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Welcome to the digital age where social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. YouTube, being one of the most popular platforms for videos, allows content creators to share their work with a wide audience. Alongside the overwhelming number of likes, dislikes also play a crucial role in showcasing the popularity or controversial nature of a video. However, if you’re using the YouTube mobile app, you may have noticed that the dislike count is not as prominently displayed as likes. In this article, we will explore the methods to see dislikes on YouTube mobile, enabling you to have a deeper understanding of the viewer’s feedback. So, if you’re curious to know how to uncover dislikes on YouTube mobile, keep reading to discover some simple techniques!

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  1. Ways to access the “Dislikes” count on the YouTube mobile app
  2. Using third-party browser extensions to view dislikes on YouTube mobile
  3. Exploring alternative methods to check dislikes on YouTube mobile
  4. The significance of the “Dislikes” feature on YouTube and its impact on creators and viewers
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Ways to access the “Dislikes” count on the YouTube mobile app

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing videos and engaging with content creators. With millions of videos being uploaded and viewed every day, it’s essential for users to have access to important engagement metrics, such as likes and dislikes.

However, accessing the “Dislikes” count on the YouTube mobile app can be a bit tricky, as the platform primarily focuses on promoting positive engagement. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to see the “Dislikes” count on the YouTube mobile app:

  1. Using the official YouTube Studio app: YouTube Studio is an app designed specifically for content creators to manage their channels. However, it also provides access to important metrics, including the “Dislikes” count. To see the “Dislikes” count using this method, follow these steps:
    • Download and install the YouTube Studio app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Open the app and sign in to your YouTube account.
    • Select your channel from the dashboard.
    • Navigate to the video you want to see the “Dislikes” count for.
    • Scroll down to the “Engagement” section, where you will find the number of dislikes.
  2. Using desktop mode on your mobile browser: If you prefer not to install an additional app, you can access the “Dislikes” count by using the desktop mode on your mobile browser. Here’s how:
    • Open your preferred mobile browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
    • Visit the YouTube website and sign in to your account.
    • Request the desktop version of the site. This option is usually found in the browser’s menu settings.
    • Navigate to the video you want to see the “Dislikes” count for.
    • Scroll down the video page until you reach the engagement metrics section, where you will find the number of dislikes.
  3. Using third-party browser extensions or apps: Alternatively, you can use third-party browser extensions or apps specifically designed to enhance your YouTube experience. These tools often provide additional features, including the ability to view the “Dislikes” count. Examples of such extensions include “Enhancer for YouTube” and “YouTube Ratings Preview”. Simply search for these extensions in your browser’s extension store and follow the installation instructions to get access to the “Dislikes” count.

With these methods, you can easily access the “Dislikes” count on the YouTube mobile app and gain a better understanding of the engagement levels of the videos you watch or create. Keep in mind that dislikes are just a part of the overall engagement, and it’s important to consider the context and quality of the content when analyzing these metrics.

Using third-party browser extensions to view dislikes on YouTube mobile

If you’re looking for an alternative way to view dislikes on YouTube mobile, you can try using third-party browser extensions or apps. These tools can enhance your viewing experience by providing additional features and customization options.

One popular extension that allows you to see dislikes on YouTube mobile is called “TubeBuddy.” TubeBuddy is a comprehensive YouTube management tool that offers various functionalities, including the ability to view likes and dislikes for any video.

To use TubeBuddy, you’ll first need to install it on your mobile browser. TubeBuddy is compatible with popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, you can log in to your YouTube account and navigate to the YouTube video you want to see dislikes for.

Within the video page, TubeBuddy will display additional information, including the number of likes and dislikes. This can provide you with valuable insights into the overall reception of the video.

Another option is the “Enhancer for YouTube” extension, which is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox. This extension offers a range of features, including the ability to view dislikes on YouTube mobile.

After installing Enhancer for YouTube, sign in to your YouTube account and open the desired video. You can then click on the Enhancer for YouTube icon in your browser’s toolbar to access the extension’s settings. From there, you can enable the option to display dislikes along with other video metrics.

Keep in mind that while third-party extensions can enhance your YouTube experience, they may also have their limitations. Updates to YouTube’s platform or changes in the extensions themselves may impact their functionality. Additionally, be cautious when downloading and installing third-party extensions, as they may pose security risks. Make sure to only use reputable and trusted sources when adding extensions to your mobile browser.

Overall, using third-party browser extensions can be a convenient way to view dislikes on YouTube mobile. These tools provide you with additional functionality, allowing you to gain more insights into the engagement and reception of YouTube videos.

