10 Best Samsung Tablet for Every User in 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

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Samsung is known for producing high-quality tablets that are great for a variety of sectors. From students to artists and professionals, there is a tablet that will surely help them reach optimum productivity while still providing avenues for leisure. After all, the best Samsung tablet should provide its user with top-of-the-line performance that allows them to be productive and enjoy the best of what media has to offer.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best Samsung tablets in the market for every type of user.

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Best Samsung Tablets

We have shortlisted the best Samsung tablets you can buy today. They are categorized accordingly to help you make the right choice.

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Best for Kids: Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition
Budget-Friendly: Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch Best for Students: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Luxury: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Best for Drawing: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Best for Gaming: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Best for Work: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Best for Streaming: Galaxy Tab S5e Runner Up: Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 takes the place of the best Samsung tablet in the market. Despite having a few notable differences from the more expensive S7+, the Galaxy Tab 7 still has everything that makes a great Samsung tablet at a more affordable price.

The tablet features a clean and simple look similar to the S7+, but with a smaller screen at 11-inches. Additionally, Tab 7 uses a TFT LCD screen instead of an AMOLED screen, but the tab is still able to deliver images that are bright and crisp. While the screen is not as impressive as the S7+, the Galaxy Tab 7 runs on a Snapdragon 865+ processor that can handle demanding games and allows easy multitasking.

This sleek tablet comes with an S Pen that gives room for more productivity and gives extra functionality. You can also opt to pair the tablet with Samsung’s DeX function, which will turn your tablet into a laptop without having to spend as much. In all, the tablet is a great device that creates a space between the more expensive Tap 7+ and the other Samsung tablets in the market.


  • Great display
  • Slim design
  • Comfortable to use
  • More affordable


  • Non-AMOLED screen
  • Still a bit pricey compared with most tablets
  • Does not support a 3.5mm headphone jack


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch is an option to consider if you’re looking for the best Samsung tablet on a budget. This tablet is lightweight and easy to use. It’s also a bit smaller than most tablets so you can easily carry it when you’re on the go.

The tablet features an 8-inch display that is immersive enough that you can view your favorite shows, play your favorite games, and browse the internet with no problem at all. The Tab A also features an 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP selfie camera which might not be at par with other tablets but can still deliver great photos. Further, the tablet also features dual speakers so you can fully immerse yourself during gaming or streaming.

The only downside to this is that the tablet might run a bit slow compared to other models. However, such quality is to be expected as it is a more budget-friendly option. Nonetheless, it would be best to consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch if you’re looking to buy a tablet without breaking the bank.


  • 13 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great display


  • Slow performance
  • Mediocre camera quality


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is undoubtedly the best Samsung tablet in the market today. The tablet has a couple of noteworthy upgrades from its predecessor including a better display.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus features a 12.4-inch AMOLED display which provides users with richer colors and a more immersive experience. The tab also has a more powerful battery that promises almost 14 hours of playback. With a Snapdragon 865+ processor and 8 GB RAM, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is clearly an S-tier gaming tablet today.

Moreover, this tablet can also be an alternative device for work. It comes with an S Pen so you can easily take notes of fleeting ideas and eureka moments. It also supports Samsung’s DeX feature that turns the tablet into a laptop replacement. Accompanied by the tablet’s beautiful display, the DeX feature allows users to work and attend meetings better. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a great option for those looking for a tablet that can also work as a replacement for a laptop.

In all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is hailed as the best Samsung tablet for its overall use, display, and it’s functionality.


  • Bigger and brighter display
  • Long battery life and fast charging
  • Includes the S Pen
  • Fitted with the Snapdragon 865+ processor


  • Tablet size too big
  • Expensive


If you’re looking for a gaming tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 promises high performance that you might not find in other tablets. Moreover, the tablet promises an impressive battery life that will allow you to enjoy your games for long hours.

Despite the size, games run smoother on the tablet. This is because the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662. You can also easily run several applications and multitask with ease. Moreover, the tablet features a 10.4-inch screen that is vibrant so you’ll get high-quality images while streaming or playing games.

