12 Best Clock and Weather Widget Picks for Android

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Clock and weather widgets are some of the best widgets for Android because they conveniently show you the time and forecast for the day right on your home screen. An Android clock widget, especially one with weather integration, is essential for modern on-the-go users. For instance, you’ll instantly know when to bring and not bring an umbrella without asking Google what’s the weather today.

However, not all clock and weather widgets work great. Some old widgets are no longer optimized to fit well with today’s best mobile phones, and that’s why we have sorted our favorite clock widgets with weather functionality. Most of the widgets on this list are transparent, so they can blend well with your wallpaper.


Best Android Weather and Clock Widgets

  1. 1Weather
  2. AccuWeather
  3. Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live
  4. Sense Flip Clock & Weather
  5. Simple Weather & Clock Widget
  6. Today Weather
  7. Transparent Clock & Weather – Forecast and Radar
  8. Weather & Clock Widget for Android
  9. Weather Live
  10. Weather Underground
  11. Yahoo Weather
  12. YoWindow


Having a good clock and date widget is nice. But you know what’s better? Having a clock and weather widget. Such a widget gives you the time of day and doubles as a weather forecast app. The best part is that they’re on your home screen so you only need to unlock your phone to see them. With that said, here are some of the best clock and weather widgets for you.



© Photo by 1Weather on Google Play

Using 1Weather allows you to have a view of the current weather and time. It also gives you a percentage as to the chances of rain. On top of viewing current conditions, it allows you to share the current situation on social media. 

You can also have the widget in various forms, depending on your taste. Whether you want a huge widget or a small one, 1Weather will adapt. Additionally, you can make adjustments to the widget when it’s on your home screen to force it to fit. You can even change the opacity and transparency. 

Download 1Weather on Android



© Photo by AccuWeather on Google Play

This app comes from a brand of the same name that specializes in forecasting weather. Although you can only have the widget in certain sizes and can’t fiddle with the size much, it’s still a great app. If you want a widget that can predict the weather with high accuracy, then AccuWeather is for you. 

Naturally, it gives you the date and time, current conditions, daily forecasts, a radar, and sharing options. If that’s not enough, it even allows you to view your local weather news and the current temperature. You can adjust the background opacity, time and date, theme, and even text color.

Download AccuWeather on Android


Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

NOAA Weather
© Photo by NOAA Weather on Google Play

This Android and weather clock widget isn’t directly affiliated with the National Weather Service. However, it still provides exceptionally accurate weather forecasts. It has a resizable widget that you can place on your home screen to provide you with live-updated weather information. And that’s only from the widget. If you utilize the app itself, you can see a lot more.

In the app, you get a lot more detailed results. It takes your current location and then forecasts the weather based on it. NOAA also provides you with a detailed report of the chances of rain. It’s a great widget for general purposes, but the app itself is great for outdoor activities.

Download Clime on Android


Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense Flip clock and weather widget
Photo by MACHAPP Software Ltd on Google Play Store

Sense Flip Clock & Weather is one of the more simplistic entries on this list. It’s equipped with a digital clock and weather forecast widget all in one. It also gives you several widget designs to choose from. There are different weather icon skins, different fonts, and so on. 

It’s not just a widget, though. The app itself gives you more detailed information like the sunrise and sunset time for your current location, humidity, pressure, and chances of rain. Sense Flip Clock & Weather is like a weather station for your mobile phone, in essence.

Download Sense Flip on Android


Simple Weather & Clock Widget

Simple Weather & Clock android clock widget
© Photo by Simple Weather & Clock Widget on Google Play

Simple Weather & Clock Widget is perhaps the most simple app on this list. As the name suggests, it’s quite literally just a weather and clock widget. Nothing more, nothing less. However, it doesn’t have any ads, which is a plus.

If you want a non-intrusive widget that can blend into any background, this one is for you. The widget itself gives you the current temperature, time, as well as forecasts. It also has a giant icon for the current conditions, whether it’s sunny, rainy, or cloudy. 

Download Simple Weather & Clock Widget on Android


Today Weather

Today Weather & Clock android clock widget
© Photo by Today Weather on Google Play

In terms of aesthetics, Today Weather is an Android clock widget that has some of the best features. It provides very accurate information about the current weather conditions, just like most others. Aside from this, it also pinpoints dew point, air pressure, wind speed, and wind direction.

