Stardew Valley Greenhouse: What It Is and How to Set It Up

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Although Stardew Valley has an impression of being a farm game, this unique game offers several exciting adventures more than planting and cultivating a bountiful and colorful garden. With therapeutic features and a beautiful representation of nature and wildlife, Stardew Valley Greenhouse has a meditative effect that may allow you to reflect regarding switching to holistic and mindful living from busy city life.

With Stardew Valley, your venture starts in the field with a task to tidy up an abandoned and rundown farm. Planning the design and arrangement of your farm and other essentials requires attention to detail and care. How do you protect vegetables and fruits from several pests? How much room does each seed require? What crops do you want to cultivate? Stardew Valley helps you learn through practice. Although the essentials are easy to understand, you must determine the ideal way to improve your thriving farm with new equipment and resources regardless of climate.

Do you think a virtual mining, fishing, and farming game is the perfect diversion to your usual routine? If yes, read more to discover what Stardew Valley is and its Greenhouse feature!


What Is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley
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Developed by Eric Barone under the alias name of “ConcernedApe,Stardew Valley is an open-ended, countryside-themed role-playing game. It features inherited abandoned farmland in Stardew Valley from a grandfather in the storyline. To start a new farm life, you have few coins and hand-me-down equipment. Stardew Valley has a storyline where Joja Corporation has shattered the old vibrant livelihood of Stardew Valley, including the community center. However, many exciting and budding opportunities to restore Stardew Valley await. 

Initially available in 2016 for PCs, Stardew Valley is a multiplatform RPG that has sold a million copies two months after its release. Due to its popularity, Stardew Valley has expanded across multiple platforms and has accumulated 10 million downloads worldwide. Stardew Valley is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Humble, GOG, and Steam


What Are Stardew Valley Greenhouses?

Stardew Valley Greenhouses
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Given that this game has winter, autumn, summer, and spring seasons, you will require the help of greenhouses. Stardew Valley Greenhouses are specialized farm buildings where you can plant and cultivate fruit trees and crops regardless of the season year-round.

They are crucial for your farming ventures since you won’t become completely dependent on the seasons to grow crops and trees. Greenhouses also guarantee that your crops will flourish without the possibility of getting damaged by harsh weather conditions. Although Stardew Valley Greenhouses are challenging to make, they are worthy investments once managed well.


How to Get the Stardew Valley Greenhouse

Stardew Valley Greenhouse via Community Center’s Pantry Bundles

At the start, Stardew Valley Greenhouses are dilapidated and unusable. They can be repaired either by paying the Joja Community Development Projects or accomplishing the Community Center’s Pantry bundles. If you’re completing the Pantry bundles, you’ll complete five separate bundles and preserve them in the Community Center’s storage facility.

For every bundle, you’re getting a corresponding award to motivate you to perform better. The five Pantry bundles in Stardew Valley’s Community Center include the following:

Community Centers Pantry Bundles
Photo by Steam Community
  • Animal Bundle – Duck Egg, Large Brown Egg, Large Egg, Large Goat Milk, Large Milk, Wool
  • Fall Crops Bundle – Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam
  • Quality Crops Bundle – Gold Quality Corn, Gold Quality Melon, Gold Quality Parsnip, Gold Quality Pumpkin
  • Spring Crops Bundle – Cauliflower, Green Bean, Parsnip, Potato
  • Summer Crops Bundle – Blueberry, Hot Pepper, Melon, Tomato

Although the Crop bundles are self-explanatory, they’ll take more time since you’ll have to deal with three seasons of labor. On the contrary, Animal bundles will require you to use some of the animals found in Stardew Valley.

After completing and donating all bundles, the finale features a short scene about the Community Center’s resident, Junimos, visiting your farm and renovating the Stardew Valley Greenhouse for you.


Stardew Valley Greenhouse via Joja Community

Stardew Valley Greenhouse via Joja Community
Photo by Stardew Valley Wiki

If you prefer others to set up a Stardew Valley Greenhouse on your behalf, you can pay a hefty amount of money to the Joja Corporation. Navigate to JojaMart and buy a membership worth 5000g from Morris. With a membership, you can access the Joja Community Development Form so you can ask for improvements at the Community Center, including a Greenhouse at Stardew Valley worth 35,000g. With the settled payment, Morris will start building your Stardew Valley Greenhouse and become available the next day.


How to Set Up a Stardew Valley Greenhouse

Now that you already have a Greenhouse for your farming ventures, you’re ready to plant more crops without worrying about the harsh weather conditions. Here are some of the tips on how to set up a Stardew Valley Greenhouse from scratch:


The Essentials

The Stardew Valley Greenhouse features 10 rows and 12 columns of land area. As a farmer, you can plant, cultivate, and harvest fruits, vegetables, and other crops any time of the year regardless of the season. To prevent pests from damaging your crops, scarecrows aren’t mandatory.

Each crop must be watered adequately, including rainy days. In the north wall, you can fetch water for your crops. In the eastern part, you can also refill your water cans. Crops that can regrow will consistently regrow and won’t wither at the end of spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Wood borders with one-tile dimensions surround the crop rectangle. You can place sprinklers on wood borders for watering the crops within its coverage. Between the Greenhouse walls and wood border, you cannot grow crops and you can find decorative items hanging on the wall, such as water troughs, barrels, tools, and plants.