The best thing about the tablet is that it runs on 13 hours of battery life. With this, you’ll be able to do more and play more without having to worry about losing battery immediately. In all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a high-performance tablet that allows you to play your favorite high-demand games without strain.


  • Runs on a fast processor
  • Impressive battery life
  • Great display


  • Screen is a bit dim
  • Not good for multitasking


If you’re looking for a tablet that’s purely for entertainment, the Galaxy Tab S5e is the best Samsung tablet in the market for that purpose. While viewing and enjoying media is something that most tablets can do, the Galaxy Tab S5e guarantees that you won’t encounter any performance issues while streaming.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is thin and features a metal build that surrounds its 10.5-inch super AMOLED display. Its display easily makes the device the best tablet for streaming content. Because of its bright and vivid display, you’ll be able to stream your favorite shows with crisp images. Moreover, it also has great speaker quality that enhances the immersive experience.

The tablet is a great choice for streaming and consuming other media content. With its build, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e doesn’t disappoint with the quality that it promises and provides its users.


  • Lightweight and thin
  • Great sound quality
  • Impressive battery life
  • Support fast charging


  • No headphone jack
  • Doesn’t come with an S Pen
  • Generic design


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition is considered to be the best Samsung tablet in the market for kids. With hardware similar to that of the Galaxy Tab A 8.0, the tablet features an 8-inch display (1280 x 800 pixels), 2 GB of RAM, an 8 MP rear camera, a 2 MP selfie camera, a 5,100-mAh battery, and a quad-core 2.0 GHz processor. In terms of its hardware, it’s a sure fit for kids. But what makes this device the best Samsung tablet for kids is the specialized features that the brand has added.

The device features a bumper case that reduces the risk of damage when handled by kids. It also has specialized software that is streamlined for children. It features much more simplified software and even parental controls so that parents can set screen time limits, approve game downloads, and even monitor what the kids are doing from their own devices.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition provides a safe environment where kids can explore the digital world under adult supervision. Most of all, it can also be used as a normal tablet once your kids outgrow them. However, expect that you won’t be able to do anything beyond watching media, playing simple games, and surfing the web.


  • Affordable
  • Child-friendly interface
  • Comes with a bumper case
  • Small and compact design


  • Mediocre specs


For students who are looking for a tablet that can provide them with optimal creativity and productivity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a great match. Not only does the tablet meet the specifications needed for studying, but it also comes at a more affordable price.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with the S Pen and a couple of features that are great for students. For one, it has a 10.4-inch LCD screen that makes a great canvas for taking down notes or even drawing. The device also has great stereo speakers and supports a 3.5mm headphone jack which allows you to attend classes and listen in on videos easier.

Most of all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes at a lower price point than other high-productivity tablets. It guarantees that you’ll still be able to work without having to break the bank. Unfortunately, the tablet does fall short when it comes to security measures such as fingerprint sensors. But if you’re just looking to use the tablet for studying, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.


  • Great design
  • Affordable
  • S Pen included
  • Supports 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Superb stereo speakers


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Slow processor


While most tablets today are great for artists, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is undoubtedly one of the best options to consider. Not only does it have a great display to help you with drawing but it also comes with the S Pen, which makes it a great deal for artists who opt to purchase them as one.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 features a 10.5-inch AMOLED display which might be a bit small for most artists. However, it delivers high-quality imagery with bright and vivid colors, which makes up for the display size. It also runs on the Snapdragon 835 which ensures fast processing without having to worry about any lags. The tablet is also capable of running for up to 15 hours, allowing you to work continuously before needing to charge the tablet. But of course, the amount of work that you do and the apps that you use will play a big part in how long your tablet’s battery life will last.

In all, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a great match for artists who are looking for a tablet that has great features for drawing. Not only does it promise optimum performance but it also comes with the S Pen so that the user won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate stylus, especially if they are on a budget.


  • Great battery life
  • Vibrant display
  • Slim and comfy to use
  • Comes with the S Pen
  • Fast processing


  • Subpar audio performance
  • DeX support could use work


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 boasts a bright and vibrant 10.5-inch display with 2560 x 1600 resolution. With this, the tablet is guaranteed to deliver images that are clear and vivid across all lighting conditions. The Tab S6 is also more durable than other tablets. Because of its aluminum body and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, you don’t have to be too afraid of small drops and scratches.

