Marvel’s Avengers Reveals New Thor MCU Skin


Crystal Dynamics is giving The God of Thunder, Thor, new skin in Marvel’s Avengers video game. In a press release, the new Marvel’s Avengers Thor MCU Skin is based out of Thor: Ragnarok franchise. The new skin features Thor’s look when he landed on Sakaar and a new haircut.

marvel's avengers thor mcu skin
Photo from Marvel’s Avengers Twitter Page

The video game company did not specifically detail how much the new skin would cost. However, fans can expect the skin to cost around 1400 credits or roughly $14. Marvel’s Avengers players are familiar that this is roughly the same price as other MCU skins.

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Players Are Loving Thor MCU Skin

Players’ perception of the new Marvel’s Avengers Thor MCU skin is relatively positive. The new skin is inspired by Thor’s rugged look from Thor: Ragnarok that features gladiator armor, red face paint, and a haircut straight out of Stan Lee’s comics. This look is a departure from Thor’s usual long hair look. In addition, this is Thor’s third skin in the game; the first being the look on Endgame and the other being the original Thor look.

Photo of marvel's avengers thor mcu skin
Photo by Square Enix

However, fans were quick to notice the absence of the metal helmet Thor has in the franchise. Some fans expect the helmet would make an appearance in this Marvel’s Avengers Thor MCU skin but the absence is not generally detested. Similar instances have happened in the past where other Thor skins have missing elements like Thor’s gut as seen in Endgame. Furthermore, who can forget the cosmetic blunder done on Thor’s original outfits?

Going back to players’ perceptions, Thor’s new look is receiving positive feedback but not so much for the other patch notes. Some fans say there isn’t much in the update in terms of elements of surprise, gameplay, and other features as shown in the reply of Twitter use @TheChronicJoe below.

Nonetheless, Marvel’s Avengers game is still one Marvel fans just can’t get enough of.

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Marvel’s Avengers February Road Map

On a statement released by Crystal Dynamics through Square Enix, the video game company came clean in stating it is not yet ready to reveal a full roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers. However, the developers have hinted at their commitment to growing the game based on their players’ growths.

They have also previewed an update that would be rolled out in March. These changes include:

  1. Nick Fury returning to lead SHIELD and other Avengers initiatives.
  2. Changes in the variety of builds and balance gear perks to make it wider.
  3. Adding Units as additional rewards to a number of end-game activities.
  4. Improving raid stability and player feedback by addressing bugs.

Further to these, Crystal Dynamics plans to release more details on what changes they have planned for Marvel’s Avengers video game.