The 15 Best Camera Phones You Need To Take The Perfect Shot

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Gone are the days when smartphones were used solely for making calls and sending text messages. Today, the advent of digital technology transformed smartphones from a basic telecommunicator to an all-rounder camera phone with bells and whistles. With the increasing demand for aesthetic graphics and photos, camera phones have been a great alternative for the bulky DSLR.

Hence, we cherry-picked the cream of the best camera phones in today’s market, highlighting their special features and innovations. So that you’ll find the perfect camera phones at your suited budget without any fuss.

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Factors You Need To Consider While Choosing The Best Camera Phones

There are several parameters to consider when choosing the best snapper:


1. Megapixels

Megapixel (MP) is the pixel count of an image. The higher the pixels, the more detailed the image is. Today, some of the best smartphones have 48 MP.

2. Aperture

Aperture refers to the opening of the lens through which the light passes to enter the camera. The lower the aperture, the camera is more capable of producing quality photos with a focused subject and blurred background.

3. Optical Image Stabilisation

Image Stabilisation is an essential feature to create the best stills and videos. It minimizes the effect of ‘shakes’ or extra movements on the process of capturing your most-prized moments.

4. Storage

Good quality photos and videos take up a large space in a device so make sure to choose a phone with a decent amount of storage capacity. Phones today can hold up to 1 TB of storage.

5. Video Quality

Smartphones with 4K video at 60 frames per second (fps) renders a better quality of videos.

15 Best Camera Phones To Choose In 2019


iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Rear Camera Triple 12MP (wide, ultra-wide, telephone)
Front Camera12 MP with Face ID
Video Capture4K at 60fps
Battery CapacityCan last up to 4 hours more than iPhone XS
Dimension144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm
Weight6.63 oz; 188g
StorageStart from 64GB and up to 512GB

(✔) Pros:

  • Improved Camera System
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Larger Storage

(X) Cons:

  • Design is linear with minimal changes
  • Pricer than alternative mobiles

Apple enthusiasts let’s take heed! Apple’s newest flagship phone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of 2019’s ultra-powerful devices in the smartphone industry. Since its release on September 20, 2019, this phone takes on the title “Pro” although the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t offer distinctive changes aesthetically as compared to iPhone XS and XS Max.

However, this mobile phone thrives particularly on its camera and it then catches a sweet spot in the market. As of 2019, iPhone 11’s Triple-Camera System is one of a class-leading innovation ever since it makes its first appearance in the ferocious market.

Apart from it, this phone excels, particularly in its new night-mode setting. What’s unique about this feature is its capability to capture a crystal clear photo even in a low-light condition. As of now, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the best 4K camera phones in the market. Plus, considering its accessibility, it’s a great alternative to your bulky DLSRs.

Grab it now on Amazon and take photos in low-light conditions effortlessly.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Rear Camera16MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide), 12MP, f/1.5-f/2.4 (Wide), 12MP, f/2.1 (Telephoto)
Front Camera
10MP, f/2.2
Video Capture4K UHD video recording at 60fps (3840x2160)
Battery Capacity4300mAH
Dimensions77.2 x 162.3 x 7.9 mm
Weight6.92 oz, 196g

(✔) Pros:

  • Stunning Aura Glow color
  • S Pen gestures are fun to use
  • Vast and vibrant screen
  • Super-fast charging speed
  • Strong camera system

(X) Cons:

  • Fingerprint smudges easily
  • Slippery design
  • Expensive

If you’re a gamer or a binge-watcher, the all-new Samsung Note 10 Plus offers an immersive viewing experience that is one for the books. It is tagged as the best Samsung camera phone compared to all Samsung models because of its improved features: rear cameras with depth sensor, massive and brighter screen.

The add on RAM and micro-SD expansion, longer battery life, and an amusing S Pen functionality is a plus point for this mobile. Also, it is one of the best video camera phone ever made topped with the beautiful aura glow color that is a stand-out eye candy in today’s market.

Note 10 Plus’ stunning screen awaits you on Amazon.


Huawei P30 Pro

Rear Camera40MP, f/1.6 (Wide),
20MP, f/2.2 (Ultra Wide), 8MP, f/3.4 (Telephoto)
Front Camera32MP, f/2.0
Video Capture4K at 30fps
Battery Capacity4200 mAH, Li-Polymer
Storage256GB, 512GB
Dimensions144 x 71.4 x 8.1mm
Weight6.63 oz, 188g

(✔) Pros:

  • Unrivaled 5X Optical, 10X Hybrid Zoom, and 50X Zooming capability
  • Superior Photography quality in daylight and low-light settings
  • Superb display
  • Outstanding battery life

(X) Cons:

  • Doesn’t support 4K at 60 fps video capture
  • Absent of stereo speakers
  • No Audio Jack
  • No QHD+ resolution

Dubbed as the photography pioneer in today’s generation, Huawei P30 Pro is reputed to provide visually compelling design and high-quality media. Though it’s not the cheapest phone you can get out there, it definitely worth your every dime.

