download it on Google Play or Apple App Store. It’s a free game with in-app purchases. This means you can play it on your smartphones without paying a dime. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google Play or Apple App Store – A simple enough jaunt to Google Play or Apple App Store should do the trick.
  2. Search Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – The search bar is your friend and is a good one indeed. Just type in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and you’re golden.
  3. Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – After searching the game, you will be prompted that the game has in-app purchases even if it’s free. If you’re going for it, then select OK and download the game.

Get it for Android

Get it for iOS


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Features

Disney Heroes
Photo from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Facebook Page


The game has several things going for it that might make it worthwhile for players. Here are some of the things that might interest you:


Game Modes


Now you might notice that Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has quite a bit on their plate when it comes to their game modes. Here are a few that might catch your fancy:



Quite honestly the main game mode of the game. This is where you can get started on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. And to be fair, you have quite a bit of story to go through. You also get chests here that you can use to obtain more characters and badges. So, there’s real merit to polishing up the various campaign levels. Do note that I mean getting 3 stars on each level, so you really have to build your unique team.



What’s a Gacha RPG without an Arena, eh? It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, and this is where the PvP comes in. Players can fight each other and put their various characters against each other as well. Wanna have Buzz Lightyear fight his archnemesis the Evil Emperor Zurg? Just look for a player with said character and fight him. Want Elsa to fight Mulan? Easy enough to look for.

Do note though that Arena is a team mode so you have to build a team to fight in the Arena specifically. Also, Look for Meta teams, unless you don’t care about the Arena Mode. However, they do have tons of rewards, so it might be worth it.


City Watch

This is the survival mode of the game. You only have one thing to do: build a team and then survive a gauntlet of enemies. You can’t heal in-between battles, you can bring healers, but no healing other than that. If your team’s main DPS dies, you’re pretty much screwed. And we won’t be here in this game mode.

There are some pretty cool rewards for getting through harder and harder runs on City Watch though. So get stronger, and challenge City Watch again and again on harder difficulties.


The Warehouse

The place to go for daily resource grinding. Simple and clean, and there’s nothing else that needs to be said about the Warehouse.



The Coliseum is similar enough to the Arena Game Mode. However, the main difference is the fact that you need to build 3 different teams and pit them against other player’s 3 teams. Team 1 fights against team 1, team 2 fights against team 2, et cetera; simple enough. There’s also a rewards system based on player rankings. So, if you want the best loot, you gotta be the best in the Colosseum!



Invasion is the game’s boss mode and has a simple premise: Defeat the boss. You can use all of your characters, but when they die, they die. You have to make sure to build your teams in such a way that they can defeat the mooks and the boss. So, team-building and character levels are key.



The Heist game mode is quite honestly the most boring and monotonous in the game. Players are shown a map of the game world and they deploy the characters they have to search for thieves. When the thieves are found, you fight them normally. But other than that, this game mode’s incredibly boring. As before though, there are some good rewards to be had. So, it might be worth it for the grind.



Buzz Lightyear
Photo from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Facebook Page


Do you know the Smash Series’ motto of “Everyone is Here”? Well, think that, but for Pixar and Disney. You can fully expect that a metric ton of Disney and Pixar characters are on the game. And if they aren’t there yet, well they’re probably going to be added in later.

Here are a few of the more known characters in the game:

  • Mickey Mouse: What? It’s a Disney game. Did you expect that they won’t add in their main mascot? Please.
  • The entirety of the Incredibles: This moment that Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible appeared in the game is the moment that you should see that this is also a Pixar crossover. They, their children, and even their friend Frozone and Syndrome are in the game, which is great!
  • Wall-E and Eve: Quite honestly the most adorable couple in the entirety of Pixar History. No takebacks, they’re adorable.
  • Inside Out Characters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. All 5 of Riley’s emotions are in the game. Where’s Joy though?
  • Capt. Hook and Peter Pan: Fairy boy and pirate man are now in a new world. I wonder if the Captain can take revenge on Peter for getting his limbs eaten by a crocodile this time?
  • Jack Sparrow: The most famous pirate to sail the 7 seas. Or well, that’s what he claims to everyone he meets. However, knowing his name means you DO know him. And that means he’s telling the truth of things. Also, an incorrigible scoundrel, and we love him for it.


There are boatloads more Disney and Pixar characters available in the game. This is why it’s a pain in the ass to collect and level them all. My advice? Get those you want and screw the rest.


