15 Best Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans in 2021 [Updated 2021]

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No public Wifi available at your favorite cafe? Not to worry, as that’s where mobile hotspots come in to save the day. Hotspots are fantastic for helping you stay connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere. With that said, you’ll need to ensure that you’re hooked up with the best mobile hotspot plans for your needs.

We have thus put together 15 of the best mobile hotspot plans that you can find in the USA. Without further ado, check out what’s available for you below:


15 Best Mobile Hotspot Plans

  1. Visible
  2. Verizon Wireless
  3. AT&T Unlimited
  4. Sprint Unlimited
  5. T-Mobile
  6. Cricket Wireless
  7. Karma
  8. Boost Mobile Go Unlimited
  9. NetZero
  10. Roaming Man
  11. Skyroam Solis
  12. Straight Talk Wireless
  13. Net10 Wireless
  14. U.S. Cellular
  15. MyWebSpot


1. Visible

Visible best mobile hotspot plans
© Photo by Visible

Visible is one of the cheaper options on our list with a single unlimited data plan for just $40/month. For the price you’re paying, your mobile hotspot data speed is capped at a small 5 Mbps and limited to just one tethered device at a time. This plan is a fantastic option for you if you’re a casual Internet user who does light activities like stream music, surf the web, and check emails.

However, if you perform heavy-duty activities like gaming, binge-watching, and streaming, this plan is not ideal; check out the other plans on our list instead.

Do note that Visible is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Verizon, which means that it will be deprioritized during peak hours. Expect your signal and connection speeds to be affected during these times.


  • –  Consistent coverage
  • –  5 Mbps of unlimited hotspot data



  • –  Subject to deprioritization process of MVNOs
  • –  Unavailability of high-speed data

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2. Verizon Wireless

Verizon best mobile hotspot plans
© Photo by Verizon

Considered the country’s largest service provider, Verizon Wireless offers four mobile hotspot devices. If you already have an existing postpaid mobile hotspot on your Verizon account without additional devices, you can purchase internet service for as low as $10/month for 1 GB. Every additional GB will cost you an additional $10.

Apart from the per-GB subscription system, you can also opt for Verizon’s other plans, such as their shared subscriptions, Unlimited Plans, Verizon Plan, and More Everything Plan. These plans come bundled with access to mobile hotspots with no extra or hidden fees. The $75 Prepaid Unlimited Plan, for example, grants you a 600kbps mobile hotspot.

If you don’t require constant mobile hotspots, there are prepaid plans for you to take up. For an introductory price of $35/month, you’ll get a 6 GB mobile hotspot. Yoiu can also opt for Verizon’s 16 GB for $45/month or 30 GB for $65/month plans as alternatives.

Verizon also has its own flagship 5G mobile hotspot device, the Verizon Inseego 5G MiFi M1000. If you’re already an existing Verizon customer and subscribed to one of its unlimited mobile phone plans, you can add one of these to your account for an extra $30/month. With the Inseego, you’ll enjoy 50 GB of 5G data monthly, including 15 GB of 4G LTE data. Alternatively, if you just want 5G mobile hotspot data alone, Verizon has subscription plans that start from $85/month.


  • – The best and most reliable network coverage
  • –  High-speed hotspot data worth 15 GB
  • –  Access to 5G network



  • –  Very expensive

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3. AT&T Unlimited

AT&T Unlimited best mobile hotspot plans
© Photo by AT&T

If you’re currently subscribed to AT&T for all your internet needs, check out its range of DataConnect mobile hotspot plans. Basic plans start from $50/month for 10 GB for $50/month. If you’re a heavy data user, you can opt for 50 GB at $60/month or 100 GB at $100/month.

AT&T also offers prepaid mobile hotspot plans with a starting price of $35/month for 3 GB. To get the biggest bang out of your buck, get the $75/month plan for 18 GB.


  • –  Inclusions of HBO Max and Hulu
  • –  4G hotspot data worth 30 GB
  • –  Fastest internet speeds



  • –  Costly

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4. Sprint Unlimited

sprint best mobile hotspot plans
© Photo by Sprint

Sprint gives you the flexibility to choose between three mobile hotspot devices. If you plan to purchase one of them and register it to Sprint’s network, you also have three subscriptions to choose from. With simple and straightforward hotspot data plans, Sprint offers you the following hotspot packages: $30/month for 10 GB, $50/month for 50 GB, and $60/month for 100 GB.

Sprint also has its own MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot device, which supports gigabyte internet speeds. It also runs on a maximum of24 hours of battery capacity and can be fully recharged in just three hours. You can even use the MiFi 8000 as a powerbank to recharge your phone without interrupting your hotspot connection.


