Gaia Yoga App Review: Is It Your Way to a Healthier Body?

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A lot of people today are facing several challenges in life that are not easy to bear. With that, you have to pay attention to both your health and mindset. Exercising might help improve your health, but what about your inner wellbeing and mindset? Yoga is the answer to this, a widely known practice that not only helps you become physically strong and flexible but also mentally calm and relaxed. Its popularity led to the rise of yoga apps, which help yogis practice even in the comforts of their own home. Among such apps, you might have already come across the popular Gaia yoga, which we’ll take a look at in this review.

Read on as we take a look at what the Gaia yoga app is, its helpful features, and the pros and cons of using the app.


What Is the Gaia Yoga App?

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Gaia is one of the best apps to learn yoga from. It has a huge collection of video contents that serve as a guide to improving your flexibility, posture, mental state, and a whole lot more. However, beyond being a yoga learning app, Gaia is also a platform where you can watch documentaries and shows related to physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. There are also various opportunities to share your passion with fellow users and gain better insights from professionals in special events and learning sessions.

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Gaia Yoga App Subscription & Cost

Gaia Yoga Plans
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The following are the subscriptions that Gaia offers.



This costs $11.99 billed monthly. You can try it for free for seven days, and you can enjoy;

  • Unlimited access to Gaia’s 8000+ titles
  • You can access it on your laptop, TV, smartphone, and tablet
  • Access to online yoga, meditation, and other health and lifestyle exercises
  • Cancel anytime
  • Ad-free, unlimited streaming



This costs $99 billed annually, which saves you 31% compared to paying monthly. You can try it for free for seven days, and you can enjoy;

  • Unlimited access to Gaia’s 8000+ titles
  • You can access it on your laptop, TV, smartphone, and tablet
  • Access to online yoga, meditation, and other health and lifestyle exercises
  • Guide to healthier habits
  • Downloadable health magazine
  • Ad-free, unlimited streaming


Live Access

This costs $299 billed annually. There is no free trial for this subscription. However, you can get to enjoy the following;

  • Unlimited access to Gaia’s 8000+ titles
  • You can access it on your laptop, TV, smartphone, and tablet
  • Access to online yoga, meditation, and other health and lifestyle exercises
  • Access to live events and workshops


You can pay your subscription by using your credit or debit card or through PayPal.


Gaia Yoga App Features

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Yoga on Gaia

Gaia has a vast collection of guided yoga videos that are geared towards different types of people and various lifestyles and needs. If you’re a parent, for instance, you can benefit from Cerrissa Koza’s Reset for Parents. Or, if you have a persistent headache or muscle tensions, you may find relief from Dayna Seraye’s Tension Tamer for Headaches. Meanwhile, there’s a ton of videos for you to choose from if you simply want to improve your flexibility and balance.



Aside from guided yoga, Gaia also helps you improve your mental state and find your rhythm with exercises on meditation. The library also includes audio content, which you can easily listen to while on the go or doing work.

Here are some of the meditation guides you can find on Gaia:

  • Handling Grief for Healthcare Workers: Audio Meditation by Taylor Harkness – Helpful for healthcare workers who are into providing compassionate care to others.
  • The Rhythm of Concentration: Audio Meditation by Rodney Yee – Helps improve your concentration and find relaxation.
  • Restoring Vitality: Audio Meditation by Jeremy Wolf – Strengthen your energy field and be positive in facing stress and exhaustion.


GaiaSphere Events

Meet experts in the field and learn more deeply about consciousness, transformative healing, and even the science behind it all. Events are held at GaiaSphere community space in Boulder, Colorado. However, members can also enjoy live and on-demand streaming on Gaia’s site.


Original Series

Screenshot from Gaia Consciousness Media App

Here are some of the original Gaia content you can enjoy on the platform.

Rewired with Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this epic series, Dr. Dispenza provides the secret formulas on how you can rewire your brain. You need to do this for self-healing and manifestations to help you become a better person in the future.


