4 Best and Simple Ways to Get Free Netflix Account Legally

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The best things in life are free — and yes, that includes Netflix. It’s not a necessity but it is something great to have. As the best streaming app, it is a trove of a lot of classic romantic dramas, TV shows, movies, and even anime series. Add to that are its originals that are always trending and are binge-worthy on weekend nights. This comes with a cost, however, and it does not come cheap. In 2020 alone, its Standard plan has increased from $13 to $14 monthly, making it harder to avail. But did you know that there are ways for you to avail of a free Netflix account? That is what we are about to share in this article.

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  1. Is It Possible to Get a Free Netflix?
    1. Borrow Netflix from a Friend
    2. Get Netflix from T-Mobile
    3. Watch Netflix for Free Without an Account
    4. Comcast Xfinity Package with Netflix
  2. Get a Discounted Netflix
    1. Gift Card
    2. Coupon
    3. VPNs
  3. Why Not a Free Movie App?


Is It Possible to Get a Free Netflix Account?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can avail yourself of Netflix without even giving up a buck. We are not talking about Netflix’s 30-day free trial because, in case you still don’t know, the streaming giant has already phased out its trial service globally. It began pulling out the trial feature in 2019, starting with Mexico, and has last seen the light in South Korea in April 2021.

Now that the free trial promotion is completely crossed out from the formula, how can we still access Netflix for free? Well, a few ways are left on the table and people came up with new hacks. Here are some ways you can get a completely free Netflix account, legally.


How to Get Free Netflix Legally?

Below are ways for you to be able to watch the latest films and TV series that Netflix has to offer. Check them out!


1. Borrow Netflix from a Friend

setting profile lock for Netflix
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You might have that generous friend who wouldn’t mind sharing his or her Netflix account. Asking for someone’s Netflix login credentials is the fastest and the easiest way to get a free Netflix account. Once you are logged in, you can create a profile for yourself to start binging on your favorite series. You may even encrypt it with a password so no one can mess up the titles on your list.

Needless to say though, you can’t abuse the generosity of your friends giving you a free Netflix account. You may want to chip in once in a while. If not with money, you can find some other way to pay them back.


2. Get Netflix from T-Mobile

Top phone carriers would often include free streaming deals on one or two of their plans for promotional purposes. For instance, you can get free Disney Plus access if you subscribe to Verizon, or a free HBO Max through AT&T. However, if you want a free Netflix account specifically, then you should consider switching to T-Mobile.

Feature Magenta Magenta Max One One Plus
Single Line N/A Netflix Basic N/A N/A
Multiple Lines Netflix Basic Netflix Standard/ $12.99 for Premium $10.99 for Netflix Standard Netflix Standard/ $12.99 for Premium
Amount Left to Pay on Netflix 0 $5 for Netflix Premium $3 $5 for Netflix Premium

Here’s the deal: when you get any of T-Mobile’s monthly plans, there’s a chance for you to get free Netflix access. For T-Mobile Magenta, you need to add two lines to get the Netflix Basic freebie. On the other hand, Magenta Max covers the Netflix Basic subscription for a single-line plan. Those that are subscribed to Magenta Max’s multiple lines plan will get the Netflix Standard subscription with an option to upgrade to Premium. In this case, T-Mobile will cover $12.99 of the subscription and you have to pay for the difference.

T-Mobile One Plus gets the same Netflix as Magenta Max, except it doesn’t offer the freebie to the single-line plan. On the other hand, the T-Mobile One plan requires at least two lines to activate the $10.99 subsidy towards Netflix Standard.

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3. Watch Netflix for Free Without an Account

The Netflix 30-day free trial may be gone, but it doesn’t mean Netflix no longer provides you with a way to test their service. In the last quarter of 2020, it launched a new marketing promotion that aims to attract more users to the platform. For a limited time only, it allowed users to watch some of its original movies and a few episodes of its series for free without the need for an account. By accessing netflix.com/watch-free, people can decide whether the streaming platform will be for them. This feature is available for browsers on computers and Android.

This new trial feature was short-lived in many countries, however. Nowadays, South Korea is one of the places left with the feature. If you want to test and watch Netflix for free, the best VPN can help you change your Netflix region and connect to a South Korean server. The titles available are not abundant, but it’s enough to get the feels of a free Netflix account. If not the 30-day trial, hopefully, Netflix brings this feature back globally at the very least.


4. Comcast Xfinity Package with Netflix

Get Free Netflix from Xfinity
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If you didn’t know it already, Xfinity has packages that offer free Netflix accounts. The said inclusion is part of Xfinity internet packages Flex and X1. These packages come with streaming services on-demand like Spotify, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Netflix among others — thanks to its 4K streaming TV box.

On its website, Xfinity outlines one basic requirement: To access the Netflix app, you need an X1 TV Box (RNG150 devices are not eligible) or a streaming TV Box with Xfinity Flex service. Add to that, eligible subscribers must have an Xfinity internet subscription of any level, and an existing Netflix account (free or premium).

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Get a Discounted Netflix

If it’s not possible for you to get free Netflix, getting it with a discount doesn’t sound bad at all. Here’s how you can still enjoy everything on Netflix at a lesser price.


1. Get a Discounted Gift Card on Marketplaces

Netflix, Google Play, and App Store Giftcards
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There are two ways you can use a gift card to pay for your Netflix subscription. The first one is using a Netflix Giftcard; the second is using iTunes or Google Play gift cards to pay for your subscription on the respective app stores.

Netflix gift cards normally cost between $25-$200 with the same face value. However, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay run discount promos for gift cards from time to time. It’s not much, but you might get them at less price than their actual value.


2. Get Coupons and Promo Codes

Some companies would provide Netflix coupons and promo codes to customers in exchange for availing of their services. Depending on the company, that promo code may even cover your entire Netflix subscription expenses. However, you must also be cautious of websites that claim to provide Netflix promo codes. When offers are too good to be true, like a one-year free Netflix subscription without purchasing anything, they are most likely frauds.


3. Use VPNs to Get Cheaper Netflix from Other Regions

Photo showing Netflix Region Map
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Netflix is a lot cheaper in other countries compared to the U.S. That is because the amount you pay is relative to the library size you are about to access, which varies in each region. For instance, Japan, U.S., and Canada have the most extensive Netflix catalog. Hence, they have the most expensive Netflix too.

You may take advantage of the price differences in each country to spend less on Netflix. Using a VPN, you can signup for Netflix in a different region where the service is cheaper. As of writing, Argentina and Turkey are two of the countries where you can get Netflix at its cheapest. Depending on the current exchange rate, Netflix Basic in these countries costs around $3, which is far from $8.99 in the U.S. There should also be no problem with payment, as long as you have a billing zip code and your credit card is enabled for international transactions (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

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Why Not a Free Movie App?

It’s a delight to have free Netflix access but they are not for eternity. You can’t borrow your friend’s Netflix and keep it forever. In the same way, not all ISPs or carriers will cover your Netflix subscription all the time. If you can’t get Netflix for free, or with discounts at the least, switching to a free movie app is a good plan B.

Their movie collections may not be as extensive as that of Netflix but they can give you a fair share of entertainment. Out of the free streaming service, Plex is our favorite due to its unconventional and independently-made movies. If you like nonfiction, you might love CuriosityStream for its handful of documentary series. These platforms are ad-supported; think of it as a way of giving back for the good times.