New Marvel MMO Preview: Is Future Revolution Worth Hyping?

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The Marvel Comic series has seen its fair share of reworks, new ideas, plots, and overall confusing times throughout its history. There’s a lot of hidden lore underneath the huge pile of comic books that the series have and will probably take more than 10 articles to talk about. It does, however, give us a pretty fun premise — what happens when those timelines, those Earths, collide? Well, that’s where Marvel Future Revolution aka the new Marvel MMO game comes in.


What Is Marvel Future Revolution?


The new Marvel MMO named Future Revolution is a free-to-play, action RPG created by Netmarble. The game is set to release this August 25 on Android and iOS.




Marvel Future Revolution MMO Preview

Gameplay, Combat & Controls

Photo from Future Revolution’s Twitter Page


Marvel Future Revolution is remarkably similar to games like Honkai Impact 3rd. The game follows after a linear plot and the controls are also pretty similar. You move your heroes with your left and attack and use skills with your right — pretty simple. In terms of progression, the game has several missions and dailies that players complete to gain experience, resources, and better gear.

When it comes to combat, the game is similar to action beat-’em-ups that we’ve seen in a lot of games on mobile. If you’ve played Honkai Impact 3rd or even Genshin Impact, you’ll probably be able to play this game easily. Each of the heroes has its abilities that correspond to what they do in the comics. You can see Spiderman doing web slings and tying up opponents with web cocoons. Dr. Strange uses his mystic powers, Iron Man being Iron Man, and so much more.

However, there’s a customization aspect to the game as well, as various Earths collide and heroes meet their counterparts. Players can customize specific heroes with their aesthetics, allowing them to look unique. Sadly, you can’t mix and match powers as that might be a bit too much already.

Moreover, the game has a PvP gameplay that allows players to duke it out with their current heroes. This is one of the iffier parts of the game right now due to the way some heroes play. There are heroes in the game that would have a great advantage on PvP due to the nature of their abilities and skills. Still, we only have glimpses on the PvP right now. So, it’s up in the air how it goes when the game goes live.


Playable Characters

Doctor Strange
Photo from Future Revolution’s Twitter page


As of writing, there are very few confirmed playable characters on the new Marvel MMO title. However, we do know that Storm, Star-Lord, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Doctor Strange are playable. It’s unknown if other characters, or more accurately, which characters would be added into the game right now.


Level Design

We don’t have any idea on the level design of Marvel Future Revolution yet. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. We do, however, had a close look at the starting segments of the game — thanks to some people who got early access. So far, the level design looks linear and follows after a narrative and plot.


Graphics Marvel MMO
Photo from Future Revolution’s Twitter page


Graphics-wise, Marvel Future Revolution looks incredibly similar to previous mobile games in the Marvel brand. The graphics look the same as Marvel Future Fight, something we’ll talk about later.



Marvel Future Revolution takes place on a timeline where multiple versions of Earth are starting to collide. The heroes from these worlds need to pool their resources together to save all multiple Earths from destruction.

Other than that though, we don’t know what the game’s story would be. We’ll just have to wait and see when the game’s fully released. We do, however, have A.I.M. making an appearance as well as several versions of MODOK. Aside from them, a few notable villains such as Kingpin, Nebula, and Ultron will be featured in this new Marvel MMO Game.


Sound Design

Other than the graphics, it’s the sound design that has the weakest aspect of this Marvel MMO. The game’s sound lacks the “oomph” to it specifically during combat, as attacks don’t sound like they should be. That’s not the biggest crime though. The biggest crime the game has in terms of sound design is the fact that not all of the scenes are voice acted.

There are some scenes where the voices of your favorite heroes shine through. Combined with how faithful they look in the game, it looks and sounds great. However, it’s pretty jarring to go from full stop cutscenes with voice acting to reading subtitles. We hope they go for fully voiced cutscenes on all of the scenes in the game, but that’s probably wishful thinking.