Officially released in March 2019, this mobile has claimed numerous positive reviews around the globe. Not to mention, Huawei P30 Pro is the first mobile to feature 5X optical and a 10X hybrid zoom. If you’re one of those who struggle to get a clear zoomed shot. This model is here to grant you the ability to capture an object at its finest details. Additionally, its 50x zoom capacity claims to help you witness the moon with a closer view and to unlock a brand new perspective.

Huawei P30 Pro is also a notch above the others when it comes to its display and battery duration. The 6.47” OLED Dewdrop display enriches screen colors for an exquisite display. The video recording of P30 Pro, however, works differently under certain lightings. It can run 60fps at bright lighting and shifts to 30fps at a low-level lighting environment.

This crowd favorite along with its pioneering zoom innovations is available on Amazon.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Camera Phone Generalist

Rear Camera12 MP, f/1.5-2.4 (Wide Angle Lens), 12 MP, f/2.4 (Telephoto Angle Lens), 16 MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide Angle Lens)
Front Camera10 MP, f/1.9 Dual Pixel PDAF, 8 MP, f/2.2 depth sensor
Video Capture4K at 60fps,
HDR+ Video
Battery Capacity4,100 mAh
Dimensions157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm
Weight6.17 oz, 6.98 oz / 175 g, 198 g

(✔) Pros:

  • Wireless Powershare
  • Reverse Charging
  • Faster Animation
  • Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Reader

(X) Cons:

  • Slippery design
  • A bit pricey

One thing you should know about the S10 Plus – it’s the jack of all trades. Yep, this amazing camera phone presents a multitude of useful features found on the majority of flagship phones. From unique photo and video capturing, speedy tool management, fantastic viewing experience, reliable health monitoring, the device simply has it all!

This is currently a great cut-out phone in the industry, especially if you’re considering an across-the-board handset with robust credibility.

Get the S10 Plus on Amazon and experience its total reliability.


Google Pixel 3 XL: Single Snapper Ace

Rear CameraSingle rear camera:
12.2 MP, f/1.8
Front Camera8-megapixel (f/2.2), 8-megapixel (f/1.8)
Video Capture4K at 30fps
Battery Capacity3430 mAh
Dimensions158 x 76.7 x 7.9mm
Weight6.49 oz / 184g


(✔) Pros:

  • Smooth software
  • Unique A.I. features
  • Ideal phone size

(X) Cons:

  • Thick bezels
  • Notch is annoying

Pixel 3 XL might appear like an ordinary phone on the outside, but you’ll be surprised it offers a top-notch software in the market like no other. As compared to other smartphone brands, Pixel 3 XL gives users impressive software support including 2 years of Day 1 software updates and 4 years of original resolution photo backup.

On top of it, its single-lens rear camera produces premium photo quality not only during the day but also at night. As an advanced version of Google Pixels, Pixel 3 comes with a newly improved Night-Sight feature to capture a vibrant and steady night shot.

Pixel 3 XL’s ultimate support in a single-lens camera can now be yours on Amazon.


OnePlus 7 Pro: OnePlus’ Master-Of-All

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.6 (Wide), 8 MP, f/2.4 (Telephoto), 16 MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide)
Front CameraMotorized pop-up 16 MP, f/2.0
Video Capture2160p at 30/60fps
Battery Capacity4000 mAh
Storage128GB / 256GB
Dimensions162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm
Weight7.27 oz , 206g

(✔) Pros:

  • Smooth OS
  • Fast UFS 3.0 Storage
  • Fast charging speed
  • Zen Mode

(X) Cons:

  • Doesn’t support wireless charging
  • Non-expandable storage
  • 90Hz display consumes battery rapidly

Out of all the OnePlus handsets, 7 Pro is the closest to providing everything you want in a flagship smartphone. It is imbibed with the up-to-date features that are enough to compete in the competitive market.

Moreover, the motorized selfie camera of the phone has fall detection. So, in case you accidentally drop your phone on a solid surface, the camera automatically closes for protection.

Another OnePlus feat is the Zen mode. This is a good treat for students since it allows you to reclaim 20 minutes of your time minus your phone’s distraction. And no, it’s not the same with Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing because you literally can’t disable the countdown once it started.