  • –  Hotspot data plans are flexible
  • –  Cheaper hotspot data subscriptions
  • –  Two M.2s via CPU PCIe for Skylake-X
  • –  Good overall efficiency
  • –  3-year warranty



  • –  Lacklustre customer service 
  • –  Coverage not the best

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5. T-Mobile

Logo of T-Mobile
© T-Mobile logo from T-Mobile website

T-Mobile currently offers you a variety of mobile hotspot devices at affordable rates, with the cheapest plan being just $10/month for 2 GB. For just $20 more, you get 10 GB of data. If you’re a heavy data user, you can choose $40/month for 30 GB or $50/month for 100 GB.

If you have a T-Mobile One account on your smartphone, you’ll enjoy unlimited 3G hotspot speeds. If you want LTE hotspot speeds, you can upgrade to a T-Mobile One Plus plan. However, do note that this plan is only capped at 20 GB; speeds will be reduce to 3G after you hit the cap.

Like Verizon, T-Mobile has its own flagship hotspot device: the Inseego MiFi M2000. This device is yours from $14/month, giving you WiFi 6 support for up to 30 devices at a time.


  • – Affordable plans
  • – Minimal price increases to add more data


  • – Poor customer service
  • – Connection is not always the best


6. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless
© Photo by Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has its very own Turbo Hotspot 2 device, and you can pair it with one of three plans: $35/month for 20 GB, $50 for 40 GB, and $90/month for 100 GB. All three plans grant you international access to Mexico and Canada.

The Turbo Hotspot 2 will cost you $79.99 on its own. This little hotspot also packs a powerful punch, capable of supporting up to 15 devices with dual-band WiFi.


  • – Affordable plans
  • – International access to Mexico and Canada
  • – Can support up to 15 devices at one go
  • – Excellent battery life with a 3,000 mAh battery


  • – Tends to lose connection regularly

7. Karma

karma voyage mobile hotspot
© Photo from Karma

Karma stands out from the crowd as it solely specializes in mobile hotspot services—don’t expect to see them tout your good ol’ smartphones and tablets. Its latest offering is Karma Voyage, a ZTE hotspot that will cost you a pretty penny at $79.99. While this hotspot device is expensive, it gives you quality coverage in more than 50 countries.

You can also check out Karma’s data plans, which start from $9.99/month for 1 GB of LTE data. If you go for its pricier plan of $99.90/month for 10 GB, you’ll receive its Voyage mobile hotspot device for free.


  • – Extensive coverage in more than 50 countries
  • – High connection and download speeds


  • – Expensive
  • – Not the best customer service

8. Boost Mobile

boost mobile hotspot
Photo from Boost Mobile

For just $50/month, Boost Mobile offers you 50 GB of 4G LTE data for your WiFi hotspot. With this plan, you can hook up your hotspot with a maximum of 10 wireless devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

boost mobile hotspot device
© Photo from Boost Mobile

You’ll have to pair your plan with Boost Mobile’s Coolpad Surf, which will cost you $49.99. This hotspot device is good for a maximum of 45 hours on standby or 6.4 hours of uninterrupted use.


  • – Affordable rates
  • – No contract
  • – Can be used for online streaming


  • – Cannot reduce GB to lower monthly rate

9. NetZero

netzero mobile hotspot
© Photo from NetZero

NetZero only carries just one hotspot device, which can be yours for just $59.99. Although small and lightweight, this hotspot device is strong enough to support a maxiumum of WiFi devices and offers download speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

NetZero’s data plans are a bit on the pricier side, however, with the cheapest being $27.95/month for just 2 GB. You do get better values if you select the higher-GB plans, with its 8 GB plan costing you $79.95/month.


  • – High download speeds
  • – Affordable hotspot router


  • – No unlimited data plan option

10. Roaming Man

roaming man mobile hotspot
© Photo from Roaming Man

Roaming Man does away with the stiff monthly plans, instead letting you pay for the Internet you use on a per-day basis—great if you’re traveling to an area with poor connection for only a few short days. Rates start from $7.99/day for 1 GB and $9.99/day for 2 GB.

You can also pick up one of Roaming Man’s hotspot devices, which cost anywhere between $99.90 and $179.90.


  • – No fixed contracts
  • – Very good deal for one-day use
  • – No pressure to buy a new hotspot device


  • – Will be expensive if used for a month
  • – Hotspot devices are expensive

11. Skyroam Solis

skyroam solis mobile hotspot
© Photo from Skyroam Solis

Skyroam Solis is an all-in-one mobile hotspot. It not just gives you 4G LTE data, but it also serves as a powerbank, 720p camera, and smart assistant. This nifty device also connects with a maximum of 10 devices in one shot.

