Mystic Messenger Email: A Guide to Getting More Guests

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Mystic Messenger is an otome game that continues to capture the hearts of many to this day. Mystic Messenger email is a tricky part of the game that leads to the success of the event. Many players tend to overlook this early in the game and don’t know that this contributes to their overall success.

To make sure that you don’t make the same mistake, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to Mystic Messenger email that will help you through the game!


Mystic Messenger: An Overview

Mystic Messenger is an otome game that reinvents the traditional visual novel format of other otome games. The game is a mixture of messages, calls, and a visual novel. An essential part of the game is inviting guests to the coveted party that happens at the end of the game.

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As mentioned, many players tend to overlook the importance of the guests. They have made the mistake of not paying attention to Mystic Messenger email while playing through the game and don’t seem to see the importance of inviting guests and often overlook inviting them or getting the right answers.

Inviting guests is part of the narrative, hence, they play an important role in getting a good, bad, or normal ending.

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Mystic Messenger Email: What’s It For?

Compared to other otome games, Mystic Messenger is slightly different and is more interactive. The email system between guests and the main character is an added feature that appends more excitement to the gameplay. If you’re still a bit confused about the Mystic Messenger email system, here’s are a couple of things that you might want to take note of.

The  Rika’s Fundraising Association (RFA) Party happens towards the end of the game for which you will need the guests for. To host a successful party, you will need to unlock and invite guests to attend. You will need 20 guests to come to your party if you want to have a Good Ending to your game.


Regardless of how you reply and interact, you can still save or ruin the game depending on how many guests you can successfully invite. It’s up to the player to decide whether or not they want their party to be successful.

You will have to exchange three (3) emails with each party guest. The manner of your reply will determine whether or not they will attend the party. You’ll need three successful replies to be able to invite the guest.


Mystic Messenger Guests

That said, here is a quick rundown of everything that you will need to know about guests in Mystic Messenger. This quick guide will explore the list of guests and how you can acquire them.


List of Guests

Mystic Messenger has over 50 guests in the game. You might not be able to meet them all but you will be able to meet new guests that you can invite as you progress through different routes.

That said, here is a quick list of Mystic Messenger guests that you’ll encounter in the game:

mystic messenger email guests

Take note that you will not be able to meet or invite all of them in one game. You will have to go through numerous routes and run-throughs to be able to acquire all the guests. Most of the time, you’ll be having repeat guests unless you work towards getting specific guests.

Each acquired guest will earn you one Hourglass which is Mystic Messenger’s in-game currency.


How Guests Work

The party is an activity that is the highlight of the game. The RFA holds these parties to be able to raise funds for charities. The main character’s job is to successfully host these parties to carry on what Rika had left after her passing.

While the ultimate goal of the game is to be able to achieve your desired end, achieving the required number of guests is also needed to be able to successfully host the party. As mentioned, you will be exchanging emails with the guests to be able to invite them.

Bear in mind that inviting guests are just as important as being able to finish the game. You may be able to get your responses to the RFA members correct but that won’t matter if you don’t meet the right number of guests.

Again, you won’t be able to meet all of them but it’s important to keep in mind that chances to meet guests often come during chats.


Acquiring Guests

Compared to other games that might have a similar concept to Mystic Messenger, acquiring guests are slightly easier here.

Guests for Mystic Messenger email can be acquired through the game’s story. Often, RFA characters will suggest guests to the main character when they’re brought up during the story. It will be up to you if you want to invite them or not. Keep an eye out for these because they will leisurely just come into the conversation.

Certain topics will come up regardless of the route that you’re on and this will allow you to decide whether or not you want the guest to attend the party. Generally, you can choose to decline to invite if you want to. However, keep in mind that you will get rewards if you unlock new guests.

mystic messenger email
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You’ll have 10 days before the party to exchange emails with the guests. You need to complete all their emails. If you get one email wrong, you could risk not being able to invite the guest.


Mystic Messenger Email: How to Answer Correctly?

Once you’ve acquired the guests, the next step is to make sure that you’ll be able to answer their emails correctly. One wrong answer could risk the entire operation and you will not be able to invite the guests anymore or make amends to your answers.

That said, here’s a quick rundown of how you can successfully answer a Mystic Messenger email.


Answering Emails

As mentioned, you will exchange up to three emails with each guest that you acquire. If you’re able to answer all three emails correctly, the guest will attend your party. Failure to get all three emails correct will risk the guest’s attendance at the party.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to get answers from your conversations with the RFA members. There will be hints hidden in your conversations and all you have to do is to take note of them whenever an RFA member mentions the guest. This will be helpful when you reply to any Mystic Messenger email because the emails can get a bit tricky.

Of course, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ve compiled all the correct Mystic Messenger email answers for each guest so that you won’t have a hard time getting through the game.

mystic messenger email


Guest Indicators

Spotting indicators will help you distinguish whether you’ve succeeded in inviting this guest or not. There are three indicators that you should watch out for when you’re replying to a Mystic Messenger email.

You’ll be able to spot these indicators just below the guests’ names. They usually come in the form of an envelope with an arrow. Pay close attention to the arrow every time you answer an email because that’s where you’ll be able to see if you got the guest’s interest or not.

Here are the Mystic Messenger email indicators that you should pay close attention to:

  • Green Arrow – You chose the correct answer. Expect another email to come from the guest soon.
  • Orange Arrow – The answer you chose is incorrect. You will receive a response from the guest but this usually means that you won’t be seeing them at your party.

Be careful though, if you choose the wrong answer off the bat, you won’t get another chance. The guest won’t be attending your party. You won’t be getting a second chance at inviting them if you fail once on the current route that you’re on. If you intend to invite the guest again, you’ll have to play through another route to be able to see them again.


Mystic Messenger: Do Guests Matter?

Yes, the guests in Mystic Messenger matter. As mentioned, the number of guests that you’ll be able to invite plays a huge role in being able to play out the RFA party smoothly.

If you successfully invite the needed number of guests or more, your chances of getting a Good End are high, even if you didn’t interact with your selected RFA member correctly. Consequently, if you fail to meet the number of expected guests, you’re at the risk of getting a Bad End.

If you didn’t interact with your selected RFA member correctly and if you fail to invite the required number of guests, you’ll be getting a Bad End or a Normal End. The Normal End usually happens if you’ve interacted with your selected member right but you didn’t meet the required number of guests.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to overlook or ignore the importance of the guests in the game. They play a big part in the success of your party and the ending that you’ll get.



Mystic Messenger email is a tricky part of Mystic Messenger. It can make or break your game which just makes it more challenging. Since the game’s release in 2016, it’s managed to capture the hearts of many because of its unique content and interactive way of progressing through the game. When playing Mystic Messenger, always keep in mind that each choice that you make is important and will affect the overall outcome of the game. Don’t overlook or ignore the emails because they are just as important as romancing your chosen character.