PUBG New State Reveals Updates and Roadmap for 2022

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It’s been almost two months since the release of the highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile spinoff, the PUBG: New State. It was a huge success, reaching over 10 million downloads worldwide. But, there have been loads of road bumps to encounter as well. These are what Krafton is trying to fix with the future PUBG New State updates set for 2022. Just recently, the developer revealed their 2022 roadmap for the latest addition to the PUBG titles.

Admitting that the first months of PUBG: New State was not exactly smooth-sailing, the developer ensures its players that they’ve been hard at work to improve the Battlegrounds of 2051. One of their early actions is to improve their anti-cheat system to curb the unfair use of unauthorized third-party programs.


PUBG New State Potential Updates for 2022

PUBG New State Map
Photo by PUBG: New State

For the year ahead, Krafton said that huge updates should arrive on the Battlegrounds of 2051. It frugally teased players that the first batch of major updates will be available in January and February. There are no exact details on how exactly these updates would affect the game. But one thing is for sure, huge plans for new content are coming in 2022.

Krafton is also getting a new Battleground ready for Survivors, which they plan to launch in mid-2022. In a sneak peek shared by the developer, it’s a lot like PUBG: New State’s default Troi map – only it’s greener. It’s a semi-urban location that features terrains, plains, and many buildings. It is also giving off a post-apocalyptic vibe similar to the present map.


PUBG New State Is Working on Stability

Aside from adding new content, PUBG New State developers are also working on its stability, which has been the greatest challenge so far. In doing so, they hope to provide Survivors the “best service and gaming experience, regardless of location or device.”

“Although we have many updates and milestones in the works for next year, one of our biggest priorities in 2022 is to continue making updates and improvements so that we meet and exceed your expectations both on and off the Battlegrounds,” it added.

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