Pick it up on Amazon and enjoy the features this flagship has to offer.


iPhone XS Max

Rear CameraDual 12 MP, f/1.8 (Wide), f/2.4 (Telephoto)
Front Camera7 MP, f/2.2, TOF 3D camera
Video Capture4K at 60fps
Battery Capacity3174 mAh
157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm
Weight7.34 oz, 208g

(✔) Pros:

  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Amazing camera quality
  • Dual sim support

(X) Cons:

  • Identical design
  • Average battery life
  • Expensive

iPhone X users will not see much of a difference in iPhone XS Max. In fact, the design is the same as its predecessor. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that XS Max holds a bigger and brighter screen which is perfect for gaming. It also hosts more improved features as compared to iPhone X’s camera.

Additionally, XS Max is the best 3D camera at play since it supports speedy programs and extra cool photography tricks. You can own one now from Amazon.


Sony Xperia 1: Sony’s Goliath Snapper

Rear Camera12 MP, f/1.6 (Wide), 12 MP, f/2.4 (Telephoto), 12 MP, f/2.4 (Ultra-wide)
Front Camera8 MP, f/2.0 (Wide)
Video Capture2160p@24/30fps HDR
Battery Capacity3330 mAh
Dimensions167 x 72 x 8.2 mm
Weight6.28 oz, 178g

(✔) Pros:

  • Stellar 4K HDR OLED cinematic display
  • Excellent Night-time shots
  • Superior photo capturing and video recording

(X) Cons:

  • No wireless charging
  • Ultra-cam has no autofocus
  • The screen is not bright enough

Xperia 1 is one of 2019’s premium camera phones and probably the behemoth of Sony.

Since most of its competitors followed the line of the triple camera system, Sony opted Xperia 1 to be taller than the rest with an aspect ratio of 29:1. For those who have a major emphasis on media consumption, this is a great advancement.

However, few of Sony’s significant features were cut short like battery life and general convenience thanks to its unusual shape. Nonetheless, Xperia 1 delivers a superb camera experience worth its price. Check its listings on Amazon now.


Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro: Midrange Fighter

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.8 (Wide), 8 MP, f/2.4 (Telephoto), 13 MP, f/2.4 (Ultra-wide)
Front CameraMotorized pop-up 20 MP, f/2.2, HDR
Video Capture4K at 60fps
Battery Capacity4000 mAh
Dimensions156.7 x 74.3 x 8.8 mm
Storage64GB/ 256GB
Weight6.74 oz, 191 g

(✔) Pros:

  • Good battery mileage
  • Has 3.5mm audio jack

(X) Cons:

  • No OIS
  • Struggles in low-light photography

Redmi K20 Pro is one of the cheapest camera phones in the market that operates in the class-leading Snapdragon 855. It is packed with top-notch features such as the full HD+ resolution with 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and the gaming mode that enables touch response in-game night-time visibility.

Redmi K20 Pro’s enticing design and firm build makes it a good value for money. However, you must minimize your movement while recording video since it doesn’t support optical image stabilization (OIS).

Get one from Amazon and see how Xiaomi is making waves on the market today.


Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: Oppo’s Supreme

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.7 (Wide), Periscope 13 MP, f/3.0 (Telephoto), 8 MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide)
Front CameraMotorized pop-up 16 MP, f/2.0, HDR
Video Capture2160p@30/60fps
Battery Capacity4065 mAh
Dimensions162 x 77.2 x 9.3 mm
Weight7.40 oz, 210 g

(✔) Pros:

  • Exceptional triple camera experience with 10x zoom
  • High-grade CPU and GPU
  • Photos and videos are crisp

(X) Cons:

  • No wireless charging
  • Large and heavy

Another Snapdragon 855-based camera phone, Oppo Reno 10x Zoom promises a high-end performance both on the CPU and GPU aspects. The major highlights of the phone are the brilliant fullscreen design with no large bezels, notches, or camera cut-outs and the triple camera system.

These elements are brand-new innovations of the Oppo company. Although the camera doesn’t match Huawei P30 Pro’s, it surpasses Samsung Note 8’s quality. Overall, Reno 10x Zoom is good in terms of performance. The only thing Oppo should consider improving is the weight of its future models.

You can check out its price range on Amazon here.


Xiaomi Mi 9T: Mi 9 Retrofit

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.7 (Wide), Periscope 13 MP, f/3.0 (Telephoto), 8 MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide)
Front CameraMotorized pop-up 16 MP, f/2.0, HDR
Video Capture2160p at 30/60fps
Battery Capacity4065 mAh
Dimensions162 x 77.2 x 9.3 mm
Weight7.14 oz, 210g

(✔) Pros:

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Exemplary display with high-brightnessFast charging

(X) Cons:

  • Low-light performance can be improved
  • Poor interface
  • Mono stereo-speaker

Mi 9T is a great mid-phone with lashings of tech and a very few blemishes. It has an accurate in-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up selfie camera which makes a clean design over Mi 9.

