PUBG Mobile Celebrates 4th Anniversary With New Content

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PUBG Mobile is celebrating its fourth anniversary this week, and coinciding with this milestone is the release of 1.9 Update that will bring new content, features, and event rewards to the game. On their Twitter handle, the developers have officially announced the arrival of a new season on March 18.

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What’s Coming With PUBG Mobile Anniversary Update

The official patch notes for the anniversary update of PUBG Mobile are not yet public and will be available the same day when the new content goes live. However, it briefly went on a beta test a few weeks ago, which gave us an idea of what is coming next.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 version updates
Photo by PUBG Mobile on Twitter

For the 1.9 updates, PUBG Mobile will highlight an upcoming mode called Royale Arena: Assault. Instead of the usual battle royale mechanics, leaks suggest that this new multiplayer mode will spawn two opposing teams on a map with the goal of reaching the set number of kills first.

PUBG Mobile will also add a recall system for respawning fallen allies to more maps, including Erangel, Livik, and Aftermath for the unranked mode, as well as to Erangel and Livik for the ranked matches. Battle pass will also arrive during PUBG Mobile’s anniversary, customary to every update that they release.


New PUBG Mobile Voice Packs Featuring BLACKPINK

The new in-game voice commands are something to look forward to for PUBG Mobile’s upcoming content update. For this season, PUBG will be featuring the all-girl K-pop band BLACKPINK, with voice-packs from members Jisoo, Hennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Players can trigger voice commands using the quick voice wheel.

Aside from the voice packs, PUBG is also adjusting in-game items such as vehicles, ammo, and more.


How to Get PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update?

PUBG Mobile should automatically install the update once it’s up on March 18 UTC. But if it doesn’t, it will also be available on the Google Play Store and the App Store for manual installation. The pack, excluding the resources, is estimated to be around 700 MB in size.