Will Stardew Valley Multiplayer Ever Arrive on Mobile?

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Stardew Valley is arguably the best independently-made simulation role-playing video game there is because of the countless activities you can do inside the game. If you have the patience, you can start fishing in Stardew Valley right away and, who knows, you might catch a legendary fish. You can also grow and farm crops to increase your resources even more. Admittedly, though, these activities are not as fun when you do them with someone else. This begs the question, “Can you play Stardew Valley multiplayer?”.

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  1. Can You Play Stardew Valley Multiplayer?
  2. Is Stardew Valley Mobile Getting Multiplayer?
  3. Benefits of Playing Stardew Valley in Multiplayer Mode
  4. How to Play Stardew Valley Online Multiplayer Mode?
  5. How to Play Split-Screen Coop Play in Stardew Valley
  6. Are Stardew Valley Mobile Multiplayer Mods to Use?


Can You Play Stardew Valley Multiplayer?

Yes, it is possible to play Stardew Valley multiplayer. An online multiplayer was initially added to the game in 2018, which allowed players to work together in building a thriving farm and share their resources. A local coop mode later followed, allowing a maximum of four players — including the host — to join a split-screen farming session.

However, Stardew Valley multiplayer has several limitations. Firstly, it doesn’t support cross-platform; this means you and your friends have to use the same devices to play the game. Second, you can’t invite both online and local players to a multiplayer session.

The biggest caveat of Stardew Valley multiplayer, however, is the lack of support for the mobile version of the game. Only players on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and PC (Windows and MacOS) can join a coop play in Stardew Valley.


Is Stardew Valley Mobile Getting Multiplayer?

There has been a huge clamor for a multiplayer feature among the mobile players of Stardew Valley ever since the feature came to other platforms. Sadly, there is no indication that this will come to reality anytime soon.

ConcernedApe, the developer of the game, has already made it clear that they have “no current plans to bring multiplayer to mobile” during their 1.4 updates. Then, Stardew Valley 1.5 came and people were once again met with disappointment. In a statement before that, the developer said that “there are technical barriers that make it (Stardew Valley Mobile) unfeasible”.

Fast forward to 2022, people are still hopeful that a coop mode might be the bombshell they are waiting for in the next update. The problem is there’s not even a whiff of the Stardew Valley 1.6 version coming soon.

Getting the PC or console version of Stardew Valley is the only way to join a multiplayer session, the developer said.


Benefits of Playing Stardew Valley in Multiplayer Mode

As we said, Stardew Valley is a lot more fun when played with somebody. But, it’s only one of the few benefits you can reap when you play the game in multiplayer mode. As they say, two hands are better than one — and so four sets of hands. Allow us to expound.

Stardew Valley uses luck to determine the drop rates of specific minerals and treasures. Each player has different daily luck, but this is averaged out between all players in co-op mode. If your daily luck is low and your teammates are high, then you are effectively increasing your chance of getting productive by joining a multiplayer session.

Earnings can also be shared among the players. If the money separation is on when the game started, the earnings will be evenly distributed among all the players. Alternatively, players may choose to pool their money during the session and send it between them afterward.

On the other hand, quest progress and experience points are still based on an individual level.


How to Play Stardew Valley Online Multiplayer Mode?

Stardew Valley multiplayer
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Players on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch need the online gaming services of their platform (PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and Nintendo Switch Online) to join an online coop play in Stardew Valley. They should also be friends on their respective networks to invite and join the people they want to play with. Similarly, players on Steam can only send invites to other players they are friends with. Those playing on PC via GOG Galaxy can send invite codes to other players.

The easiest way to play multiplayer in Stardew Valley is to create a brand new world.

  1. Instead of New, you should pick Coop if you are hosting.
  2. Select the Host tab and click on Host New Farm.
  3. Build a cabin for each player joining. If you build fewer cabins than those actually joining, you can let Robin build more for 100g each.
  4. You may set a profit margin if you want to pool your money or split it evenly between each player.
  5. Your friends can then join using the invite code.


How to Play Split-Screen Coop Play in Stardew Valley?

Split-screen is a new fashion of Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode, which allows players to farm while on the same couch. You can also convert an existing single-player farm by letting Robin build more cabins for each player going. But unlike the first method, you can play this co-op mode even without the internet.

Otherwise, you can start a Split-Screen Coop Play in Stardew Valley by creating a new farm.

  1. Select New to create a new farm and build a cabin for each player joining.
  2. Connect a controller for each player on a PC or Console. The keyboard on the PC will be assigned to the first player.
  3. Go to the game menu and select Options.
  4. Select Start Local Coop in the Multiplayer section.
  5. Lastly, let the other players press the start button on their controller to begin the coop farming.

Stardew Valley split-screen coop is limited to two players on Nintendo Switch. Players must have two joycons or a mobile controller each.


Are Stardew Valley Mobile Multiplayer Mods to Use?

There are a lot of Stardew Valley Mods, but most of them focus on enhancing the graphics of the game. Surprisingly, there are very few who claim to allow multiplayer on mobile, like what stardiu shared. However, using mods that circumvent the limitations of the game is a possible violation of its terms of service and may get you banned.

Although a multiplayer is a welcome addition to Stardew Valley, using unauthorized software to achieve it on mobile has its risks that may not be worth taking. After all, it’s just one facet of the game — there’s a whole lot more to explore.