20 Best Widget Maker Apps to Customize Your iPhone and iPad

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Without a doubt, one of the noticeable distinctions between Android and Apple devices is customization. It’s a well-known fact that the Android ecosystem allows user customization, providing smartphone users with more control over the look and feel of their devices. With Apple, customization is limited. Instead, the company highlights usability, durability, and sophistication over customization.

However, the launch of iOS 14 has revolutionized the way people perceive home screen customization in all iOS devices. With iOS 14’s launching, Apple has delivered many significant improvements, such as the App Library, and of course, Home Screen widgets. Since iOS devices already have widgets on the home screen, a few tech companies or developers have made widget-maker apps that allow you to customize widgets according to your liking.


What Is a Widget?

Widgets are portrayed as small, square icons with round edges. It is a placeholder for all apps on your iOS devices. They also come with important notifications displayed on the upper-right section of the screen. In a nutshell, widgets are primarily designed as a preview of specific apps’ important details without needing to launch the entire app to view essential information. They provide you with all the information you need in one quick and easy access.

iOS widgets come in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as in square, horizontal, and bigger square shapes. They can fill in four, eight, and 16 apps, respectively, per section. All of these widgets occupy the extra space on your screen to preview important details of each mobile app.

For example, Apple’s Weather app is a simple illustration of how widgets function. The small Weather widget provides you with a preview of the weather forecast of the day, today’s temperature, and a small graphic to describe the weather.


20 Best Widget Maker Apps

If you’re feeling a little artistic and want to personalize your iPhone or iPad’s widgets, here are the 20 best widget-maker apps for iPhone and iPad available on the App Store.


1. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith widget maker apps
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Widgetsmith is the trendsetter when it comes to the development of widget-maker apps. Hence, any widget-maker app listing isn’t complete without Widgetsmith. In case you didn’t know, Widgetsmith became viral on TikTok according to its developer David Smith via Twitter. This widget-maker app became essential in TikTok’s “aesthetic AF” trend, encouraging TikTok users to post the customized widget home screen of their iOS devices.

With Widgetsmith, you can begin with three assorted widgets of different sizes. Some of the widget customizations you can create include astronomy, weather, time, and date. Every functionality of Widgetsmith can be configured according to your liking. For instance, you can have a calendar widget during the day, a weather widget in the morning, and transition to the activity widget when you need to squeeze in some exercise during your workday.

Widgetsmith is integrated with unique tools to help you create and customize widgets on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. Although it doesn’t have the sleekest interface, Widgetsmith provides you with many features for your widget-making essentials.

Download Widgetsmith from the App Store


2. Widget Wizard

Widget Wizard widget maker apps
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Do you want to customize your widgets without unnecessary complications? Widget Wizard is the best widget-maker app for you. With Widget Wizard, users can create widget sections that have different tasks, or you can have a simplified function with one task only. 

Widget Wizard’s comprehensive set of data comes from different apps. For example, its Agenda widget is integrated with your iPhone’s built-in Reminders and Calendar apps. As a result, this widget-maker app provides you with an overview of any scheduled appointments or meetings within the widget, as well as other important reminders. Also, Widget Wizard integrates with your phone’s Health app to track a maximum of 35 health stats. If you want a mix of data in one single widget, you can create the Combo widgets through Widget Wizard.

Widget Wizard also lets you customize your widgets by integrating your choice of themes, font styles, background colors, and accent.

Download Widget Wizard from the App Store


3. Color Widgets

Color Widgets widget maker apps
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Speaking of simplicity, Color Widgets has been the epitome of creating widgets with a straightforward and easy-to-use mobile app. The Color Widgets app’s most noteworthy feature is that it allows users to choose from a diverse range of premade widget themes. With colorful and stylish widgets, Color Widgets caters to all kinds of smartphone users with different styles and personalities. On the contrary, you can also create your own widgets using this app.

Aside from premade widget designs, you can customize your own widgets accordingly. That said, you can change a premade widget’s background and theme colors, and font styles. 

With hundreds of widget designs, you can easily find a suitable widget for your iPhone and iPad. Color Widgets lets you easily choose or design your widget, and you can display your newly-created widgets on your home screen with a few taps on the app.