Beyond Belief with George Noory

This original series tackles paranormal phenomena, human potentials, unexplained mysteries, angels and aliens, and many others. This series shows how unique and unusual the world we live in.


Open Minds by Regina Meredith

The host tries to awaken the viewers to have new perspectives that will open their minds to awareness, understanding, and transformation. She is doing this by interviewing visionaries and researchers with important information that can help people.


Initiation with Matias De Stefano

Matias De Stefano provides his powerful revelations about the Akashic Records. He shares his robust understanding of the universe’s creation and what surfaces on the reality where we all exist.


Transcendence: Live Life Beyond the Ordinary

This series will help you learn how to live a happy and ambitious life with the help of the things you already have.


Award-Winning Documentaries and Films


This documentary features a lot of practices and clearing techniques to heal emotional imbalances. It provides practices that can help you lift your life’s energy. The wisdom shared by emotion experts around the world will help to enlighten your path.


Samadhi – Maya: The Illusion of Self

This film series answers the question of the importance of the ancient wisdom teachings to humanity now more than ever. You will learn how saints and sages knew the wisdom of complete surrender of oneself to achieve total self-connectedness or Samadhi.


Becoming Nobody by Jamie Catto

This film features how Ram Dass, a loving man full of joy, hope, wit, and wisdom, becomes comfortable sharing all his pains and sufferings. Moreover, You will learn how his life experiences transformed him to become an inspiration to the new generation.


Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

We are constantly hearing many people saying “mind over matter.” And in this award-winning documentary series, you will see how powerful the human mind is. There are series of experiments and demonstrations, which will reveal the true nature of mind and physical reality.


Secret of Water

Water is the most common living substance that people are misusing without knowing its importance to the people and the world we live in. Well-known scientist reveals the secret of water in this documentary and teaches us how to use water to save humanity and the environment.


Gaia Yoga Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of yoga styles
  • Downloadable classes
  • Multiple profiles available
  • Multi-platform viewing
  • Sharing with a friend
  • World-class instructors
  • Informative documentary videos and helpful articles


  • Not streamlined class and filming styles
  • Few contents on the sleep category
  • Only one playlist


Gaia Yoga Alternatives

Yoga With Adriene

This is the ideal app for beginners and for developing a daily practice. It provides welcoming, beginner-friendly, and diverse classes. Also, it provides a large selection of content, including yoga for kids, yoga for beginners, yoga for chefs, and many others.

For a beginner, this 30-day yoga program will provide an exemplary rundown of what you have to learn. These include the principles of yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness. And since the classes are well-organized, you won’t waste your precious time deciding what video will suit you every day.


Yoga International

Yoga International prides itself on being the most diversified yoga site. It works together with some of the world-class coaches. It offers a wide range of content that helps not only beginners but also masters in yoga to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Moreover, it offers multi-day training sessions for pregnant women. Aside from its yoga classes, it also offers options for offline playback and interviews, which can be its user’s guide to learn more.



Formerly Yoga Glo, this app is also called “couples yoga” because it allows two people to work together and create a routine that can help them build trust in each other. Also, this app improves communication between partners.

The Glo app offers a wide range of yoga and meditation training videos that its users can watch online. Its classes are created according to what you need and your level, so it will be easier for you to cope. Also, it offers a collection of yoga tutorials and guided exercises that will suit your busy schedule.


Is Gaia the Best Yoga App?

Gaia Yoga is an ideal choice for people who are into yoga and mindfulness. It provides a lot of enlightening content about yoga and different meditations and stories about ancient practices. With that, you will learn how to practice yoga and the stories behind the things that we are curious about.

Gaia Yoga’s offerings provide an excellent way for you to maintain a healthy body and mind. You can take the free trial and see for yourself if the sessions will meet your requirements. After the free trial, check for yourself if you achieve changes in your habits and mindset.