Apex Legends Mobile Soft-Launch Is Coming Soon

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It seems that the official mobile release of battle royale-hero shooter game Apex Legends is nearing as EA CEO announces that a soft-launching is happening soon. The announcement for Apex Legends Mobile comes as part of EA CEO Andrew Wilson’s 2022 Q3 quarterly report released on 02 February 2022.

“We are expanding to reach more players and viewers, with new original content on the way, our growing Apex Legends esports ecosystem, and Apex Legends Mobile which will soon be moving into soft launch as we continue our worldwide rollout,” Wilson says in his report.

Banner Photo of Apex Legends on Steam
Photo by EA on Steam

In the same report, while Wilson did not explicitly hinted the release date for the mobile version of Apex, he did say the game is coming to Android and iOS devices soon. Moreover, this comes at the heels of the game’s version release in closed beta in selected regions.


Apex on Mobile Soft Launch Details

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Photo from Respawn Twitter Page

Wilson adds they have received “strong engagement” and “community feedback”. The report also cites how Apex Legends player rate has climbed over time. “At quarter end, Apex Legends™ monthly active players were up more than 30% year-over-year.” The report cites. It can be inferred the decision to finally release Apex on Mobile soon is driven by these numbers.

Moreover, Apex Legends Mobile soft-launch is available in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

The tweet from developer Respawn also indicates players from the abovementioned countries can now pre-register on their local Google Play Store page. Unfortunately, players with iOS devices will have to wait a little longer for their own rollout.

Pre-Register for Apex Legends Mobile Here


Apex for Android Development

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Photo from the Apex Legends Webpage

Players should expect the mobile version of Apex would be different in contrast to its PC and console counterparts. Considering Respawn has to integrate the gameplay, graphics, and other elements into mobile, the mobile version of Apex is expected to be toned down. Nonetheless, the game should feel and look fairly familiar to players.

It seems the mobile version of Apex is working well considering the positive feedback from players in India and the Philippines in the Spring. There was a general acceptance too after the mobile version became available to other regions.

In addition, the mobile version of Apex will also be free-to-play, similar to its PC and console counterparts. Moreover, it will not include in-app purchases required to advance the gameplay. The game will also have its own battle passes, collectible cosmetics, and unique unlockables


Apex for iOS

Unfortunately, the iOS version for Apex is not coming soon. This means there will be a long wait before the game becomes available for iOS devices. Considering the announcement did not include a possible release date other than it being in 2022, details for the iOS version release is also scarce.

Nonetheless, Respawn and EA are expected to make further announcements on the release of Apex for mobile.