Is The New Marvel MMO Worth Being Hyped For?

Marvel MMO Future Revolution
Photo from the Play Store


If you’re a really big fan of the Marvel series, then you might want to try Marvel Future Revolution. There’s some good in the game, with the customization and the overall story that takes advantage of the Marvel Multiverse. For those who want decent gameplay, there’s something for them as well. The game’s combat mechanics is something that they might enjoy as it takes a lot of cues from other games in the same genre. We’ll talk more about the gameplay and combat and how it compares to other games like it below.


How Does The New Marvel MMO Compare to Past Marvel Games?

Now that we’ve talked about Marvel Future Revolution, let’s unravel how it compares to other Marvel games. We’ll start with Marvel’s Spiderman, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, followed by Marvel Future Fight.


Marvel’s Spider-Man


Marvel’s Spiderman has players take on the shoes of the titular superhero as he web swings all over New York City. It’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, and if you’re familiar with the infamous Parker Luck, you can already see where this game will go.

Peter’s dealing with almost getting evicted, his job not going well, the stress of being Spiderman, and MJ leaving him. All in all, he’s had a pretty rough time when players start the game. His stuff was even thrown out by his landlord and is now scattered all over New York. Thus, in addition to dealing with the villains, getting his relationship with MJ back, and living his life, he also needs to find his stuff.

All in all, Marvel’s Spiderman combines an epic coming of age story with incredible gameplay and a lot of people on Spidey’s Rogues Gallery. From Doc Ock, Rhino, Kingpin, and more, you can expect to see him duke it out with villains and crooks. Combine that with a cool combat system and you have a gem of a game in your hands.


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


Next on the list is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, an action RPG created by Raven Software for the PS2. The game is set in a version of the Marvel Universe that has most, if not all, of the heroes people know and love altogether. Unfortunately, this also means that their villains are there as well, and they’re teaming up to fight against said heroes.

The main cast here depends on what console you’re playing the game on, which probably is the great thing about the game. Depending on where you’re playing, certain characters are available, new missions are opened, and generally, one has better graphics compared to the other.

Anyhow, the plot of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is quite simple. The Masters of Evil and Doctor Doom are up to no good again, and Nick Fury sent a distress call to any available heroes for assistance. However, they’re not the only ones acting up; A.I.M has also decided to make their moves, unleashing their supersoldier experiments to fight the heroes.

The whole game is escalation after escalation, as the heroes fight to stop the plans of the villains. Somehow, they decided to do all their villainous plots almost at the same time. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. Makes for a good game though, and combined with the heroes players can use no matter the system? Well, you’re in for a treat.


Marvel Future Fight


Last but not least is Marvel Future Fight, and this is where we need to talk about graphics.

Both Marvel Future Fight and Marvel Future Revolution are created by Netmarble. Thus, it makes sense for them to reuse some assets here and there to help with development time. However, both Future Fight and Future Revolution are almost so similar to each other in terms of art style. So much so that the only difference between them is how they’re played.

Even that’s a stretch since some parts of Future Fight have similar beat-’em-up gameplay. It’s safe to say that the only thing different between the two of the games is the isometric view of Future Fight and the 3rd Person view of Future Revolution.


How Does The New Marvel MMO Compare to Similar Games?

Now that we’ve talked about how the new Marvel MMO compares to previous Marvel games, let’s talk about how it compares to games with similar gameplay. We’ll start with Honkai Impact 3rd, followed by Punishing: Gray Raven, and lastly, Genshin Impact.


Honkai Impact 3rd


Honkai Impact 3rd revolutionized the way people play games on phones. For one, it’s an incredibly high-quality game, with astounding graphics and solid gameplay. It also has a lot of cute, beautiful women for players to play with — something which adds to the game’s appeal, especially in the Asia Market. Also, it also has a lot of good story beats and the lore is something that draws the hardcore players.

