Apex Mobile Season 2 Release Date, New Character Revealed

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Time flies so fast, indeed. Not long ago, we couldn’t contain our excitement about Apex Legends coming to the mobile ecosystem; now, we are approaching its second season. Electronic Arts revealed that Apex Season 2 release for mobile would happen on July 12. The new Apex Season is titled Distortion, an indication that it may bring significant changes to how you currently play the game.

The latest update for Apex Legends Mobile includes new maps and game modes, as well as much-needed adjustments to its gameplay. However, the new mobile-exclusive character named Rhapsody is the main highlight of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2. If you want to know how she fares with other legends, you may check our updated Apex Legends character tier list.


Who Is Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Update "Distortion", Rhapsody
Photo by EA

Rhapsody is a mobile-exclusive Apex Legends that relies on rhythm-themed abilities with the help of her bot companion, Rowdy. In a patch note, EA shared a compelling backstory of the new character.

Rhapsody was born with the gift of music to an AI engineer at Pythas Inc., a company that controls the entire town. Her dark story and misfortune started when her mother was fired for discovering company secrets. They were then buried in false debt and banished into a poverty-stricken district where she honed her art of music as a DJ.

Looking for a way out of their desperate situation, she seized the opportunity to perform on the wealthy side of the town to install a virus that would wipe out her family’s debt. But, it did the extreme and put the entire town on the brink of collapse. Now in a more serious situation with Pythas, Rhapsody decided to enter Apex Games under the company’s banner. Her end goal? To buy her family’s way out of the clutches of poverty.


What Are the Special Abilities of Rhapsody in Apex Legends?

As mentioned, Rhapsody’s special abilities rhythm-themed. EA showed Rhapsody in action accompanied by ber bot in a short character preview. At the halfway mark of the video, she unlocks her passive (Gifted Ear), which allows her to pick up sound visualizations from an extended range.

This was quickly followed by her tactical (Hype Anthem), an ability that summons a track that speeds up nearby allies and restores shield. Lastly, her ultimate allows Rowdy to jump off her shoulder and project a wall of flashing lights to block enemy sight and scans.

Rhapsody’s abilities can even get more powerful when she attains progression peaks. For instance, her squadmates can also gain a Gifted Ear whenever she inlocks her tactical ability. Her tactical will also last longer when it affects more allies.


What Are the New Game Modes Apex Legends Season 2

Two new game modes will arrive on Apex Season 2, requiring two different tactics and playstyle.

Gun Game is a fast-paced game mode that requires players to get kills as they work their way through the more extensive arsenal. There weren’t many details about Apex’s version of this multiplayer mode. However, it may have some similarities with Call of Duty’s Gun Game where a gun rotation is included.

If Gun Game is quickly moving, Apex Legends Mobile’s second new game mode requires players to be stealthy. In Hack, teams will either play as Hackers or Defenders. If you are the Hacker, your goal is to mark at least one out of the two areas on the map to gain points. If you are the Defender, your job is, of course, to stop the hackers. The first team to get four rounds will win.


When Exactly Is the New Apex Season Arriving?

Apex Season 2 release for mobile is set on July 12. However, EA did not specify the exact time slot of the release. We suggest that you open the game on that day to not miss out on what’s latest.

You can visit the full patch notes for the complete details of the game adjustments on Apex Legend Mobile Season.