Today Weather is one of the highest-rated widgets of all time. Everyone loves how clean and useful the weather widget is. Above all, reviews hail the app for being fast, accurate, and exceptionally reliable. 

Download Today Weather on Android


Transparent Clock & Weather – Forecast and Radar

Transparent Clock & Weather - Forecast and Radar android clock widget
© Photo by Transparent Clock & Weather – Forecast and Radar on Google Play

The transparent Clock & Weather widget is another uncomplicated option. It doesn’t beat around the bush and gives you all the information that you need at once. This is the perfect app for people who are on the go and are short on time. 

What’s more, you get not only local weather conditions but also worldwide weather forecasts. It provides a complete weather report and has extensive weather forecasting for up to three days ahead. Above all, it has live weather alerts to keep you safe and aware.

Download Transparent Clock & Weather on Android


Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather & Clock Widget for Android clock widget
© Photo by Weather & Clock Widget on Google Play

Similar to the previous entry, Weather & Clock Widget for Android is rather plain. It offers the latest weather conditions and gives you solid weather forecasts for the succeeding days. In terms of design and customizability, it’s up there. This weather widget is also fully personalizable to blend in with your background.

The Weather & Clock Widget automatically detects your location and then sends you the current conditions in your area. You can also manually search for a location by its name or zip code. Additionally, it gives you weather notifications and hourly weather forecasts. The best part about this is you have weather forecasts for up to 10 days.

Download on Android


Weather Live

Weather Live android clock widget
© Photo by Weather Live on Google Play

Weather Live is an Android clock widget that is one of the unique picks on this list. Its icons all feel alive, and it is exceedingly pleasant to look at. The information on the widget itself is also easy to read so you don’t have to stress yourself to understand it. 

Unlike some other weather widgets apps with limited information, this gives you everything on an easy-to-understand widget. If you don’t want it to take up too much space, you can opt to make it smaller and into a 1×1 widget. However, the smaller it gets, the less information you get.

Download Weather Live on Android


Weather Underground

Underground android clock widget
© Photo by Weather Underground on Google Play

Weather Underground is another Android clock widget that is quite popular, much like Today Weather. It allows you to put multiple widgets on your home screen at once. 

You can opt to put a map of your current location with weather conditions or have a graph of weather forecasts and current weather conditions. Or, you can have both at the same time. You also get a dynamic temperature color that changes the background of the widget.

Download Weather Underground on Android


Yahoo Weather

Yahoo android clock widget
© Photo by Yahoo Weather on Google Play

Yahoo Weather has been out for a long time. It’s an Android clock widget that is pretty straightforward, giving you the current date and day of the week as well as the current temperature. 

The app also provides you with your current location and the current weather conditions. Contrary to other weather widgets on this list,  Yahoo Weather only gives you these and nothing more. It tells you whether it’s raining, or if it’s partly cloudy or sunny. 

Download Yahoo Weather on Android



YoWindow android clock widget
© Photo by YoWindow on Google Play Store

YoWindow is a lively Android clock widget that has all of the same features as every other app on the list. It gives you an alarm clock with the weather with available screensavers for your lock screen. 

However, it gives you the chance of rain and a UV index, which are super useful. The best part about YoWindow is that it gives you a “Feels Like” temperature alongside the actual current temperature. You can also opt to put it on your lock screen for extra convenience. 

Download YoWindow on Android


Can You Customize Widgets?

Android allows you to use widgets to customize your home screen, but that’s not all. Depending on the app, you can even personalize your widgets.

Although not all widgets can be customized to your liking, the majority of widgets give you the ability to do as you please. Almost every Android clock widget lets you personalize its design to fit your home screen’s theme. Some are even transparent so they can blend in with your wallpaper.


How to Add an Android Clock Widget

Adding an Android clock widget is fairly simple, although some people don’t know how to do this. To add a clock widget, first, you have to find where the widget drawer is on your device. Usually, when you long-press on your home screen, your widget drawer will show up.

After going to your widget drawer, long-press the widget you want to use. Then, drag it onto your home screen and place it where you want. Once you’ve done this, you can resize most widgets to your liking. And then, you’re done!


Save Time with Clock and Weather Widgets

Having an Android clock widget at your disposal can be useful for many reasons. If you’re short on time but want to know the weather without having to do a Google search, you can just install one. Now that we’ve given you all the information that you need, the rest is up to you. Find the best weather widget for your needs!