Download Color Widgets from the App Store


4. Widget Web

Widget Web widget maker apps
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Widget Web is one of the excellent widget-maker apps for creating widgets exclusively for web pages. With Widget Web, you can easily view content from specific websites in a single tap. This widget-maker app is a perfect companion for smartphone users who read news articles from different media sites. Widget Web serves as a one-stop shop for all your reading essentials.

With Widget Web, you can configure how often your web pages refresh for new content. Otherwise, you can manually refresh its content by tapping on the widget itself. Like other widget-maker apps, you can also add customization on each widget you create with Widget Web.

Depending on your preference, you can display a full link to a website with a small icon beside each section. However, if you prefer a cleaner interface, you can display each content with an icon with its respective website’s domain name only.

Widget Web is downloadable on the App Store for free; however, you can upgrade to a Pro account for $1.99.

Download Widget Web from the App Store


5. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo widget maker apps
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If you prefer integrating all your essential apps in one widget, you can opt for Widgeridoo as your go-to widget-maker app. Widgeridoo lets you combine different apps into one widget where you can configure the desired sizes of each section. Some of the data you can integrate into a single widget include battery percentage, websites, health stats, countdowns, important reminders and dates, images, texts, emojis, and calendar events. If you want to transform your widgets into colorful ones, you can add colors and themes for each block.

Widgeridoo is available to download without a fee, but you can upgrade your subscription if you want more advanced features. Widgeridoo’s Pro subscription costs $3.99.

Download Widgeridoo from the App Store


6. Launcher

Launcher widget maker apps
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Launcher was formerly not allowed to operate from the App Store due to lack of functionality. However, Apple eventually allowed Launcher to start again despite its shortcomings. Hence, Launcher made an excellent comeback in the App Store as a powerful widget-maker app. 

This widget-maker app provides unique functionalities as part of Apple’s home screen customization through widgets. With Launcher, users can switch a widget’s icons according to location, time, and date on rotation. Aside from that, it is integrated with numerous tools for customizing a widget’s background, icons with a variety of sizes, and configuring apps to have no labels for a neater interface.

Launcher’s noteworthy aspect is that it delivers a straightforward option for people who don’t prefer spending too much time customizing their widgets. It lets you create a widget with favorite tasks and mobile apps, allowing you to adjust the app’s icon size and widget’s background theme in one go.

Aside from that, you can configure widgets via Launcher to enable a single tap for calling, texting, or emailing someone. Some widgets you can create with Launcher include opening mobile apps, enabling/disabling standard Settings on the iPhone/iPad, initiating user input within apps, launching your favorite website, streaming your favorite album/playlist, or asking for directions on Google Maps.

Download Launcher from the App Store


7. OneWidget

OneWidget widget maker apps
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OneWidget is one of the newest widget-maker apps for iOS devices. With OneWidget, you have the opportunity to choose a suitable theme from a variety of widget templates. Aside from that, you can also modify a widget template and customize it according to your preferences. There are several functions you can integrate with OneWidget, including calendars, life and data counters, to-do lists, reminders, date and time, and clock. Each widget can be grouped according to similar functions on your home screen.

OneWidget lets you combine a maximum of four apps in a single widget. Everything can be customizable, including widget style and themes. One of the unique features of OneWidget is that it allows you to have a preview of your newly-created widget before displaying it on the home screen.

Download OneWidget from the App Store


8. Pixel Widgets

Pixel Widgets widget maker apps
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Are you feeling a little nostalgic? Add a retro vibe to your home screen widgets with Pixel Widgets. This widget-maker app is extremely easy and straightforward to use, letting you select from more than 150+ widget themes, fonts, and colors. Pixel Widgets offers different widget configurations, including Year in Progress and Date & Time.

With Pixel Widgets, all you have to do is choose an existing widget design, select a widget of your choice, edit according to your liking, and add it to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen.

Pixel Widgets is one of the best widget-maker apps for anyone who loves free downloads. Hence, no paid subscription is required for using Pixel Widgets.

Download Pixel Widgets from the App Store


9. My Widgets

My Widgets widget maker apps
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Another reliable widget-maker app on our list is My Widgets. Through this app, you can access a variety of tasks and data on your iPhone and iPad in a single widget. With My Widgets, you can view different world clocks, audio notes, photos of the day, daily horoscopes, and photos of your friends and family in a widget. Aside from that, you can add a schedule of your hectic days and current months to help you stay updated with important appointments and events. My Widgets also lets you edit reminders and notes. 