Levelling System

The game’s leveling system is based on collectible badges and character ranks. Each character has specific badges that players use to get them up a rank. And for each rank they go, the better their stats will be. Simple, and clean.

Other than that, though, you also need to level your characters by fighting enemies in the game. Once you get to a level cap, you need to rank them up by the method above to level them up again. Now, this is simple when said, hard when done. As there’s a metric ton of characters in the game to level, and getting the appropriate badges for them is a herculean task. This means you have to be one with the grind if you want to max out all the characters.


How To Get Characters?


As for how you can get characters in the game, well it’s simple. Every game mode you play has a chance to drop a crate. These can range from Gold and Diamond Crates to the Guild Crates that you can get from guild related stuff. And depending on your luck, you can get characters from these crates. But mostly, you get more badges, currency, and the like.


Strengths and Weaknesses of The Game

Photo from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Facebook Page


Right, let’s talk about the things that make this game appealing and the things that are not so appealing about it. There are some good things about the game that might entice players to keep playing it. And some things that are not so good that will annoy players. So, let’s talk about them and some good ones as well to help in the decision making, shall we?


What is Good?

Right, let’s talk about the good things of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

One of the best things about this game is the fact that there are a lot of characters in it. The second is that all of these characters hail from either Pixar or Disney movies — series that attract a player base. Overall, the main draw of the game is the character roster and the fact that you can put these characters on any kind of team.


What is Bad?

The bad is the fact that there’s not that much in the combat of the game and it shows. For one, it’s incredibly monotonous, and the special abilities of characters don’t have any flair. They just appear on the screen and that’s it. This, if you’re one that wants a bit of flair into their game would curtail quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.

In addition to this, the game modes are tedious, and there are a lot of missions and things to do daily. This makes the game an absolute grind of missions and tasks, thus somewhat removing player enjoyment.


What is Ugly?

Now, for the ugly, and there’s one thing in particular that makes the game a chore: VIP Tiers.

For those not in the know, some games sell VIP Tiers on their in-game shops. These tiers allow the player access to better loot, more ways to make the game less repetitive, and overall improve player living in the game. Unfortunately, these things, which should be standard on a gacha game, are now part and parcel on these VIP Tiers. The rest of the players that want to stay Free-to-Play endure incredible grinds just to get by and level their characters. Meanwhile, those that bought the VIP Tiers enjoy better benefits.

This shows when playing in the Player Vs. Player modes, where character levels and team compositions are key. A high tier team with maxed out characters will stomp lower end teams wholesale. This means that those players can’t get the highest tier of rewards on the PvP modes unless they too submit and get a VIP Tier.


Disney Heroes: Battle Mode VS Gacha RPGs

As we’ve all known by now, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode isn’t the only Gacha RPG out there, and it definitely won’t be the last. There are other Gacha RPGs on Android and iOS and it’s best that we talk about them and compare them with Disney Heroes: Battle Mode so that you can choose for yourself which one you want to go for. Here are 5 of the more prominent ones currently available:


Fire Emblem Heroes


Now, if you’re a Nintendo fan, you most probably know about the Fire Emblem series, even if that knowledge came from the fact that some of their characters are on the Smash games. However, they’re an incredibly prominent and awesome game series back in the day, and with the release of Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, they’ve made a resurgence in the public eye.

You play as an ordinary man who got transported to Askr, a nation under siege by the Emblian Empire. The Empire somehow found a way to summon heroes from other Fire Emblem timelines that serve their will. To combat them, Askr’s Order of Heroes summoned you, who also has the same power.

Now, that’s the premise of it. You got summoned into Askr, and you take control of the Order of Heroes. Your job is to beat back the various threats that threaten Askr and look for a way home. You do this by summoning heroes and villains from various Fire Emblem games. These can range from Robin and Chrom from Awakening to Marth from OG Fire Emblem, Ike from Path of Radiance.

You name a Fire Emblem Character; they’re probably in the game, alongside several seasonal and alternate versions of them. I mean, there’s a bunny version of Grima, the big bad of Fire Emblem Awakening. That’s both hilarious and ridiculous.

Now, this means that both FEH and Disney Heroes: Battle Arena isn’t that much different from the other. After all, they have a similar thing of “Everyone’s Here!” to them. But if you want to collect Fire Emblem Characters instead of Disney and Pixar Characters, then Fire Emblem Heroes is the way to go.