Exploring alternative methods to check dislikes on YouTube mobile

While there isn’t a direct way to view the dislike count on the YouTube mobile app, there are alternative methods you can try to get an idea of how many dislikes a video has received. Let’s explore a few options below:

1. Social Media Platforms: Many YouTube creators share their videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check if the creator has shared the video on any of these platforms, as they might display the dislike count along with the likes and comments.

2. Video Thumbnail and Title: Pay attention to the video thumbnail and title. Sometimes, creators use text or symbols to indicate the number of dislikes a video has received. While this is not an accurate method, it can give you a rough idea of the dislike count.

3. Comments Section: In the comments section of a YouTube video, users often voice their opinions about the content. If a video has received a significant number of dislikes, there is a chance that users will mention it in their comments. Look out for comments specifically mentioning the dislikes.

4. YouTube Analytics: If you are the creator of the video or have access to the YouTube Studio app, you can check the analytics section for more detailed information. While the exact dislike count may not be displayed, you can still get insights into the viewer engagement, including likes, dislikes, and comments.

5. Third-Party Websites: There are third-party websites that provide additional data and insights about YouTube videos, including dislike counts. However, it is important to exercise caution when using these websites, as not all of them may be reliable or secure.

Remember, these alternative methods may not give you the precise number of dislikes a video has received, as only YouTube itself provides the exact count. However, they can help you get a general sense of the popularity and reception of a video.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the mentioned methods may not be entirely accurate and may rely on assumptions or user-generated content. Always use them with caution and take the information obtained with a grain of salt.

The significance of the “Dislikes” feature on YouTube and its impact on creators and viewers

The “Dislikes” feature on YouTube plays a significant role in shaping the community’s feedback and opinions about a video. It allows viewers to express their dissatisfaction or disagreement with the content, acting as a counterbalance to the “Likes” feature. While “Likes” represent positive feedback and support, “Dislikes” indicate negative sentiment or criticism.

For creators, the number of dislikes on their videos can have various implications. It can serve as constructive feedback, highlighting areas where improvement may be needed. Creators can learn from the dislikes and make adjustments to their content, such as refining their presentation style or addressing specific concerns raised by viewers.

However, the impact of dislikes on creators is not always straightforward. In some cases, receiving a high number of dislikes can be demotivating and disheartening. Negative feedback can affect a creator’s confidence and may even discourage them from continuing their creative endeavors. Therefore, it is important for creators to develop resilience and focus on constructive criticism while not letting dislikes overshadow their dedication and passion.

From a viewer’s perspective, the “Dislikes” feature provides a sense of transparency and empowerment. It allows viewers to express their opinions and influence the reputation of a video. By seeing a significant number of dislikes, viewers can make informed decisions about whether to watch the video or not, based on the collective assessment of the community.

Furthermore, dislikes can also serve as a way to hold creators accountable. When videos receive overwhelmingly negative feedback, it can signal that the content is misleading, offensive, or inauthentic. This accountability contributes to maintaining the credibility and quality of YouTube’s content ecosystem.

It’s worth noting that the impact of dislikes on a video’s visibility and ranking within YouTube’s algorithm is not fully transparent. While dislikes do affect the engagement metrics, YouTube emphasizes that dislikes alone do not result in a video being removed or prioritized lower in recommendations.


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1. Can I see dislikes on YouTube Mobile?

Yes, you can see dislikes on YouTube Mobile. YouTube provides users with the option to both like and dislike videos on mobile devices, allowing for a more comprehensive feedback system.

2. How can I see the number of dislikes on YouTube Mobile?

To see the number of dislikes on YouTube Mobile, simply open the YouTube app on your mobile device and navigate to the video you are interested in. Scroll down beneath the video player, and you will find the like and dislike counts indicated by thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons.

3. Why are dislikes important on YouTube?

Dislikes on YouTube play a crucial role in providing feedback to content creators. It allows viewers to express their dissatisfaction with a video or its content. Additionally, dislikes help YouTube’s algorithm understand user preferences and better recommend videos that align with their interests.

4. Can I remove or hide dislikes on YouTube Mobile?

No, as a YouTube user, you cannot remove or hide the dislikes on your videos. Dislikes, along with likes, represent the genuine feedback received from viewers and are an integral part of the engagement metrics for your content.

5. Do dislikes affect a video’s visibility or ranking?

Dislikes do not directly impact a video’s visibility or ranking on YouTube. However, YouTube’s algorithm considers the overall user engagement, including likes, dislikes, comments, and watch time when determining the visibility and recommendation of videos to users.