The camera setup provides incredibly sharp and enhanced photos during daylight, though its low-light performance can be a hit. Overall, Mi 9T gives a reasonable and improved performance over Mi 9. Amazon offers the Mi 9T for a reasonable price here.


Sony Xperia XZ3: Efficient Snapper

Rear Camera19 MP, f/2.0
Front Camera13 MP, f/1.9
Video Capture4K@30fps, HDR
Battery Capacity3300 mAh
Dimensions158 x 73 x 9.9 mm
Storage64GB up to 512GB
Weight6.8 oz, 193g

(✔) Pros:

  • Trendy design
  • Good software experience
  • Excellent OLED display

(X) Cons:

  • No OIS
  • No auto-brightness boost

Sony’s Xperia XZ3 is a comprehensive alternative for iPhone 8. It has a taller display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and outshines iPhone 8’s clarity for display and video playback. Compared to the iPhone 8’s camera, Xperia XZ3 is a little step up through its higher megapixels, hybrid autofocus, and phase detection focus. Overall, XZ3 is a well-balanced phone with wonderful features found on other expensive camera phones.

You can purchase this better Android counterpart of the iPhone 8 from Amazon.


Honor View 20: Compact Camera Phone

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.8 (Wide), TOF 3D camera
Front Camera25 MP, f/2.0, HDR
Video Capture
Battery Capacity4000 mAh
Dimensions156.9 x 75.4 x 8.1 mm
Weight6.35 oz, 180g


(✔) Pros:

  • Longlasting battery and fast-charging
  • Retains the 3.5mm audio jack
  • Excellent performance

(X) Cons:

  • No AMOLED display
  • No IOS
  • Storage is non-expandable

Honor View 20 is one of the best mid-range flagship camera phones in 2019 that ticks all the right boxes without busting your pocket. It has a great camera quality, battery life, and raw performance. Although it doesn’t support AMOLED display compared to its close competitors, the 48 MP camera augmented with Quad Bayer technology delivers impressive photos while the battery powers the phone up the entire day, depending on your usage.

Check out Honor View 20’s availability on Amazon now.


Motorola Moto G7: Comprehensive Snapper

Rear Camera12 MP, f/1.8, PDAF, 5 MP, f/2.2, depth sensor
Front Camera8 MP, HDR
Video Capture4K at 30fps
Battery Capacity3000 mAh
Dimensions157 x 75.3 x 8 mm
Storage64GB up to 1 TB
Weight6.07 oz, 172g

(✔) Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Turbocharging
  • Decent dual rear cameras

(X) Cons:

  • Short battery life
  • Low-light photography is poor
  • Mono-stereo can be improved

Motorola was crowned as the King of all smartphones back in 2013. Today, they’re coming back with a well-rounded model that guarantees a whopping software performance compatible with all carriers in the US. The Motorola G7’s camera performs fairly during the day, however, the photos can get a little dark and grainy at low-level lighting. On the contrary, the great thing is that it can shoot 4K videos which is a steal for its price. You can buy this affordable and dependable camera phone now on Amazon.

Overall, Motorola G7 is a good value especially if you’re looking for a cheap camera phone. But if you expect something more from Motorola, stay tuned for the Motorola G8 and G8 Plus that is speculated to have triple cameras like iPhone 11.


Vivo V15 Pro: Mid-range Snapper

Rear Camera48 MP, f/1.8 (Wide), 8 MP, f/2.2 (Ultra-wide), 5 MP, f/2.4, depth sensor
Front CameraMotorized pop-up 32 MP
Video Capture2160p at 30fps
Battery Capacity3700 mAh
Dimensions157.3 x 74.7 x 8.2 mm
Weight6.53 oz, 185 g

(✔) Pros:

  • Strong build and luxurious color choices
  • Super AMOLED fullscreen display
  • Supports battery back-up

(X) Cons:

  • Obsolete USB port
  • Doesn’t support HD streaming
  • UI can be improved

Vivo V15 Pro is a firmly stunning phone from Vivo that provides essential features and merits its price tag. It boasts a novel and trendy design, splendid set of camera, brilliant Super AMOLED display, and an accurate in-display fingerprint sensor. Although there are some noted shortcomings like the Funtouch UI and USB port, the overall performance of the phone cuts through it all. Hence, making it one of the cheapest yet best camera phones in the smartphone industry.

So, what do you think of our list? Share your opinions in the comment section below!