My Widgets’ unique feature is the Decision widget, allowing users to randomly select a single task or app from a diverse selection.

Download My Widgets from the App Store


10. Photo Widget

Photo Widget
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Photo Widget is a Korean widget-maker app integrated with colorful and animated objects. Hence, if you’re into something cute and comical, this is the best widget-maker app for you. With Photo Widget, you can easily integrate a home screen customization on your iPhone and iPad using photos. That said, you can replace your traditional home screens with pictures of your travel memories, pets, motivational quotes, and memories with family and friends.

This widget-maker app is primarily focused on pictures, supporting three different widget sizes. As part of its new integrations, Photo Widget lets you edit photos from your album. Some of the photo editing tools you can perform with Photo Widget include angle adjustment, image alignment, and size editing.

Download Photo Widget from the App Store


11. Ermine

Ermine widget maker apps
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Ermine is a free widget-maker app that works as a monthly calendar and widget in a single app. It’s one of the best widget-maker apps that help you stay updated with important events. If you are always on the go with clients and meetings, Ermine is a perfect companion for your widget essentials.

With Ermine, you can choose from four unique widgets to preview a monthly calendar. It also lets you customize your calendar by giving you the option to change the background color, text color, font styles, holiday indicators, and language preference. If you have a scheduled event for a specific day, a dot appears as an indicator.

This widget-maker app is free to download, but you can always upgrade with a Pro subscription for $2.99. With a Pro subscription, you can completely customize your widgets using more advanced features.

It’s safe and simple to use Ermine. It doesn’t require any account or sign-in for every use.

Download Ermine from the App Store


12. Glimpse 2

Glimpse 2 widget maker apps
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Like Widget Web, Glimpse 2 is another widget-maker app that centralizes on web pages. Suppose you’re reading different new articles every morning, managing different social media websites, or waiting for a product to become available on a product site. In that case, you can create a widget for all your websites with specific needs.

With Glimpse 2, you can add a web page, and choose the right location on the widget. Through this, your favorite websites are displayed on the iPhone or iPad’s Notification Center via Glimpse 2. The app offers quick access to the website by tapping on the widget, and the page is automatically launched in Safari.

Glimpse 2 supports multiple widgets for a variety of websites to the Notification Center. Aside from that, you can also set individual intervals for refreshing each widget.

Download Glimpse 2 from the App Store


13. MemoWidget

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MemoWidget is a free widget-maker app that emphasizes digital note-taking with a twist. You can use it for writing down notes and using it as a widget for important reminders and events. That said, you can use MemoWidget to list down to-dos and even your grocery lists. You can write down anything, letting you freely use the widget to organize your thoughts. It’s similar to having a bulletin board on your iPhone and iPad.

MemoWidget also lets you create a vision board type of widget by adding photos as a background to your widgets. With MemoWidget, you can customize your widgets by setting your own alignments, font color, font size, and content.

Download MemoWidget from the App Store


14. Home Photo Widget

home Photo Widget
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Here’s another photo widget app on the list that supports custom links on your widgets. With Home Photo Widget, you are redirected to a target website once you tap the photo on the widget. You can also add your favorite pictures to your device’s home screen as widgets.

Further, the app supports multiple photos in different widgets from three different sizes. It can function as a gallery or slideshow of your chosen photos. You can choose multiple photos all at once, set their file names, and configure their arrangements and how long they appear for each image.

There is no need to pay any fees for downloading the Home Photo Widget app. However, if you want to unlock more advanced features, you can pay a minimal fee of $0.99.

Download Home Photo Widget from the App Store


15. TimeDeck

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TimeDeck is a clean and straightforward widget-maker app for any time-related essentials. If you have loved ones abroad or a frequent traveler, you can download TimeDeck as one of your travel apps. No need to access the Clock app if you want to know the current time in a different country. TimeDeck displays the time and date on your Home Screen, including other timezones. 

Download TimeDeck from the App Store


16. WidgetBox

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WidgetBox is a premium widget-maker app that offers more advanced features and tools. With WidgetBox, you can install and add aesthetics to your home screen using more than 70 widgets. 

