Open World Games Calico & Lake Will Debut on Stadia

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Google Stadia unveils two more indie games that are set to launch on the cloud gaming platform; they are the open-world games Calico and Lake that are both from Whitethorn Games. The news came just a week after unveiling Skyclimbers, an indie city-building game that brings multiplayer to the genre for the first time. Google Stadia did not give a definite date of the release but said that all three games will arrive soon.

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All About Calico and Lake

Both Calico and Lake will feature an open-world adventure tactic with their own twists of allowing you to explore maps.

Calico is leaning towards life simulation where you build and manage a cat café for all kinds of cuddly animals. In a way, it is reminiscent of Neko Atsume where you collect cats and maintain a homey shelter for them. However, Calico has interactivity. In the game, you can give commands to the animals that you own. They will serve as your assistants in the café, keeping your customers entertained.

Although the word “Calico” typically means cat, you are not limited to adopting felines in the game. You may also befriend and add to your party deer, raccoons, dogs, and other animals as you travel through the forest. Every turn you make on the map is another step towards a pet-friendly paradise.

Lake, on the other hand, puts you in a place and time when cellphones and the internet are quite unknown. In the game, you will take on the character of a career woman who gave up her busy city life for a local mail carrier post in her hometown. The game is a mix of RPG and click adventure in an open-world setting, which means you get to choose what happens in the game.

On your journey to delivering mails, you’ll get to meet new and familiar faces. Typical of a sim game, you may befriend or even start a romantic relationship with them.


Stadia Is Getting a Heap of Indie Games

Calico and Lake are just two of the games on Stadia made by independent developers. Since the platform went live in 2019, its collection of indie games has significantly grown, which received a mix of positive and negative reactions. For some, a heavy indie lineup may discourage potential players who like mainstream games more. However, some Stadia subscribers consider any type a welcome addition.

For those who want premium games, Stadia said that they have 100+ games slated for 2022. Some of which, like Far Cry 6 and Life is Strange: True Colors, are already live.