The tablet also comes with the S Pen, which means that you don’t have to worry about purchasing it separately. With the S Pen, the tablet is more powerful and more functional than its competitors. It promotes optimum productivity without strain.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 runs on the Qualcomm 855 processor so it’s easier to multitask. Paired with DeX, it becomes a tablet that is ideal for productivity. The only downside of the tablet is that it doesn’t have a battery life that is as good as its predecessors, so you might want to manage your expectations with the battery especially if you intend to use the tablet for long hours.


  • Bright and vibrant display
  • Thin, durable, and lightweight
  • ATMOS speakers
  • Dual rear cameras


  • A bit pricey
  • Lesser battery capacity
  • Keyboard cover not included


The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 makes it into the list of best Samsung tablets as it is a great option for those who are looking for a tablet that they can use in a variety of working conditions.

The tablet features an 8-inch display that fits comfortably in most hands. It is also rugged and durable which makes it great for rough environments and terrains. This tablet is great for everyday use, but it benefits more on professionals like doctors, nurses, and engineers. It might not be a great tablet for streaming as the resolution is subpar but it serves its purpose in terms of productivity and durability.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 makes for the best Samsung tablet for professionals in rough terrains as it is built to last. It can also be used by most people, although it’s best to manage expectations as its features aren’t built for streaming or entertainment purposes.


  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with the S Pen
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable and rugged
  • Anti-shock


  • Low storage
  • Not good for streaming
  • Not optimized for gaming


Why Choose a Samsung Tablet

While you can easily find other brands that are at par with the features that a Samsung tablet has to offer, there are still a couple of reasons why you should consider choosing a Samsung tablet over others.


More Customizable

Samsung tablets allow more room for customization compared to other brands. You can easily upgrade them by adding a microSD card and making other modifications that will suit your needs. Most brands don’t allow users to modify and customize their devices. This is one of the reasons why Samsung tablets stand out from the rest.


Less Restrictive OS

You’ll find that you have more control over your Samsung tablet than it having more control over you. You’ll enjoy the experience better and work easier with an OS that allows you to work freely with it. Samsung tablets run on Android OS, which is better if you’re looking for devices that won’t restrict you from working.


More Choices of Every Budget

You’ll find that Samsung tablets are available at a variety of prices. From mid-range tablets to high-end ones, you’ll be able to find a tablet with great features that will fit your budget. Even at low prices, you’ll still be able to experience optimum performance with your Samsung tablet. Further, most devices have the same features so you aren’t missing out on anything despite having a device that is cheaper than their flagship devices.


How to Choose the Best Samsung Tablet

There are a lot of Samsung tablets to choose from. While this list does feature the best options in the market, there are still tablets you might find that fit the bill for what you are looking for. In choosing the best Samsung tablet for you, there are a few things to consider so that you can find the best tablet for you.


Figure Out Your Needs

Before even looking at tablets, it’s important to have a clear image of what you need the tablet for. Will it need DeX support? Will you be using it for streaming? Does it have to be compatible with drawing programs? In purchasing a tablet, you will need to figure out your needs first before you can set out and find a model that you want to buy.


Compare Features

Depending on what you intend to use the tablet for, it’s important to compare features. Most Samsung tablets can be used for multiple purposes, so it’s best to find a tablet that will suit your needs better. Whether you need a tablet with better Samsung DeX support or one with faster processing, it’s recommended that you take a look at the features first so that you can compare them with each other.


Consider the Price

It’s no secret that Samsung tablets can be a bit pricey. It’s best to set a budget and work around it to find a tablet that you can work with. Fortunately, you can still find the best Samsung tablet at mid-range prices and some of their models even come with an S-Pen, so you’re getting the best of what you paid for. As such, it’s best to also compare the prices across different models so that you can have a point of comparison.



In all, it’s safe to say that there’s the best Samsung tablet for every user. While Samsung tablets are multi-purpose, you should purchase one that best fits your specific needs. Fortunately, Samsung has a wide variety of tablets that you can choose from and you won’t run out of options quickly. Whether you’re a student or a professional, there is a Samsung tablet intended for you.