Honkai Impact 3rd is made by miHoYo, the 3rd entry to the Honkaiverse as well as the sequel to Guns GirlZ. You’ll probably hear more of them later in the article as well. The game takes place in the far future where humanity is now on the brink of collapse due to the forces of Honkai. However, the Honkai are opposed by the Valkyries and the Schicksal Organization. The Honkai usually take the form of zombies or Honkai Beasts and are incredibly dangerous.

However, the Honkai aren’t the only dangers the Valkyries need to face; they also need to deal with Negentropy. Negentropy is an organization similar to Schicksal, but have their methods and goals to fight the Honkai threat. There are, however, secrets and dirty laundry that Schicksal would rather be buried. Thus, it’s up to the player to find out the game’s lore on their own, and note that the lore is extensive. How extensive? It covers the previous games, some manga series, in-game lore and descriptions, and a whole lot more. The game might not be as hard as Dark Souls, but the lore is similar to it.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for free on Android, iOS, and PC.


Punishing: Gray Raven

Next on the list is Punishing: Gray Raven, created by KURO Technology. The game is similar enough to Honkai Impact in that it’s a 3D Free-to-Play Action RPG set in the distant future. The main difference here is the game’s story and its overall gameplay. Gameplay-wise, the game is a hack and slash game with several characters and weapons obtainable through gacha, like Honkai. However, it also has a pretty cool battle system where players can influence the flow of battle by tapping ability orbs. Said abilities grow stronger the more similar orbs are placed adjacent to each other with a maximum of 3. Through this, you fight robots and other baddies in the game.

Similar to Honkai Impact, the game is set years in the future after humanity manages to revolutionize itself. World Peace hasn’t been realized yet, true. However, humanity now has near-infinite energy to do its myriad endeavors. These range from better cybernetics, robotic helpers, and even space colonization. That all changed, however, when their Zero-Point Reactor experiment went wrong and gave birth to the Punishing — a virus that infects machines intending to destroy humanity.

Because of this, humanity has no choice but to escape to Babylonia, a space shipyard turned colony. To reclaim Earth, humans created armaments resistant to the Virus. The most effective of said armaments is to turn themselves into cyborgs known as constructs. Through this, they brought the fight to the infected machines.

Fast forward a few years and you play as the Commandant of Gray Raven. Gray Raven is a squad of constructs that’s the vanguard to humanity eventually reclaiming Earth. Through your squad, the counterattack commences.

Punishing: Gray Raven is available for free on Android and iOS.


Genshin impact


Last but not least is Genshin Impact, created by the same people who made Honkai Impact 3rd. The game is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat.

Teyvat is ruled by 7 Archons, each with their corresponding element. The Anemo Archon rules over Mondstadt, land of Freedom. The Geo Archon rules over Liyue, the nation of merchants, contracts, and gold. The Electro Archon rules the eternal nation of Inazuma. The Dendro Archon, manages Sumeru, the Oasis City of Knowledge. The Hydro Archon rules Fontaine, the nation of the just. The Pyro Archon rules Natlan, who delights in war and the strong. And lastly, the Cryo Archon makes her abode in Schneznaya, the land of eternal winter.

You are the Traveler, someone who travels the stars in search of a new home alongside your sibling. However, when leaving Teyvat, your way was barred by an unknown god. She traps you and your sibling in Teyvat, separating the both of you. Years passed without word of your sibling before you find the resolve to find your sibling again.

Gameplay-wise, it’s not as stylish as Honkai Impact or Punishing: Gray Raven, though there are times when they look stylish as well. However, it compensates this with a more open-world approach like Breath of the Wild. Players can freely explore the land, look for resources, and fight monsters. Like both of them, you can summon new characters to fight with you, as well as weapons to use to fight against your enemies. Lastly, the game puts more emphasis on exploration and taking your time with the game. There is some challenge here and there, Spiral Abyss comes to mind, but it’s a more laidback game overall.

Genshin Impact can be played on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, and PS5.