Dragalia Lost


Dragalia Lost is a F2P Action RPG created by both Nintendo and Cygames for Android and iOS.

Plot-wise, the game is about the Kingdom of Alberia. The royal family of Alberia makes pacts with dragons to protect both their kingdom and their sovereignty. The game’s main character is the 7th-in-line to the throne. However, he hasn’t made a pact of his own to stay out of the succession squabble. Unfortunately for him, he has to do so to investigate the weakening of the Kingdom’s Sacred Shard. The Sacred Shard is what the kingdom uses to defend itself against the hordes of monsters outside of their borders.

Unluckily, the kingdom was beset with tragedy. And now the prince is left with the task of finding out how it happened. Along the way, he’ll meet some allies, make friends, and in general, explore the world.

Now, the main difference between Dragalia Lost and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is in their gameplay. They’re pretty similar in some aspects. Most notable are the parts where they ascend and improve characters and equipment, et cetera. However, when you’re controlling the heroes, that’s where the main differences shine.

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, you don’t have that much agency when controlling your heroes. They attack enemies automatically, the tank attacks, et cetera. The only thing you can do is tap them to use their special abilities. Not Dragalia Lost. In that game, the PLAYER has to navigate the stage, the player has to dodge and attack enemies. So, the main difference here is how players go through the quests and missions of the games they play.


Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force Home
Screenshot from Marvel Strike Force game


Now, on the other side of the pond, let’s talk about something that’s also Disney’s IP, Marvel Strike Force.

In terms of how they’ve played, they’re pretty similar. The player has to tap the heroes/characters in question to use their skills and they usually attack automatically. In terms of how you make your characters stronger, you also need to farm materials to get them to higher power tiers.

Nothing major in terms of their gameplay, and it’s not that much of a leap if you transfer between games.


Epic Seven


Epic Seven is kinda, sorta, a more recent Gacha RPG when compared to the other Gacha RPG’s on this list. But they make up for it for the art style and sheer coolness of their characters. The game is initially made in Korea, but got a global version back in 2018. It has a pretty nifty 2D animated art style that mimics live 2D tech.

Now, Epic Seven does take some inspiration from Summoner’s War: Sky Arena, mostly on their gameplay systems and mechanics. Both games have gear slots, capped levels on certain character ranks, the ability to promote characters, et cetera. But they differ on the art style, and it’s on the art style that Epic Seven makes their bread and butter.

As for how they’re different from Disney Heroes: Battle Arena? Well, they have similar enough gameplay and enhancement routes for their characters. Both use a system where they can increase the rank and overall strength of their characters through the use of items that players can farm. Other than that though, Disney Heroes: Battle Arena uses pre-existing characters from various Disney and Pixar movies and series. Meanwhile, Epic Seven creates its original characters with their own unique and distinct appearances.

In short, both games are similar enough in gameplay and mechanics, but in art style, Epic Seven is king. Both games are incredibly repetitive though, so there’s that.


Fate/Grand Order


Last but not the least, the Fate/Grand Order.

When talking about Fate/Grand Order, you need to take into account that it’s kind of the last hurrah of the franchise. The Fate Franchise has been on a bit of a lowdown before the game’s release. And the developers and Type-Moon didn’t expect that the game would be this popular. However, as many have seen, the game catapulted the franchise to the skies and beyond.

In terms of gameplay, F/GO has a similar enough premise when it comes to leveling Servants, the game’s characters. The difference is the part where players can’t level them through battle. Instead, they have to obtain embers that they can use to level them to certain level caps. They then use items collected in a battle to ascend them, until they get to their 4th, and final ascension, where they reveal some pretty cool art. Sometimes, these final Ascension arts are lewd, but that’s the draw of the game.

Combat wise, there’s a whole difference when compared to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. The game has you field 6 Servants into battle. And depending on the rank of the Servant, they will have different costs to field them. Special Craft Essences can also be added in to give special effects to the characters, as well as improving their stats.

When in battle, there’s a pretty big difference between both games. In F/GO, the player has a lot more agency in what the Servants do in battle. They can use skills, use the skills their equipped outfit has, or attack. Once a special meter is filled, they can use a special attack or Noble Phantasm. To either debuff, damage the enemy, or buff allies.