You can plant fruit trees at any tile on this location not occupied by decorative items. Take note, fruit trees and crops in the Stardew Valley Greenhouse won’t be hit by lightning, giant crops cannot grow in the Greenhouse, and bee houses inside the Greenhouse cannot produce honey.


Arrangement of Fruit Trees

Arrangement of Fruit Trees
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You can plant fruit trees on any tile in the exterior part of your Greenhouse, given that they aren’t occupied by decorations. Other tiles adjacent to each fruit tree must also be empty from crops that players have planted. The wood borders around the crop rectangle and the walls of your Stardew Valley Greenhouse hamper the growth of fruit trees. Avoid planting them in the corners of your Greenhouse. The Greenhouse can accommodate a maximum of 18 fruit trees; thus, you should find an optimal arrangement of them around the house.


Arrangement of Sprinklers

Arrangement of Sprinklers
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If you prefer automated sprinklers for watering crops around your Stardew Valley Greenhouse, some empty tiles must be sacrificed to make space for sprinklers. The growing spot is massive for any sprinkler to provide water from the center from any edge. The 12×10 of the growing area must not be covered with the sprinkler watering’s square areas.

To maximize your sprinkler system, you should place them in soil tiles while utilizing the fewest possible sprinklers in growing areas. Some of them are positioned inevitably on wooden borders. With quality sprinklers, approximately 12 crop spaces are used while 4 crop spaces are occupied for iridium sprinklers.


What Can You Do with a Greenhouse?

Once you complete Stardew Valley Greenhouse, you can use it as a normal field where you can grow fruit trees and crops all year round. You can protect your fruits, vegetables, and other crops from the harsh cold weather and random events with the Greenhouse. However, you must set up an effective water sprinkler system or water the crops yourself since the Greenhouse won’t water your crops or collect water from outside if it’s raining. Despite that, you can still keep growing healthy and abundant crops regardless of the season.


Why Should You Build a Greenhouse?

Why Should You Build A Greenhouse
Photo by Stardew Valley Wiki

Any gamer who already has experience with Stardew Valley knows how crucial it is to set up a Stardew Valley Greenhouse. Although it’s always exciting to plant abundant fruits and vegetables during sunny weather, things are the opposite during winter.

During winter, you cannot plant more trees, fruits, or vegetables as well as it devastates everything you have nurtured on your farm. Hence, farmers need to build a Stardew Valley Greenhouse so they can have a stable supply of income and other essential resources even in harsh climates. 

Aside from that, Stardew Valley Greenhouses will help you with fruit trees since they provide enough shelter. Otherwise, fruit trees are a nightmare without adequate spacing and shelter. 

Bottom line, Stardew Valley Greenhouses protect your crops and provide planting space during the harsh cold weather.


Stardew Valley vs. Similar Games

Stardew Valley is a frontrunner when it comes to unique games that feature farming adventures. It has its own identity and special integrations that no other virtual games can match. However, if you love Stardew Valley and other similar games, then here are some of which provide à la Stardew Valley gaming experience.



Photo from Steam

Moonlighter is one of the best Stardew Valley alternatives, featuring a resemblance of the game. Although Moonlighter doesn’t have farming essentials, it has most of the Stardew Valley components and integrates its own gaming experience. Instead of starting as a farmer, you can begin as a shopkeeper in Moonlighter. During the game, you determine the prices of items and see the reactions of the shoppers. As you progress, you can discover the city’s dungeons.


Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4
Photo from Nintendo

If you currently have a Nintendo 3DS and would love to play a Stardew Valley alternative on your device, Rune Factory 4 is your ideal option. It’s one of the popular games on Switch, offering different activities and challenges. With Rune Factory 4, you can participate in festivals, tame and eliminate monsters, explore dungeons, manage a store, cook, fish, farm, and craft. You’ll never run out of things to accomplish with Rune Factory 4.


Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
Photo from Nintendo

When it comes to farm-themed games, Harvest Moon is one of the best options together with Stardew Valley. The game features a series of games, providing unlimited opportunities to have fun as a virtual farmer. It has a similar vibe to the game, which lets you feel like you’re playing Stardew Valley but on a different platform.


Final Word

Stardew Valley is a unique game of its kind, offering a different gaming experience that is outside of the mainstream genres nowadays. Ultimately, the gaming experience that Stardew Valley offers will make you ponder whether the farm life is worth investing in and starting a new life out of your mundane lifestyle.

The number of things you can complete in Stardew Valley Greenhouse can keep you interested beyond the original version, allowing you to reach the end of your story. Depending on your preferences, you can either restart or continue your Stardew Valley Greenhouse ventures.

With Stardew Valley, you may have to work hard to gather enough resources to purchase your first horse. Using your newly bought horse, you can easily go to the mines to harvest minerals for completing a bundle in the community center.

Thus, Stardew Valley’s gaming format centers on whatever you can accomplish for that specific day. This game influences a unique experience that encourages you to be the best at whatever task you want to accomplish without pressure. If living in nature and breaking the hustle culture is your ultimate life goal, Stardew Valley provides you with the spark of joy you need.