The best part about Skyroam Solis? For its fantastic functionality, its basic model will only cost you $119.99. Top up the amount to $179.99, and you’ll get even greater functionality, including Bluetooth, remote camera, speaker, and microphone.

For $99/month, Skyroam gives you unlimited data at high speeds of up to 20 GB. Speeds are lowered to 150 Mbps once you hit the cap. You don’t have to commit to this monthly plan, however, as Skyroam offers a per-day deal that costs just $9 for 24 hours.


  • – In-built powerbank
  • – Has both per-day and monthly plans
  • – Affordable hotspot devices


  • – Download speeds are too low for streaming long videos

12. Straight Talk Wireless

straight talk wireless hotspot
© Photo from Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk Wireless offers some of the cheapest rates on our list, starting at $15/month for 1 GB of 4G LTE data. You get better deals the more GB you pay for, with their 7 GB plan costing under $100 at a cool $75/month. Despite these cheaper rates, Straight Talk Wireless offers you great download and upload speeds at 31.1 Mbps and 15.6 Mbps respectively.

For just $49.99, you can also pick up Straight Talk Wireless’ in-house hotspot device, which is good for connecting to a maximum of 10 devices at a time.


  • – Strong download and upload speeds
  • – Does not bind you to a contract that will penalize you if you cancel
  • – Great value for money the more GB you buy


  • – Largest data plan only goes up to a meager 7 GB

13. Net10 Wireless

net10 wireless hotspot
© Photo from Net10 Wireless

Net10 Wireless really outdoes almost every service provider on this list, with its mobile hotspot data plans starting at just $10/month for 1 GB. Its best deal has to be its 10 GB plan, which will cost you just $50/month. What’s more, if you sign up for Net10’s email promotions here, you’ll get a 25% off welcome coupon to further discount your payments.

You could even use the coupon to purchase Net10 Wireless’s Moxee mobile hotspot, which costs $49.99.


  • – Very affordable data plans
  • – Has a welcome deal to further discount your payments


  • – Does not have any plan beyond 10 GB

14. U.S. Cellular

us cellular hotspot
© Photo from U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular’s plans start from $10/month for 1 GB, with its 10 GB plan costing a comfortable $40/month. If you want to remove all data limits entirely, U.S. Cellular’s got you covered with its $90/month unlimited data plan.

You can only sign up for U.S. Cellular’s mobile hotspot plans when you purchase a mobile hotspot device from them. Like T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular offers only the Inseego MiFi M2000. U.S. Cellular does differ from its competitors, however, letting you pay for the device in monthly installments of $13.32/month for two years.


  • – Affordable data plans
  • – Can pay for mobile hotspot device in monthly installments


  • – Can only sign up for data plans after purchasing a mobile hotspot device

15. MyWebSpot

mywebspot mobile hotspot
© Photo from MyWebSpot

MyWebSpot follows in Skyroam’s footsteps to bring you a per-day model for its mobile hotspot services, where rates start from $9.16/day for 5 GB. With MyWebSpot, you no longer have to worry about not being able to connect to the Internet wherever you are—it provides comprehensive international coverage.

You can also expect to enjoy download and upload speeds of up to 100Mbps and 40 Mbps—just make sure that you don’t go over the 5 GB limit!


  • – You’re not bound by a contract
  • – Great download and upload speeds
  • – International coverage


  • – Limited daily data
  • – Costly if used for more than a day in the long run


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share My Mobile Hotspot Without Using Data?

Since most of you own smartphones that rely on some form of Internet connection, it’s pretty common for you to use data to activate your mobile hotspots. Connecting to a mobile hotspot is thus synonymous with having a data plan.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to activate your mobile hotspot without data. If you have the expertise, you can manipulate Wi-Fi tethering so you can create a LAN. You can learn more about this process through the Android Wi-Fi Tether. Do proceed with caution, especially if you’re completely new to this process.


How Much Data Do Mobile Hotspots Use?

Mobile hotspot data usage is directly proportionate to the number of activities you perform on the device tethered to your mobile hotspot. The majority of mobile internet service providers provide you with methods on how to track your hotspot data consumption and corresponding activities.

To give you an overview of the amount of data you’ll be consuming on your devices, these are some of the most common internet activities:

Mobile Hotspot Data Consumption
Sprint Verizon
Email < 1 MB
Facebook 50 MB
Instagram 350 MB
Internet Surfing 40 MB
Playing Music 80 MB
Streaming Netflix 125 MB and above
YouTube 150 MB and above
Zoom (HQ Call) 400 MB and above


Indeed, sharing is caring, and it includes sharing your internet connection with your colleagues, peers, and family members. After all, that what is mobile hotspots made for. 

Are you currently subscribed to any of the mobile hotspot plans we’ve mentioned? If yes, we would love to know any tips and feedback. Feel free to comment down below!