One of the unique integrations of WidgetBox a stylish custom keyboard for both Apple Watch and iPhone. The keyboard is compatible with instant messaging apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok.

WidgetBox also offers unique icons to add to your widgets. The app also helps you customize your captions, stories, and profile photos similar to other social media apps.

You can download WidgetBox for free. However, more advanced editing tools can be accessed by paying a premium subscription for $9.99 per month.

Download WidgetBox from the App Store


17. Motivation Widget Daily Quotes

Motivation Widget Daily Quotes
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With Motivation Widget Daily Quotes, you have a daily motivation corner and a widget-maker in one comprehensive app. You can choose from a variety of widget designs that fit your device’s Home Screen. Through this app, you can configure a reminder so every motivational quote will come out as a notification on your iPhone and iPad. Hence, if you’re having a tough day, a random motivational quote from the app works as a source of positivity and an uplifting vibe.

Motivation Widget offers hundreds of free inspirational quotes. It’s one of the best apps for emotional and spiritual self-care. With this app, you can choose random topics, including success, self-development, positive thinking, self-development, discipline, and wisdom. 

The app lets you add background colors, change font styles, and set transitions for every motivational widget on your home screen. It’s not your typical widget-maker app; it’s a source of positivity.

Motivation Widget Daily Quotes is a free widget-maker app. If you want to upgrade, you can enjoy ad-free services with unlimited themes and customization. The app is available as a weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription that costs $3.99, $5.99, and $19.99, respectively.

Download Motivation Widget from the App Store


18. Hey Weather

Hey Weather
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Do you prefer a widget-maker app that specializes in the weather? The Hey Weather app is the best option for you on this list. Say goodbye to the traditional interfaces on your iPhone’s built-in Weather app, you can add a few aesthetics using Hey Weather. With Hey Weather, you can either choose a seven-day or a 48-hour weather forecast in a simple, sleek, and crisp widget. Using different icons, themes, font styles, and colors, you can create your personalized widget that tells you about the weather. 

Hey Weather lets you select a maximum of ten cities for monitoring the weather of a preferred location. You can have an overview of the weather on any widget size you prefer. So, it can be a handy weather app perfect for your travels.

The Hey Weather app is available on the App Store for free. However, you can choose to subscribe to three subscriptions whichever works for you. It is offered as a one-month subscription for $2.99, a three-month subscription for $5.99, and a one-year subscription for $19.99.

Download Hey Weather from the App Store


19. Date Today

Date Today
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Date Today helps you get the latest time and date in a simple and easy-to-use widget-maker app. It is 100% customizable, letting you design your widget according to your liking. The app offers nine widgets that you can use and edit, offering themes such as light crimson, pale pink, ecru, and magic mind. So, you can definitely choose a theme that portrays your personality and style. With Date Today, you can quickly launch the Calendar app in a single tap from the widget.

Aside from that, Date Today allows you to configure a custom text or greeting on the widget. That said, you can even add a motivational quote to start your day.

Download Date Today from the App Store


20. ItemMemo

Sticky Notes + Widget Memo
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ItemMemo is similar to your MacBook’s Stickies app. It is a simple home screen widget and sticky notes app in one. If you require a minimalist approach to your widget making essentials, ItemMemo is the app to download. With ItemMemo, you can easily jot down important notes during a conference call, or write down your grocery list for the weekend. You can choose from different colors, or choose a theme for a more personalized approach.

Aside from writing notes, you can also organize your sticky notes with folders and sub-folders. You can also share them as a drawing or text. Through ItemMemo, you can either choose a custom font or write your notes manually.

Download ItemMemo from the App Store


Final Word

Thanks to iOS 14’s development, it’s now possible to customize your iPhone and iPad the way you want them through the best widget-maker apps available. With the 20 best widget-maker apps, you can easily personalize your iPhone or iPad’s home screen widgets suitable to your preferences and styles with minimal to zero subscription fees. 

Since iOS 14 is still new, widget-maker apps for iOS devices aren’t yet widely popular compared with those on Android devices. So if you feel someone might need to customize their iOS devices, feel free to share this list!

Did we miss any widget-maker apps? Let us know any recommendations in the comments below!