Spades and Hearts Card Game Arrives on Apple Arcade

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Apple welcomes two new games in its subscription gaming platform this week. Kicking off 2022, Apple Arcade announces the inclusion of Spades: Card Game+ and Hearts: Card Game+ in its platform. These classic card games are free to download on iPhone and iPad as of this writing.

Players will find both Spades: Card Game+ and Hearts: Card Game+ with a sense of familiarity in terms of gameplay. However, players are also up for a surprise or two as an intuitive artificial intelligence (AI) springs challenges that aren’t part of the classic gameplay.

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Spades: Card Game+

Banner photo of Spades Card Game+
Photo by MobilityWare from Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade, in partnership with MobilityWare, brings Spades Card Game+ into the gaming platform with the objective to challenge players using its AI. This version of the classic card game brings new graphics and new goals to reach per round. This is something that players can expect, considering MobilityWare is regarded as the top card game developer in the market today. Additionally, both Apple Arcade and MobilityWare promise only a good time with this card game on your iOS device.

Download Spades Card Game+ on Apple Arcade


Hearts: Card Game+

Banner photo of Hearts Card Game+
Photo by MobilityWare on Apple Arcade

Perhaps the biggest catch in Hearts Card Game+ is the ability of MobilityWare’s AI to adapt to players’ playing styles to give more crunch in the game. However, this offers an opportunity for players to complete outsmart a bot and develop new strategies as the game progresses. What we like about Hearts Card Game is its availability for play even when offline; the rest of the classic gameplay is also in full play but, as always, players could expect a surprise or two.

Download Hearts Card Game+ on Apple Arcade


January 2022 Apple Arcade Updates

Apart from ringing in 2022 with Spades: Card Game+ and Hearts: Card Game+ in its platform, Apple Arcade has also released a string of updates for existing games.


A. Spongebob: Patty Pursuit [Update]

Spongebob Squarepants fans are up for new challenges this new year with an update released for this Nickelodeon-based mobile game. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit brings back the whole crew in motion for another set of challenges. Help Spongebob and other favorite characters defeat Plankton as he gives another shot at decoding the secret Krabby Patty secret formula.

Download Spongebob: Patty Pursuit on Apple Arcade


B. Fantasian [Update]

A new update is also available for Apple Arcade-exclusive game, Fantasian, which introduces new content called New Game+ mode. Additionally, this update ushers in a new challenge dubbed as “Void Realm”. The Void Realm will have three floors, representing the Frontier Town of En, the Water City of Vence, and the Royal Capital of Vibra. On the other hand, the New Game+ mode will allow players to revisit Fantasian after completing a saga. These updates will surely bring in a new crunch to this award-winning RPG game on Apple Arcade.

Download Fantasian from Apple Arcade